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My Experiments With Sex – Part 2 (Washer man)

I am Nafisa, back with the second part of my sex experiment.

You read that I had my first sexual encounter with my youngest maternal uncle, Asif. I also watched the live sex of my mother with the richest man in the area, Pramod Lala. I liked all their sexual actions, but I liked the blowjob given by my mother most.

My marriage was scheduled to be held after 15 days.

Now read what happened next.

The next evening after seeing mother fucking with Pramod, he visited our house. We all knew him very well. While congratulating me, he gave me a box of jewellery sets. I looked at my parents.

Mother – Pramod is like your uncle. It is a gift from the uncle to his daughter. So don’t hesitate to accept it and take blessing from him.

I wanted to tell mother that I wanted blessings from his nice looking cock. I wanted to fuck with this man, lover of my mother. But I quietly looked at my father. He also nodded. I took the gift, and as per their custom, I touched his feet.

He acted boldly. In the presence of my parents and two brothers, he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead. I swiftly moved away from him. But in those few seconds, only my breast could feel the strength of his wide chest. The scene of my mother giving him a blowjob again came in front of my eyes.

I decided to suck a cock soon. The only cock available to me was the cock of my maternal uncle Asif who already had made me fist his cock once.

I heard Pramod telling my father not to worry at all. He assured him that my marriage would happen grandly. So I would become obliged to fuck with him. After discussing my marriage arrangements, he went away.

After he went out, my brother next to me commented.

Aamir – Ammi, your friend, is very helpful. See how costly a gift he has given to aapa (elder sister ). Is it real gold?

Mother – Idiot, he is not my friend. He is a good man and helps everyone. But it seems he liked your sister Nafisa a lot. Otherwise, who gives such a costly gift?

Father took the jewellery box and declared that all these were genuine gold and must be costing at least forty thousand.

Asif demanded my nudity to get me to marry his friend, and this rich man bribed me so that I go to him for sex. I wanted Pramod’s long and thick cock in my cunt and mouth as soon as possible.

That night, I dreamt that Pramod Lala was fucking me in my mother’s presence. We both were simultaneously sucking his thick and long cock. I hoped that my dream would become real soon.

The next morning I was very restless. I wanted to suck a cock. It was not possible to go to Pramod Lala without getting noticed. So I decided to try my luck with my easy prey, my Asif uncle. At around two in the afternoon, I left home, saying that I would be back soon.

I wore a veil without any other clothes underneath. The veil had also covered my face. I was able to see through a net. Soon I reached his house. I knocked. He opened the door. I showed him my face.

Asif uncle – Nafisa, you should not have come out of the house. How come you are here? Moreover, your aunty is not at home.

What else do I want! I pushed him hard and bolted the door from inside. I dropped my veil at the door itself.

Me – Who has come to meet your bitch? I have come to love you, uncle. See how every limb of my body needs Asif uncle. Since you have fondled me that day, I am in heat. Come and cool me off, love me, uncle, kiss me, suck me, do whatever you want. If you want, fuck me also. I am ready to take your cock inside me.

I could see an expression of shock on his face. He was shocked to see me nude. But I had gone to him to enjoy his cock. He was not ready for me. I pushed him onto the sofa. Though he tried a lot to resist me, I tore open his lungi. I pulled the elastic of his underwear. That also gave way. Similarly, I tore off his banian.

I made him nude, but I got disappointed to see his cock. It was limped and very loose. It was very disgusting to see such a loose cock. Still, I turned him over in a 69 position. I rubbed my hairy pubic area on his face and pulled cock into my mouth.

He began abusing and scolding me.

Uncle – This is very dirty. Our community does not permit such a thing. Cock is not to be taken by mouth. I will tell Imran. He will break your marriage. I will complain against you to our priest (Kazi). You would be publicly stoned to death. Your family would be debarred from the community. Nafisa, don’t do this. Sucking cock is a great sin. Don’t do this.

But I did not give any attention to his words. I continued sucking cock. Simultaneously I caressed his balls and inner thighs. He kept on abusing me. He called me by all types of adjectives, bitch, slut, fucking lady, randi, prostitute etc. etc. But I did not stop.

Though mentally he did not respond, his cock started responding to my action. I sucked cock like I had seen my mother sucking cock of Pramod. After about fifteen minutes of vigorous blowjob, cock started to tighten. In another 5 minutes, my mouth became smaller for that cock.

