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I fucked my girlfriend’s mom

Hi, I am Chetan, and I am back with another story.

So a brief description of my girlfriend. Her name is Chaitna. She is 21 years old, 5’3″, fair, black hair, 32 c boobs and 36 ass. She has a hell of an hourglass sexy figure. I am a fan of her ass.

She is one of the horniest girls I have ever met. Once, we fucked twice the night before we went to sleep. The next morning it was not even 6 am, and she woke me up by stroking my cock. And we did it again then.

So let’s talk about her mom now. Her name is Sushmita. She is 39 years old. Fairer than Chaitna. Beautiful face. 34 boobs and 38 ass. She is a walking milf. I found her beautiful when Chaitna showed me a few of her pics. But once I saw her in a saree, she looked so elegant and sexy.

I just decided to fuck her at that moment. From that day, I was thinking of ways I could get her. But it was not easy. I was in a dilemma as she was my girlfriend’s mom, and it was ethically not correct. But lust took over me, and I finally decided to go for her.

But I couldn’t directly say about my intentions to Chaitna, or she will freak out. I had to put it in a very subtle way. So once, we were out on a date where I cunningly diverted the conversation towards her mom.

We started talking about her. I started praising her mom, and I continued for a while about how beautiful she was and other things I liked. Initially, Chaitna agreed to what I said and was impressed. But then, after a while, she said.

Chaitna: Someone seems to have a crush on my mom.

Chetan: Haha. It’s not like that, but yes, she is very beautiful.

Chaitna: Oh, more beautiful than me?

Chetan: See, you are her daughter. You got your features from her, I won’t compare both of you, but she is very beautiful for her age.

Chaitna: Chetan, be honest. Do you like my mom?

Chetan: (after a brief pause) I don’t know. I mean, I found her beautiful, and I don’t look at her as a mom.

Chaitna: (a bit surprised) I can’t believe you. You think that way about my mom.

Chetan: Not that way, baby. It’s just I am praising the beauty she possesses. What’s wrong with it?

Chaitna: What’s wrong is that she is my mom. She is much older than you. How can you think about it?

Chetan: Okay, so what. Don’t we praise the beauty of more than 40 years old actresses and still look elegant. Your mom is not even 40. I am saying all this with due respect – nothing to disrespect her.

Chaitna: Still, I am uncomfortable about it.

Chetan: Okay, I won’t say again if you don’t like it. But if I praise your beauty, you don’t feel bad. Why can’t I say about her?

Then I played my master card. I held her hand in mines and said.

Chetan: See, as you have told me, your father doesn’t treat her well. He abuses her and doesn’t treat her as his wife. I feel pity for her and sad that her beauty is wasted for someone who doesn’t care about her. Again I am not disrespecting your father.

Chetan: But don’t you think your mom deserves to be praised after all she has been through. Your mom needs to be loved. Don’t she deserve to have her wishes and desires fulfilled? Won’t she long for a partner who loves and cares for her?

Chetan: (after a pause) See, I care for your mom the same way I care for you. Though I have never met her, I still feel connected because she is your mom. And I want to see her happy too. What’s wrong with it? But it’s your call. I can be wrong about it.

Chaitna doesn’t say anything for a while. She starts thinking about what I said. After a few minutes of silence, she finally spoke.

Chaitna: Chetan, I like that you care about my mom, but still, morally, it’s not correct. I don’t know what to say. Please let’s not discuss it anymore.

Chetan: Okay, baby, as you say so.

After that, we jumped to a completely different topic, and I never mentioned her mom again. I knew I had sown the seeds and was waiting for them to nurture. So I kept my patience and waited for her to react.

After a few days, there was a huge fight between Chaitna’s mom and her father. Her mom was left crying after that and her father didn’t even care for it. This acted as a catalyst for my plan. The following day Chaitna pinged me.

Chaitna: Chaitan, I need to ask you something.

Chetan: Yes, baby, go ahead. What is it?

Chaitna: That day, whatever you said about my mom, did you mean it.

Chetan: Yes, baby, I mean every word I said.

Chaitna: You really care about my mom?

Chetan: Yes, I do.

Chaitna: And you love her?

I didn’t reply immediately as to how to answer it. But I thought this was my moment and I should seize it.

Chetan: Yes, baby, she is a very lovely person. What’s not to love about her?

Chaitna didn’t reply for a while. I thought I made a mistake and now I will lose Chaitna as well. But then I saw Chaitna typing something.

Chaitna: I thought about what you said a lot. I know you personally how good as a person you are. Seeing the circumstances, I think you are right. My mom needs to be taken care of and loved. I can’t see my mom unhappy.

Chaitna: It’s okay if you can bring that happiness to her face. I won’t mind it. You are the two of the best person in my life, and if you two get together, I won’t mind it at all. So Chetan, you get what I am saying.

Chetan: Yes, baby, I understand you. This is what I was trying to make you understand that day.

Chaitna: Sorry I misunderstood you. Still, I feel a bit awkward about it. I mean, she is my mom, and you are my boyfriend.

