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My mom Shalini and her young tinder date

Hi everyone, I am Raj, age 21, from Pune. I am here to share a real incident with you guys. So to tell you, I live with my mom Shalini who is 44 years old and a divorcee. My parents divorced amicably. I stayed with mom for the past 3 – 4 years after staying with my dad for the initial few years in Mumbai.

My mom, Shalini, was running her own business. After her divorce from her dad, she did not marry again as she wanted to enjoy her life and did not want to get into a relationship again. She was quite hot as she had a great figure of 36 – 28 – 36. I know boys like milfs, and she was one of them.

I can say this because I am also a young boy and, just like other boys, have a crush on milfs too. She used to do yoga, play lawn tennis and do the gym too. We were like friends to each other. I would share every secret of my life with her. Lately, she had started sharing her secrets too.

That’s when she told me that she is into one night stands with other men. She doesn’t want to get into a relationship now and enjoy herself her way. I was okay with her and told her to do what she liked.

I would even joke to her whenever we would go to any supermarket. I would tell her how few guys at the supermarket were checking her butts when she was walking. She would smile and say, “Oh, those poor guys.”

So one day, I got to know she was on a hookup app like Tinder. I saw a lot of matches on her profile. I joked to her and said, “So, mom, who is the lucky guy next.” She joked and said, “You tell me whom do you find attractive?”

I checked all her matches when I saw a guy with whom she had a couple of conversations. In all those, it seemed he was trying to convince mom. I said, “Who is this guy?” She said, “Raj, he is someone who got matched with me.” I asked then what was the issue. She said, “He is just 20.”

I laughed and said, “Mom, but you know these young boys want to hook up with milfs.” She laughed and said, “I know I have seen your dating app how you too try to hit on milfs.” I smiled and said, “I am not getting a chance to hook up with one.”

But if you gave this guy a chance, trust me, I would be the one most jealous about his luck. She smiled and said, “So what do you say?” I said, “Mom, it’s up to you. I have no issue. You know I support you always.”

She smiled and said, “Let’s give him a chance,” and she messaged him, ‘Let’s meet tomorrow. Pick me up from my place.”

The next day in the evening, mom started getting ready. She wore sexy blue denim shorts above her thighs and a tight sleeveless top. Around 6 pm, that guy came in his car. He got out of the car.

He must be not so tall, around 5″8 maybe. So mom looked taller than her in her heels as she was already 5″5. He gave her a bunch of flowers, and they both headed in his car. But soon, the weather got bad outside, so they both returned home owing to the weather.

But they were carrying a bottle of wine and scotch with them. Mom messaged me that they could not make it to the pub due to the weather. They will continue their date at home with music and wine. I wanted to give her space.

So I messaged her, “Mom, I am going to my friend’s place for the night. So I will not be home.” She smiled at me. Before she reached home, I left for my friend’s place.

I called my friend, and he said he was not at home. So I had no option but to return home. I came home. I thought that I would go straight into my room on the 1st floor of the duplex and not let them know I was home.

But when I returned home, they were in the hall far away from the stairs. So I went straight into my room. But I could hear them talk. I thought to see how lucky that boy would be today. So mom and that boy were talking in the hall while having wine.

Mom – So, is it your first time?

Boy – No, I have done it before.

Mom – With your gf?

Boy – Yes.

Mom – So why do you want to have sex with me?

Boy – I have a fantasy for milfs.

Mom – Hmm, you boys are so naughty.

Boy – What about your son?

Mom – Don’t worry, he is not home today.

Boy – Oh, you sent him somewhere?

Mom – No, he knows I have a date today. He knew I might have sex today.

Boy – Have you ever had sex with a young guy like me?

Mom – No, you are the first one. Earlier all were at least 30 or around that.

Boy – You are so hot, Shalini. I was hard just by seeing your pic.

Mom, “So should we go in then, dear?” The boy said, “Let’s take it slowly. I love to take things slow and build the pace.” Mom said, “Oh, you look different than others. Usually, my other dates are so eager to enter my love hole.”

I could see mom was moving her legs on his legs to tease him. I felt so unlucky not to have got any milf till now. This boy younger than me was going to be so lucky today. I started liking what I was seeing.

He got mom up and placed his hands on her waist. He started kissing her on the lips gently and softly. It was nice. He was holding and caressing her hair. I could see her lipstick on his lips.

After a few minutes of kissing, I could see my mom trying to bring up her legs in pleasure. She placed her hand on his shorts and unhooked his shorts.
He removed it completely. She removed his t-shirt too and was licking his chest.

He was saying, “You like my chest, honey?” She inserted her hands inside his underwear and stroked his cock, but he got it out. She said, “What happened?” He said, “Slow down, darling. Let me take control.” She smiled and said, “Okay, you take control.”

He removed her top and removed her shorts too. She was standing with her push up bra and G string panty. He kissed her navel and kissed her neck. He removed her bra and pulled her panty too. She had a clean pussy. She was looking ravishing hot naked.

He removed his underwear and now grabbed her soft melons and played with them. Her nipples were brown and hard, which he was sucking like a mad dog.
She was moaning in pleasure and saying, “Suck them, you son of bitch, you wanted them, right?”

He slapped her breasts hard and said, “You are sexy, slut Shalini.” She grabbed his cock, but he again pushed away his hand and said, “First, beg for it.” She said, “Oh, boy, please let me taste your manhood.” He then made her bend on her knees and pushed his cock in her mouth.

She was caressing his cock and sucking his cock hard. He was getting a nice blowjob. I could see pre cum coming out of her mouth. She got up, and now he took her in his arms and took her to the bedroom. He laid her on the edge of the bed and bent down.

This time, he buried his face between her legs to lick her shaved pussy and play with her clitoris. She was moaning loudly in pleasure as she thought no one was home, “Oh, you bastard, you going to make me cum this way.” I was feeling so jealous of that lucky guy.

He was done licking her pussy, and she now pushed him on the bed. He took out a condom from his pocket and wore it on his cock. Mom got on top of his cock and started riding it hard. His cock was smashing her pussy walls very hard.

She was screaming with pleasure, “Oh, you bastard, harder please your mommy.” He was banging hard. I thought the bed might break with her riding. After a few minutes, he took out his cock. He placed her doggy style with her legs on the floor and bent towards the bed.

His cock was inside her pussy again. “This time, he was banging her very vigorously, and she by now had cum once.” But he was not stopping yet. Mom said, “What have you drank today? You bastard, you will make my pussy red this way.”

He turned her again, got her in missionary now, and said, “One last position, honey.” He inserted his cock again, and she locked her legs around his butts. The bed was shaking very badly. Anyone sitting in the hall could hear loud sounds of sex. He smashed her pussy so hard twice.

I noticed he had reached climax and cum inside. But when he took out his cock, the condom was ripped apart. Mom got scared and said, “You idiot, you have banged me so hard that condom got torn and cum is inside my pussy.”

They both laughed a lot seeing the situation. After that incident, they had sex 2 more times. He even spanked mom’s butts.

The next morning he left after having one last sex with her. I was a lot jealous of him. When I came home, I could see mom looked quite happy. Later, she confessed to me that she had one of the best sex after a long time.

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