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I Finally Fucked My Girlfriend – Part 2 (Opportunity To Fuck Mansi Came Knocking!)

Hi readers, I hope you all are doing well. And I am hopeful that you all have liked part 1 of the story. Now, I am going to narrate the next part of the event.

To sum up part 1, I got into a relationship with a simple innocent yet beautiful girl from my junior batch, Mansi. In the 1st year of the relationship, we got closer and a bit more physical (mostly over the phone and by text). Yes, 1 year seems a bit long time but considering we both were in college and are from a conservative society that is way too sooner.

Now, after our semester exam, it was vacation time. I was all set for the next phase of my career, whereas my girlfriend was a bit worried about the long-distance relationship part. She was quite serious about us. Being a bit possessive type, she was worried about what if after getting so intimate with her, I may get into new relationships.

So, taking things into her hand, she told her mother about me even though I told her to take more time. I was not ready for it anyways. Her family being much more conservative was not in for love marriage things. And when they came to know that we two were from different caste, they got all the reasons to ask her to forget and break up with me.

This triggered a fight between us and we were not able to talk to each other. I was missing all the sexting and phone sex with her.

Meanwhile, I got admission into another college and waiting for my joining. So, while at home, I contacted one of her friends and came to know that she was going to a 2 days camp in a different city. I got the signal and the opportunity I was looking for.

I planned immediately to visit there and meet her and give her a surprise visit. I had to make it work this time. I had to harvest all the sexual energies I had grown in my girlfriend over the last 8-9 months.

I reached the institution where her camp was going on. I booked a nice room nearby and went to meet her. In the afternoon, I was there outside waiting for my girl to come out. And then she came with a gloomy face. Her joy knew no bounds after seeing me. She came running to me and hugged me tightly.

With teary eyes, she told me, “I was thinking that you will not be coming and I will be going back home without seeing you.”

“Wait, what? You are going back today!!”

To my bad luck, the information I got from her friend was wrong and that day, the camp was getting over. All my plans were screwed up now.

I asked her to bunk the afternoon session and come with me. We went to the room and again, she was all crying worried about the situation our relationship was in.

I had to control my pulsating dick in my pants who was thinking that the time had come to do the harvesting! But to his bad luck, nothing was going to happen with all the drama going around.

I felt pity for her and decided to travel back with her tonight.

With my testosterone level at peak and all my plans going for a toss, I made my fail-proof plan. I booked a ticket on the same bus and convinced the conductor to give me the last 2/2 seat. I bought a large bed sheet which can cover both of us.

During the dinner, we had small amount of vodka with fruit juice and soon, my girlfriend was in a nice, relaxed mood. We boarded the bus. It was cozy and the AC was on blast mode.

We both got into the thick bed sheet. She was in good mood and was leaning on my shoulder. Both I and my dick were waiting for the right moment.

The bus went past the city limits and now the lights are off and everyone was sleeping. My lips and my hands were ready to make the next move.

I slightly pulled her toward me and kissed her forehead, holding her tightly toward me. My only chance was to take her to the point of no return and for that, I had to reach her pussy where I had only been during our phone sex.

I started my moves. To my luck, my college girlfriend was wearing an easy-to-go dress. I started touching her belly and thighs, giving her a bit of a massage. I kept her distracted by kissing her eyes, and cheeks and slowly moved toward her ears. She was comfy and was holding me tightly as well.

I kissed her lips a bit. She backed out a bit and looked into my eyes and then dragged my head to kiss me more. I got the clearance! I went into lip-lock mode. While smooching her lips, I moved my right hand to her right side boobs inside her dress and dragged my left hand up from her thighs towards and on top of her pussy.

I started rubbing my girlfriend’s pussy nice and gentle from the top of her dress. With a bit of resistance, she closed her thighs and held my left hand which was initially trying to stop the right hand from reaching her boobs.

Taking this opportunity with my right hand, I got full access to her right side boobs. After months, I was getting to touch her milky and soft boobs. My dick was getting hard and was asking me to get more of that right boobs. But, this time, Mansi’s boobs were not my target. I had to make her give access to the place where no man’s hand had gone before.

So, I kept my focus and started playing with her right nipple. I gave up my left-hand access to her pussy and now my left hand was on her left boobs trying to fondle her left boobs. I kept her close to me. My lips were smooching her lips. Both hands were playing with her rounded boobs, making her more and more aroused.

Her boobs were becoming tighter. Her nipples were hard. I started kissing her neck and ear. She was going crazy. I could feel those tightened thighs of her now starting to slowly spread out.

The plan was on the right track. I moved my right hand to hold her left boob while giving support to her right boob and now my left hand was inside her panties on top of her pussy. I could now feel the cream-filled bun that I was eating over and over again over phone sex. It was exactly what I had imagined. A bit of hair on top but nice and spongy with prominent outer lips. This was the type of pussy any man would love to eat!

I was going out of control and I was trying to rub her clit poking it with my fingers to find the G-spot. The access to her G-spot was important to take her to the point of no return. This was the 1st time Mansi was being stimulated in her pussy by a guy.

While my lips and right hands were trying to keep her distracted, my left hand was stimulating her G-spot. My gf started to moan. I had to kiss her lips the stop the sound. After almost 5-7 minutes of stimulation, she started to cum holding me tightly. I was kissing her and was giving her that complete orgasm.

That night, I made her cum 3 times and during the last time, I made her hold my dick and give it a handjob and made me cum hard. I told her lets to get one room and let’s have our first sex. We were ready with our plan for the next morning.

In the morning, we arrived at our destination and to our surprise, her parents were there to pick her up home. They saw us together and you can imagine the next things!

It went into the escalation mode and they fixed her marriage in the very next month to a guy 10 years older than her. It all seemed like I could never fuck this girl again. 🙁

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