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My Experiments With Sex – Part 5 (Getting paid for sex)

I am Nafisa, back with my 5th part of ‘My Experiments With Sex.’

Till then, I enjoyed real sex only with Birju and my younger brother Aamir. Besides, I enjoyed sucking cock of Asif uncle. Like I swallowed Asif’s cum I swallowed cum of Birju also. Indu saw me swallowing Birju’s cum.

In the last part, you also read that Indu fucked with Aamir in my presence. Both enjoyed it a lot. They liked each other.

Now read what happened next.

After a threesome with Birju and Indu, we returned home. Mother scolded me a lot, but Aamir supported me. He said that Indu insisted they stay.

Aamir – Indu bhabhi is a fantastic lady. I wish for a wife exactly like her. In fact, I want to marry her.

Time passed. After dinner, we, four ladies of the house, chatted in my room. My mother informed me that Pramod Lala had come with his son Vinod while I was away. They took stock of arrangements made for marriage. Since we can’t accommodate more guests, he has booked a guest house.

Ammi – Nafisa, since he is doing so much for you, I want you to say thanks to him. He has promised that he will not penetrate you but wants to feel you. He wants to see your beautiful body.

Like Asif uncle, he also wants to fondle my nudity. I decided to suck his cock in the presence of my mother.

Najma – Your lover likes Nafisa a lot. That’s why he is spending so much.

Najma is elder to me, and Shahin is the eldest sister.

Me – I will go, but you will have to be with us in the room. If left alone, I would not be able to resist if he penetrated me.

Shahin – Bitch, do you want ammi to see him fondling you?

Me – What’s wrong? Ammi has seen us both nude. Ammi, please tell us about how he loves you. Whether he just penetrate or enjoy oral also? My friend Prema says that her husband loves oral a lot, and she also enjoys it.

Initially, she hesitated, but then she told us about her love story with Pramod. Theirs was another typical case of love at first sight. They fucked first over twelve years ago, and it became a regular affair.

Because of her lover only, we could shift from a shabby area to a nice locality. Our father permitted her to have sexual affairs with Pramod Lala.

Shahin – When, where and how did both of you do sex?

Ammi was in a mood to talk about her long sexual relationship with Pramod Lala.

Ammi – Till six months back, I was only going to him for fuck. It used to be always in the daytime. Then he desired to love me in our house at night. He kept insisting, and finally, I fulfilled his desire. He started visiting me at night. We do sex sometime in either of the bedroom and other times in the store.

Me – Last week, I saw both of you in action. Sisters, you can’t believe it unless you see it yourself. What a cock uncle has! At least 8 inches long and thicker than my wrist. I have heard that cunt can take any size of cock. But I was amazingly shocked to see ammi sucking that thick cock comfortably. How could you suck such a thick cock, ammi?

Now ammi was free with us.

Ammi – Bitch (me), you should have joined us. All along, he was with me. He kept talking about you only. Be ready. I will take you to him tomorrow.

Me – No, ammi, not tomorrow. Prema and other few friends have arranged a party for me tomorrow afternoon. Don’t worry at all. Aamir will be with me all the time. Keep my date with your lover on the day after tomorrow. But, please peruse him to make my sisters pregnant.

Shahin – If Nafisa liked his cock then we both will also like him. More than getting fucked I look forward to sucking that thick cock.

Najma — It is over a year, and I have not seen any new cock. I will fuck with him.

Ammi concluded the topic.

Ammi – Let that lucky dog taste cunt of a mother and her three daughters on the same day.

Me – Let us all enjoy ourselves together with him!

They went out, leaving me alone in the room. Such a long sex talk had aroused me a lot. I wanted a cock, and the only cock available was that of my brother Aamir.

Allah has heard me. I was undressing, and Aamir hugged me from behind.

Me – Uff Aamir, I was getting undressed only for you. Come, love your sister. Fuck your sister mercilessly.

He bolted the door from inside. While undressing, he abused my mother and sisters.

Aamir – Instead of fucking with their husbands, what those bitches were doing with you? Sister, are you angry that I fucked someone else.

I hugged him tightly and pulled him upon me.

Me – Not at all, my darling brother. Your sister is very happy with your manliness. Last night you satisfied your sister and made that hot lady happy today. I want you to show your manliness to your other sisters and to that whore of Pramod Lala, our mother. I want you to make one another beautiful lady, your woman like you did today with Indu.

Aamir was caressing my body. Simultaneously he was rubbing his cock on my cunt.

