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Indian Bhabhi goes for waxing and gets a good fuck

This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here.

Savita was having lunch with her friend Shobha after such a long time. Shobha was talking about her new lover. She told Savita Bhabhi about all the different ways her new man would fuck the shit out of her. As she talked, Shobha realised Savita had her hand on her crotch.

Shobha: Does my story turn you on that much?

Savita: What? No, it’s not that. I have ingrown hairs from shaving my bush so often, and it’s so annoying.

Shobha understood right away. She gave Savita the details of the waxing place she uses. She recommended that Savita go there and ask for Yadavi.

Shobha: She’s the best! Tell her I sent you and ask for a Brazilian. She’ll take good care of you.

Savita: Sounds good to me!

The next day Savita headed for the salon. She saw happy clients leaving the place, and she felt more at ease. A woman walked up to Savita. Clearly, she worked there, and she asked for her appointment.

Savita: Yes. I’m looking for Yadavi. Shobha recommended it.

Yadavi: Yes. That’s me. Why don’t you go in this private booth and disrobe? I’ll be right over.

Savita walked into the booth and stripped into her bra and panties. Yadavi walked in and eyed her slowly as she stood there in the sexy panties. Savita’s body was tight and soft, making Yadavi a little wet.

Savita: I’m a bit nervous.

Yadavi: Don’t be. Just take your panties off so I can see what we’re working with.

Savita bhabhi took off her panties and showed off her overgrown bush. Yadavi walked over and gently felt Savita’s soft bush. It made Savita’s body tingle. Yadavi ran her fingers through it and admired it as she formulated a plan on how to wax it off.

Yadavi: Wow, your bush is huge. We’re going to have to trim it short before we even think of waxing it. Lay back and open your legs.

Savita bhabhi laid down and opened her legs as Yadavi brought a trimmer down between them. She cleaned off Savita’s bush and stared at her gorgeous pussy.

Yadavi: You have a gorgeous pussy.

Savita: Umm…thanks.

Yadavi: You should probably take your bra off as well, by the way. Last time someone flinched and got wax all over their expensive blouse. So, it’s probably best to avoid that.

Savita: Alright.

Savita pulled off her bra. Yadavi stared at her and complimented her tits. Before Savita could protest, Yadavi began to strip as well.

Yadavi: Don’t worry. Sometimes, clients get nervous when they’re the only ones naked. So our company policy asks us to strip nude to help you overcome that discomfort.

Yadavi gently touched Savita’s pussy walls, and she twitched. She caressed Savita’s body gently as she walked over to Savita’s head. Yadavi’s breasts hung over Savita’s face as she talked.

Yadavi: The wax needs to get a good grip so that we can efficiently get all the hairs.

Savita: Yes, that makes sense. I want to get it all off.

Yadavi: Good. That pussy looks good enough to eat right now.

Savita: Excuse me?

Yadavi: Oops! I’m getting ahead of myself. The only way to make the hairs stand up is arousal. We need to arouse you.

Savita: Aroused as in…

Yadavi grabbed Savita’s breast gently and teased the nipple with her soft fingers. Savita Bhabhi’s nipples hardened as she got touched, and she let out a loud gasp of surprise.

Yadavi bent over and sucked on Savita’s nipples and drooled on her tits. Savita was speechless, but she was also extremely wet. Yadavi saw this. She leaned into Savita’s face and the two locked lips for a passionate kiss.

Yadavi moaned into Savita’s mouth as the two twirled tongues aggressively on that waxing table. Yadavi walked around to Savita’s throbbing pussy and stuck her fingers inside her.

Yadavi: This is how we prep you for waxing.

Savita bhabhi moaned as her body writhed on the table. Her hips rose and fell as Yadavi fingered her. Yadavi got on her knees and ate Savita Bhabhi’s pussy.

Savita let out a sultry moan and chuckled as she felt Yadavi’s soft tongue inside her. She grabbed onto the sides of the table and squeezed hard as the pleasure made her hips raise.

Yadavi grabbed a pink dildo off a countertop and jabbed it inside Savita. Savita yelped in surprise and bit down on her lip as Yadavi fucked her. Yadavi thrust the dildo inside Savita as she licked her tits and kissed her chin and neck.

Savita moaned as Yadavi’s warm body pressed against hers as she fucked her. She could feel her legs shaking as she came closer and closer to climax.

Savita: Oh god! I think I am aroused enough already! Let’s get on with the waxing!

Yadavi: Oh wait, I almost forgot!

Yadavi walked over to the back door and requested someone to come in. A man in the same uniform walked through the door. Yadavi introduced him as a trainee.

Yadavi: This is Pandit, my trainee. He’s going to be learning how to prepare for waxing today. (Looks at Pandit). Go ahead and get naked. (Looks at Savita) You can feel him. He’s been waxed completely.

Pandit got undressed, and Savita Bhabhi reached out and caressed his semi-erect cock. It was smooth and freshly waxed. The softness of it made her pussy wet as she looked at it. Yadavi walked around and pushed Savita’s legs open gently, and Savita was too turned on to resist this.

Yadavi: Go on, Pandit. Time to begin.

Pandit: Yes, ma’am.

Pandit teased Savita’s clit as she breathed heavily with her legs wide open. He walked in closer to Savita.

Pandit: I may not be as good as Yadavi ma’am, but I want to do my best. Can you please sit up a bit?

Savita: Alright.

Pandit leaned Savita’s body against his own. Her juicy breasts squished into his sturdy chest, and he kissed her. Savita moaned as his tongue dangled into the back of her throat. A trail of saliva lingered between them as they made out.

Pandit bit her nipples softly and played with her body as she slowly laid back down. Pandit ran his waxed cock against her belly and hips, and Savita let out a sultry moan as she willingly opened her slutty legs for him. She waited for the money when his smooth cock would slip inside her, and it did.

Savita bhabhi moaned with enthusiasm as Pandit thrust inside her emphatically. Yadavi joined in by caressing her body and licking it. Yadavi bent over Savita and licked Pandit’s cock as he thrust his smooth cock deep inside Savita Bhabi’s dripping cunt.

Savita hugged her breasts as she moaned and yelped as Pandit’s thighs smashed hard into her ass cheeks.

Yadavi: I think we’re finally close to the highest peak of her arousal.

Savita: Oh God! I might cum soon!

Yadavi: No, don’t! We need you on the edge of it. Don’t cum yet!

Savita: I’m trying!

Yadavi got behind Pandit and bit his hips gently as he thrust into Savita’s pussy.

Pandit: Oh God! I’m close too!

Yadavi: Put that load right here, sweetie!

Yadavi cupped her breasts and grabbed hold of Pandit’s smooth cock. She stroked it as she aimed him at her juicy tits. She stroked him fast, and he groaned. Right as she slowed down the stroking, he exploded all over her chin and tits. Pandit’s cock throbbed as he stood back exhausted.

Yadavi: Those hairs are up and ready. Savita, here we go.

Yadavi applied the wax on Savita’s dripping cunt. She caressed her pussy walls with her fingers as she did so and tasted Savita as she applied the strip on top. Savita was relaxed and on the edge when Yadavi yanked the strip off hard.

Savita yelped with pain as her hair came off with the hardened wax. She looked down at her smooth pussy and felt herself up gently.

Savita: Damn, so smooth. I love it!

A week later, Savita met Shobha for another meal. Shobha asked her how it went.

Savita: Thanks to you, I got the full waxing service.

The two of them laughed together at the secret only the two of them knew in that restaurant. Savita would never shave her pussy again. She was a Brazilian wax girl for life now.

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