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Husband Watched Me Fuck – Part 1

I am posting a story which happened about 15 years ago.

I am Ratna. I was born and brought up in a middle-class family. My father was a well-to-do farmer. Immediately after I finished junior college, I got married to a clerk working in the Public Works Dept (PWD) of the Uttar Pradesh Government.

Though I was a virgin on my bridal bed, I had my share of sex before marriage. In a nutshell, I fisted three young cocks. Many times I sucked cock of an older man. I was ready to fuck with him. He undressed me. He started fondling me, but he cum before he could penetrate me. I did not meet him ever again.

Besides, I enjoyed being fondled by two of our school teachers. Every time they fondled me together. Whenever they were getting opportunities, both pushed their hands inside my clothes and enjoyed my assets. They had inserted their fingers in my holes, cunt and anus many times.

Though they enjoyed with me for about 7-8 months, they never desired to penetrate their cocks in my cunt. But both helped me a lot. I passed my board exam with a distinction. Though I enjoyed myself with six males, other than that impotent older man, no one else saw me nude before my marriage.

During eight years of my marriage, I gave birth to a son, and my daughter was born after two years. My husband Vinod Kumar Gupta got a promotion on my daughter’s second birthday. He became a chief clerk. The chief clerk in any government dept is popularly known as ‘Bada babu.’

Vinod was very happy with the promotion. I was sad to hear that he had been transferred to Lucknow. It was quite far from our native. I did not want to go to Lucknow. But he insisted and pleaded. He kept insisting. My parents also supported him. What could I do? Unwillingly I agreed to shift to Lucknow.

Two years before my marriage, six males enjoyed my body. But eight years after marriage, no one else touched my body. I had to remain content with my husband only.

Since childhood, I have heard I am beautiful and possess a lovely personality. I was sad that no male came forward after my marriage to seduce me. I was 5 ft 5 inches tall. At the time of my marriage, my weight was 52 kgs which increased to 62 kgs after the birth of my daughter.

My breast size increased from 34 to 36D inches during the same period. My waist increased from 22 inches to 26 inches, and my hips increased from 32-inch size to 36 inches. I was very fair with big black eyes. I had long hairs coming up to my hips.

But my dress sense was very bad. I was used to wearing loose dresses. After marriage, I wore only a sari set. My husband was very particular about his dress. He always wore nicely ironed trousers and shirts. Though he was a handsome man, I did not like his figure.

Except for early morning walks, I never saw him doing any exercise. I often saw him talking with school and college girls. I never heard any scandals about him. But I never considered him the right match for me.

I agreed to accompany him to Lucknow. But I put a condition that I would shift to Lucknow only after he finds a good, spacious ground-floor house. He started making enquiries about accommodations. He informed me that he had finalised a 3 BHK house in a good locality.

Finally, we reached Lucknow. When we got off the train, one couple welcomed us by putting a garland on our necks. I liked that couple at first sight. Vinod introduced me to them. Prashant Singh was a civil contractor, whereas the lady Pallavi was his wife.

I always dreamt of fucking a man with having wide chest and a muscular body. Prashant was such a type of man. Pallavi was a very sweet lady. She did not have a beautiful face cut. Her smile and eyes gave her a very sexy and sweet look. Later on, I learned that she was very popular and liked.

They drove us in their latest model SUV to the house, which Vinod has taken on the rent. We got down there.

Pallavi – Ratna, we are giving you some privacy. It is about 5 of the evening now. Be ready by 7. Our driver will come to pick you up. You are having dinner with us and staying overnight with us.

Before I could say anything, they went away. We entered the house. The house was neatly cleaned. There was a lady ready with snacks and tea. I could see a basket of fruits, juices and chocolates also. We had tea and snacks. After that, we freshened up.

The car arrived at the scheduled time, and we reached Pallavi’s house in ten minutes. Pallavi introduced us to their children. Priyanka studied in junior college, whereas their son Pravin studied in class 9. Priyanka was not as sweet as her mother, but I liked her figure. Pravin was handsome like his father.

After some normal chat, Pallavi pulled me to her bedroom and bolted the door.

Me – Didi, why are you closing the door?

Pallavi – Because I am going to fuck a beautiful, sexy but idiot lady.

I shivered to hear her. In the first meeting itself, she was talking about sex. I blushed.

Pallavi – Why have you dressed so shabbily?

I did not understand what she wanted to say.

Me – I am wearing such a nice sari and blouse. My body is covered.

Pallavi – I can see that you are wearing a costly sari. But what is the use of such costly clothes which don’t make you look good? Ratna, you don’t know how beautiful and sexy you are. Though you are the mother of two children, you have maintained a figure like a college girl.

Pallavi – But this dress is making you ugly. I am also a mother of two children. My body has loosened, but not a single day passed when someone or other men didn’t approach me for sex.

