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Lactation without being pregnant – Part 1

Hello, everyone, my name is Anuj, and I’m from Gurugram. This story is not mine, but a fan he sent me in my email. I will tell this story in his own words.

My name is Arjun, and my hometown is near Varanasi. But I work in Bangalore with my wife Anjali, mother-in-law Rashi, and brother-in-law (my friend Ashish). This story is from 2 years back when I used to stay in PG. Ashish and I used to work in the same company, so we were close friends.

One day his father got a heart attack. So in condolence, I offered my help to him and his family. I started staying at his home. At that time, his mother, Rashi, was present at home. His sister Anjali was in foreign and having final exams in hotel management. I helped him in everything and every ritual.

On the 13th day after death, he had to go for a ritual alone. So I stayed at home with his mother. I was in the main hall when I heard her mother crying. I went to her to console her. She was 49 at that time but looked as if she was in her 30s.

She has fair skin and a figure of 36-28-32. And her boobs were huge with pink nipples and a hairless body, not even on her pussy. I tried to console her. She hugged me very tightly and sat on the edge of the bed. Her huge boobs were crushing on my chest, and I liked it.

After some time, she stopped crying and lifted her head to look at my face. I lost control and started kissing her on the lips at that time. Her eyes widened in shock. And the mouth was closed as she was not responding. I realised my mistake in a few seconds and ran out of her room.

After 5-10 minutes, she called my name. The first thing I did when I entered her room was to apologise. But she said there was no need to apologise and this time suddenly she jumped on me and started smooching at me. Our tongue was in each other’s mouth, exchanging saliva.

After kissing for 5-6 minutes, we let go of each other. She said, “You are doing so much for our family. This is a small gift from my side. But I need one more help from you, which you can’t tell Ashish also.” I agreed to it.

She told me that she was suffering from galactorrhea. Her boobs produce milk every day without her even being pregnant. As the medicine and operation were risky, she and her husband had decided that they would be pumping milk daily out of her boobs.

And after his death, milk is only getting collected in her boobs, causing her pain. She drops off the pallu of saree and opens her blouse to show me her boobs. Her nipples and boobs had swollen, and blue veins could be seen clearly.

This was a shock to me. Especially my friend’s mom was showing her boobs to me. She said she tried to pump the milk out, but it was not happening. “Maybe it needs some man’s hands. I can’t ask Ashish if he is my son. So can you help me?”

This was unbelievable to me. So to be sure, I asked her, “Aunty, you want me to press your boobs and pump the milk out?”

She said, “No, you may not just press them. Sometimes you might need to suck on them also. As a reward, you can have whatever you want, wherever you want.”

I became happy and said, “We have a deal than that I will relieve you with your pain, and you will have sex with me. Wherever I want, and however I want.”

She agreed but on the condition that we would be doing nothing in front of Ashish. She then asked me to go and get a big utensil. When she gets pumped daily, she can fill one glass with milk. But she now hasn’t been pumped for the last 13 days.

I went to the kitchen and got one utensil to be filled with milk. Then I put her right nipple in my mouth and started sucking it while pressing her right boob. She was giving light moans while sitting at the edge of the bed. Suddenly I felt a warm flow of liquid coming into my mouth. It tasted similar to cow’s milk.

I then removed my mouth, and milk flowed out of her right nipple. I put a utensil under it. I did the same with her left boob, and milk soon came out from it. Every time it stops flowing, I have to suck that nipple and press the boob.

In 40-45 minutes, all swelling was reduced. Her milk has filled that whole utensil, and I also drank a lot of milk directly. I asked her what to do with this milk. She asked me to store it in the fridge and said she would use it like normal cow milk.

After putting it in the fridge as I returned, I found she was already lying on the bed without clothes. I, too, got naked within seconds and jumped right between her legs. We pulled out a condom from the side table and covered my dick with it.

Then I spread her legs wide apart and started fucking her pussy. She was having regular sex as her pussy was wide in size. I fucked her for 10 minutes, and then we both cum one after another. I kissed her on her lips and then lay there naked to catch up on our breath.

After a few minutes, we both got dressed before Ashish returned. 3 days later, I shifted with Ashish and Rashi in their home. I started doing the night shift while Ashish continued doing the day shift. During the daytime, behind Ashsish’s back, sex and milking Rashi’s boob became a daily thing for Rashi and me.

After a month, Ashish’s sister, Anjali, returned from foreign. She got a job in Bangalore and started living with us. What happened after that, I will tell you in Part 2.

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