Aamir – Whom you want me to fuck?

Me – Not only fuck, but I also want you to seduce Niloffar aunty (wife of Asif uncle). You know, not Birju but that bastard, mother fucker Asif uncle exploited your sweet sister. I wanted to marry Imran. I learned that our Asif uncle is a very good friend of Imran. I told him to convince Imran to marry me.

Me – He agreed to do so, but in return, he wanted to fuck me. I don’t know why I liked Imran so much. I agreed to the terms of Asif. I agreed to show him my nudity. But he took my promise that after Imran fucks me, I will fuck with him. Since I wanted to marry badly, I agreed to his condition.

Me – About a month back, he visited me, and on this bed itself, he undressed me. He also became nude. Besides fondling my nudity, he forced me to suck his cock. I am feeling so ashamed to tell you. He forced me to swallow his cum. (I lied.)

I told everything in such a desperate tone that Aamir believed that Asif uncle took undue advantage of the situation.

Aamir – Aapa, I will certainly tame Niloffar aunty soon. I will fuck her. I will make her suck and swallow my cum in his presence. I will make that bastard suck my cock. Just wait and watch.

He kissed me passionately. Like Birju, he also enjoyed orals a lot. We had the first round of sex in a straight missionary pose. After that, we enjoyed oral. I was on top of him in the 69 position. All along, he licked and sucked outer and inner parts of my cunt. I kept sucking his cock.

Once cock regained its full hardness, he fucked me from behind. When I felt he was reaching the final stage, I told him to pull out cock. He obeyed me. I turned around. Like I gave treatment to Birju’s cock, I licked the entire periphery of the cock, and it began to spray cum.

Like before, each falling drop of cum on my tongue began cooling me off. I collected all cum inside my mouth. Soon cock came out of my mouth. I opened my mouth fully. It seemed that my little brother would have a heart attack. His fair colour turned pale.

He kept whispering, “Aapa, you will fall sick. You may die.

But I continued to swallow, and finally, my mouth became dry.

Me – Brother, don’t get surprised. It is not the first time I have done this. This was my 7th dose of the tastiest cream. I must say your cream is much tastier than the cream of Birju.

Aamir – Though I saw it myself still, I can’t believe that anyone can eat waste released from cock.

Me – Dear, that’s is not a waste. Those few drops are the greatest vitalisers for any woman. Now rest for some time with me and start working on the jobs I assigned you. Hug me tightly and sleep.

He hugged me tightly. I don’t know when he slept, but I slept immediately after closing my eyes. When I woke up in the morning, Aamir was not with me. But I was nude. I put on a dress and came out.

At lunch, Aamir reminded me we should not be late for the party. At 1.30, both of us came out of the house. No one else knew. At a gap of every hour, I applied that special cream four times inside the walls of cunt and also on the opening.

As usual, I was wearing a veil. My face was also covered. No-one stopped or questioned us on the way. We reached our destination a few minutes before two of the afternoon.

Vinod, the eldest son of Pramod Lala, was waiting for us. I had seen him before also but never paid any attention to him. I looked at him keenly.

Vinod was a little shorter than Aamir. But his personality was better. He was around 25 years old. As per my knowledge, he was still a bachelor. I was scrutinising him, but Aamir disturbed my attention.

Aamir – Vinod, you know how difficult it is for Aapa to remain out for long. So please do whatever you want with her and release her early. She confirmed that she is still a virgin, so please pay what you promised.

Vinod – Come, we will talk inside the room.

We followed him. It was a luxurious AC room. He bolted the door from inside. I looked around. I saw eatables and drinks kept on a table.

Vinod – If you are nervous, please have a drink. Aamir, you can also help yourself.

Me – No, I am not nervous, but as my brother said, we must go early. If you liked me so much, you could have called me earlier.

Vinod – I wanted to, but I thought my father was your lover, so I did not call you. Two days ago, when Aamir said that my father had not slept with you, then I decided to try my luck

Me – It seems that you have already slept with others. It does not matter. I was not interested in having sex before marriage. But when Aamir told me about your offer, I could not resist the temptation. Three lakhs is a very big amount for us.

Vinod – But only if you are a virgin!

Though I was talking boldly, I was very nervous. Aamir took my hand in his hand and pressed. I took a few deep breaths and prayed. I threw my veil. I was wearing a salwar and kurta.

Me – Then why are you wasting time? Test for yourself whether I am worth three lakhs or thirty thousand. Should I undress you?

