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Me And My Beautiful Aunty (Lust And Massage)

This is the story of me and my aunt when I was in college. It was the month of May and she used to reside in Dakshina Kannada. So I went all the way from Shirsi to Mangalore to visit my aunt and stay with her for a few days.

By the way, she is a divorced lady of 34 years (36-32-34) with a daughter of 10 years at that time. When I visited my aunt, her daughter went on some college trip from her college.

As I said earlier, I visited her at the time of peak humidity. People hesitate to wear dresses when that kind of heat was there. When I visited my aunty, she was sweeping the ground wearing a nighty without a petticoat. And I was able to see her bra, tummy, and panty.

This made a lustful impression of her in my mind at the first impression itself. Maybe that was why they call it 1ST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST IMPRESSION! Later, she invited me with a warm hug and kissed my cheeks (mostly she might have thought that I was still a kid without the knowledge of love, lust, sex, and all). But this made me hard!

Later, we made lunch together and I went to my room and started watching TV. Then, in the evening after tea and snacks, we started talking to each other about how I spent my vacation and how was the humidity, etc. In the meantime, I observed that my beautiful aunty wasn’t wearing a bra. And I could exactly pinpoint where her nipples were and her boobs were!

Her boobs were jiggling, so I kept looking at her thinking that she will not mind. But the fate was different. She noticed me staring at her boobs and asked –

Aunty: What are you looking at?

Me: Nothing aunty, I was looking at the design of your nighty. It’s a beautiful flower design (somehow, I managed to divert the topic).

But she noticed that I was addicted to her. Later my aunty asked me whether I could teach her how to ride a scooty.

I said: Why not!

Aunty: One of my friends is out of the station. So her scooty is in my backyard. Will you be able to teach me how to ride a scooter?

Me: How can I say no, when you are asking for a favor (thinking I could touch her boobs by teaching).

Aunty: Will you stay with me for some more till my daughter comes home?

Me: Okay, I won’t leave until you say so (I wanted to enjoy myself as much as possible and as long as possible).

Then the next day morning after the tiffin and all, she called me to teach. I went and sat behind her on the scooty and reached myself to the handles by feeling her from the backside. I was feeling my cute aunty’s shoulders and hands through her sleeveless nighty.

Then I taught her how to drive the scooter by sitting behind her. After that, I told her to drive alone and I’ll be seeing her or follow her. But after some time, she fell from the scooter and the scooter fell on her. Somehow, I managed to lift the scooter and helped her to get up.

She got scratches on her wrist and knee, so I took her to the bathroom and helped her clean the wounds. That was the 1st time I touched her thighs without clothes while applying Dettol to her knee.

It was like double dhamaka for me. As she bent down lifting her nighty till her thighs, I could see her cleavage as well as her bare and soft thighs.

Later that evening, my aunty was crying in her room saying back pain, leg pain, and shoulder pain. So I went to her and comforted her. Then she asked me to massage her. I agreed because I was wishing the same.

Gradually, I started massaging her shoulders. I applied some oil and started squeezing the shoulders. At that time, I was able to see my aunty’s cleavage and her boobs moving, as she was breathing in and out heavily.

Slowly, I reached to her back as she slept facing the pillow. Her message was quite difficult because she had not removed her nighty. So I had to reach her back by putting my hands through her nighty. Due to this, I didn’t get a chance to feel her completely. But still, I caressed her back, and lower back and applied oil, and massaged her.

Then I told her to lift her nighty and massaged her thighs. It started glowing after I applied oil and massaged her smoothly. Then I let her sleep so that the pain could go away.

But it was the 1st time I was touching a woman with the utmost freedom. So my cock already got straight enough! Then I came to my room and immediately started to masturbate thinking of my sexy aunty.

But unfortunately, I hadn’t locked my door thinking my aunt won’t wake up anytime soon. After some time, all of a sudden, she came to my room and called me for dinner. I thought she came a little early. But I didn’t interrupt my masturbation and also she enjoyed it a little. Then later, I went for dinner after cleaning my room and a shower.

My aunty was all prepared for dinner. I could clearly identify her pink color bra and panty, as she bent down, through her light color nighty, as her body got wet because of oil and sweat She also seemed like got cured of all those pain and her expression toward me ware entirely changed. It was mixed with love and lust.

She also seemed more friendly than earlier that morning after all those massages.

Then we made our dinner together and I helped her clean the house, wash the utensils, etc. Later, we watched TV for some time and then slept in our rooms.


That’s all for the first part. If you guys want me to continue the story

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