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How I Fucked My Maami At Her Home – Part 4

This is Sameer again and I am back with the fourth part of the series. Hope you read the earlier 3 parts. Here is the link to the 2nd part, as the third part is still to be published.

Till now, you are aware of how maami and I got involved with each other. I had a blowjob and how we had sex when the kids were sleeping. Now coming back to the story and taking it forward.

After that sex session, I woke up in the morning after her kid had already gone to school. I was looking forward to banging her during the day without any disturbances. I thought of fucking my maami’s sexy ass that day. Anal sex here is taboo, and I knew it would need a lot of convincing from my side to get it done.

I got fresh and went to the kitchen where she was doing her chores. I got behind her and hugged her from behind and kissed her on her neck.

Me: Meri hot maami ko bhanje ka salaam.

Maami: Salaami to kahin aur se milrahi hai. (My erect dick was poking her ass due to morning wood).

Me: Ab jab peeche aisi karrigari hogi to salaami hi milegi (Talking about her ass).

Maami: Flirt karakh patte, guade che chai. Me che kitchenich kaem Karin (Stop flirting, have your breakfast. I have to do the chores).

I had my breakfast and went out to the market. I went to a chemist friend and got a few pills and chocolate syrup for maami and condoms, lubes, and some viagra for myself. Since I had limited time in the absence of maami’s kid today, I wanted to make full use of the time, hence the Viagra.

Chemist: Yi kath khaetre chui yut maal. Chobri seath cha gasun kun” (Why are you taking this much stuff? Are you going somewhere with your girl?)

I just smiled and said nothing. Finally, I reached home. Maami had finished her chores and was watching TV.

Maami: Kot osukh gomut? (Where did you go?)

Me: Aaz khaetre os saaman anun. (I had to get stuff for today).

Maami (blushing after seeing the condoms, viagra and the lube): Yi kya chut onmut (What is this?)

Me: Aaz lakhai be cze czuati, yi chu taith khaetre (I am fucking your ass today, this is for that reason).

Maami: Na, na – dapan tath chu lagan. Cze lakh goodis aesh karith magar czwati ne kenh (No, no. It pains a lot. You can fuck my pussy as much as you want but not my ass).

Me: Tawai onum na yi. Yi di aaram. Em seath kari na dagg. Beyi lakhai na be waar waar te pyaar san. Czehe zanan chak wain myean (That’s why I got this. It will lubricate and it won’t pain. I will do it slowly and lovingly. You are my wife now).

Maami (laughing): Zaleele, yinne maam bozi. Su kari khash (You have become naughty. If your maama hears this, he will kill you).

Me: Su chu syos. Yemis yich sexy zanaan aasi, su gos ghari byuhun te zanaani goodis te czwati khidmat karin duhas ratas. Be aasha temsinz jai, be khaphai cze lagaatar.

(He is a cuckold. Someone who has such a hot and sexy wife should be at home worshipping his wife’s pussy and ass. If I was him, I would fuck you day and night).

Maami: Agar waar waar karakh, teli wuchaw. Me chune zenhi kormut. Cze lachit asel peath raath. Pakh wain, waqt ma kar zaaye.

(If you do it gently, then it’s fine. I have never done it before but I want to try it out with you. You fucked me nicely yesterday. Let’s go then. Let’s not waste time).

I took a viagra pill for longevity because I didn’t want to take any breaks at all. She also went to take a look at the sleeping baby.

We then went to a room next to the room where the baby was sleeping. I didn’t want the baby to disturb us. I removed her dupatta and opened her hair.

We started to kiss each other wildly. My hard dick was desperate to come out as it was paining to have it in my boxers. I lowered my boxers and took my maami’s hand to my dick. As soon as my maami grabbed it, I got excited by the sensations. She was titillating it with her fingers.

Me: Maami, yeli cze yi chak na karan, lyath che chuare chuare karan. (When you do this, my dick wants to fuck you really hard.)

