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My Innocent Wife Made Slut And Fucked By Ex-boyfriend

Let me tell you how I became a cuckold husband of a slutty wife.

When I first met my wife, I thought she was an innocent girl who takes sex as just responsibility toward her husband rather than a matter of relaxation. She was from a village while I was from the metro. Although my looks are average, my words would be enough to widen the legs of girls in the city.

My wife looked absolutely juicy with her big breast and ass. With medium height, any guy would imagine holding her in the air and fuck her like there was no tomorrow. I would often try to start the topic of sex, to which she would reply with silence and hesitation. This overgrew my frustration since our daily chats were limited.

She panicked in such a situation and finally, began to open up about sex. She asked me to teach her about sex but to my surprise, at the very beginning of our sexting, she wanted to see my dick. I thought it was her deep thirst that had started to explode.

I asked her about her past life to which she replied that she once fell for a guy but the guy soon ditched her. When further inquired about her sex life, she strictly objected and urged to ask anyone about her purity.

When I desired to see her body, with very less hesitation, she unwrapped her towel! It happened too quickly to what I previously assumed.

Finally, I arranged to meet her alone in a room. Without any delay, I undressed her. Yet, she did not attempt to hide it. She showed her loyalty by stating, “This is all yours, nothing to be ashamed of.”

I began to kiss her and fondle her hairy pussy. When I kissed her boobs, she urged to kiss further down. This was quite surprising for such a conservative girl to act like that. I could not move further because of the smell of her urine.

When I asked to take my dick in her mouth, she just kissed the tip and said that she needed time for it. I was desperate to penetrate her pussy, she denied asking for an appropriate time for it.

Finally, after multiple requests, she agreed to lose her virginity.

She made an excuse of attending her friend’s marriage ceremony while we planned to stay for 3 days in a distant hill station. It was a rainy day, she was tired. So, we went to take a rest in a hotel.

She made herself comfortable with just bra and panties on. I started to apply lotion on her body and slowly around her pussy. We had a great kiss and started to foreplay, sucked her boobs and slowly tried to penetrate her virgin pussy. She was in pain. I persuaded with ease and was gentle. I could see blood around her pussy lips and halted for a few minutes so that she can prepare herself.

I inserted one finger inside her virgin pussy and then slowly added two fingers. Finally, I was able to get my dick inside her pussy. It was the best feeling as you can feel pussy holding your cock. Although it was the first time, I began to increase my thrust and fucked her for a few minutes.

We got married after a few months and sex became our routine whenever we got a chance. It would be of the normal missionary position. But I needed something to motivate myself to fuck and suck her pussy. I would try to bring slut in her but I feared her innocence.

I would often show porn movies to her to which she replied that she wished that my dick was bigger like that of those actors. She was complaining of continuous headaches for days. Initially, I thought it was nothing serious but after continuous effort, she finally revealed that something about her past was giving her this trouble.

She confessed that I wasn’t the first one with whom she got physical pleasure. She had a boyfriend who yet hadn’t penetrated her pussy but did everything else. During her college days, he would pick and drop her off for 2 years. He played with her boobs and kissed her lips every day.

They would go to the nearby field and forest where he would undress her panties under her skirt and fuck her with her tongue and drop her home without panties. She used to give him blowjobs in the bushes and he was the one whose regular squeezing made her boobs bigger.

At first, I was shocked to know her real character and acted like I was hurt. But, deep inside, it really made my dick hard fantasizing such innocent looking girl had a deep slut inside.

She revealed her secret because her ex-bf threatened to reveal it to her friends and relatives if she didn’t let him fuck her one last time. I was quite shocked but later recovered myself.

After a few days, we began our regular sex life but this time, it was quite more aggressive than usual. Now I didn’t have any restrictions. I knew she had a slut inside her and so, I fucked her in every position. I would eat her pussy and make her suck my dick. At the end of the session, I would ejaculate inside her mouth.

She often loved when I talked dirty and called her ‘slut’ in the native language. I asked her why didn’t she let her ex-bf fuck her. She said that she wanted to, but feared his loyalty toward her.

I would ask her if she regret that decision to which she replied that she did regret it since her ex had a bigger dick than mine. I would often ask if she wanted to fuck him to which she replied, “Does it matter as he had already seen her nude more than I have seen so far?”

