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How I Fucked My Maami At Her Home – Part 3

This is Sameer again and I am back with the third part of the series. Hope you read the earlier 2 parts.

Till now, you are aware how I got a blowjob from my maami, and I got a sucking session with her tits. We still didn’t get a chance to fuck each other despite wanting to do it.

Now, coming back to the story. As you are aware, maami’s kid had come from school and ruined our ongoing activities. Now, everything turned to normal. Her kid was watching cartoons with me in the room while she was in the kitchen.

I went to the kitchen and stood behind my maami. I just took my hands and put them on her hips and massaged them all the way to her breasts. I was just cupping them, and she was like kids are here what if they see. The shyness and the barriers between us had gone already. I continued it and went to her ears and whispered into her ear,

Me: Me di baaz akh (Let me fuck you).

Maami: Shuir che yeti, shangin yim te shaamas wichaw (the kids are here, let them sleep and then we will do something if possible).

I was happy to see that she also wanted to do what I had in mind. Now I knew that the fire was from maami’s side too. It was just a matter of time before we started fucking each other. I tried to be patient because I knew I would be hitting the jackpot tonight!

We had dinner and I was playing with the kids while watching TV. She was in the kitchen wrapping up everything. Maami came to the room and told the kid to go upstairs and sleep. The baby had slept but the kid was playing with me and he wasn’t sleepy at all so he refused. He wasn’t ready to sleep.

Maami was visibly disappointed and I was angry and frustrated. I took maami to the kitchen and told her to give him some hot milk and he will sleep. She smiled and agreed. I went back and she came with the glass of hot milk.

After some time, the kid said that he wanted to sleep. Maami was happy and told me to lay a mattress in their room only so I can also sleep in their room. I was happy so I took a mattress and laid it in their bedroom.

We turned off the lights and now the kids and maami were sleeping on the bed. I was lying down, waiting for the right time.

Once both the kids were asleep, maami got up slowly from the bed without making any noise and got onto the mattress where I was lying down. She whispered to me,

Maami: Be hyak nae wain sabr karith, mye lakh (I cannot wait anymore and want to be fucked).

I just grabbed her and started kissing her lips. We were lost in lust. It seemed that she wasn’t fucked for a long time. My dick got hard and I just took her hand and put it on my crotch.

Me: Apoar taraw, tati karaw (Let’s go to the next room and fuck with no limits).

I didn’t want any interruption because I feared that her kids may wake up with the noise. She didn’t want to leave the room because if the baby woke up and cried, she would need attention.

Meanwhile, I put my hand under my maami’s kurta to her boobs and pressed them over her bra. She was moaning like hell. I put the blanket in her mouth so that she didn’t wake her kids up. This was while we were kissing each other.

I went wild and started giving love bites on her neck. She pulled me up and bit my lips in excitement. I laid her down on the mattress. I opened the knot of her salwar and pulled it down. I realized that she wasn’t wearing her panty. Her pussy was a bit hairy but soft and supple.

Me: Cze chut na kihin logmut talle (You are not wearing your panty).

Maami: Cze asi na baaz din (I had to get fucked, then why wear one?)

I was happy but I thought that I should tease her and take her to the limits. I took her legs over my shoulders. She thought I will put my dick in her pussy, but instead, I went down and started licking her pussy. She wasn’t expecting this and gave me a shout.

I luckily had put the blanket in her mouth and her voice was muffled. The kids were still sleeping.

She told me that she had never been licked my mama, but she was loving it now. I was licking it deep and inserted my tongue well into her pussy, while sucking her clit as well sometimes. I gave a bite on her left thigh. She was getting wilder.

Maami had her fingers in my hair and was playing with it. She used to pull my hair whenever I bit her. She was already leaking fluids from her pussy. It was giving me a salty taste, but I was continuously licking and sucking her pussy.

Suddenly, she started to twitch. I understood that she is nearing her first orgasm. I sucked her hard and she was raising her ass from the mattress as she was nearing her orgasm.

