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How I Fucked My Maami At Her Home – Part 5

This is Sameer again, and I am back with the fifth part of the series. You know how mami and I had sex during the day and had a blowjob. We had sex when the kid was in school, and the baby was sleeping.

Here I write how we take our relationship to the next level by doing anal sex. Read the previous parts if you haven’t so far for context. Now coming back to the story and taking it forward.

The baby had woken up. Mami was feeding her milk all nude since I didn’t let her wear any clothes. I waited for some time, and mami hadn’t finished. I couldn’t wait, so I went to the room where mami was feeding her baby. She was in the corner feeding her baby nude.

I had a hard-on. So I sat opposite her. I opened my legs and started staring at her big milky boobs while she was feeding her baby.

Mami: “Kya chuk wuchaan?” (What are you looking at?)

Me: “Sonchan chus yemis mutalik be raath taam osus sonchan, aaz chu su me nish te lakhnavan paanas.” (I think that till yesterday I just imagined you, and today you are with me and we had sex).

Mami: “Me os ne paane suchmut. Khaandre patte os sori boring. Raath peth aaw su mazze. Me basow zan lakteyas be. Me chu wuni ti sex khasan. Be trawha sori te chaani lyaati peth khasha beyi.”

(I had not thought that this would happen. Everything after marriage was boring. I have been enjoying it so much since yesterday. I feel as if I have become younger. I am still horny. I wish I could leave everything aside and ride your dick right now.)

Me: Mami, I love you now.

Mami: “Be ti. Me thaizi wain duhai khayal.” (Me too. Just take care of me like this always.)

I knew Mami was fully under my control now. She would do anything to get herself fucked by me. I thought to tease mami a bit. So I opened my legs and touched my dick to tease her. I was massaging it. It was already hard due to the pill I had popped.

Me: “Yem seath thawa khayal.” (You want me to take care of this?)

I said this while massaging my penis.

Mami: “Aa, yi chu me toth wain.” (Yes, I love it now.)

Me: “Toth chui, teli kya karakh ath seath.” (If you love it, what you would do with it?)

Mami: “Athas kyath ratte.” (I will grab it and hold it).

Me: “Acha patte?” (Then?)

Mami: “Patte ginde ath seath.” (I will play with it.)

Me: “Kith Peath?” (How?)

Mami: “Lyawas.” (I will lick it.)

Me: “Beyi?” (And?)

I was getting hard and rubbing my dick during this conversation.

Mami: “Be chehai yi bad lyaath chain.” (I will suck this big dick that you have)

Me: “Patte?” (Then?)

Mami: “Be lyawai yiman pelan.” (I will lick your balls.)

Me: “Beyi kya karakh?” (What else will you do?)

Mami: “Yi lyaati hyund kalle khem.” (I will eat this dick head.).

Me: “Acha patte?” (Then?)

Mami: “Patte bhar yi panis goodis manz.” (I will then fill my pussy with this)

I took the dick with my fingers and told my mami that I was waiting to fuck her again. Her baby had almost slept. So she put her down and came crawling towards me. She took the dick in her hands and started licking it up to the head. She was licking it all over, making it wet and sloppy.

She was also licking the balls as if she had been hungry for ages. After some time, she started sucking it and giving me a blowjob. I was getting hornier. It was getting difficult for me to stay in my senses.

All I wanted was to take mami under me and fuck her as hard as I could. But at this stage, I wanted to devour her virgin ass, which wasn’t fucked by anyone yet.

Me: “Yeti karwe kin andre?” (Shall we do it here or in the other room?)

Mami: “Yeti karaw. Be thaw emis nazar.” (Let’s do here, I will keep an eye on her.)

I was getting excited at how I will finally fuck her ass. I went to the room and got the lubes from there. I just poured some on my dick and rubbed it up so that all of it was covered by the lube.

Next, I told mami to turn around in doggy style. Seeing her ass, I just kissed it and licked it. Then I applied lube to her asshole as well. We were now ready to get into the new world of anal sex.

Me: “Agar dagg kari me wanzi, be kari ne teli.” (If it pains, let me know so that I will stop.)

Mami: “Chaani mujub kar be kenh ti bardaash wain.” (I will tolerate any pain for you now.)

I wondered how I just brought the slut out of my mami within 2 days. I told her to get in the doggy position. Usually, doggy or cowgirl positions are good for anal penetration. Anyways, coming back to the scene.