That reply really brought a chance to bring one of my fantasies to real life. I would often act as if her past was affecting our future and the revelation of her past would defame our image in society. I urged my wife to compromise once and get fucked. She would be sad yet I could see a fantasy of her ex-bf’s big black cock throbbing in her pussy.

I convinced my wife that she can enjoy him as he had already seen and felt her multiple times and I wasn’t a virgin either. She started to get sluttier day by day inside the bedroom but I would ejaculate quickly and make her desperate. She would often explain how big her ex-bf’s dick was, compared to mine.

Finally, one day her ex-lover sent her a message and I encouraged her to move ahead. I would often fantasize about her past about how she spread her legs and her ex-bf played with her pussy. I wanted to see it for real and I knew my wife wanted to complete her unfinished business with him.

I asked her to invite him home and I will see them fuck in another room. At first, she was shocked but her sluttiness gave up and she ultimately agreed to it.

I wanted my wife to be dirty that day and wanted to know the desperation of her bf. So, I didn’t let her shave her pussy. I even asked her to piss before his arrival and wanted to see her bf licking her pussy filled with urine.

I had placed hidden cameras in all rooms while I will be sitting next to my bedroom to watch them through the cams and hear their talks and moans.

It was around 11 am when my wife’s ex-boyfriend arrived at our door. She gave him a warm welcome with a long tongue kiss. She said that she missed his ways.

They began to talk about their new life and began to sip wine along with the chat. When she asked him to excuse her for pissing, he stopped her and asked her to piss in front of him. She did as his request and he didn’t let her put her pants on.

My wife’s ex-boyfriend pushed her into the wall and began to lick her ass. He turned her to the front, strip her pants and began to lick her pussy. He said that he missed the smell of her urine and pussy while she was moaning in ultimate pleasure.

Then the guy completely undressed my wife and laid her in our bed. My wife’s ex-lover began to fuck my wife with his tongue while his two hands were roughly squeezing her boobs.

After nearly about half an hour, he began to kiss her navel. Slowly, he moved to her boobs and began to suck them. He also bit her neck. Then he turned her and began to lick her back and moved back to kissing my wife’s asshole.

Now my wife was getting desperate and began to undress her ex-bf. She made him naked and took him near the hidden camera to show me the real size of his dick. It was really huge, about 6.5 inches. I was glad she chose him.

She gave him a handjob. After a few minutes, she asked him to give boob-job. He began to rub his big black dick in between my wife’s boobs. She ultimately began to suck his dick and his balls.

He started to stroke his dick inside her mouth. All of a sudden, he asked my wife to spread her legs in the bed. But she asked him to place her on a table and fuck her. The real reason was that she wanted me to see her pussy being fucked through the cam.

My wife parted her legs and my wife’s ex-boyfriend penetrated her pussy. She screamed in pain and pleasure. He was laughing and said that her husband hadn’t got a big enough tool to tear her pussy and hence, her pussy was still tight after the marriage.

The guy fucked my wife and called her a ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’. He asked her to bring my photo to fuck her while looking and swearing at my photo. He said that my wife was his slut before me and was sucking his cock before mine. He was fucking and playing with her boobs at the same time.

She turned and prepared for doggy position. I could see the guy’s big dick inside my wife’s pussy. She turned her position to show her face in the cam so that I could see her moaning in pleasure. It was a beautiful and sexy scene.

He then carried her in his arms and fucked her in the air. Finally, he was exhausted after one and a half hours. They began to kiss her and ultimately, he ejaculated on her boobs.

He was quite exhausted but my wife still was ready for the second round. After a break of half an hour, my wife’s ex-boyfriend fucked her in doggy style for a few minutes and ejaculated again in her mouth. That bitch swallowed it all!

After a few minutes of rest, she asked him to leave as her husband would be on the way. He asked her to clean but she said that she will stay like this for a while.

He left and promised to accompany her whenever she needed. As soon as my wife’s ex-boyfriend left, I entered her room and she smiled at me. She asked if I was jealous or hurt but I turned her and applied oil in her ass.

I didn’t want to fuck her pussy which was stretched by a big dick. So I penetrated my wife’s asshole. She was in pain yet she wanted it. I fucked her asshole for the first time and ejaculate inside her ass.

Nowadays, our sex life is aggressive and wild. We try new things every time and she loves it. Whenever she finds my dick small, she calls her friend for refreshment. But I am getting bored with this adventure and looking for new experiments. Lately, she has shown interest in threesome porn. Any further detail will be available based on your reviews and comments.

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