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How I Fucked My Maami At Her Home – Part 2

This is Sameer back with another story. Sorry for not writing for so long as I was busy with my engineering degree. I will now finish this series and write our other escapades as well. Please read the first part of the story in order to understand the context.

Now, let me continue.

I was hesitant to show my dick to my hot maami Shabnam but she already had seen me masturbating. So I stood up and removed my trouser. My jockey still had the bulge made by my semi-erect dick.

Shabnam started to feel it with her fingers and it started to get hard again. I was feeling shy. But she took care of it and removed my underwear. The dick jumped out like a spring from my underwear.

Maami grabbed my dick in her right hand and was in awe seeing its size. She said, “Maama’s khot chai lyath badd” (Your dick is bigger than your maama’s dick.)

Shabnam then started feeling it and playing with the tip of my dick with her thumb. I was feeling excited every time she did that.

She then said that she will help me since she interrupted my masturbation session and started to give me a handjob! I was getting excited as hell now. I was leaning towards the wall and she was moving her hand to and fro.

Then she spat on my dick so that it was well-lubricated. I now wanted a blowjob instead of her hand doing the job. I got an idea. I asked her, “Maami, what if the carpet gets ruined with my semen?” due to the handjob. Maami was worried and said, “I don’t want to clean the carpet as it takes a lot of time.”

“Then it is better if you take my dick in your mouth so that I can put all my load there. And neither your clothes nor the carpet will be ruined.”

Shabnam thought for a minute and then agreed! I didn’t show any change in expression but damn, I was excited! I was fantasizing about my hot Kashmiri maami earlier that day and now I was going to get a blowjob from her!

Maami took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. I told her to lick my dick and balls and use a lot of tongue so that I can jerk off faster. She smiled and started licking my balls. Luckily, they were clean shaven and smooth as I had shaved my crotch before coming.

My big-boobed Maami took one ball in her mouth and started sucking it. She took out her tongue and licked right from below the balls to the top of the dick and then started sucking well. I was feeling that I will come soon. I told her I want to take control.

I was standing while maami was on her knees sucking my dick. Suddenly, I grabbed her cheeks and started fucking her mouth vigorously! My dick was reaching almost to her throat. The combination of her soft teeth and her luscious lips was bringing me closer to my orgasm.

I mouth-fucked my Shabnam maami for some more time and finally reached the orgasm stage. I dumped all my load in her mouth and grabbed her mouth so that she drank it all. Shabnam gulped all of it and was smiling.

I wanted to fuck her hard right there but suddenly, her baby in the other room started crying and she left the room running to tend to her baby. I was cursing this timing.

I was now desperate to fuck my beautiful maami since I knew that I had a good chance now. I went to the washroom and cleaned myself. Suddenly, I got a call from my maama and he told me that the relative who was sick had died and my grandparents won’t come for the next week and he will also go to their place for 4 days for the funeral.

He told me to stay at their house and take care of maami and the kids. I was elated and said to him in a sad tone that I will take care of the house, maami and the kids and he need not worry. I was telling myself that I will take special care of maami now.

Then I disconnected the call. I now knew the best chance to fuck maami would be while all were away. I had to only deal with her school-going boy and their baby. I knew maami would be interested too since I had a bigger dick than her husband and she was sex-starved anyways. I thought I will give her the news.

I went to the room and saw that Shabnam was breastfeeding the baby. For a moment, I was staring at her left boob which was feeding the baby. Though I had seen her big breasts many times while breastfeeding, this time it was different. I had feelings of lust in me.

She just called my name and asked me what happened. I told her that the distant relative who was sick had passed away. She felt bad. I told her that grandparents weren’t coming for a week and maama will also stay there for at least 4 days and then go to the office from there itself on the 5th day while giving her a wicked smile.

She also smiled as she knew what was coming her way during these days. I just sat opposite to her waiting for her to finish the breastfeeding. I so wanted to suck those big boobs of my maami. Seeing those big black nipples and areolas were giving me a hard-on.

As her kid was about to sleep, I told her that I was thirsty. She told me that there was water in the kitchen. I told her I would rather drink milk, smilingly. She guessed what my intentions were but tried to play hard.

She told me that there was milk in the fridge and I can heat it if I want to drink milk. I said, “Me chu chuan dodh chyon” (I want to drink your milk.)

She started laughing and said, “It’s cold and you like hot milk.” I retorted, “Be trawai zin haett buane, doade wushni paanai” (I will put my tool below and the milk will become hot.) Maami was blushing and I knew she was getting wet. Her baby had slept by then and she went and placed her on the bed in another room and came back.

Then I got up and put my head in her lap. I lifted maami’s black bra above her right breast and started sucking it. Shabnam was moaning and playing with my hair with her fingers. I took her right hand and put it over the tent in my trousers. She started pressing it wildly and tried to grab my dick. I sucked her right boob dry.

Suddenly, the bell rang!

We got nervous. I got up and went to open the door while maami adjusted her clothes. It was her school-going son who had come from the school. He ruined all the progress I had made right then and I was furious with him for coming at this time. Both maami and I were desperate for a fuck but had to control ourselves.

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