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My Mom, My Sex Queen – Part 1

Hi everyone. I am Vishal. I am here to tell my story. I became an incest son. I got the most precious person in my life, my mom, sexually and even personally can get closest to his mom.

So let me begin with the story. I am 25 years old, basically from Bangalore. I completed my B tech in computer science. I work in a well-known MNC, earning pretty good money to enjoy my life. My life is very much settled right now. I am enjoying it to the fullest with my mom and my family.

The happiest thing I have attained is I can keep my mom satisfied in all ways. But the process was not easy considering my personal and professional life. I have gone through so many ups and downs.

So let me begin from the time phase where it all began. It was back then when I was 19 years old. I had just completed my junior college. I had procured a decent rank. I was eligible to get into one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore in computer science.

About family, we have been settled in Bangalore for almost 15 years. We are four members in our family, including me. My father, Rajesh, owns a pharmaceutical company. He is a workaholic but always has given time to his children and wife.

Now coming to the next person in our family, my elder sister Poornima. When I was 19, she was doing her MBA. She is married and leading a good life with her husband and a child. She is four years older than me.

So let’s come to the most valuable person in my life, my mummy, my sex queen. Her name is Uma. Very sweet by nature and very much devoted to family. I can say she loves her family so much that she can do anything for the good of everyone in the family.

She is not the usual housewife like most women in India. She is very well educated and a professor in an engineering college. I never thought I would become an incest son at that time. I never thought or even imagined it.

Let me give you a brief idea about her physique. She is a tall lady, about 5 feet 6 inches, weighing nearly 80 kg. She is fair in colour. She usually wears sarees when she goes outside. But whenever she is at home, she normally wears maxi/ nighties.

She generally wears a saree below the navel, giving a fair view of her waist and navel. She does not wear much jewellery besides her mangalsutra, bangles and waist chain. She puts bindi little bigger one. I can pretty much compare her physique to Malayalam actress Shweta Menon. My mom is similar to her.

Coming to her attire outside the home, she is a bit modern. She is bold enough to wear little backless and deep-neck blouses. They expose a good amount of her back and cleavage if she doesn’t put the Pallu. Now I will give a brief idea about her sizes.

I got to know them after I became an incest son by having a hands-on touch of her inner wears. I can call her MILF. Her boobs size is 36d which I got to know from her bra. She has huge melons that can make any boy or a man go crazy for her. Her breasts are very firm.

I don’t know how her bra can hold such heavyweights. Her nipples are brownish-black, like dark chocolate. Her nipples are so firm and pointy that anyone can make out her nipple shape on her blouses. Coming to her waist size, she is 34.

I got to know this from one of her jeans. She is a fit MILF and has a deep navel. Whenever I look into her navel, I feel like drilling deep into it with my fingers. She has nearly got an hourglass structure.

Now coming down to her hips, she is 42, which I learned from her panties. What a humongous ass she has. I don’t know how one can resist grabbing those busty butts and banging. I hope you all got a good idea about my mummy.

Now I will explain the daily routine of my family. As dad has his pharmaceutical company, he used to leave early, at about 8 a.m. My sister used to go along with him as her college was on the way to dad’s company. Mom and I used to go together.

She dropped me at my college and then went to her college on her scooter. We both used to leave at 10 a.m. Everything was going smooth in my college. I had started going to college and tuition in the evenings near my home. Everything was very smooth till this time.

As we know, it is very common at this age for any boy to masturbate and have sexual desires because of hormonal changes. I, too, was going through this. Watching porn and looking for hot actresses in magazines, and masturbating were my daily routine at night before sleeping.

I made many friends from some other colleges during my tuition. We used to sit together and learn, and even we used to go outside to enjoy ourselves. We even used to share vulgar posts and sexy porn videos over WhatsApp groups.

Surprisingly many of my friends were from the college where my mom used to teach. Here comes the day which was the turning point for me in the world of incest. I had never told my friends that my mom taught in their college.

One night, I received a message on our WhatsApp group, which was an image. I was lying on my bed and was about to start my fapping session. I opened the WhatsApp group, and what I saw completely shook my brain. There were edited nude images of my mom.

The body was of the pornstar, and the face was swapped with my mum’s face. There were tens of such images where my mom was giving blowjobs. She was getting fucked both in pussy and ass. There were images even of gangbang hardcore fucking.

My mom was their professor in college, so they fantasized about her. They even chatted about my mom’s sexy body parts. They had discussed fucking my mom, who is their professor, without knowing that also my mom. Without my consciousness, I started reading all the chat.

I even started seeing those images with very much enthusiasm. I didn’t even notice my penis started getting hard. Without my notice, I took my hand over my hard cock, which already had become like a hard rock. I don’t even know when I started shaking my cock, and it didn’t even take a minute for me to cum.

The force of the semen outcome was like never before. Even the quantity of cum was not normal. It was pretty huge than my regular masturbation. I could sense that I was not present there. My whole body was completely feeling weightless. I felt as if I was in heaven.

My eyes were closed. I was completely numb for a few minutes. I guess I rested like that for more than an hour. When I woke up, there was nothing but a feeling of guilt in my mind. I started thinking that I had made the biggest mistake in my life.

My mind was covered with only one question. How can I even think like that about my mom? But the human brain is wired to be curious and excited about strange new things. The event was the strangest thing that could happen to a son. I don’t even know when I slept that night.

One thing was sure I got peaceful sleep. I woke up late in the morning, around 9 o’clock. As no important class was there, I decided not to go to college to get over the last night’s trauma. I told mom I won’t be going to college today as I was not feeling well.

Mom said ok and to rest. I had breakfast, went to the bedroom, and rested some more time. When I woke up, it was around noon. But still, my mind was blocked by the same question. I was feeling restless. I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to take a bath and have food.

So I went to the bathroom and got everything ready for a bath. I removed all my clothes and put them in the bucket we usually keep for washing. But suddenly, my eyes fell on the other clothes in the bucket. Amongst all the clothes, my eyes fell on my mom’s last day’s used inner wears.

I don’t know what I thought, but I took out the bra and panty of my mom. Both were red. Without control, I took the bra and panty to my nose and started sniffing. That erotic odour of mom’s pussy spot over the panty. The fragrance of her sweat made my dick go harder instantaneously.

I immediately started licking the nipple spot and pussy spot of the bra and panty. At the same time, my hand started shaking my hard dick. Within a minute, I splashed my semen on the bathroom’s walls. I again became numb and fell to the floor for the bathroom.

I was in that position for at least five minutes. When I came to my senses, I just put the bra and panty back into a bucket. I immediately took a bath and came out of the bathroom. I was going crazy and didn’t know with whom to discuss all this. So I ate food, went to my bedroom, and opened my laptop.

I was so much curious about all these things that I started searching for whatever was happening to me. Is it normal? Or am I the only one thinking like this about his mom? I searched for mom-son sexual relationships on Google.

I found many stories, thousands of memes, and much more about a mom-son sexual relationship. That’s how I got to know about the word called incest. That was when I completely calmed down by knowing that I was not the only one who had the attraction called incest.

This is how I was introduced to the world of incest. I immediately opened my friend’s WhatsApp group and started imagining my mom and her body parts. I started thinking I was the one who was fucking my mom in those edited images.

Again I went back to the bathroom and took that used bra and panty of my mom. I rolled them over my cock. My hand started shaking my cock vigorously, cum all over that bra and panty. I was in Cloud Nine. I just felt so much satisfaction for the first time after masturbating.

This time I didn’t have any guilt. At the same moment, I decided I should somehow have a sexual relationship with my mom. I felt like I could do anything to get my mom’s hole.

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