But Vinod was more than eager to fuck me. He hugged me tightly. He kissed me a few times.

Vinod – Whether you are a virgin or not, you are my girl.

Me – I may fuck with you once or twice, but I can’t be kept of anyone.

I tried to free myself from his clutch, but his hold was strong. I resisted meekly, but he undressed me. I put one hand on cunt.

Me – Vinod, you are a very bad man. Why do you undress me in front of my brother? Aamir, please go out.

But Aamir acted boldly. He came to me and pulled my hand away from my cunt.

Aamir – Thanks, my friend, for giving me the opportunity to have a look at such a beautiful lady.

Vinod smiled back at him, and he undressed. He was standing nude in front of me. I liked his personality and, of course, his cock at first sight.

Vinod – Yes, Aamir. I am seeing you all growing since my childhood. Though your other two sisters and your mother are beautiful, they are nothing compared to this beautiful Angel. Darling, show me how you will love and satisfy Imran.

Me – It is my first time. I never discussed sex either with my sisters or friends. I do not know what any lady does with her husband.

I was looking at Vinod, but his attention was on Aamir also.

Vinod — Aamir, why are you troubling your cock. We both are already nude. Besides, Nafisa is your elder sister. You can always undress in front of your elder sister. Don’t feel ashamed. I know very well that no one can control in front of such a beautiful girl. See the condition of my cock! It has never tightened like this before.

Vinod said what Aamir wanted to hear. I wanted to fondle cock of my brother in the presence of his friend.

Aamir – Vinod, let me confess, earlier, I never paid attention to my sisters. The girl whom I liked most was your younger sister Ritu. I don’t want to fuck her once, but I dream of spending my entire life with Ritu. But I am fully aware that Ritu is like a moon to me. I can see her and cherish her beauty, but I can’t touch Ritu.

Aamir – Forget Ritu, talk of Nafisa. Though we stayed together in the house, I never paid attention to her beauty. In fact, for me, Ritu is more beautiful than Nafisa. But Vinod, I was grossly wrong. After seeing her nude now, I cursed God for why he made Nafisa my sister.

Aamir – Uff Vinod, how are you controlling yourself. Had I been rich like you, I would have purchased Nafisa. I would have been fucking her daily. Girls of our community don’t suck cock. But I want a beautiful girl should suck my cock and drink all which comes out of cock. Vinod, the condition of my cock is very bad. If I didn’t let it free, I would die. So, you do whatever you want to do with Nafisa. I am going out.

I never knew that my younger brother was so shrewd.

Vinod – No, no need to go out. Undress and cherish the beauty of your sister. And let me tell you. We are very rich, so the women of our house would not fuck with anyone for money. If you can seduce and convince Ritu to fuck with you, I don’t have any problem. But first, do what I say. Remove your clothes.

Aamir obeyed. He became nude, and I became happy to see his cock. It was also throbbing like cock of Vinod. Vinod’s cock was longer as well as thicker than cock of Aamir

Vinod – Now your cock is free. Lift your sister in your arms and bring her onto the bed.

I looked at Aamir and signalled to do what Vinod said with my eyes. Aamir bent a little and lifted me in his arms. He walked and put me on the bed.

A brother lifting his nude sister, Aamir’s action must have aroused Vinod greatly. He came over to me. He positioned his cock on the entry hole of cunt. He grabbed both my breasts.

Vinod – Aamir, I always liked you. I liked that Nafisa also did not stop you when he lifted you. Don’t feel shy. You can also caress the beauty of your sister.

Me – And you will tell everyone that we brother and sisters fuck each other. We fucked in your presence. You want to defame us.

Vinod kissed my cheeks and lips. Simultaneously he kept pressing his cock on my cunt. But the lips of cunt remain tight. Though Vinod’s cunt was knocking my cunt I commented on Aamir.

Me – Brother, I thought you were still a boy, but you have such a nice cock. Undoubtedly, your friend’s cock is longer and thicker than yours, but honestly, your cock is also very nice. I certainly would have fucked with you if I had not been your sister.

Vinod – After all, Aamir is also a young man. With you around, no one can control himself. Let Aamir fondle you.

I shouted, “ No, Never.”

Vinod kept giving pressure, but his cock could not open my cunt. Simultaneously he kept on requesting me to allow Aamir to fondle my nudity. I was not agreeing. Then he gave another offer.

Vinod – Nafisa, I thought that you had been fucked before. I doubted that my father was fucking you. That’s why he is spending so much money on you. But my God, you are a virgin.

