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I Ask My Punjabi Friend Kshitij To Fuck My Wife Pooja!

Pooja and I got married sometime back. She is a fair 32-year-old short chubby woman from a small town in UP, who has very big boobs. Her boobs are the size of massive watermelons. Everyone who meets Pooja for the first time stares at her boobs.

Initially, we had a great sex life but slowly Pooja started losing interest in sex. While I was interested in trying Anal and Oral sex, my wife never allowed me to do that. I tried discussing with her what can we do to make our sex life spicy.

She said that she wanted to get fucked by someone else to see how I compare with other men. First I thought she was joking but then I realized she was probably serious. Then came my Punjabi friend Kshitij into the picture. He was a tall, fair and well-built 28-year-old Punjabi man.

I started noticing that every time Kshitij came to our house, he would keep staring at my wife’s boobs. Pooja seemed to like this and often wore low-cut blouses when my friend came home. Kshitij would call Pooja “Bhabhi” and pretend to go to the kitchen to help her.

Since our kitchen was a very tight space, Kshitij would keep rubbing my wife’s boobs or butt. He would pretend he accidentally touched her. I realized that I got more pleasure thinking about my friend fucking my wife than me having sex with her. I would imagine him pressing her giant boobs, fucking her anally and she giving him a blowjob.

So I decided that I should get Kshitij to somehow fuck Pooja and I should watch them.

Kshitij has a habit of asking people for money. He spends all his salary on shopping and partying with friends and always needs to borrow money for other things. One day, I approached him and told him that I was ready to give him 50,000 rupees if he does a task for me. Kshitij got excited and told me he will do anything for 50,000 rupees.

I then told him that he needs to fuck my wife and make a recording of it. He showed surprise but I could tell that he was excited at the thought of fucking his Pooja bhabhi. He was a greedy bastard and I knew he would easily agree to fuck Pooja for money and the sex.

We made our plan. I told him everything about Pooja – what she likes to talk about, her favorite food and time pass, and her favorite sex positions.

Kshitij started casual texting with Pooja. He was a smooth talker and slowly, the texting turned into sex chat. They would share vulgar jokes and Kshitij would tell how he fucked his past girlfriends.

Pooja also started sharing thoughts on her idea of sex. All this while, my friend would show me her texts and I would suggest what he should respond.

Then, one day, I decided it was time for action now. I told Pooja that I was going to be late to the office and she should not wait for me for dinner. I told Kshitij about this and told him he had the whole afternoon and evening to go and fuck his bhabhi. I told him to make sure he recorded the complete fucking on his cellphone and ensured he fucked her orally and anally.

Kshitij went to my house after lunch. He knocked on the door and my wife was surprised to see him. Kshitij told her that his girlfriend had dumped him today and he was feeling very lonely and upset. He just wanted to talk to Pooja and feel better.

Pooja asked him to relax and went to get him a glass of water. Kshitij immediately put his cellphone on the recording mode and put it on the table facing the sofa. When Pooja came back, Kshitij started talking about how he and his girlfriend had great sex life but now she dumped him saying she did not find him attractive.

Kshitij turned towards Pooja and said, “Bhabhi, you tell me, am I not attractive? Can I not be a good sex lover”.

Pooja was stunned and did not know what to answer. Kshitij then started crying and hugged Pooja tightly. Pooja also hugged him now.

Kshitij then slowly started kissing her neck. Pooja tried to get out of his grab but Kshitij just kept on kissing more vigorously. After some time, Pooja stopped resisting and started kissing him too. Pooja had realized that Kshitij wanted to have sex with her and felt this was her chance also. Slowly, they kissed each other’s lips and were kissing passionately.

Kshitij then opened Pooja’s kurti and removed it. She was wearing a red bra and Kshitij unhooked it. My wife’s massive boobs popped out and Kshitij was stunned to see her massive boobs. He told Pooja, “Bhabhi, aapke to bahut bade hain.”

