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My Mom Became My Motivation

Hello friends, Aryan (21 years old) here. This is a real incident that changed my life forever. It happened between my mom and me.

My mother’s name is Neelima, she’s 47 but damn hot due to her regular yoga session. Her figure is 34-36-38. She has a white complexion and has an ordinary dressing sense like a housewife.

My dad works in a government school so he gets transferred regularly. Therefore he visits us twice a month only.

This incident took place when I was pursuing my engineering. During online sessions, I was just chilling with games and porn which got me two subject backlogs. When I told my mom, she was worried. We were not eating properly since 2 days due to this.

As my cousin’s wedding was near, we thought of having a start after this wedding. The destination was 32 hours journey from my city. As my dad was busy, I and mom went there.

We packed bags of luggage, one consisting of food and a few of my clothes and my mom’s lingerie, and the other consisting of my sherwani and her sarees. We booked our train 2 days ago only and due to that, our berth seats were confirmed in a non-ac compartment.

When we reached the railway station to board our train, we realized that we forgot one of our bags at home. The train was about to leave, so we thought of boarding it.

The train was full of people and as it was non-AC, it was all sweaty. I could see that my mom wore a black bra and pink panty beneath her yellow suit and white leggings. This made me horny because of all the stress I had due to the results. So I asked mom to go upstairs for a nap while I’ll be sitting down. She agreed.

I helped her to climb up but she was not able to go up. So I pushed her up by pressing her ass! My mom’s ass was so soft and her panty was also visible. I got an instant boner.

Then I got mixed vibes as she was my mom but I was okay because I actually liked my mom. Also, I was a big fan of incest as I read a lot of incest sex stories on

It was night and my mom asked me if I can join her as there was space. I didn’t hesitate for a second and climbed up. Her ass was thick, so we both tried sleeping horizontally.

The light was also off and it was an hour since my mom slept (she was a deep sleeper). I thought of taking my chance. I tried to rub my dick over my mom’s ass as we were sleeping closer. Soon, I was enjoying it and rubbing my dick around and cummed in my innerwear!

In the morning around 3, my mom woke me up and the first thing I saw was her cleavage. I was only an inch closer and I got lost by looking at those lemons. She whispered in my ears that she was feeling uncomfortable due to her sweaty clothes. So she wanted to change and asked me to accompany her through the washroom.

We both went there. Mom suddenly realized that her cloth bag was at the house. So she told me, “Wait outside, I will give you my clothes from inside. You just hold them near the door of the train and dry it. Meanwhile, I will be inside.”

I was very eager to see her without clothes but I didn’t have an idea. When she called me, I ran toward the door. She gave me her suit leggings and innerwear too. I was surprised and couldn’t wait anymore. I sniffed her wet sweaty panty. It was awesome.

Mom asked me to check the other washroom beside the one she was. I asked why and she said to do what she told me to.

I went there, it was full of shit and while I was looking, I mistakenly dropped her bra in that shit!

When I went back, I told her about her bra. She was angry and then she told me the reason. Her washroom’s door lock was not working, the other washroom was not clean and so what should she do?

I suggested to her a plan which my naughty mind made me do it. I went to our seats, took one newspaper from our bed. As the washroom was Indian style and was also properly clean, I first gave my mom my towel as she left hers at home. It was a short towel that was barely covering her boobs and ass. But she was looking like my honeymoon bride. Her mangalsutra was exactly placed on her cleavage and her chudi, payal sindoor were all making her look sexy.

Somehow, I controlled myself, put the newspaper down and spread it on the floor. I told her to feel free now. Then I started leaving but she asked me to stay over there and stand there supporting the door. I said ok.

I was surfing through my phone. Her clothes were hanging near the window. As there was a jerk in the train, she moved fiercely and the towel fell off! And now, for the first time, I saw my mom fully nude in front of me! She was looking damn hot as her figure was maintained due to yoga.

I was scanning her so well that I didn’t realize my dick was tearing my joggers! My mom noticed it, took my towel and wrapped it around her quickly. There was an awkward silence between us for a moment.

She broke the silence and said, “So, this is the reason why you scored less in your exams? I didn’t know you were like this. It is not bad beta but you should also study well. I know during this age, a teenager’s hormone changes.”

I told mom, “I am single and all my friends have girlfriends. So that’s why I watch such things” and started crying.

She come toward me and hugged me. She then told me, “Don’t worry, I am your mom and it’s my responsibility to take care of you. But I have one condition. You’ll study hard and progress well.”

“How can you help me, mom?”

She put her hand on my dick over the joggers and rubbed it! I got an erotic sensation. She said, “I know what you’re doing to my ass while we were sleeping.”

I was shocked to hear that. My mom then put her hands inside my joggers and started giving me a proper hand job. She was an expert and I was on cloud nine. It was all like a dream to me. My goddess mom was jerking my dick with her bare hands while fully nude.

I couldn’t control it for longer and I accidentally cummed on my mom’s body. I looked at her, she was smiling and looking at me. She asked me, “Are you happy now? Will you do better now in your studies?”

I was now horny. I kissed her, she spanked my ass saying, “You dirty fellow.”

Then, after a moment, she started wearing her clothes again and told me that if I study well, then I will get more fun from her side.

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