After some time, she orgasmed strongly, and the mattress got wet with her fluids. Now, I just lay down beside her while she came to rest. My dick was already hard and maami noticed it.

Maami: Maamas chai nai wan wathani, me lakh goodis. Warya kaal chu gomut. (Your maama doesn’t get his dick erect now. Fuck my pussy as it has not been fucked for quite some time).

Me: Rath myean lyath ases manz guade (asking her to give me a blowjob first).

At that time, my maami would have done anything to get fucked by me. She took out my trouser and grabbed my dick. She started licking my dick from the top to the bottom and started sucking the head.

I was getting wild sensations due to her soft lips. I told her to suck my balls as well, and she started doing so. At one point in time, I almost grabbed her head and pushed my dick as much as possible into her mouth. She started choking but eventually, I released her because I couldn’t let the kids wake up.

I told maami to increase the speed of sucking so that I can release all my load in her mouth. She started sucking hard and also playing with my balls with her hand. She knew how to give a good blowjob by now. I eventually got my orgasm and released all my load in her mouth. She had to swallow it.

I told her to keep sucking my dick so that it gets erect again. After some sucking and licking, my dick got hard again. I told maami to remove her salwar. She said she didn’t want to risk it since the kids were in the same room.

I wanted her naked, but I understood the risks so I told her to at least pull it up so that I can suck and eat her boobs. She agreed and pulled up her salwar. I pulled her bra over her breasts and started sucking her nipples. Those tankers still had milk in them. I sucked them both dry.

Then I took her legs and had them above my shoulders. I took my dick and started rubbing it against maami’s pussy. I was teasing her by not entering her. She was getting impatient and telling me to fuck her soon. I still didn’t put it in. She got angry.

Maami: Honya, lakh me jaldi natte wanai be maamas. (Fuck me you dog, else I will tell your mama!)

Me (smiling): Kya wanhas? Me lakhnaewi emis ati. (What will you tell him, that you got fucked by me while he was away?)

Finally, I put my dick in while saying this, and she gave out a moan saying, “Aaahhh.” Her pussy was tight and I started slowly pushing my dick in her pussy and pulling it. She was moaning and I started fucking her.

I started licking her legs that were over my shoulder while I was fucking her. She was getting wild. I didn’t stop and was fucking that bitch very hard. She was leaking fluids like a river and had a few orgasms already.

Suddenly, I thought in my mind though that my maami was so involved in sex that she didn’t realize that I was not wearing a condom, and she can get pregnant. It was very difficult to stop. I was enveloped in heat and continued fucking my maami.

Soon, I was nearing my peak and I told her that I was nearing my climax. She wrapped her legs around my butt and started increasing my pace. I got into the missionary position and started fucking her hard. I was simultaneously kissing and biting her neck. (People should know that the neck is a really sensitive part for a woman.)

I was fucking her hard while her pussy was wet like anything. My dick was smoothly going in and out now. We were matching our thrusts. She was raising her ass while I was pushing it in for maximum pleasure.

After some minutes, I finally had my orgasm and released my load in maami’s pussy. I made some grunting noises, but maami grabbed my lips so that the noise didn’t reach the kids.

After releasing my load, we both were breathing heavily panting.

Me: Mazze Aaw (I had fun.)

I kissed her lips.

Maami: Mye aaw ne yuth mazze em bronth zanhi. Cze seath sex karnas chune kehin risk. Maamas basi maamni chuk khayal thawan magar temsindi bistaras pyath chuhas temsin zanaani lakhaan.

(I have never been fucked like this. I have got someone to fuck now without any risks. Your maama will think that you are taking care of us here while you are fucking his wife in his bed).

(Married women want to have sex outside their marriage. They don’t want to get caught or judged. If you can take care of that, any married woman will be on your dick.)

After some time, she went to the washroom to get herself cleaned, while I waited thinking about what had just happened today, and how lucky I was that I masturbated in their washroom and maami had caught me in the act.

After maami came back, we talked for a while. Then maami went back to the bed and slept with the kids and I went to the washroom. I masturbated again thinking about my sex session with maami and slept.


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