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Lockdown sex with an old friend

Hello everyone, I am Kishan, back with another story. During the pandemic lockdown, this story started in my life and went on for many months. I thought it would be nice to share it with you all.

During the first lockdown, I received a text message from an unknown number one day. It turns out that person was my old acquaintance. She asked how I was, and we slowly talked about many things. Soon we were talking about our love lives, how we are alone etc.

She had a boyfriend and was just broken up. Therefore, she took the courage of messaging me and talk to me. However, she had my number from before. This was interesting to me, so I started feeling her out via our conversations.

Soon I understood that she was looking for someone new, and she was seeing if I was up to it. But there was a problem. She wanted a serious relationship, which I was not. I made it clear from the beginning, which she did not well take. But she kept talking to me anyway.

Maybe she was scoping me with all probabilities. After lockdown ended, we decided to meet up. Since many restaurants were not open, we decided to meet outside and then come to my home to talk.

She was excited because we had been talking for a few months. I picked her up from near her home, and she was gorgeous. We kept talking till I reached my home. We ordered food and got to talking again. There was that horny feeling in the air of the room.

She got emotional talking about her ex-boyfriend, and we hugged each other. It was electrifying. The warmth of her body made me instantly feel high. I hugged her to comfort her. But neither of us wanted to let go of each other, so we kept hugging each other.

I could feel her bra straps, the smell of her hair and her trembling body as we gripped each other closer. We started tightening the hug, which meant I had to lean forward to feel her full body. Her boobs were pressing against my body, and I loved that feeling.

By then, the food had arrived, so we had to break from that hug. By this moment, my dick was hard. She saw it as I moved away from her to receive the order. We had our food and spoke about other topics. But in my mind, I knew this was not something we should be doing after that hot, intense moment.

Now I leaned forward and put my arms around her neck as I spoke. She also didn’t resist. There was comfort between us. I slowly started going near her and softly brushed my lips on her cheeks. She didn’t object but stayed still. I also moved away and slowly waited to see if she would react negatively.

But she didn’t. I went ahead and kissed her earlobes softly. During this process, my warm breath was all over her ears. She shivered for a second there and hugged me tightly. Now we got up, hugging each other, and I was kissing her earlobes, neck and cheeks.

She started moaning and grabbed my hair as she pulled me closer to her. I was totally into her and started working my way towards her lips. I moved away for a moment to see the look on her face, and there was lust. There was hunger which we had shared on many occasions, albeit on the phone.

Now we were closer to feeling each other’s breath and horny bodies. We both went ahead at a time and kissed. I was aggressive initially. But she asked me to go slow as it was her first time kissing a guy. We started slowly with a peck on our lips, softly tasting each other’s lips.

Finally, we were putting our tongues into each other. Her lips tasted way better than I had imagined, so I was savouring them as much as I could. She was also busy exploring my lips and tongue. She had once commented that my lips looked beautiful in pics. Now she was happy that she was able to taste them.

Meantime, I worked my way into her ass and grabbed it. I also lifted her top to hold her naked waist. She became more excited and helped me to remove her top. It was a kurta, and she wore a black bra inside. I immediately grabbed her boobs over her bra and started pressing them.

I now went down from the lips. I started kissing her neckline upper part of the boobs, and she loved them. This made her moan more than before, which made me wilder. I was touching her nipples with the tip of my teeth. She let me do that for a few minutes before lowering her bra to give me one of her nipples.

It was pink with the black areola, which I immediately started sucking. I kissed the nipples slowly and licked them. When she rose her body to react, I asked if I could remove her bra completely. She didn’t answer but helped me remove in silence. She was blushing, and her cheeks were turned to be pink.

Her boobs are 34c and perfect. I enjoyed her nipples and sucked both boobs as she watched with a smile. My dick was hard, and it was time, so I removed my pants and underwear. I took her hands near that, and she understood it. She held my 6-inch dick in her hand and started stroking it.

She initially squeezed it too hard, which was painful. So I had to teach her how to hold n give a hand job. Furthermore, she obliged and gave me one of the best hand jobs I have ever gotten.

Her pussy was wet, which I realized when I inserted my finger inside her underwear. I asked her permission to remove her leggings, which she again did on her own without speaking anything. During this whole process, she never uttered a word and kept staring at me with lust in her eyes.

It was a sexy feeling and wild to look at a naked girl who’s completely wet for you. I asked her if I could eat her pussy, but she refused. Therefore, I started rubbing my dick on her pussy. As my dick touched her pussy, she trembled for a second and started enjoying the process, closing her eyes.

I asked her to look at what was happening, but she said she was shy. I put on an ultrathin condom. She said she wanted the thinnest possible condom. She wanted to feel me without anything, but I insisted on using a condom. I slowly inserted the tip of my dick.

Her heart raced as it went in. Her eyes opened widely, and she hugged me as tightly as possible. I adjusted myself to see how comfortable we could continue and started fucking her. She didn’t bleed, which was surprising for her. We fucked in missionary position and slowly increased pace.

My dick completely went inside her. She started pulling me closer to her. This made me go deeper inside her. I kept fucking her softly, fondling her nipples. I stroked inside her pussy, making her moan more wildly than before. I held her neck and kissed her soft lips as I kept fucking her.

We kept fucking for around 2 hours, giving breaks in between. After that, we lay next to each other, cuddling. After this, we have been in touch. I will explain that in the next part.

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