Maami: Cze kyazi me maami wanan, lakhne wizi ti. Myuan naaw aas wanan ya badal keanh (Why do you call me ‘maami’ when you are fucking me? Call me by my name or something else).

Me: Maami wanne seath che zyaade sex khasaan. Basaan chu maamni chus lakhaan. (It’s more exciting to call you ‘maami’ while fucking. It assures me that I am fucking my hot MILF maami and not just some other girl or woman).

This excited maami very much. She got down on her knees and started sucking my dick and balls. I told her to use some saliva as well. I was loving her licks and sucks. Maami was licking the dick and sucking the balls as well. Since there was no risk of the kids barging in on us, I was moaning as well.

Me: Maami, ath kalas te lyaw asel paeth beyi trawus yi chocolate. Tem seath yi maze. (Suck and lick the head and pour some chocolate on it, maami. You will love it.)

Maami: Yi cze wanakh. (Whatever you say.)

She poured the chocolate syrup on my dick and now started sucking and licking the head as suggested. Her sucking was giving me wonderful sensations.

(The chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Even maami was loving sucking it off my dick. Ladies, if you are giving a blowjob to a guy, do try this for sure.)

My excitement was peaking and I was about to cum soon. I just held maami Shabnam’s head and started fucking her mouth. She was loving my sudden aggressiveness.

After some time, I released my load in her mouth and ensured she drank all of it.

Maami: Yi chu tyoth aaz. (It’s bitter today.)

Me: Adde be kar ath ilaaj. (I will take care.)

I took the chocolate syrup, poured it into my mouth, and started kissing her. She was loving it as well. She took my t-shirt off while I took her kameez off.

I sat down against the wall and took her in my lap. I started kissing her and slowly went to the neck and to her boobs. She was wearing a satin pink bra today. I removed the same. Her nipples had already become hard. I started sucking them and she was moaning my name. She stood up and I started kissing her navel.

I went down to the knot of the salwar. I opened it and her salwar went down. She was wearing a matching panty which I dragged down and started licking her wet pussy.

I was sitting with my back against the wall and she was standing facing me with her hands against the wall. I was loving the raw salty taste but I took the syrup and poured it on my maama’s wife’s pussy and started sucking her pussy with passion.

Maami: Aaah.. Chooste raho.. Mazza araha hai… Thoda bohat apne us nikamme maama ko bhi sikhaado…

I was licking wildly and her moans were getting louder. As I realized, her orgasm is near, I just dragged my trouser down and told maami to sit on my dick.

We started fucking in this sitting position only. She was bouncing on my dick while I was playing with her boobs and sucking them.

After some 10-15 minutes of hard-core fucking, we both had an orgasm together and we fell like tired birds. We hugged each other and were kissing. Due to our moans, the baby had woken up and was now hungry and needed some milk. Maami started wearing her clothes but I took them away from her.

Me: Wuni kati laich mye chwati, cze lagith palaw? (We didn’t do anal yet. So, why are you wearing clothes?)

Maami: Emis chyanaw doadh (I will feed the baby milk, that’s why).

Me: Doads khaetre kath che palaw laagin. Chyanawus doadh patte yi wapas. Myean lyaath chai pyaran (Breastfeeding her won’t need clothes. Feed her, and then come back. My dick is waiting for your ass).

Maami smiled and went away naked. Her breasts bounced as she walked and her ass was swinging as I was seeing her walk away. I wasn’t believing my luck. I was reliving the past one day when I went from being a izzat karne wala bhanja to being the chodne wala bhanja for my maami.

I was waiting for her to finish up so that I can start my dream of banging my maami’s ass. It was going to be mineas well as her first anal.


That’s the end of the fourth part. For any feedback, please write to my email I loved talking to many of you by email and sharing my experiences and discussing yours as well.

I will be writing the fifth part soon. I will be writing about how we finally had anal sex. It’s extremely taboo here and I shall tell you how we managed it before her kid came from school.

Any aunty/married woman/unmarried girls wanting to contact me in Srinagar, email me and we will find a way to do so. Your identity will always be anonymous.

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