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Impregnating a neighbour

As Shoaib held the baby in his hands, he was so happy. He looked at his wife. She was radiant, although she just had been through excruciating labour pains. Their families are so happy. But 9 months before, the situation was entirely different.

“I know you love kids, and I’m a failure. At the same time, I don’t want to go for artificial methods. Covid impacted our business, and the experts say the second wave is just around the corner. So, our financial crunch is going to continue for longer. At the same time, if you don’t conceive, my parents will push me to get married again. You know how much I love you. I can’t take anyone else as my wife,” Shoaib said.

“But that doesn’t mean you ask me to sleep with someone else. How can you even think of that, Shoaib? What’s wrong with you? I can never do that,” Mubeena shouted back.

Shoaib realized that the argument was taking the same route it usually takes – yelling, fighting, anger and no talk between them for a few days. The circle repeats. He’s been seeing this for the last 10 months.

So, he wanted to approach it differently this time.

He held her hand, made her sit on the couch next to him, placed the other hand on her thigh and calmly asked, “Mona, do you trust me?”

Mona nodded.

“2 years back, your mistake caused huge losses to us in the business. I also had to apologize to many people. That was a major cause of embarrassment. Did I even get angry at you – even once?” Shoaib asked.

Mona thought for a moment – he was right. Her mistake was so serious that Shoaib could have been jailed for that. Thankfully, Raj uncle, their neighbour, intervened and helped them using his clout.

She nodded in agreement and said, “But this is different, Shoaib. It’s very dangerous. Do you even understand? Firstly, I can’t accept anyone else other than you. Secondly, what if that person leaks it out? Thirdly, what if that person claims the kid in future. In addition, there could be so many other things that we can’t even imagine. It’s too risky, and I can’t agree to it.”

Shoaib was pleased with this. For a moment, Mona has looked beyond her standard response of “I don’t want to do it.” This means she slowly agrees to it.

He said, “I have thought about the risks involved and let me explain. But before that, promise me that you won’t interrupt me while I speak.”

“Okay,” Mona said.

Shoaib continued, “Listen, as you know, Raj uncle is retiring this month.”

Before Shoaib could continue, Mona shouted in disbelief, “What? Raj uncle! Are you mad?”

“You promised you would hear me out,” Shoaib said calmly.

Moan was quiet, but she was still agitated within. Raj uncle is a government official and is almost 60 years old. He’s about to retire from his service in a month.

“As you know, Raj uncle is about to retire this month,” Shoaib repeated and continued “, and next month he’s permanently leaving Bangalore. He would move to Delhi and spend most of his time with his kids abroad. He’s a widower – his wife died a few years back. Even at this age, he’s fit and healthy – if you remember, he ran a half marathon last year. I think he’s the best bet.”

And he paused.

Mona began to ponder over what Shoaib said. He has a point. Also, Raj uncle looks very young and is supremely fit. He’s smart, kindhearted and well-behaved. And for the first time, she thought, he’s attractive too.

And suddenly, she said to herself, “Gosh! What’s wrong with you, babe? How can you even imagine him? This is so wrong.” The morals and societal norms began playing their part.

Shoaib could understand the dilemma that Mona was going through.

He said, “Sweety, you know my unwavering love for you. My love for you isn’t so petty that it will diminish just because someone else touched you. It’ll multiply because you’ve agreed to something against your values just because I asked you. Just for my sake.”

This worked.

Mona asked, “What is the guarantee that having sex with him once will guarantee pregnancy?”

And she couldn’t believe what she had just said. Neither could Shoaib. He was pleasantly surprised and equally excited with her consent.

“I know. That’s why we’ve to plan that you’d have sex with him every day from today until he leaves. And I think it will work,” he responded with a sheepish look. Aware of the fact that Mona’s outburst is just around the corner.

But to his surprise, she said, “Ummm…makes sense. So, how do you plan to make him agree to this? Don’t tell me you already spoke to him.”

Shoaib’s happiness knew no bounds – he’s so excited that Mona has agreed to it fully and is talking about the next steps. He laughed and said, “No, honey. I haven’t. Here’s what we will do.” And explained the plan.

Mona blushed on hearing this and nodded. Shoaib immediately called up Raj uncle.

“Hi, uncle. I know you’d be busy with work, so I’ll keep it short. Just one thing – you have your dinner with us today. You can’t say no since we’ve already told your cook to leave.”

Raj said, “Why, beta (“my son” or “my child” in Hindi)? Why do you want to trouble Mona?”

Shoaib replied, “It was her idea. Now, you can’t say no.”

He knows that Raj uncle can’t say no to whatever Mona asks. Raj could say okay before disconnecting the call.

That evening, Raj knocks on the door at 7:30 pm with a bottle of chilled white wine and a box of Belgian chocolates. He knows that Mona loves white wine and fine chocolates. Raj always pampered Mona a lot. Mona also loves being treated as a princess by Raj.

Shoaib opens the door, greets and welcomes Raj. As they enter, Mona comes in from the kitchen and says, “Hi, uncle.”

