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I Finally Fucked My Girlfriend – Part 3 (The Last Resort)

Hi readers, it’s Vicky again. I hope you all are doing well. And I am hopeful that you all have liked Part 1 and Part 2 of the story. So, till now in both the parts, I was able to get close to my girlfriend (now married ex – after we were caught in part 2 together she was made to marry another guy 10 years older than her). But so far, I was not lucky enough to fuck her.

The first kiss, the first hug, and the first feeling of orgasm remain in your memory for the rest of your life. The 1st touch of that girl, the 1st smooch the 1st suckling of someone’s boobs, that 1st kiss on her pussy that 1st intimacy remains with you lifelong.

And after getting so intimate with someone, if you could not have sex with her, then it feels so incomplete. Your dick always remembers the touch of those soft hands and those lips. And how much old you get your dick always wants to fuck that one girl once in your life. And that becomes even more special than your ex is someone else’s wife.

Yes, my ex-girlfriend Mansi got married to one old man. I moved on to the next college and focused on my career. But deep inside, I was always having that incompleteness of not being able to fuck her once after getting so intimate with her.

I will sometimes feel frustrated that after devoting so much time and effort to a young and beautiful body, to make her a sex goddess from nowhere and not being able to fuck her and the fact that someone old is getting all that benefits out of it. It was crazy.

During all these years, I had sex with another few girls and made girlfriends but my dick was still not satisfied. The dick badly wanted that pussy and can only get satisfied after fucking that pussy alone.

After my master’s degree, I was placed in a pharmaceutical company in Hyderabad. As it is said, if you want something to happen that badly in your life it will happen to you. To my luck, my ex-girlfriend Mansi and her husband were also in Hyderabad.

When I first met her in one mall and came to know that she was also in the same city, I was the happiest person. She was also happy to see me. We had a brief chat and I asked her if she was happy with her new life. She said yes but I could see it all in her eyes that she was compromising with her life.

Eventually, she introduced me to her husband and they asked me to come to visit their place sometime.

I was looking forward to it. I went to their place. And eventually, I came to know that with age, her husband had got type 2 diabetes. I could now connect the dots and with old age and diabetes, this guy was not able to satisfy Mansi. I left the house after some time.

After 2 days, I called Mansi and asked her again whether she was happy with this guy. She was hiding the facts initially but then told me all things. How generation gap was not working out and all. But she was happy with him after getting adjusted to his lifestyle.

My ex-gf also made it clear to me that whatever happens between us was history and that I should never cross the line.

I clearly see my chances there and now I went into the planning phase. I visited her one more time and gave them some vitamin supplements to them to try out as they were doing their family planning. Over the call, I will speak to her and eventually found out what dates she use to be in her jolly mode during her cycle.

The supplements I gave to her husband could make him not able to have sex at least for the next 6 months. So, that stopped all the sex my ex-girlfriend was getting. And with no sex and all those sexual energies getting stored inside her, she would become restless to have sex just before her ovulation.

I planned out the date when she will be at her sexual peak and her husband will be busy at work. I took the day off and visited her place. She invited me in and she made tea for us.

I started telling her about the past and how I miss all these I could see how aroused she was getting remembering all those. I asked her to get some water for me. While she was going to the kitchen, I followed her and come such close to her that she can feel all the tensions and intentions inside me.

I grabbed her from the back and started kissing her. She couldn’t resist but kiss me back. In her kitchen itself, we started kissing each other badly. She was wearing a saree and now after marriage, she has become even hotter.

I started playing with her. I quickly unwrapped her from her saree and was making out with full force. After some time, we moved inside her bedroom. This was my moment. This is the girl I wanted to have sex with and here it was, she was on the bed completely naked. There was not an inch left in her body that was not kissed by my lips.

Those soft and super rounded boobs as if they were asking to get sucked. Her ass and her pussy. I started eating her out like a chocolate cake. My tongue was eating her pussy out. Mansi had nothing but to completely submit herself and enjoy the moment.

We went into the real 69 modes and enjoyed the role play. Eventually, I fucked my married ex-girlfriend in all different positions I could remember. Starting from missionary to spooning to doggy to back drilling.

Finally, my dick was inside that pussy it always wanted to be. She asked me to put on the condom. Even though I wanted to fuck her without a condom, I did not want to kill her mode because of this small issue.

After fucking my married ex-lover for some time, we switched to the ultimate drilling position. I removed the condom and fucked her. My dick was now in her pussy directly without any layer in between. Her pussy was so wet for not being fucked for a whole month that she could not notice it. My dick was mining all her sexual energies.

My dick was not ready to leave anything for her husband and wanted to get it all out. But that juicy pussy was like an infinite power of sexuality. My dick tried its best for over 30 minutes to drill out all the sexuality but even after 30 minutes of ruthless sex and 3 orgasms, that pussy was ready to take more stroke play.

My dick had nothing but to bow down to that pussy power. But before bowing down, I released my entire cum load inside that pussy. Finally, my dick got the satisfaction it wanted. My ex-girlfriend came to know that I cummed inside her.

She was a bit worried but told me that so far in these years, she had never let her husband have sex with her without a condom. So, effectively this was the 1st time any dick has actually touched her pussy and have cum inside her. I knew she was saving it all for my dick. We went on for one more round that day.

9 months post that incident, she had her 1st baby. Her husband was happy becoming a father. But only we 2 knew who the real father was.

This is how I finally fucked my married ex-girlfriend.

I hope you all liked it. Please provide me with feedback. Thank you all and will be back with my next fantasy series.

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