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Husband Watched Me Fuck – Part 2

Ratna was tired, so she slept alone. In the other room, Pallavi was with her husband, Prashant. Pallavi said that Ratna is not only beautiful, but she is also very understanding.

Prashant – I heard that the wife of our new bada babu (chief clerk) is beautiful. But Ratna is much more beautiful than I had expected. Our Chief Engineer was enquiring about you. He was complaining that you have not met him for a long.

Pallavi got undressed and pulled her husband over her. He also undressed. She began rubbing her breasts on his wide chest.

Pallavi – Raja, don’t bother me. When I need him, I will go and fuck with him. I think you want to fuck Ratna. I don’t mind at all. Start seducing her. She is a rural girl, and it will not be difficult for anyone to seduce her. I think she would love nice clothes and jewellery. Tell your chief engineer to book a room in the hotel soon and inform me. But my cunt did not get any new cock for over two years. Don’t you have any new assignments?

Prashant began fucking his wife.

Prashant – Bada babu (Vinod) is very handsome. Why don’t you try to take him between your thighs? Once he fucks you, I will be able to fuck Ratna easily. We can fuck each other’s wives on the same bed.

Ratna – No, never. I will never fuck with anyone in your presence. Finish what you are doing, and let me sleep. I am really tired.

They fucked in their normal way. As Pallavi had said, Prashant discharged cum inside after 15 minutes. Both remain nude. Pallavi slept soon, but Prashant had no sleep. Since he saw Ratna at the station, Prashant became very restless. Pallavi was not his only woman, but he was not a womaniser.

He got married at the age of 19. Pallavi was his first woman. On the first night, Pallavi loved him so much that Prashant failed to observe that his wife was not a virgin. Pallavi was a daughter of a very rich man. When she grew, she started liking an older man, a family friend.

Both got an opportunity. That older man took Pallavi’s virginity at the first opportunity and fucked her twice. She felt very much satisfied. Then it became a regular affair. Soon her parents came to know about this. Pallavi’s parents talked with him at that time.

They wanted that man to marry Pallavi. But that lover of Pallavi gave a counteroffer. He requested them not to stop Pallavi from having sex with him. He said that soon he would make Pallavi his daughter-in-law. Though Pallavi’s parents did not believe the man, they did not stop Pallavi from meeting him.

He was fucking Pallavi once a week. After about three months of their relationship man requested Pallavi to fuck with another man. She did not get angry at his proposal.

Pallavi – If I fuck with someone else, you will stop loving me. I don’t want anyone else. I want you only.

That man took various vows and made many promises. He said that even if she became a prostitute, he would never leave her. Pallavi agreed. The man gave her some tips.

Pallavi spent over four hours with a stranger in a luxurious room of a posh hotel. That man liked Pallavi so much that he requested Pallavi’s lover to let Pallavi stay with him for a few days. Her lover did not take permission from Pallavi’s parents. He informed them that he was taking Pallavi away for a week.

She stayed with that stranger for a week and then returned happily. Her parents were very pleased when her lover gave them more than five lakhs cash. Then they never bothered about Pallavi.

In the next 8 months, Pallavi was sent for such special assignments six times. During every assignment, Pallavi fucked with different people. Her lover kept loving and fucking Pallavi to her satisfaction. After every assignment, he paid a hefty amount to Pallavi’s parents.

For the last assignment, he brought Pallavi to Kathmandu. There that older man saw the stamina of a 19-year-old girl. Pallavi happily handled a group of businessmen consisting of 2 Africans, 3 Europeans and 2 Indians for three days. On the last day, he also joined the orgy.

She alone handled 3-3 rounds by all 8 persons. Pallavi happily handled many rounds of double and triple penetration. All those people also commented that they had never met any lady like Pallavi.

That last assignment resulted in an International construction contract for her lover. Besides, she gave Rs fifteen lakhs cash to her parents. Within 11 months, she repeatedly fucked 14 people. She experienced and enjoyed all types of sexual activity.

On their return from her last assignment in Kathmandu, her lover came to her house. He had said.

