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Meeting Long Distance Girlfriend For The First Time!

Hello all, this is a real story; a bit lengthy with details. Apologies for the grammar mistakes.

The doorbell rings. I kept my phone on the table and walked toward the door. Suddenly, thousands of thoughts were occupying my mind; what should I say, ask, be cool, be yourself, blah blah blah..

I finally took a deep breath and opened the door. There she was standing in front of my eyes, my beautiful girlfriend. I cannot share the feeling of what I am experiencing after looking at her for the first time. Yes, we do experience this kind of feeling when you’re in a long-distance relationship and meeting for the first time.

I closed the door, pulled her inside and we hugged like two lovers lost in paradise. We hugged and kissed.

He (while kissing her): Mmmm..Let me at least lock the door.

She (pulling out her tongue): Yes, please. (smirks)

I took her near the mirror. We just looked at each other for a while. We kissed like two lost souls. I grabbed her head, covered her ears and gave a peck on her forehead and whispered, “I love you…”

My long-distance relationship girlfriend kissed my lower lip in slow mode and then sucked it. After that, we went into rage mode. We both started to kiss wildly and our hands were roaming wherever they felt like exploring the touch. It felt like we are definitely going to break the bed today.

We grabbed each other’s faces and kissed passionately. I lifted her and threw her on the bed and out of nowhere, a hand pulled me on the bed. I threw myself upon her, lifting her face. We kissed and kissed like there was no tomorrow.

I pulled her up on me and pressed her boobs hard. I did not mention the stats, right? Sorry, err my bad.

My height is 5’7 and lean body 66 kg and my dick is 6″ long and a thick one, while my lady love is 5’2 slim and tender body with stats of 34B-26-34. Obviously, I would die for those 2 perfect firm breasts, coming back to the story.

We kissed madly and I pulled her head back with her hair clenched by my firm grip. I kept pressing her breasts harder and pulling her nipples till she screamed. I don’t know where this energy came from but yes, I did something weird (weird for me as I’ve never done this before): So, now imagine us doing our extreme wild foreplay and suddenly, I tore her top and she’s like, “Babe, don’t worry I am not leaving soon.”

I removed her torn top and bit her nipples on her bra. She kept hugging me and pulling my head toward her face. The next thing I knew my long-distance gf sitting on my lap, rubbing her pussy on my dick. Then my dick rose to its fullest strength, poking out of my shorts.

I took off her bra and while kissing, she removed my clothes. She was rubbing her pussy slowly and increasing the speed slowly. I was going out of control, kissing her wildly and giving bites on her lower lips. I started to plant some hickeys on her neck and boobs.

Whenever I gave a hickey, she pulled my hair and kissed me and would scratch my back. While kissing her lips, I got sideways on her neck and then she gave out a long hiss. I licked her neck, earlobes and chin but not the lips teasing in a way.

Slowly, I went down and licked her cleavage, kissed her boobs, and nipples and then went up, kissed her and took a deep breath. I exhaled on her neck and while slowly blowing air out of my mouth, went down till her tummy. Damn, she was hissing like a snake and moaning slowly.

After that, we kissed and while kissing, I pressed my lover’s right breast and pulled her left nipple so hard that she screamed in my mouth. To calm her down, I didn’t stop kissing her. I kept my fingers on her pussy (which was smooth AF!) and she moaned slowly.

I started rubbing my fingers on her clit up and down and slowly increased the speed. Suddenly, I pulled her clit; she moaned and then shouted!

I started to rub my fingers again on the pussy and pressed her boobs one by one, pinching her nipples and then slid my first finger into pussy. I kissed her and started fingering her pussy and pressing her clit with my thumb. Meanwhile, my second hand was pressing her boobs, pinching her waist and exploring her back.

I did read on ISS and saw in the videos but never thought these things would turn her on so much! She stroked my hard dick and started licking it slowly.

Then my long-distance relationship girlfriend made me lie down. She came on top of me and started kissing me slowly. She went down licking all of my body and took my dick in her mouth.

I was on cloud 9 or 11, whatever you call it, it was on another level! Slowly, she took my whole dick in her mouth and licked my balls. She took it in her mouth one by one and then she increased her speed and took my dick again. She sucked it like a kid sucking a lollipop. I never experienced this type of feeling, obviously, it was our first time.

My gf increased her speed and I put my hand on her head and tried to push it in. She gagged but did not stop. I pulled her up and we knew that was the moment she adjusted the tip.

My dick went in and we lost our virginity. We both moaned. She hugged me, bit my neck and gave me kisses. We were lost in a whole different world.

Then she got up and slowly went up and down while her hands were roaming on my chest. I got an idea and kept a pillow below my hips. I pushed my dick to the maximum I could. She shouted with pleasure and then she kissed me and whispered, “Slowly baby, don’t want to die. I think it touched my cervix.”

I being a dumb guy asked her, “Is it good or bad?”

She replied, “Good for us as it proves you can satisfy me. But cannot let that happen every time as it would tear the part.”

I let her flow in the motion sometimes slow, sometimes fast and she became tired. I suggested her to come down. My gf happily got laid down and I came on top of her. I adjusted my position and my dick slid all the way in. She pulled me toward her for a kiss.

I slowly increased my pace and then she covered my hips with her legs crossed. I was going at full speed and while kissing her, I whispered in her ears, “I am gonna cum, shall I release it in?”

She replied, “I am all yours.”

I released all my cum in her and gave a kiss on her forehead and fell on her. We both were panting and sweating. One thing I asked her after this was, “Why on earth would we sweat while the AC is at 18 degrees?”

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