“Hi Mona, you’re looking very pretty in this saree. I never saw you in a saree before,” Raj says.

“Thank you, uncle. You sit at the table while Shoaib sets it up. Dinner is ready. Let’s eat first. I’m hungry,” saying this. Mona walks back into the kitchen.

Shoaib takes Raj’s bottle of wine and chocolates and has him seated at the table while setting up the table. Mona, in the meantime, walks in with food.

Raj says, “Food smells amazing. I’m hungry now,” as he runs his hands on his tummy.

They all laugh at it and begin having dinner. Shoaib serves the wine to all. Raj continues to appreciate the food while eating it.

Shoaib says, “You’re here for just a few more days. Why don’t you eat here with us? We also will have a company.”

Before Raj could say anything, Mona interjects and says, “Yes, great idea. He will. Isn’t it, uncle?”

Raj says, “It sounds like an order, and how can I ever say no to you?”

Mona says, “That’s better,” and everyone smiles.

Post dinner, they move to the couch while Mona clears the table.

Shoaib says, “Let’s play rummy. I’ll get the cards,” and goes into their bedroom.

Raj walks across to Mona and helps her clear the table. Shoaib serves more wine in the glasses. He shuffles the pack of cards and distributes them among the three. Raj and Mona join him.

Shoaib wins the first game.

Just before the second game, Mona says, “this is boring. We need to have some bet for the game to make it interesting.”

Shoaib says, “Yes! I’ll write a few chits. Each chit has a dare that the loser has to perform.”

They all agree, and Shoaib writes down a few dares. Raj loses the next game. He picks the chit and reads, “Dance with the person of the opposite sex.”

Now he’s a bit embarrassed. But Mona gets up nonchalantly, holds Raj’s hand and says, “That’s me, uncle. Come, let’s dance.”

As they proceed, Shoaib says, “Wait a moment. Let’s make it a bit romantic.” He dims the lights and plays slow music.

They both move ahead and start dancing. It’s more appropriate to call it gently swaying the bodies. They both are a couple of feet away and dancing as if they’re waiting for the music to end. Mona wants to take the lead, but she’s hesitant.

Understanding her situation, Shoaib comes over and says, “This is a romantic number, and you are killing the spirit of the song. Come close and dance.”

Mona gets the push she needs. She moves close to Raj and puts her arms around his neck. Now it’s Raj’s turn to be embarrassed. He’s still keeping his distance. His hands are on his sides to ensure that they don’t touch Mona.

But this proximity is having its effect on him. Mona is probably less than half his age, and he never looked at her sexually. Her fragrance is intoxicating. Mona is a slim and tall lady. She’s 5’8 (almost as tall as Raj), 62 kgs, fair, and has a well-toned body. Shapely waist, a 34C bust and proportionate butt.

Raj struggles with his thoughts. Mona breaks his chain of thoughts and says, “Uncle, am I so ugly that you can’t even touch me?” She grabs both his hands, places them on her waist and gets her hands back around his shoulders.

Now, this brings them closer. So close that her boobs occasionally brush his chest. This causes more discomfort to Raj. He’s having a huge hard-on – as if his cock will break open his denim. Mona tightens her arms around Raj at this juncture, causing them to come closer.

So close that his hard-on begins to touch Mona’s lower abdomen. Mona gently rests her head on Raj’s chest. While Raj loves it, he is equally worried about Shoaib. He didn’t know how Shoaib would take it.

On the other hand, Shoaib is watching all this intently. He always thought he wouldn’t be able to watch his wife with another man. But contrary to his thoughts, he is getting turned on by watching Mona and Raj so close.

As Mona comes close to Raj, he moves his palms from the sides of her waist towards the back of her waist. Her midriff was open as she was wearing a saree. This allowed Raj to feel her smooth and silky skin.

Now his palms are behind her waist. One hand on the spine region behind her naval and the other resting just below that, touching her butt. As he does that, her chest presses hard against his, and she gasps. In the process, her head lifts and their faces up and close to each other.

So close that their lips are just a couple of millimetres away. Raj slightly bends to grab those lips with his. Mona closes her eyes and opens her lips slightly in anticipation. Shoaib is excited to see his plan work so quick. Just as he’s eagerly waiting for them to kiss, the music stops.

Raj separates from Mona hurriedly and apologetically. While Mona is flushed, Raj is embarrassed. They both head back to their seating positions. While the three of them were going through their own thoughts, one thing was common: they were all disappointed.

The next game began. In no time, it ended as well. This time, Mona was the loser. She picks up a chit that reads, “Kiss someone in the room.”

Raj expects Mona to kiss Shoaib. This was the first time he’d see a couple kiss in real life. He’s excited but, at the same time, disappointed as he would have had the opportunity to kiss this beauty a few moments ago.

Much to his surprise, Mona walks across. Comes up to Raj. Sits on his lap with both her legs on one side. Puts her arms around him. Bends down and kisses Raj. Before Raj could recover from the shock, he could feel her soft lips over his lips.