Pooja smiled and said, “Tumhare choosne ke liye hain.”

Kshitij started licking and sucking Pooja’s massive boobs. Pooja was now getting excited and removed her pyjama too. She was not wearing any panty and her vagina was shaved and smooth.

My friend then started fingering and licking my wife’s vagina. Pooja was moaning heavily now – she was getting orgasmic. In some time, she had an orgasm and ejected all her juice on Kshitij’s face.

Kshitij then got up and removed his pants. His penis was thick and 6-inches long. Pooja gave a smile on seeing his penis and said, “Tumhara bhi bahut bada hai” on and quickly took it in her mouth. She was now giving him a blowjob – she was sucking as if she was a kid having a lollipop.

She continued doing this for 10 minutes. Then Kshitij lay her on the sofa and spread her legs. He inserted his erect penis into her pink vagina. Pooja gave out a scream due to the big penis going inside her. Kshitij loudly said, “Bhabhi, aaj main aapko itna chodunga jitna kissi ne aapko nahin choda hoga.”

Pooja replied, “Dekhte hain tum mein kitna dum hai.”

Kshitij was pounding her with great speed in missionary position while sucking her boobs. Pooja was also loudly moaning. She had never had such sex with me. 10 minutes later, Kshitij told her to get into doggy position. He slapped her big chubby butts and started pounding her from behind.

Pooja had a sudden orgasm she let her water on all over the bed. At this point, my friend was also about to cum and loudly shouted, “Bhabhi, mera bhi hone waala hai.”

My wife realized that Kshitij was not wearing a condom and tried to get his penis out but Kshitij held her tightly. Within seconds, he released his massive load inside her vagina. There was so much cum that it started dripping out from her vagina. Kshitij took some of the cum and made Pooja lick it.

They both were exhausted now and lied down on the sofa. After relaxing for 15 minutes, Kshitij told Pooja that he wanted her to take him to the bathroom. Pooja did not understand but quietly got up and took him to the bathroom.

Kshitij took his cellphone and kept it on the bathroom window. Pooja realized now that Kshitij has been recording the whole sex act. He told her to turn around and bend. Pooja thought Kshitij will again fuck her in the doggy position but Kshitij had other plans. With one big thrust, he inserted his penis into my wife’s anus. Pooja had never experienced anal sex and she cried with pain and pleasure!

Kshitij’s penis was too big for her anus with every thrust, it caused her great pain. Kshitij kept fucking her like this for more than 10 minutes.

He then turned her around and told her to kneel down and asked her to close her eyes and open her mouth. Pooja thought Kshitij wanted a blowjob again and opened her mouth wide. Kshitij held her by her hair tightly and started pissing all over her mouth.

When Pooja realized what was happening, she tried to move her head away but Kshitij kept holding her tight and pissed all over her face and boobs. He said to her, “Bhabhi, aaj tujhe main randi bana kar hi jaunga.”

He made Pooja drink some of his piss. He then washed his penis and went back and dressed himself. Pooja was still in the bathroom naked and trying to understand what all had happened.

Kshitij met me in the evening and showed me the recording. I masturbated that night looking at him fucking Pooja. It was the best masturbation orgasm I had ever had.

My friend continued fucking my wife and it became very frequent. He would come home when I was in the office and the moment he was inside the house, he would close the door make Pooja lean against the wall, and start fucking her immediately from behind. He had turned her into a complete whore.

He would fuck her vaginally and then release all his cum into her mouth. He often made her drink his piss also. They would fuck everywhere in the house, whether bedroom, dining table, or kitchen. Sometimes when it was dark, he would take her to the balcony and fuck her doggy style in the open air. Pooja was a whore and did exactly as Kshitij asked her to do.

Tell me folks how did you like the story. In the next part, I will tell about how I and Kshitij then decided it was time to do a gangbang with Pooja. We needed to get more folks to fuck her.

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