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How I Fucked My Maami At Her Home – Part 1

Hi. This is Sameer and I am from Kashmir.This is a story about how I fucked my maami for the first time.

The main character of my story is my hot maami Shabnam. She married my maama almost 10 years ago. She is as hot as fuck. Her big boobs will make anyone wet in the pants. Her ass is worth doing a doggy style. Plus her being pregnant twice before this incident, her boobs were as milky as anything.Having a hot wife as her, my maama was quite a lucky man. But he was unable to satisfy her.This is what maami told me after we had sex. Even before that maami was quite frank with me.

Now coming to the incident as it happened.It was once when I had holidays in my college that I had gone to my maama’s house.My grandparents also live there along with maama, maami,their school going boy and a 6 month girl. Just like a normal day,my maama went to his office, their child went to school.Now only my grandparents,my hot maami,the infant were at home. I woke up after maama had left. I was having my breakfast when my grandparents got a call from some relative that someone is ill. Both of them had to leave immediately for their home. They instructed me to take care of my maami since it was only the three of us now at home.

Now it was me, my maami and her baby girl in the house. The baby was sleeping while maami was busy with household chores.I was getting bored so I switched on the TV in the kitchen and started to check out movie channels. There was Murder 2 going to start on some channel. I started to watch it. Maami was busy with her work.Soon movie’s hot scene started.Out of respect,I tried to change the channel but she insisted me to keep the channel.This was the first time I felt she has become horny.I ignored it and continued watching the movie.After sometime the baby woke up and started crying.Maami left the work as it is and attended the baby which was also sleeping in the kitchen.

Suddenly she lifted her kameez of salwar kameez and her black bra over her right boob and started breast feeding her baby. I was stunned.This was the first time I saw such big boobs in front of me.She had big nipples and big areolas.I was watching like a kid watches the stars and gets fascinated.Then after sometime she lifted her kameez and her bra over the left boob and started breast feeding with that boob too.It was getting difficult for me to stay there as I was getting a hard on and I didn’t want maami to see it as she was watching the movie and she didn’t realise that I was watching her boobs.I straight away went to the bathroom and started masturbating thinking about her and her boobs.I had my dick in my hand and I was thinking about the mangoes of my maami.

Suddenly I heard a click and it was maami at the door.In the excitement,I had forgot to bolt the door.Maami had made the baby sleep and she was in front of me seeing my 7 inch dick in my hand while I was rubbing it.She caught me red handed.I was left red faced as she was staring at my erect dick. I stormed out of the bathroom and went to the drawing room of their house and bolted the room.After some time maami came knocking at the door. I didn’t reply to her call.She again called and said she is not angry about it.She also said its normal for your age group. Then I thought of opening the door and I opened the door for her.She came inside and sat beside me on the sofa.She kept a hand on my leg and tried to console me for the incident.She said it was okay and she didnt feel bad for the incident and told that she wont tell anyone about it.I was relieved.

She asked me why I was masturbating.I remained silent. She insisted me to reply and I told her that it was about her boobs and that I had got a hard on seeing her boobs while she was breastfeeding her baby.She then asked me whether I had seen anyone’s breasts before.I replied about watching them only on porn but not in reality.She asked me whether I didn’t do some hanky panky i.e. sex with my girl friend.I said she let me only kiss her and nothing more.She started laughing and said here I am wanting a good dick in me while you are with your dick wishing to fuck your girlfriend and not getting it.I was confused and asked about what she meant.

She told that she and maama had no sex since she got pregnant with the baby girl.Every time she wanted to have sex,maama either refused or used to do it half heartedly and not satisfy maami completely.She said that she is not happy these days with her maama thats why she told me not to change the hot scene from the movie earlier.I told her why she doesnt discuss it with maama frankly and make her understand about her needs.She said that now maama’s sex power has decreased and despite taking pills occasionally he is not able to satisfy her.I asked maami what she does then.She said if she ever gets time from household work and the baby,she sees porn on her mobile and masturbates.She said that’s why I didn’t mind you masturbating in our bathroom.She said sex is a need and if you don’t get it from someone you try to get it from yourself.She said I am a mother of two and it is not right to have an affair with an outsider just to satisfy my urges.She said she was sharing all this with me because I was understanding and I won’t leak this secret to anyone.I tried to console her verbally.

What happened next was absolutely awesome.She asked me whom I was thinking about while masturbating.I felt shy and remained silent.She asked me if it was her I was thinking about.I silently nodded.She then asked what I was visualizing while masturbating.I said I didn’t want to speak about it.She insisted for my reply and I told that I was visualizing eating her big boobs, licking them and sucking them.She started laughing and said poor you, you didn’t even get a chance to complete what you started and started feeling my crotch where my dick was semi erect.She caught hold of it and said that does this thing wants to see my boobs again? I said no maami it is wrong. You are my maami and I cant do anything like that. She put a finger on my lips and said Sssshhhhh,few moments back you were masturbating thinking about me and now you are feeling shy.She said show me your dick or else I will tell your maama what you did today.

I will about the other events in the other part of the story

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