Hearing him, I winked at Aamir, and he smiled back at me.

Vinod – I am really lucky to have an opportunity to take your virginity. You will get your three lakhs as I promised. Besides, I will give you another one lakh if you let your brother also fuck on this bed.

Me — Vinod, you are tempting me. Rs one lakh is also a big amount for me. Both of you promise that no one else would ever know that brother fucked his sister.

Both promised. I warned them.

Me – If anyone says that I fucked with my brother, believe me, I will commit suicide, leaving a note that ‘Vinod has forced me to fuck with Aamir.’ Both of you will go to jail.

After that, Aamir began caressing me. Vinod started giving a hard push. After the third hard thrust cock entered my cunt, I felt a terrible pain.

“ No, no, it is very painful. I don’t want any money. Let me go. “

Aamir thought that I was pretending. He kept my upper thighs pressed with both hands, and Vinod gave one after one hard thrust.

Aamir – Vinod, see blood is coming out of the cunt.

I could see the expression of shock on Aamir’s face. Vinod kissed my cheeks and lips.

Vinod – It happens with virgin girls. Don’t worry. She will enjoy it after some time.

The first ten minutes were very painful, but the pain began to subside. Real sexual pleasure took over the pain. I began to moan, and Vinod’s speed increased. He certainly has good stamina. He fucked me for about 25 minutes. He discharged cum inside cunt.

We both got cooled off. We hugged each other and kissed passionately. Both fondled me for some time. After that, my brother fucked me straight. All along, he fucked me. Vinod kept me fondling.

After about 20 minutes, Aamir was also discharged inside cunt only. After he pulled cock out, I took one cock in each hand.

Me – Both of you have made me very happy. Aamir, you are also very good, but Vinod was fantastic. Vinod, did any of your girls ever suck and swallow your cum?

Vinod – Almost all girls suck my cock. But I never even heard that any female eats cum of a man. Will you do that?

I tried to bring a sense of shyness and nervousness to my face. Looking down, I said, “Last month, one of our relatives returned from Kenya. She said that the value of women who swallow cum is maximum. One of her customers gave her over eleven lakhs for doing so. She said she initially didn’t like the taste but later enjoyed it. She also said that her customer enjoyed that more than the fuck. I want to try if someone also pays me a good amount.”

Vinod pulled me on his lap.

Vinod – I can’t pay that much, but for experience’s sake, I will let you do that. I can pay an additional one lakh.

I thought earning Rs 4 lakhs in two hours was much more than I deserved.

Me — OK, I will also do it for experience’s sake only.

I got down from his lap. I parted his legs wide. I took position between his legs. Cock was very loose. I sat in frog position on my knees. Aamir came behind me. He pulled my hips up.

Me – Vinod, keep squeezing my breasts.

He began squeezing my breasts. Aamir took position behind me. He began licking cunt area. I took his loose cock of Vinod in my mouth. I began sucking it. Along with sucking, I kept pushing the length of cock inside my mouth.

Vinod’s cock began to tighten inside my mouth. Aamir began rubbing the tip of cock on cunt slit. I knew his intention. A few more minutes passed. Aamir gave a hard push, and cock began to slide inside my cunt. Vinod saw that, but he was engrossed in pleasure with what he was getting from me.

Vinod – Aamir, your sister knows magic. First, she mesmerised me with her beauty and then I enjoyed breaking her virginity. And now, she is giving me pleasure which I never experienced before. Oh, Nafisa, it is so good.

The speed of Aamir’s banging in my cunt increased. I also increased the speed of blowing Vinod’s cock. And after a few minutes, both cock started spraying cum at their respective places. I got cooled off completely.

First, Aamir pulled his cock off my cunt. Vinod’s cock limped and came out of my mouth. Aamir also came and sat beside Vinod. I smiled. I held both cocks and began fisting.

Vinod – I never knew that watching your girl getting fucked by others is so enjoyable. I enjoyed the way both of you fucked.

I opened my mouth wide. Seeing a thick layer of cum on my tongue, Vinod’s mouth also widened. Then I swallowed every drop. It took some time for Vinod to come to his senses.

Vinod – My God, how could you do that? Nafisa, you deserve much more than what I am giving you.

In another 15 minutes, we freshened and got ready. We came out carrying five lakhs cash.

While returning home,

Aamir – Aapa, How could you regain your virginity?

Me – Don’t worry, dear, your brother-in-law Imran will also get a virgin wife. Till then, keep fucking this sister as much you can

Another experiment in the next part.

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