My dick and her asshole were drenched in the lube and dripping. I inserted a finger first and started rotating it so that her muscles relaxed and she felt comfortable.

Me: “Kyuth chui basaan?” (How are you feeling?)

Mami: “Thoda ajeeb. Guadnich lati cham karnwain apaer.” (A bit strange. This is my first time for the anal.)

Me: “Be karai aaraam saan.” (Don’t worry, I will be gentle)

I got the fingers out and was ready to push my dick in her asshole.

I got my dick and started rubbing my dick against her asshole. I then slowly tried to push my dick in.

It was tight, but somehow the head of my dick went in. You might know that we have circumcised dicks, so there is no skin. Mami’s asshole was tight as she was never fucked in the ass before. She shouted as soon as the head went in. I told her not to move while I stayed in the same position.

Mami: “Yi Kadd, Mye karnai dagg.” (Take this out, it hurts).

Me: “Cze pyaar thoda times, yi gasi panai theek” (Wait for some time, this will get better soon.)

Mami: “Zann trowukh me kaerith naag patkin.” (It feels like someone put molten lead from behind.)

I waited for some time. Once Mami gave the go-ahead, I started pumping my dick in her ass. It was tight, and it looked like I won’t last long. Mami was continuously moaning.

Mami: “Aaah! Aaah! Kus Mazze, agar me pai aasiha ath chu yuth mazze, me aasiha guadai karnowmut.” (Aaah! Aaah! I love it. I wish I had known the pleasure of anal sex before. I would have got it much before)

Me: “Agar me pai aasiha cze chak yicha bad gyean, me aasihi cze khabar kar lachmich. Yim ze shuir ti aashan myean. Yecha maech aasiha na me zaayi karmech kadaan kadaan.”

(If I knew you were such a big slut, I would have fucked you long back. Even these two kids would have been fine. I wasted so much semen masturbating while thinking about fucking you)

Mami: “Haramzada, zuare karr. Me gasni paknui banun. Adde wani karnaw be cze ati ti akh shur.” (Bastard, fuck me so hard that I am not able to walk. It’s not too late. I want to get one child from you as well).

I was ramming her ass hard while she was moaning and abusing me in Kashmiri. I then got her salwar and stuffed that in her mouth so that her cries don’t wake up the baby or alert the neighbours. I got a bit tired but didn’t stop.

Instead, I started to do long, slow pumps. I was pushing my dick slowly to the maximum limit and then slowly pulling back and then again pushing without getting the head out. Mami started to get powerful orgasms due to this. Thankfully, the salwar in her mouth was reducing her moans and cries.

I was close to getting an orgasm myself. So I started pumping hard again.

Mami: “Madarchoda, honyaaa, kutaa karakh wain. Cze kecha hekat. Beha thachis. Yi Poun khulrowtham.”

(You motherfucker, you horny dog, when will you ejaculate? Aren’t you tired? I am so tired now. And you have made my ass so loose.)

Me: “Myean Gaeni, sabr kar. Yekya thoda time bas” (My slut, wait for some time.)

I pumped strokes for 5 more minutes before ejecting my load in her ass. And I fell on her. We were breathing heavily. Within 24 hours, I almost had it all. I got a blowjob from my mami and fucked her multiple times in her pussy and her ass now.

Me: “Mami, mazze aawyi. Agar me pai aasiha cze chak yich bad gaen te lakhnawakh yith peath mye ati, mye aasiha maam behnowmut sidas te tuhndis khaandre wizi aasiha lachmich cze.”

(Mami, did you enjoy it? If I knew the big slut you are, and you would get fucked by me in your bed at your own house, I would have fucked you on your wedding night itself.)

Mami: “Guade karnam khatarnak dagg. Magar patte aaw su mazze. Chuan maam chu syos. Temis che peench. Jawaan lyaath gai jawaan lyaathi. Yemis seath khandar karakh su rrozi warya khuash. Agar meti lagha guadai pai cze chai yich niyyat me peth te duhai chuk kadan mye peath, mye aasiha duhai lakhnawmech cze ati.”

(First pained me a lot, but I enjoyed it afterwards. Your mama is a cuckold. He has a small dick and isn’t able to satisfy me. You are young and have a good dick and good stamina. Whosoever will marry you will be happy and satisfied by your dick. It’s amazing. I wish I knew you wanted to fuck me and masturbate thinking about me. I would have offered you my pussy daily).

Me: “Adde wain karaw naa, be kot gowus.” (Now we can do it na, I am here only).