Now the feel of a long, thick and tight cock gave tremendous mental and physical pleasure. I kept trying to keep the entire length of cock in my mouth. Many times tip of cock got trapped in the throat. When I was feeling choked, I was pushing cock out.

But soon after, I was trying to keep the entire length of cock in my mouth. Besides the pleasure of sucking my uncle’s cock, I had a fantastic sense of satisfaction. But this pleasure and satisfaction were short-lived. Cock remained tight in my mouth for hardly 1-2 minutes.

Cock began to throw a spray of cum inside my mouth. Hot drops of cum started falling inside my mouth, and the heat of excitement cooled off completely. I enjoyed the feel of hot drops falling inside my mouth.

I did not let cock go out of my mouth. I tightened it with my lips. Only after the cock loosened did I let it slip out of my mouth. I stood up and opened my mouth fully in front of him. I could feel layers of some sticky material in my mouth. I did not know whether my mother was swallowing cum of Pramod or not.

I began to chew and swallow. Though it was the first such experience, I enjoyed swallowing cum. I thought of swallowing cum of all my sex partners. I swallowed cum, and I kissed my uncle’s lips after that.

Me: Thank you, uncle. Thanks a lot for allowing me to suck your cock. I enjoyed this. But you missed a great opportunity of becoming the first man to suck honey of my cunt.

I kissed his lips again, and then I threatened him.

Me – If you tell a single word about this sexual relationship to anyone, I will tell aunty and others that you wanted to fuck me. Since I refused to fuck he started to defame me. I will also tell Lala Pramod about you. You know very well how that rich man likes our family.

Me – So, it would be better for you to keep this sexual relationship between us a sweet secret. But don’t feel bad, whenever you want, you can freely enjoy my beauty, you can fuck me also. But don’t even think of defaming me.

He remained quiet and watched me put on a veil. I returned home well within one and half hours. I was very happy. That night after dinner, I chatted with family members.

Me – Ammi, do different communities have different rules for sex?

Hearing me talking about sex, my brother and father went inside a room. Mother explained to me, and finally, she said what I wanted to hear.

Mother – Nafisa, except kiss, all other types of oral sex are considered a sin in our community, but I enjoy sucking cock. Your father is still not comfortable with this action. But he let me suck his cock. Whose cock do you wish to suck?

Me – Cock of your friend Pramod Lala.

Leaving her shocked, I smilingly walked into my room.

A few days passed. No one charged me about the so-called sin I committed. It was Wednesday evening. My parents and my brothers had gone to the main city market. They were not supposed to return before 9 at night. I was alone at home.

It was around 7 in the evening. On hearing a knock, I opened the door. It was our washerman Birju. He asked for clothes to be given for washing. I told him that I would have to find such clothes. Then he said something in such a tone that I got wet to the core.

He said in Hindi, which meant, “ You remove clothes. I will take them after ten minutes.”

I looked at him keenly. He was a young man of 24-25 years of age. Though his face was very ordinary, he had a strong and muscular figure. He looked a much better man than Asif uncle and Pramod Lala. I nodded, and he went away. I just pushed the door. I thought a bit and decided to make fun of him.

I wanted to see him embarrassed. As he said, he returned after ten minutes or so. I heard a knock, but I did not get up to open the door. As I wished, he opened the door but swiftly pushed the door shut behind him. He stammered.

Birju – Why are you sitting like this? This is not good. Put on your clothes.

I was seated nude on a chair. I have widened my thighs as much as I could. My full frontal nudity was in front of him.

Me – You only told me to be like this. You told me to remove my clothes, so I did. You also said that in return, you would take me. I did what you told me to do, and now it is your turn.

He kept staring at me for a couple of minutes. But he was not at all embarrassed seeing me nude. I did not change position. He kept the bundle of clothes he was carrying down and bolted the door from inside. Seeing this, my heartbeat became faster. But still, I did not change position.

I was preparing my mind and body to get fucked by him. I watched him. He pulled off his kurta. He did not have any underclothes. I liked his wide and strong-looking chest. His upper arms were also thick and muscular. He unfolded his dhoti and let that fall to the ground.