She dropped her pallu. I could see her figure. Her breast was big, but they were not in shape. The belly has loosened. Still, her belly and waist looked attractive and tempting. I was looking at her. She came very close to me. Though I resisted, she unfolded my sari. It fell.

I covered my eyes with both hands. I could not see her action but could feel what she was doing. She untied the knot of my petticoat. She caressed my lower waist portion.

Pallavi – Uff, what smooth skin you have, Ratna!

I could feel her hand moving on my pubic hair. She caressed my pubic area. I could feel her hand on my clit and cunt lobes. Though I was ashamed, I liked her hand moving on my pussy.

Pallavi – Even after giving birth to two children, your cunt is like a young unmarried girl. I feel like sucking and licking your cunt. But this is not the right time for that. Let me dress you.

She tied the petticoat. I opened my eyes. She helped me wear a sari. Then she pulled me in front of a dressing table with a full-size mirror.

Pallavi – Darling, now look at yourself.

I looked at myself in the mirror. The sari top, which used to be tied about three inches above the belly button, was now 4 inches below that. The earlier gap between the blouse and that sari used to be only 2-3 inches.

But now it has become 8-9 inches. Sari and petticoat were tied at the lowest waistline. It seemed to me that I was looking at myself for the first time.

Me – It seems that I am nude. Sari will fall. What Prashant and Vinod will say?

Pallavi – Don’t worry, nothing will fall. And What will they do? Vinod will fuck you more vigorously than on other nights. Prashant will fuck me the whole night, thinking that he is fucking Ratna Gupta.

I liked her bold nature and frankness. I wanted to say that I wanted to fuck with Prashant all night, but I controlled my words.

Pallavi was not yet over. She unbuttoned my blouse. She pushed the blouse flaps away from the breast mound. Then without any hesitation or shame, she caressed both breasts. After caressing them for a couple of minutes, she squeezed them a few times.

Pallavi – Instead of a readymade blouse, you should wear a tailored stitched blouse. As much as possible, try to wear a sleeveless blouse.

That was the first time when any female was exploring my body. It should have angered me. Instead, I enjoyed Pallavi’s hand on my vital parts.

Pallavi – Ratna, please forgive me that I took so much liberty with you without taking your consent. Your beauty and figure are so tempting that I could not control me. You are very lovely and very sexy also. Please let me cherish your beauty.

Her words brought back memories of both teachers who used to fondle my body by saying similar words.

Me – Didi, what you are doing is indecent. But if it gives you pleasure, I don’t have any problem. But this is not the right opportunity. They would be wondering about us. Let’s go out.

She nodded. Suddenly I hugged her tightly. I did not give her any chance to speak. I started kissing and sucking her lips passionately. I did not plan this, but it happened suddenly. While kissing her lips, I caressed her breast. I palmed her cunt over the clothes. I squeezed her hips. She was looking amazingly at me.

Pallavi – What happened to my girl? It does not look like it, but you are very strong. In my 22 years of sex life, no one could kiss me so aggressively as you did now. I liked it very much.

Pallavi -I can see that you are a sexually starved woman. You need an hour-long hard and fast fucking by a bull. It seems you are not satisfied with Vinod.

I took hold of her one hand.

Me – Didi, we are meeting for the first time, but it seems that I have known you for a long time. I don’t know, but I feel like trusting you blindly. Please don’t defame me. You have rightly judged that I badly need good sex. I have been married for eight years, but I am a vey unsatisfied lady.

Me – Vinod is handsome. His cock is long and thick. His stamina is also good. He can fuck comfortably thrice a night. Despite all these, I never enjoyed sex with him. You are telling me that I am a beautiful sexy woman. But no one ever tried to seduce me. I don’t have any lovers. I want a real bull who can fuck me mercilessly the whole night.

Pallavi – Thank God! My husband, Prashant, does not have that much stamina. He could never fuck me for more than 15 minutes. But I don’t have any complaints about him. Let me see whether I can find a real bull for you. How much do you expect?

I shook my head.

Me – No, I do not want any money. I want a man who, while fucking me, can break every bone of my body.

We came out. I blushed, but none of the two males made any remark or comment. We had dinner. Dinner was sumptuous. After dinner, we all chatted for some time. After that, Ratna took me to a bedroom. I put my hand across her waist.

Me – Tell Prashant to keep Vinod engaged the whole night. I don’t mind even if he fuck someone. I want both of us to remain nude together.

Pallavi- Baby, you don’t need me. Your body needs a real banging. I doubt whether any one man would be able to cool you off. As you have spent 8 years with Vinod, spend a few more nights with him. Soon I will find a man of your choice. I have many female friends, but you are the only one I like. We both will have fun together. Now sleep nicely.

She bent down and kissed me. We both fondled each other’s breasts. After that, laughingly, she went out of the room. Since evening Pallavi has been with me, but after she left me alone, I started feeling very tired. I removed my sari. I did not bolt the door in anticipation that Vinod would come soon.

I did not even switch off the light. I don’t know when I slept.

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