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Incest Seduction Story of Masi and Me

This story dates back to when my Masi moved to Delhi for the job. She was around 35, and she was a professor. Pretty looking and fit. You would like to do all the dirty things with her.

She stayed at our house for a few days. She was looking for a place to live.
Her husband used to work in another city, and she had a son around 3 years old.

I have fantasized about her endless times. But since she started living with us, all I wanted was to fuck her. I knew she wasn’t fucking a lot since her husband visited occasionally.

So, getting her horny was not much of a problem, but getting her horny with me was the issue. Something was to be done. At night, I used to go to her room and peek inside from the door.

I used to get nice glances every time. Sometimes, her t-shirt would have lifted, or her shorts would have slid down. If I was lucky enough, I used to see her getting horny. She kept her hand inside her panty and slowly fingered her pussy like she was in half-sleep.

Her slow, sleepy moans used to turn me on enough to get on her and fuck her.
But I had to control it. I figured that if I made her horny before she went to bed. She will jerk off that night. During orgasm, I may get what I wanted if I touched her.

So, I thought of something. It was her birthday. I bought her a nice black short skirt and a bralette. I kept the outfit gift wrapped in her room as a secret admirer.

We had a whole family dinner that night to celebrate. She got dressed and came out to show it off to my mother. Masi thought it was a gift from mausa ji.
The plan was to make her look so sexy that when we went out, other men would have lusty glances at her.

By the time we got back home, she will be horny enough to think of sex. We even ordered drinks, that just made my plan work better. By the time we got home, she was getting tipsy. Sitting beside her in the car, I couldn’t resist ogling her creamy thighs.

I got so horny that I decided to touch her in the car itself. The good thing was we both were under alcohol. So I pretended to nap on her shoulder and placed my hand on her thigh.
She noticed it, but she wasn’t in the state to object. Instead, she leaned her head over me and wrapped her arm around me. She was gently caressing my cheeks.
It felt nice. I had a feeling she was feeling good. As she was caressing my face, I caressed her thighs.

Gradually, I started moving my hand inside her skirt, but as soon as it went a little too close, she held my hand and stopped me. I didn’t react as I was pretending to sleep. Then we reached home and went to our rooms. I was eager to see what masi was doing.

So after 10 minutes, I got up to take a peek in her room and saw beautiful scenery. The whiskey bottle was open. She must have had a peg again. Room lights were dimmed.

Masi was lying in bed with one leg folded up while the other hanging off the bed, her hands stretched over her head and her body in a graceful curvy stance.
That was a painting of lust right in front of me. Waiting to fuck her any further was not possible.

So, I stepped into the room and gently closed it. Moving towards Masi, I placed my hand on her knee and got on top of her. She got shocked and startled. I forced a kiss on her lips before she could even say something.

She was struggling to let go, but I was not ready. I quickly started rubbing my finger in her pussy. A few moments ahead, I see her giving up on her desires, and she joins in to make love.

Masi – Okay, Rishi, wait, I want to do it. Let’s do it properly.

Me – Yes, Masi, anything you say.

Masi – How long have you wanted this?

Me – Since the first day, my hormones kicked in.

Masi – Omg, you have waited so long for this.

Me- That is true. I am going to ravish you today.

Masi- That is what I need, Rishi. Please fuck me hard tonight. I want to feel loved and disrespected. I want the pain and the joy. Just be hard on me. It’s been a long since I have had a good fuck, and stop calling me Masi. Call me by my name.

Me – Prerna, shut up and let me fuck you.

I grab her by her waist and move her close to me. I grab her bralette by the cleavage and rip it apart, exposing her lovely tits. I go wild on her tits, biting her nipples and squeezing her waist hard. Liking and sucking her tits one after the other, there is no end to my hunger for my Masi.

Me – Oh, Masi, I always wanted to fuck you. Sometimes I thought of just barging into the bathroom when you used to take a bath. Sometimes I just wanted to force you naked. I have had dirty fantasies for you, Masi, until today, when you let me fuck you.

Masi – Is that true? I give you all freedom today. What’s stopping you, do whatever you want. Just stop calling me masi.

Me – No Masi, I am going to fuck my masi today, no roleplaying, no fake fantasies.

Masi- As you wish, keep going, don’t stop.

I get up and turn her around. Now her back is facing me. I pull her skirt down, and then her panty and myself go fully naked. I grab her by her hair and pull her head towards me. I keep my nail on her neck and take my mouth closer to her ear. Biting her ears, I whisper

Me- Kon ho tum? (Who are you?)

Masi- Your Masi…

Begin scratching her back.

Me- Tumhe mere sath sona pasand hai. (Do you want to sleep with me?)

Masi – Ha (Panting and breathing heavily)
(Scratches further)

Me – To mera naam chilla chilla ke bolo, sabko pata chalne do. (Then call my name loudly. Let everyone know.)

Masi- Nahi, sabko nahi pta chalna chahiye. (No, no one should know.)

I get angry and spank her butt.

Me – They are sleeping deeply because of alcohol. Shout

Masi – Rishi…ahh… Rishi… pyaar kar Masi se… Mujhe tu bohut pasand hai Rishi, main roz tere saath soungi.(Rishi, fuck your Masi. I love you. I will sleep with you every day.)

Me- Nice.

Scratching her back till her ass, I let her go. I squeezed her butt with my hands. Then, I take a chair and sit on it while signalling Masi with fingers to come over.

She gets up and grabs the whiskey with her. She sits over me cross-legged and takes a big sip of whiskey. Then, she locks lips with me, letting me suck whiskey from her mouth while kissing.

Masi- You have done me enough, and it was rough. Now my turn.

Me – Yes, Masi.

She didn’t let me say anything further and shut me up with her finger. She poured whiskey over herself from her face, whiskey dripping on her cheeks and lips. It was going gracefully on her neck, her smell enhancing.

Whiskey travelled all the way to her boobs, slightly dripping off, hitting the erect nipples making everything wet. Her side curves, her navel and her lower V shape.

In a few moments, I was fully charged with lust and energy to fuck her all over again. The seductive show she put on was something even I never imagined. I didn’t think anything more, just took the bottle from her and set it aside.

I began sucking every part of her body furiously while I pushed my dick inside her. She tasted like a dream. Sucking whiskey from her tits was something I can’t ever forget. I understood the worth of the experience that night.

She began moving to and fro on my dick. Feeling tipsy, she grabs her hair and stretches her body, smirking a little while fucking me, taking my name. I grab her ass and squeeze those bubble butts hard.

Sucking her nipples, biting and leaving a love bite, I begin sucking my way up to her neck, sucking on her neck hard to leave a love bite so that people know how sexual my masi is.

We both reached orgasms. I asked if I should cum inside her, to which she said yes. We increase the pace to fuck, spanking her ass, her eyes rolling, and she moaning my name. I get up off the chair, wrapping her in my arms. I push her against the wall and fuck her even harder.

Me – Masi, I am about to cum.

Masi – Okay, Rishi, I want this, don’t think much.

Kissing her lips to shut her up, fucking her harder, I cum inside my lustful Prerna Masi. We lay over the bed breathless, trying to catch some air. I swirl my finger over her nipple.

Me- Masi, I loved it. I want to do it again sometime.

Masi – Yes, Rishi, I loved it too. Till the time I’m not living with your mausaji, we can have some fun like this.


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