Chetan: Don’t be, baby. I won’t do anything that will hurt you or your mom. I love you both a lot.

Chaitna: I trust you Chetan. But still. And one more thing. Don’t forget or lose interest in me after you get my mom.

Chetan: Hahaha, are you silly? You are the love of my life. How can I forget you? You are my everything. I love you, sweetheart.

Chaitna: Thanks, Chetan. I love you too. But what about my mom. Will she accept all this? How will we console her? It’s very difficult.

Chetan: Leave all of it to me, baby. I will take care of it. I have a plan. We will follow it. And your mom will be the happiest person in the world.

Chaitna: Oh, thanks, Chetan, you are the best.

Chaitna’s mom already knew about us, and she was cool about it. But I had never met her personally. So I told Chaitna to bring her to meet me once. It will be a date for all three of us. It took a lot of convincing, but her mom finally agreed to meet.

We met at a restaurant for lunch. Her mom was wearing a saree, and she looked elegant. During lunch, I praised her mom a lot there. Like she has raised Chaitna very well. And how Chaitna adores her, and she is Chaitna’s idol.

I then praised how beautiful she was, and she looked like Chaitna’s elder sister. She blushed a bit, but overall she seemed very happy. She kept smiling throughout the afternoon.

After lunch, we took a few photos. I then told Chaitna I wanted a single photo with her mom. So I stood close to her mom. She was standing still with her hands in front, one over the other. I took courage and kept my hand on her naked waist.

As they say, you can feel the touch. So I had directed all my seductive energies towards that hand. And as soon I touched her naked skin, she shrugged a bit and looked towards me. But then she looked towards the camera and smiled. I was standing a bit behind her, but a part of my thigh was touching her ass.

Then we clicked a couple of photos. Just after clicking photos, it was time to go. I hugged Chaitna, and she realized something. She felt that my dick was hard. She whispered, “Is it because of my mom?” and laughed. I didn’t answer it, but it was because I had just touched her mom’s waist.

In the end, Chaitna’s mom said she enjoyed that day. I seem to be a nice person, and she also told that Chaitna is lucky to find me. But she didn’t know she was also going to be lucky soon. Then we went to our homes. As I reached home, Chaitna pinged me.

Chaitna: Thank you for today. After a long time, I have seen my mom so happy. She looked really happy, and she still seemed in a good mood.

Chetan: My pleasure. I also enjoyed the date with you and your mom.

Chaitna: Oh, you are a sweetheart.

Then she sent me a small clip under which it was written ‘A small token of thanks for what you did today.’

I opened the clip and was shocked to see its content. In it, her mom was opening her saree. After that, she was just in her blouse and petticoat, which hugged her body very tightly, revealing her curvy shape. I could also see her deep cleavage very clearly. It gave me an instant hard-on.

But after that, she went to the bathroom to change. She might be opening her saree. Chaitna was in the room, and she filmed her mom secretly.

Chetan: Wow. I am shocked that you sent me this.

Chaitna: Haha. This is for making my mom happy. I know that when I hugged you, it was because of my mom. So enjoy it.

Chetan: Anyways, thank you so much. Btw if you don’t mind, can I say something?

Chaitna: Sure.

Chetan: Your mom has a hot figure.

Chaitna: Haha yeah, she has one.

Chetan: I wish I were there right now to see your mom undress.

Chaitna: Oh, now that’s the case. Usually, you ask for my nudes, and suddenly I send one clip of my mom, and now you want to see her undress. You didn’t even say how I was looking today.

Chetan: Oh, baby, it’s not like that. Usually, you don’t like me asking for your nudes, so I didn’t ask. Btw you were looking hot too.

Chaitna: You will say that now to please me.

Chetan: No, I mean it. A part of the hard dick was for you too. Seeing you in that dress wanted me to rip it and fuck you there on the restaurant table.

Chaitna: Don’t flatter me.

Chetan: I mean it, baby. I beg to see you naked.

Chaitna: Is that so?

She then sent me her clip. In it, she stripped down her dress and was in her lingerie. She did a few sexy moves to tease me. She then turned around and pulled down a part of her undies revealing a bit of her naked ass with one of her hands.

But then she pulled it back up, and with another hand, she swung her index finger from left to right, indicating a no.

Chetan: That was so hot, babe. But why didn’t you strip fully?

Chaitna: Because your task is yet not complete. You have to get my mom to love you. Today was just a start, and I did it because I am really happy seeing my mom happy. But from now on. I will not send any of my nudes and no sex till you get my mom.

Chetan: Please, no, I can’t live without it. This is a punishment. I should be rewarded for what I am doing.

Chaitna: Oh, you will be rewarded. I said I wouldn’t send my nudes, but you will still get someone’s as you progress.

Chetan: Your mom’s?

Chaitna: Yes you pervert. Haha.

Wow, I couldn’t imagine what my life was going through. I was having the best time of my life. I wouldn’t lie. I jerked that day twice seeing Chaitna’s mom’s clip. And thinking about how many more I am going to get.

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