He forgets the fact that the husband of the lady in his lap is just across them and watching them intently. He begins to kiss her back while holding Mona by her waist. It was initially a peck which turned into a wet kiss.

As time passes by, their saliva is completely mixed. Their tongues explored every corner of each other’s mouths. As they keep kissing passionately, with her left hand, Mona holds her right palm of Raj, takes it under her saree and gently places it on her left boob.

Now, her right boob is pressed against Raj’s chest while her left boob is in his palm. He caresses her boob over her blouse while continuing to kiss her. They both are in a different world and completely forget that there’s a third person in the room.

On the other hand, Shoaib is completely turned on by this sight. He wasn’t sure if he was a cuckold. Not that he cares, as he loves it. Raj, on the other hand, is busy exploring Mona’s bust. Mona is wearing a front-open blouse.

He reaches out to the hooks and tries to open them. Don’t know if it’s the lack of practice or because it’s a new blouse. He finds it difficult to unhook. Mona finds his struggle cute. She separates from Raj with a smile, drops the pallu of her saree and helps him unhook the blouse.

As she removes her blouse, she teases Raj, saying, “I hope you can take care of the bra.” She returns to kissing him. Raj unhooks the bra in a moment, and Mona is topless in no time. Raj continues to kiss her as he simultaneously caresses her boobs, squeezes them and gently pinches the nipples.

After some time, Raj drops his right hand and gently lifts her saree to her knees. Mona knows what’s coming next and slightly separates her legs. All this while she’s still in his lap. He runs his hand on her inner thigh as he reaches her panty. As he touches the fabric covering her pussy, he finds it wet.

He gently runs the tip of his index finger over the panty covering her pussy while he continues kissing her. His lips suppress her moans as she finds it hard to hold on. Her arms tighten their grip around his neck so she doesn’t fall. He helps her by holding on to her waist tightly and hugging her.

Mona’s body stiffens as he increases the speed of his right index finger. Her thighs get closer. So close that they are crushing Raj’s right palm. And she cums as her body quivers. Mona holds Raj tight as she settles. Her head is resting on his shoulders.

After a few moments, she gets up from his lap. As she’s about walk away, Raj holds her and begins to kiss her abdomen. While his lips and tongue are busy devouring her body, his hands are busy undressing what is left. In no time, Mona’s saree, petticoat and panty are lying in a pile on the ground.

Now, Mona is standing nude in front of two men who are busy looking at the beauty. Fair skin. Well-toned body. Shapely boobs. Great curves. Sexy butt. Long legs. Waxed body. She’s the Goddess of Love on earth.

Raj puts his hands around Mona and holds her by her butt. Pulls her close and starts to kiss her pubic area. As he grabs her butt, one of his fingers caresses the hole on her rear. He teases her by kissing her all around her pussy, but he is careful not to touch it.

Every time she anticipates his kiss on her pussy, she’s disappointed as his lips land on another area. While she’s disappointed, she equally loves this tease and waiting game. Her anticipation increases with every passing moment.

Mona can no longer take it. She holds Raj’s head and shoves it into her pussy, giving him no option but to kiss her there. In no time does he finds her clit and starts to flip it by the tip of his tongue. As this continues, Mona’s moans get louder, her body begins to tremble, and she cums in no time.

Raj could make it so that she came again, but he didn’t stop. He continues to lick her. It gets so intense that she gets back-to-back orgasms. She almost collapses with her body bent over his head. As she falls over, she’s gasping for breath and says, “stop. Please stop. I can’t take it anymore.”

To be fair to her, she never experienced it to date – neither with Shoaib nor with her ex-lover before her marriage.

As Raj pauses, Mona takes a moment to recoup. Raj gets up and lets Mona lie on the couch. As she’s lying down, Raj looks at Shoaib. He forgot that Mona’s hubby was in the room with them.

Shoaib kneels near Mona’s head and asks, “Liking it, baby?”

Mona nods and looks at Raj. She sees him in some dilemma and raises her head as if she’s asking him what it is.

Raj sheepishly responds, “I don’t have a condom.”

Mona spreads her arms, inviting him, and says, “I trust you, and I’m safe. Come, fuck me.”

Raj can’t believe his luck today. He quickly undresses, settles himself between her legs and slowly enters her. As he enters, she lets out a loud gasp. He waits for a moment once he enters – just so she gets used to it before beginning to move back and forth.

The slow thrusts increase the speed, and he’s about to cum in no time. He asks her, “Where do you want me to cum?”

Mona says, “In me,” and tightens her legs around his waist, so he’s as close to her as possible. His body tightens as he begins to cum. She could feel the warm drops of his seed in her. She’s amazed at the amount of deposit in her.

She imagines herself conceiving with this. The excess liquid starts to run down her pussy and soil their couch.

As Raj is recovering, Shoaib says, “Uncle, the dinner you’d have with us daily would include this as well.”

As they both laugh, Mona blushes and hides her face in her palms.

Shoaib gently removes her palms and kisses her lips. Raj bends down to kiss her boobs, setting the stage for round 2.

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