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My Naked Mother And Me- Pt 1 (The Beginning)

My name is Menma (fake name, of course). When this incident with my naked mother happened, my age was 19. It happened during summer vacation, after school. It was a hot summer day, and I woke up with a hard-on and a bed full of sweat.

It was too hot, early in the morning, and everything irritated me. The way I was sleeping, the way I woke up, even the sun was too bright! And now I had a pee and had to dress – what a bad start.

I went to the bathroom. I had to walk downstairs and then past the kitchen. There it was, the bathroom I was running for. While I was peeing, I couldn’t control my pee because of my hard-on.

After peeing, I was so frustrated that I just turned on the shower with full cold water and went under it with my clothes on. It felt refreshing like my soul just found peace. I removed my clothes and stood there jerking off my morning wood while cooling off.

When I was finished, I remembered that I forgot to take my towel and clothes with me. I was considering wearing the same wet clothes. It was actually not a bad idea! With this heat, my cloth would be dried in some minutes.

When I was about to put them on, I heard my mom turning on the boiler for some morning tea. I yelled out.

Me: Amma! Can you bring me a towel? I forgot!

She didn’t respond.

I yelled again!

Me: Amma!?

I could hear her walking away from the kitchen and upstairs to her bedroom. I thought, ‘Is she deaf or something? Is she going back to sleep? Jesus, she must have been really tired.’

Anyway, with her back sleeping, I could just walk to my room naked. I went out and was in the kitchen when I heard her walking down the stairs again. I panicked and ran back to the bathroom and shut the door. I was not sure if she saw anything, but my heart started to pump really hard.

I was by the sink when the door slowly opened. There she was, my mom. She was standing there with a laugh on her face, looking at my bare-naked ass.

Mom: I just saw you running inside the bathroom naked! So, I just had to take a look!

She said while laughing.

Mom: It reminded me of when you were a kid. You were not amused to take a shower. I had to hunt you down while you were running around naked.

She laughed even harder now. I didn’t know how to react. I was in shock. I snapped and yelled.

Me: Shut the door, mom!

And she snapped out of it, said sorry while laughing, and closed the door. She left the towel to hang by the door. I dried myself, covered my lower half with the towel, and went out. And there she was by the kitchen table, sipping her morning tea.

She was beautiful, all right! And sexy too! She gave birth to me when she was only 19. Now 19 years later, there she was with her tea, sitting on her soft round asses. It gave her nighty a fine bulk, and her flat stomach made the perfect curved transformation.

To top everything, she had some perfect boobs. That was actually impressive to be that age. Not the size but the way it was not hanging too much, it was still firm and was forming a fine cleavage on her nighty V neck. Her skin color is not fair but not dark either, a latté skin It was.

The way she was sitting, you should have seen it! The sun was touching her half-face. She felt the warmth on her face. I noticed her upper lip was wet from her sweat, her sharp nose was widening while she smelled the tea. Her one eye was shining back at me with the sun reflecting when she looked up to see me.

She looked like a goddess. That’s when I felt bad for shouting. I told her right away

Me: Sorry that I panicked and shouted, mom!

Mom: Haha, no worries, baby. I understand why you reacted the way you did.

She noticed that I still felt a bit embarrassed, and she continued.

Mom: And remember, baby, I had seen you naked so many times when you were a kid. There is nothing to panic or feel shy about. I am your mother, after all.

I smiled back at her and said playfully.

Me: Watch out what you are saying, mom. With this hot weather, I might as well walk around naked.

She started to laugh and joked back with.

Mom: Then I have to hunt you down again.

We both laughed. I went to my room, wore a short over my boxer and a t-shirt and went down for breakfast.

The days went by, and we are already on the fifth day of my vacation. The sun was hitting our house even harder this day. There is only my mom and me in this big house.

My father left this house and this world already when I was 4 years old. My mom has been a widow since – a single mother that only wanted to take care of her son and nothing more. After my father’s death, my mom took over his small business and has been occupied by it ever since.

Now the business has grown, and her employees are doing most of the work. She is left with some paperwork by the end of the day. With my vacation going on, she left her manager to do the paperwork. She only took some calls to confirm.

She was planning to spend the whole summer with me. I enjoy traveling with mom and we planned to do that.

I was taking my third shower today. Yeah, it is weird. But with this weather and a sweaty body, you would have done the same. My mom was cooking something good in the kitchen.

I could smell fried chicken all the way into the shower… and fuck! I forgot my towel once again! The second time today, I yelled once again.

Me: Amma! I forgot my towel again! Please could you bring me one!?

She was in the middle of cooking and yelled back.

Mom: Not now!

Like I had a second option over here? I yelled back.

Me: Then how am I going to come out?!

Mom: Just put on your old clothes!

Me: No way! It is full of sweat. I just took a shower, na!

Then there was a small pause, and she yelled back.

Mom: Just get it yourself. I have seen you anyway!

I was shocked to hear this. I was embarrassed. At the same time, the thought of walking around our house naked gave me a small boner. I thought, why not? It is natural, and she is my mom after all.

Me: Just close your eyes if you want, I’m coming out!

I opened the door slowly and looked around. The air that hit my skin felt so good. It started to dry my wet skin right away. It was like sunbathing after a dip in the sea. I walked past the hallway and had to pass the kitchen to get to the stairs.

And there she was again, bending down to take the chicken out of the oven. Her round ass was pointing right in my direction. My dick was starting to point right at her ass. I stood there and watched her lifting the hot plate over to the stove.

The back of her dress was stuck between her ass crack and gave me a fine view of her round ass. My dick was now pointing right towards her back of the head. She gave a big proud breath and was about to turn around. I snapped out of it.

When our eyes met, I quickly covered my hard dick with both of my hands and started walking as if nothing happened. She started to laugh.

Mom: Hands up! If you run, I will hunt you down, dirty boy!

I started to run upstairs. I could hear her laughter all the way up. I went into my room. My dick was still hard. I was confused about the way I was feeling. The guilt rushed suddenly through my body. I felt bad, but still, my dick said something else.

I touched my 7inch dick. It felt good, better than ever before. I grabbed around my thick dick, my hand started to work its way back and forth. I was standing completely naked in my bedroom, stroking my 7-inch-thick cock. It felt really good.

Suddenly my mom entered my mind. I imagined her round ass. I felt shocked throughout my whole body. The current went from my whole body and pointed on the tip of my cock. I felt a pleasure I never felt before. My whole body was bending.

My dick was pointing straight up to the ceiling. In a second, I shot a beam of cum. It went so fast, nearly touched the ceiling. Before my cum had time to fell down, the second wave just went out again, and another wave and another. Shit, I just orgasmed like a crazy bitch.

The body felt so relaxing. I released my breath I was holding for so long. My feet just gave up on me. I fell on the floor with my knee, still holding around my cock. At the same speed of light, the guilt hit me with a shame, a shame that wanted to cover my face.

I jumped over to the bed, covered my face into the pillow, and was laying there for 10 minutes, till I heard

Mom: Dinner is ready!

I went up, found my towel, dried my back with it, and then started to wipe out my cum on the floor with it. I was still naked. While wiping, my cock started to grow again. The thought of my mom came back and forth. I was trying my best to avoid it, but it forced its way back to my mind.

My cock was semi-hard again. My mind told me: Why are you avoiding it? It feels good. Just enjoy it. I want to feel more of this!

To be continued.

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