“Pallavi darling, I am going out to another country. I will return after 3-4 months. Immediately after I return, I will get my son Prashant to marry you. But there is one condition. During my absence, you will not have any time of sex with anyone. If I come to know that you are fucking with anyone, I will sell you in the flesh market of Iraq.”

Pallavi – I never wanted sex with anyone else. When you are not there, then with whom will I fuck? But I will marry your son only when you promise to keep fucking me even after marriage. I will do assignments for both father and son,

He became very happy to hear Pallavi. He called a lady Yoga trainer and advised her to give regular yoga exercises to Pallavi both morning and evening. Her lover returned after four months. He became extremely happy to see Pallavi.

She looked much more attractive than he had seen her before. But he made a discreet enquiry about Pallavi. After having been satisfied that Pallavi did not even talk with any man outside her family, he got her married to his son Prashant. She fucked with someone after a gap of four months.

When Prashant fucked her first, she experienced it as if she was getting fucked for the first time. Though Pallavi became the eldest daughter-in-law of her only lover, she did not leave any opportunity to fuck with him. That man continued to fuck Pallavi until he died at 73.

Her lover did not give any assignment to Pallavi after marriage. But Prashant requested her to fuck with a senior Government officer two months after marriage. She told this to her father-in-law, who permitted her to do so. He also advised her not to miss any such assignment.

Pallavi completed that assignment successfully. After that, Prashant kept sending her to various men. Every such visit of Pallavi brought fruit for Prashant. Thanks to Pallavi, because of her sexual power in twelve years, Prashant became an A category, a privileged contractor of the state.

During their 12 years in Lucknow, Pallavi obtained 32 contracts for her husband. That means she had been fucked by 32 different men. Out of those 32 men, Pallavi liked only 5 men. Though everyone who fucked Pallavi even once wanted a continued relationship with her.

But Pallavi kept her relationship only with 5 people. She told Prashant that she would love to fuck with those five men whenever she desired. Prashant said that she is free to fuck with anyone she likes. Chief Engineer about whom Prashant talked was one of those five persons Pallavi liked.

She decided to take Ratna with her while she went to fuck with the Chief Engineer. Though Pallavi was a wife of a very reputed city contractor, she was the state’s most expensive call girl.

It was over an hour since Pallavi had slept. Though he had been watching his wife’s nudity continuously since then, Prashant could not shake off the thought of Ratna from his mind. He wrapped a lungi around his waist. He came out of the room and slowly pulled the door shut. He tiptoed to the guest room.

Prashant got mesmerised. The door of the room was wide open. There was full light in the room. It was past 12.30 the night, but Ratna was alone on the bed. He could hear her soft snoring. She was sleeping, wearing a petticoat and blouse. Petticoat was lifted well above her mid-thighs. He gasped,

“What lovely thighs! I had never seen such beautiful thighs before.”

Not only were her thighs exposed, but Prashant could see her full cleavage and the rich mound of breasts. He could see both nipples, also. Though he was cherishing the beauty of someone else’s wife, his mind was bothered about his guest Vinod, the husband of this beautiful woman.

Suddenly an unpleasant thought came to his mind. Leaving Pallavi as she was, he came out. He checked in the other two rooms of the ground flower. Ratna’s both children and his son Pravin were sleeping in those rooms. There was no sign of either of his daughter Priyanka or Vinod.

He climbed stairs leading to the fifth bedroom on the terrace. When he was halfway through the stairs, he started hearing whispers. He came near the door of the room. He heard.

Female – Uff uncle, you are much better than what I expected. I am getting tremendous pleasure.

Prashant knew that it was his daughter Priyanka. To ascertain this, he came near the door of the room. Those lovers did not bother to bolt the room from inside. Prashant saw what he had never dreamed of seeing.

Their legs were towards the door. Both were nude. Prashant saw Vinod’s long and thick cock moving in and out of Priyanka’s cunt. He could also see a drop of blood on his thighs of Priyanka. He did not want to, but his cock tightened fully. He pushed his hand under his lungi. Cock has started throbbing. Prashant desired to push cock inside the cunt of his daughter.

What did Prashant do?

Read in the next part.

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