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My Hot Virgin Cousin Twinkle Fucked At Wedding

Hello readers, this is Hitesh and as I told you last time, I would share another experience with my cousin Rajvee and cousin Twinkle who is Indo-American.

Let me tell you something about myself first. I have a normal athletic built body and have a quite huge penis of 6-inch. My cousin Rajvee is a chubby one with a figure of 36-28-34. She has those huge boobies which I love the most. Twinkle is different, she is a fitness model and having a figure of 38-28-36 with a cup size of 40D which is way too much to turn on any man.

The story starts at a marriage function. One of my eldest cousin sisters was getting married so all of the cousins were having a get-together. We all were excited to meet each other. But Rajvee wasn’t happy to see me as I had been fucking her BFF Nikki more than her.

All the guests were going to stay in a bungalow so we decided that all the cousins will stay on the 1st floor and the elders on the ground floor. Our whole family got there 2 days before the wedding so we could enjoy our get-together too with the wedding.

All the guests were at the site and meeting each other when I went to Rajvee. She turned around and headed for the bungalow to the 1st floor and I followed her.

At the stairs-landing, I grabbed her hand. She tried to whip her hand out but I turned her around and kissed her and pressed her boobs over the dress she was wearing. I pushed my cousin to the wall and we were kissing each other.

While kissing, she pushed me back and said, “Not this time” and we heard a voice saying, “Hi!”

We both were a little scared and it was Twinkle. We relaxed a bit cause she wasn’t even aware of her cousins as she never met any. We introduced each other and I was totally down as she was already exercising in her suit.

Soon, everyone came upstairs to see the rooms. I saw the washroom which was so huge that a double bed would fit in. So I called Rajvee and showed it to her. I told her that many positions we can try here. She replied that she knew that I was fucking her BFF more than her and she didn’t want that to happen anymore and I said, “Okay then.”

She came to me and kissed me. The door was half open and I saw someone outside watching us. So I opened the door and it was my other cousin Twinkle asking for the washroom vacancy.

I invited her in and said, “The place is all yours, we both are out of here.”

As we were all together, I didn’t know how these 2 days passed and we both didn’t get time to enjoy each other’s company. It was the wedding day and I was already craving for that pussy.

The wedding was at night at an open ground near to our bungalow. It was 2 pm and everyone was asleep. So I got to Rajvee’s room and closed the door. She was sleeping wearing a loose top and tight leggings. She was sleeping on her left side of the body and I got beside her naked, touching my penis to her ass.

I took my hand under my sleeping cousin’s top to press her boobs and kissed her on the neck. She held my penis and started stroking it. So I took my hand to her pussy inside her leggings. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

I started fingering my cousin. She turned toward me and told me that she knew I would come so she was ready for everything. Just after that, I took her leggings off, slapped my fully hard penis on her clit, and pushed myself in. It was really so warm inside her.

I started stroking on my cousin. We both were breathing heavily and wanted hardcore sex. I bent on her, removing her top and making her naked. I pressed my cousin’s boobs. I was stroking her so hard that her breasts were humping. And in just 2 minutes, I came inside her.

She said that it was too early this time and I replied that it was after so much time. So we decided to do it again in the evening when everyone would be busy with the marriage.

Later all guests started getting ready for the function. I wanted to see Rajvee while she wore her dress. So I got dressed and headed to her room. I saw her with Twinkle and both were getting ready and were wearing just inner clothes.

Twinkle was looking so hot that if Rajvee hadn’t been there, I would have already started feeling her body on mine.

Twinkle was okay with me being in that room so I stayed and helped both girls to wear their dresses. Rajvee was wearing a saree and Twinkle was wearing a palazzo and a half-length gown. Every guest was at the marriage venue and I was getting hard by just thinking of things I saw in that room.

So I called Rajvee and said that I was waiting upstairs. She had to do some work with the bride. So she informed me she might come late.