Now he has only homemade cotton underwear. What a strong looking thighs he had! Now I badly wanted this man to fuck me. Though my marriage was only 9 days away, I was prepared to lose my virginity to this strong-looking man.

His last piece of clothes fell on his feet. I tried my best to control my excitement, but I could not. I whispered, “Oh my God, what a nice cock!”

Till then, I had liked Pramod’s cock most. But cock of this man, our washerman, was at least one inch longer and also thicker than Pramod’s cock. I liked to watch this cock. He walked towards me.

Me – Birju, you have seen me nude. I also saw you nude. So we are even now. Get dressed and go out. My parents may come anytime.

But he has some other idea. He kept walking toward me.

Birju – You slut, now whether your parents come or some governer come, I am not going out of this house without making you the mother of my child.

He came to me. Just for protest, I resisted, but he was too strong for me. He lifted me like a sack. My breasts were pressing on his wide shoulder. He walked towards my bedroom. On the way, he kept squeezing my hips.

Birju – Had I known that this beautiful, innocent-looking girl is a prostitute, I would have made you the mother of my two children. You don’t know how my cock is eager to enter your vagina. After fucking with me, you will forget the cock of Pramod Lala.

Birju – So far, I thought he was fucking your mother. But I was wrong. Why a rich man will throw money on a mother of five children. He certainly is visiting this house only to fuck you.

He put me on my bed. He did not give me any opportunity. He positioned himself between my legs. He pushed me both legs wide apart. I was mentally and physically ready to take that monster cock inside my cunt. I cried aloud, “Oh, my God, it’s too painful.”

He had given a very hard and powerful thrust. I could feel that a thick and very tight rubber rod had entered my body. Immediately after his first stroke, my body became stiff, but he did not stop. He gave another three very hard and powerful thrusts.

Then he stopped. Holding my shoulder with one hand, he began caressing my breasts. He kissed my cheeks, lips and eyes. My eyes were full of tears. Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Birju – Nafisa, why did you put me in great sin. I have liked you for a long. I will not lie. Every time I see you, I want to hold you in my arms and love you. But I never dreamed that my dream girl would give her virginity to me. Your marriage is just a few days away. Instead of waiting for your husband to love you, you tempted me to fuck you.

I liked when he said he had wanted to fuck me for a long time. Though it was very painful, I liked the feel of about a 3-inch thick rod inside my body. I tried to smile.

Me – Birju, now complete the work you started. I do not want to forget my first sex. Fuck me, make me your real slut.

He smiled and kissed my body, my limbs where he could. And then he again started banging me. The difference between his first four thrusts and the thrust he started giving afterwards was clear. I did not feel any love and affection in his first four thrusts.

But now, every thrust of Birju was full of love and affection. All along, he pumped me. Both hands kept caressing my body. While fucking me, he repeatedly kissed my lips, cheeks and nipples.

After about ten minutes, I also started to enjoy my first sex. I would not have expected anything better than that. A strong young man was taking my virginity. And the man said that he wanted to love me for quite some time.

I could not stop my excitement and moans. I could see a smile and a sense of satisfaction on his face.

Birju – Nafisa, besides my wife Indu, you are my second girl. But you are the first virgin girl whom I love.

I smiled, hearing him. I tried to take him into my grip of hands and thighs. But I was like a goat in front of a wolf.

Me – Was Indu bhabhi not a virgin?

Birju – No, she was not. She told me that she had to fuck with three men before marriage.

I got surprised to hear him. Birju said that Indu’s father himself got his daughter fucked by three government officials for getting civil contracts.

Birju – But, Nafisa, I would not have got a wife better than Indu, except that she was not a virgin. I love her a lot.

I jerked my waist and hipped up.

Me – You love her so much, and no one can be better than her. So why are you fucking me?

Birju was giving me pleasure, which I wanted from any man. He was making me very happy.

Birju – Nafisa darling, I am not fucking you. I am making love to the girl who had been my only dream girl for a long. You may not believe me, but God knows how I was praying to let me love you like this. I certainly love Indu, but I love you much more than her.

His physical action gave me both mental and physical satisfaction. But his loving words made me fall in love with him.

Me – Birju, I also love you a lot. I am ready to marry you. Marry me, Birju.

