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Incest Journey – Part 1 (Son Becomes Widow Mom’s Husband)

Hi friends, my name is Vijay. I am 25 years of age. I am from Hyderabad and I’ve planned to write this story in parts. It would be engaging and incest.

Ok, let’s start the story.

We are three in our home. Me, my mother, and my sister. My mother’s name is Kamala. Her age is 45 years and she has a good figure. Her shape makes every man crazy. My sister’s name is Vidya. She is just 19 and has completed her entrance into a college.

Father had died 5 years ago. So, after completing college, I went for the job and now I am earning 50k per month. One day, I called mom and inform her –

Me: Mom, please don’t wait for me on dinner. I had some extra work and it will be late for me to come home.

So I told her to eat earlier and go to bed. I came home at 10:30 pm and no one was in the hall. So, I went to the kitchen and ate dinner. While going to bed, I heard some sounds like a girl moaning. Those sounds were coming from mom’s room.

The door was not locked. So, I opened it slightly and saw what was happening. I was shocked to see that mom was rubbing her pussy and boobs and moaning in pleasure.

I couldn’t control myself watching that scene. Then I went to my room and started doing handjob thinking about mom. After cleaning, I slept in bed and thought about mom. I thought why she was doing that.

Then I understood that she had no physical touch from a man after her father’s death. After watching that scene, I had a thought in my mind. In my heart, there was already a desire started to fuck mom. So I decided to take advantage of the mom the next night when she go to sleep.

The next day, everything went normal. In the afternoon, I called mom to tell to not to wait for me for dinner. Before coming home, I had already eaten some food and reached home at 10. Then I went to mom’s room.

This time, she was fully nude. I thought this was the right time. I suddenly opened the door and mom was in full shock. She was fully naked in front of me. I locked the door and went to her to kiss her. She took her blanket and covered herself.

Mom: Hey, what are you doing? Get out! This is wrong.

But I held her two hands and kissed her. I removed the blanket from her body and started licking her pussy. I was drinking all the juice from her pussy. She was moaning now. I went near to her face and said –

Me: I love you. I want you so much, mom. I will give you what you want for these 5 years. From now, I will make you happy every second.

Hearing those words made her womanhood wet. But her motherhood was not allowing her to commit. She was saying –

Mom: This is wrong, son. We should not commit incest.

She covered her pussy and boobs. That made me sad. Then I left her by saying –

Me: I will not force you from now but I want to marry you.

And I left the room.

The next day, mom didn’t see me and didn’t talk to me. I didn’t go home for three days. On the fourth day, mom called me and said –

Mom: While coming home in the evening, get some flowers.

And she cut the phone. It was clear that my mother was ready to have sex with me.

I completed all my work in the office and went home at 6 pm. Mom was in a white saree. She was looking like a girl just married and ready for the first night.

Then we all three finished dinner. My sister went to her room. I and mom were the only person in the room.

After some time…

Me: Mom, here are the flowers you asked for.

She turned around and said –

Mom: Place them on my hair.

Me: Mom… Are you ready?

Mom: Ready for what?!

Me: Mom, I already told you I love you.

Then she kissed me on my lips without completing the sentence and said –

Mom: From today onward, I am your whore. Do whatever you want to do with me.

Me: Mom, you are not a whore and this is not wrong. Because I want to marry you.

Mom: Ok, then you are my husband. I have to make my husband happy. So, what do I have to do?

I was still shocked that was she the same woman who was not ready a week ago.

Me: Mom, I know you want a man’s touch. Please allow me to make you feel special.

Mom: If that makes you happy, then do it.

I took her hand, bring her into her bedroom, and threw her into the bed. I removed my shirt and dived into the bed. Then I started kissing my mom. I started undressing her blouse, and bra and squeezing her boobs, sucking her nipples. She was in full mood and making sounds of, “Aahh aahhh ahhh..”

She wanted me to suck them more. I was going down putting my head between her legs. She smelled awesome which made me horny.

Then I started licking her pussy and drinking her pussy juice. Mom was rising her hip up and down in pleasure.

Me: Mom, now I am going in.

Mom: Do it son. Don’t make your mom wait. Enter into your birthplace. Make your mom happy.

Then I started putting my cock in her pussy. It was so tight. Then I gave a hard stroke and half of the dick was inside. My mom was screaming in pleasure holding the bed with two hands.

Then I started giving strokes. She was moaning loudly-

Mom: Aahh ahh ahh yes, faster, fuck your mother.

Then I told her: Lower your voice, otherwise Vidya will wake up.

Then she came on top of me and fuck me by fulfilling all her desires. After that, we changed to doggy style and I was fucking her even harder. She was screaming in pleasure ahhhhh.

Me: Mom, I am on my limit. Where do I cum?

Mom: Vijay, you said you are my husband. So, cum in my pussy.

I loaded all my sperm on my mom’s pussy and collapsed. Mom was laughing by watching me and said –

Mom: My son used all his energy to satisfy his mother.

She kissed me and went to the bathroom. I felt so happy that night sleeping along with mom.

Ok readers, in the next part there is another session for Vijay with his mother and a piece of shocking news for Vijay from his mother.

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