Mami: “Me thowi suchit. Maam aasi duty gasaan, yim ze nafar che boankain asan. Akh shur chu school te akh laket. Menis kamras manz aaste duhai lakhaan mye. Emsindi maam sindis bistaras pyath. Kaensi gasi na shak ti. Agar kanh wanni be wann yi chu choti sith gindaan.”

(I have it planned. Your mama will go to duty. These two oldies stay on the ground floor. The elder kid goes to school while the other is too young. You can fuck me daily in my room on your mama’s bed. No one will suspect that you are fucking me. Even if someone asks, I can tell that you are playing with the baby while I rest).

Me: “Mami, balai chak cze.” (You are amazing!)

Mami: “Palaw kati thayit myean. Be banawai chai. Bochi laej.” (Where have you kept my clothes? Let’s make tea, I am hungry).

Me: “Adde chai khaetre kath che palaw lagin. Yithai peath roz, me di wichne.” (Why do you need clothes for that? Be like this. Let me enjoy the sight of your body).

Mami: “Pagal chuk, kitchenas che daari. Kanh wuchi. Ma lag naatak, wal di.” (Are you mad? The kitchen has windows and no curtains. Stop acting and give me my clothes now).

I give my mami the bra and the kameez (top) but not the salwar (trousers) and the panty. I tell her that no one from outside can see her legs anyways.

Mami: “Badmaash chuk banyomut.” (You have become too naughty).

Mami wore the bra and kameez while I watched in amazement in disbelief. I still didn’t believe I had fucked her extensively. She went to the washroom to clean herself and then to the kitchen while I stayed in the room.

I was browsing my phone. It had been a few minutes, and I was feeling bored. So I thought to go to the kitchen and give company to her.

Mami was facing the kitchen counter in her uppers while preparing tea. Suddenly I got a naughty idea in my mind. I lay down and tried to slide down below her legs so that I could lick her pussy while she made tea.

Mami: “Yi kya chuk karaan” (What are you doing?)

Me: “Cze banaw chai, me di panin kaem karne.” (You make tea while I do my job.)

I started licking her pussy. I loved the aroma and smell of the recently fucked pussy and ass. I made her pussy wet and started sucking her lips while she was waiting for the tea to get ready. She was also moaning my name while holding the kitchen counter for support.

She was leaking juices while I was there to drink it all up so that the kitchen doesn’t get spoiled with the sexy juices. Suddenly her phone started ringing, and she told me to stop. I paused for a bit to wait and see who is calling.

Mami: “Yi syos maam chui fone karan.” (Your small dick maama is calling)

Me: “Adde tul” (Pick up the phone.)

Mami picked up the phone. She talked about everything, including kids and if I was still there. Mama told her that its the ‘chautha’ of a dead relative and she should pay a visit. Mami was like what will I do with the kids.

Mama told her that keep the kids with their nana nani. “Sahil will bring you and take you back.” I saw a twinkle in Mami’s eyes as she smiled. She said to Maama that she would come for a few hours and come back. She could not leave her infant alone for too long. Maama agreed.

I was getting bored, so I started licking mami’s pussy and ass again. Suddenly I took a bite at her clit, and she made the “Aah” sound. Mama asked, “What happened?” Mami was like, “The baby bit the nipple while breastfeeding.”

And she looked at me angrily for putting her in a difficult position. Then I did a lick again. She put her fingers in my hair while I licked while controlling her moans on call.

Then Maama asked about me. Mami said I was doing something on the laptop in the other room. Then Maama hung up, and I paused.

Mami: “Maam osui wanan pagah yiyiw yuar” (Your mama told us to visit the deceased relative’s home tomorrow.)

Me: “Shuryan kya karaw?” (What about the kids?)

Mami: “Tim gasan maatamaal.” (They will go to their naani’s house.)

Me: “Teli hekaw gasith te beyi yi mazze” (Then we can go and we will enjoy)

Mami: “Taziyatas chu gasun tath kya maze?” (We will go to offer condolences, what’s fun in that?)

Me: “Su traaw cze me pyath. Gasne wiz ti che aes zeyi te wapsi wiz ti.” (Leave that to me. We are alone while going and will be back alone.)

Mami: “Teli ruzi subhai tayar.” (Be ready in the morning then).

Me: “Chaani mujub che be te myean lyaath duhas raatas haezir” (For you, I and my dick are ready for the day and night.)

She smiled on hearing this, and I continued licking her pussy till she squirted and made me wet with her vaginal fluids.

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