He stopped giving thrust, and for a few minutes, we kissed each other passionately. I did not know how much time had passed. Suddenly the speed of his pumping cock in my vagina increased, and soon his cock began to spray thick cum inside me.

Again every drop of hot cum kept cooling my excitement. Not only do I feel extremely satisfied. I felt very light. It seemed to me that I was flying in the sky. Later on, I realised that I had an orgasm during my first intercourse. We both cooled down and again kissed each other passionately.

Birju – Nafisa, please don’t be angry for my bad words and for treating you roughly at the beginning

I crossed my arms and thighs around him. I tried to tighten him with my full strength.

Me – I will forgive you for your bad words and ill-treatment only if you promise to fuck this slut every day at least once.

He did not reply. He smilingly pulled himself away.

Birju – Bitch, look at the time. It is 8.45. Indu has never taken me more than 20 minutes. But you bitch crossed all limits. It was your first sex; still, you absorbed me for more than an hour.

He got down from the bed. He shouted, “Look how much you bleed!”

I also got down from the bed. I smiled to see many dark spots around the bedsheet and, surprisingly, on the pillow cover. I hugged him tightly.

Me – Thanks a lot, Birju, for making me a woman. But I am not satisfied. I want more of it.

I held cock. But he pushed me away. He picked up his clothes and began putting those on.

Birju – Nafisa, I consider myself very fortunate that I could cherish your beauty and love you. I also want that our relationship should never end. But presently, there is no time for the second round of love.

After he dressed, he sat in front of me and kissed cunt lips. I pressed his head on my pubic area. And Birju gave me a new kind of pleasure. He sucked clit, sucked cunt lips and chewed it for a few minutes. I wanted more, but he got up. He took me into his stronghold.

Birju – I know that I love you more than anything. But, if you also love me, God will create opportunities for us to be together again. I love you, my dear.

He pulled off the bedsheet and pillow cover. All these had blood spots. He picked up his bundle without speaking anything more and went out of my house. I bolted the door from inside. After he left, I felt tired.

I made a glass of Roohafza and drank it. I took out a fresh bed sheet and pillow covers. I arranged the bed. Then I went to the kitchen. Though my mother has cooked mutton curry, I saw that there was no roti or paratha. Remaining nude, I prepared paratha. Then I dressed up like before.

I was worried. My parents and brothers returned at about ten. Before asking anything, my father said that they got trapped for two hours in a heavy traffic jam. I thanked my luck. During those two hours, I had the best experience in life till then.

Neither had any shame nor repented for my sex with our washerman. I wanted him more. After dinner, both my brothers came to my room to sleep. I requested them.

Me – Bhai, now your sister will get married soon, so I think it is better if you let me sleep alone.

Aamir – Are you expecting Imran bhai jaan or Pramod Lala?

Before I could slap him, both ran out of the room. Like washerman, my brother also thought that Pramod Lala was fucking me. But I wanted Birju.

I bolted the door and prayed to God to send Birju to me. I don’t know when, but I slept. I woke up after a hearing knock on the window of my room. I heard someone calling my name. I looked outside the window. Birju was standing there.

Birju – Open the main door.

I nodded and came out. I became sad to see both my brothers sleeping there. Still, I dared. I tried not to make any sound. I opened the door. He came in and hugged me tightly. I bolted the door behind me. This time he did not lift me like a sack. He lifted me in his arms. He kept kissing me all around.

It was past midnight. He remained with me till 5 in the morning. Besides having two rounds of satisfying intercourse, I gave him a long blowjob. He did not abuse or scold as Asif did. He enjoyed and became very pleased seeing me swallowing his cum. He also licked and sucked my cunt for quite a long time.

He did not promise, but he was also with me next two nights. Besides a nice two round fuck every night, we also had very satisfying oral sex. Every night I swallowed his cum. While he was leaving me on Saturday early morning, I requested that he bring his wife.

Me — Birju, now I want to fuck with you with full knowledge of Indu bhabhi. I want you to fuck us both on the same bed.

Without saying anything, he went out. I bolted the door and returned to my bed. I pulled a sheet over my body. Soon my brother Aamir entered my room.

Aamir – Since when you are fucking with Birju?

Instead of replying, I pushed the sheet off my body. He cherished my nudity for a couple of minutes and went out, pulling the door of my room shut.

My heart said that my 18-year-old brother was going to fuck me soon.

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