Then I saw Twinkle in a room, setting up her dress. I saw that her nipples were visible and she caught me there again. I got back on my way upstairs. I took 1 Viagra pill and was ready for a hardcore one.

As I took the pill, my hottest cousin Twinkle knocked at the door and asked me if I was okay. I replied that I was fine. Then she asked about the pill and I said it was just for headache and nothing much.

It was 7.45 pm. So I asked her why she was here and she said she wanted to use the restroom. Between that whole conversation, I was continually staring at my hot cousin’s fully hard nipples. She got inside the restroom. I was getting harder and hornier and couldn’t control myself. I got near the restroom door to see her. The door was open.

I sneaked in and saw my sexy cousin’s tight ass from the side. Suddenly, I entered the restroom, held her waist from the back where my fully hard 6-inch penis was touching her tight ass! I started kissing on the right side of her neck. She was startled and asked me what I was doing.

I kept kissing her more than 5 times and she was hesitating. So I took my hands from her waist to her boobs and she gave out a loud moan! My cousin hottie started feeling my boner now!!

Slowly, I took my hands inside her gown to her boobs and I was kissing her left side of the neck. She was breathing heavily. We both were so aroused at that moment that she turned around and took off her gown and started giving me a french kiss while touching my penis.

While kissing, she got my pants off and started sucking my tool by keeping her finger on my lips. She was doing it so amazingly.

I took her fingers in my mouth and was licking them. My hot cousin was blowing me out, half-naked! For nearly 6 minutes, we did it in the washroom.

Then I lifted her and gave her 3 to 4 smooches and took her to the bed. I threw her on the bed and got on her, licking her face and her pumped-up boobs. She was giving me a hand-job at that time.

We both looked at each other. Twinkle then took her palazzo off and she was totally naked. I asked her about the inners that I saw her in while getting ready. She didn’t reply and pushed my head to her pussy.

I licked my horny cousin’s pussy and got my tongue so much inside her that she started screaming. The marriage music was a little loud or otherwise, people would have gathered around.

I licked her for nearly 22 minutes and my penis was craving for her pussy. So I stopped and put my penis on her pussy lips. I slapped both sides of her face to have hardcore. I pushed in but I couldn’t. So I tried again and again and after 14 to 16 strokes, I got inside her fully.

After every stroke, my hot cousin sister screamed and cried out a little. I fucked her on the bed for nearly three minutes. Later, I got her legs on my shoulder and took her in my arms, and pushed her to the wall.

We were kissing and she was humping on my penis. She spoke in between that she saw every time I was with Rajvee and from the day she saw us kissing and having sex, she decided to lose her virginity to me. I stopped and asked, “So, you are a virgin?” That really aroused me to fuck her as much as I can.

And I told her, “It is not ‘sex’. I and Rajvee call it, fucking each other.”

Twinkle then said, “Please FUCK me too!”

I got her down and brought her to the bed. I laid her down and placed her right leg on my shoulder and pushed my penis into her. My virgin cousin shouted saying it was so hard. I told her that it was because she was a virgin.

I was ramming my hot cousin girl hard and slapping her boobs and squeezing them. I did it for the next 15 minutes. Then I lied down and she sat on my penis and leaned on me and kissed me. I was fucking her and widening her ass cheeks. Suddenly, I came inside my hot cousin.

I sucked her boobs and we lay on the bed for the next 10 minutes. After that, I told her, “Let me now fuck the non-virgin Twinkle.”

She held my penis stroked it several times and put it in her. I fucked her harder and came inside her again.

We then had a shower together and got back to the marriage venue by 9. That night, I fucked Twinkle more than 2 times. We both didn’t sleep that night.

After 3 months, she gave me a call and said that she was pregnant and she had taken care of it. She also told me that the next time she will bring my friends too but we never met again till day.

On the next day of the marriage, Rajvee was ready to blow me but I wasn’t getting a boner!

I hope you guys like the description of my whole incident and for any feedback, use the comment section.

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