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My College Friend Preethi Who Turned Hot!

Hi, this is Kumar. I used to read ISS for the past 10 to 12 years and this is my first story. I’m sorry! I know I’m not good at storytelling and my English is also bad. So, please ignore my mistakes. I’ve tried my best to give you a detailed story.

This story is about 3 persons, me (Kumar), my college friend Preethi, and her husband Ranjith.

I have completed my graduation and is working in an IT company in Coimbatore. Last October (which was just a month after Preethi and Ranjith’s marriage), I met Ranjith with a woman in Coimbatore.

Before I reached them, she went in. Then I tried to introduce me and surprisingly, he remembered me.

We went to a cafe and started to chat. He said that he came to buy clothes for Preethi for her birthday. I knew that there were still 13 days before her birthday, but I acted like I didn’t know when it was.

Me: Oh great! I don’t know if today is her birthday, so convey my wishes.

Ranjith: No-no, there’s still 2 weeks left. Today, I came for work, so I thought to buy today.

Me: Oh ok-ok, then keep my wishes alive for 2 more weeks, haha!

Ranjith: Haha, sure.

And we both left the place. That night, I couldn’t sleep, maybe because of the weekend vibe. So, I started to browse my phone and then started to check my college days’ pics. There I saw my college friend Preethi’s pic.

We both met each other on our college 1st day. I had a normal body type (neither too fit like actors nor fat). Preethi had the skinny figure of 30-24-30, dusky and with a ponytail, she looked cute. She was sitting next to my bench and we started to talk for the first 3 days like, ‘hi-bye’.

Later I searched her on Facebook, but to my bad luck, I couldn’t find her. I was a bit shy to ask for her number too.

After 3 days, I got a request on Facebook from Preethi. Slowly, we shifted our chatting to WhatsApp and we became close friends. I didn’t have any bad intention, except to check her figure and her swinging ass while walking.

She used to wear churidar and leggings, but not too tight. A year went like that.

One day, there was a slight development in our relationship. That day, my college friend grabbed my hand to ask something and we both sat on the same bench with a small gap (this was not a development, but for a traditional girl like her, I think it was a great improvement).

After the first year’s summer vacation when she came to college, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She got a bit weight (not busty) with some extra weight in the right areas. Like when she wore her same 1st-year dresses, it was tight and showed her figure in a better way. Now, one could easily see her ass shape and her boobs shape also improved.

In the second year, there were many improvements, like she started to sit close to me. Sometimes, her thighs’ side used to rub mine and one time while using PC, my elbow touched her boobs while moving the mouse. At that time, my heartbeat stopped for a second, but she didn’t react. She was like nothing happened.

So, I started to do the same whenever I got a chance. Sometimes, my college friend used to stand with me in a crowded bus, or Xerox shop. And that time, her ass would rub my thighs.

From my second year, I started thinking about her whenever I masturbate. But sometimes, I felt bad because maybe she was unaware of our physical touch or maybe she was thinking I didn’t have any bad intentions toward her. But I was masturbating while imagining her.

Now, I couldn’t control my dick too after our physical contact. Because of this, sometimes I used to send double-meaning jokes to her. At first, I was scared after sending those messages. I don’t know from where I got this courage, but later on, after getting replies from her, I started to send more double-meaning messages.

Me: What are you wearing now?

Preethi: T-shirt and night pants.

Me: Send me a pic. I haven’t seen you in a t-shirt.

Preethi: Sent.

Me: Wow! Very huge. I think your t-shirt will tear soon (looking at her boobs).

Preethi: What?

Me: I mean huge biceps.

Preethi: Oh.

Days went like that and there came 4 days of industrial visit (as like other colleges, it was just a name industrial visit. But we all went to a tourist place).

We went to Kochi, Kerala. On the first day, we enjoyed ourselves at the beach. We enjoyed our class’s girls’ figures in wet clothes, especially Preethi’s. I was with her most of the times. Then I grabbed my college friend’s ass and waist in the name of playing in waves. She too used to touch me sometimes. Her hand rubbed over my hard-on many times.

After coming out of the water, all boys were looking at her. Her boobs and ass shape were very clear over her wet dress. And one could easily see that she was wearing pink panty over her white leggings. And it was very difficult for me to hide my hard-on after all these things. Then I saw she too noticed my hard-on.

That night in the hotel room, we 3 boys (me, Mohan, and Ajith) were staying in a room, talking about our that day’s trip after drinks. We all were high on alcohol and watching pics, which Ajith secretly took on his phone. We were talking about girls’ figures and then Preethi’s pic came.

Mohan: Uff! Look at this bitch’s body in wet dress.

Ajith: Uff! Look, her dress is stuck between her ass cheeks. I want to slap her ass.

Mohan: Only slap? I want to bite her ass, till her ass cheeks filled with my bite marks.

Ajith: Wow! This slut wore pink panty (zoomed near her ass area).

In the next pic from a different angle –

Mohan: See, in this, her nipples are too visible. I think Preethi bitch is not wearing a bra.

Ajith: Yes da, Kumar look, she looks like a slut in this.

Me: Yes da (I couldn’t control my hard-on after hearing all these).

Mohan: Do you think she doesn’t know her dress will be transparent if she wore white leggings over pink panties? And her nipples will poke without a bra, after getting into the water?

Ajith: Definitely she knew.

Me: Yeah.

Mohan: After knowing that too she came like that. Then, think how slutty she is!

Ajith: Yes da, she looks like a slut there. I thought like taking her to the room and doing a hardcore session.

Mohan: Uff! Yeah, then give me a chance too. We can double penetrate her like a slut.

Ajith: Haha sure, slut like her enjoy when we treat her like that. Kumar, at least you got a chance to touch this whore.

Me: What? No.

Mohan: Hey, don’t lie.

Ajith: Yes da, you both were close. Then how could you control yourself, after she showed her assets like this?

Me: I touched her, but nothing is like that you guys saying.

Ajith: Ok, tell us where you touched her today inside the water?

Me: Hand, waist, her boobs, and ass. But it was unintentional, not like you guys saying.

Mohan: Ok, how many times have you touched her boobs and ass in water?

Me: Don’t know exactly, maybe above 10 times.

Mohan: 10 times? If she was not like what we are saying, then she would have kept her distance from you after the first time you touched her ass. Did she do that?

Me: No.

Mohan: Yeah, she too likes your touch. That’s what we’re saying. Don’t make her sad. Give that slut what she wants.

Me: Oh!

Ajith: Yes, I feel jealous of you. But I’ll touch her boobs and that sexy ass before this Industrial visit ends.

Mohan: Hey, what about me? I too want that (Saying that, he stood up. I was scared that he was going to do that now, because of the alcohol effect).

Me: Where are you going?

Mohan: Going to the bathroom to masturbate. I can’t control it after thinking about that bitch.

Then, we slept after a daydreaming fucking session with her. Till now, I daydreamed about her many times. But I felt more excited when someone talked such bad words about her.

To be continued.

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