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My Naked Mother And Me – Pt 2 (An Amazing View)

The 8th day of my summer vacation is when I got an amazing view. I was in the shower again, enjoying the ice-cold water pouring over my whole naked body. At the same time, my mom was cooking lunch.

I yelled once again:

Me: Shit, amma! I forgot my towel again, sorry! Please could you bring it to me?

Mom: I’m busy, just get it yourself, it’s all right!

And there it was, my golden ticket! What I was expecting. My whole body was smiling, and my dick came back to life.

I opened the door, went right to the kitchen with a straight lifted body, with my semi-hard dick going up and down proudly. I saw my mom arranging the dining table. She was about to lift the hot pan. I interrupted her.

Me: Let me take that for you!

I went straight to her and took it from her.

Mom: Be careful with that. It’s hot.

Me: It´s all right. I got this.

I answered and sat it on the dining table. While I was putting the hot pan on the table, she realized that I was naked. She started to notice my muscles forming my back and my uptight ass cheeks that went side to side. My crack opened a bit when I was bending over the table.

She got a small glimpse of my asshole. And then I turned around and asked if there was more I could help her with. She didn’t say anything for a second. I saw her studying my dick. She snapped out of it quickly.

Mom: Oh, sorry, you have grown so much. I totally forgot that you are a small man now.

She took a small pause.

Mom: There is nothing more to do. It’s lunchtime. Go and put on some clothes, young man, and dry yourself. You can’t stay like this forever.

I had a natural smile on my face, and my hands were resting on the table behind.

Me: Haha, okay, mom, this felt really good, actually! With this hot weather, this was really refreshing! Do you mind if I forget my towel from now on?

My dick was still hanging there, giving my mom a viewing pleasure. My mom scanned my body once again.

Mom: I understand. I don’t mind. This weather must be killing you. But now go and put on some clothes before your food gets too cold.

I was glad to hear that. It was a small step, but it was enough for me. Showing my naked body to my goddess mom and walking from the bathroom to my room was all I needed. I went to my room, stroke my cock like last time, had an amazing orgasm. I put on some clothes and went back to lunch.

While eating lunch, she asked me what I wanted to do today. I had no idea, so I asked her.

Me: Why can’t we chill out with a movie and pizza tonight?

With our AC doing a shitty job (most likely broken), we usually go out to eat and watch movies or shopping. Our living room is really clammy at nighttime because of the AC.

Mom used to say, “We were never born with this kind of luxury, having AC. This house is all thanks to your dad! We won’t take this for granted. We should only buy a new AC if it is not working. It gives some cold air, and that should be good enough for us two.”

Let’s see how she feels about that tonight. The day went on, mom took some calls with her business, and I visited my friend. I came home 5 hours later, around 6 pm. I went straight to the bathroom and took a shower. When my mom was finish with her work.

Mom: I’m done here! Enough work. What pizza should I order?

I heard her yelling, but I didn’t respond. She yelled the same thing again. I yelled back.

Me: What?

Mom: What pizza?!!

I jumped off the shower, went out wet and naked. She was sitting on the sofa with her phone in her hand. She was bending forward, reading the takeaway menu. It was a nice view of her cleavage crushed by her bra! My dick jumped a little. Her eyes met my dick. She paused a bit before our eyes met.

Mom: Oh, you surprised me!

She said, looking up and down at my body.

Me: What did you say? I was in the shower, couldn’t hear a thing!

Mom: What pizza should I order?

Me: You know the usual, our favorite.

I went closer to her, and took the menu, and searched for our pizza. My dick was now right in front of her face. Her breath was touching my dick, rather a heavy one, I must say. It felt really good. The scenario of her being only some inches away from dick gave me a small boner.

She saw my dick grow a little by little. She was fascinated with it and didn’t take her eyes away from it. Before my cock got fully erected, I found our pizza.

Me: There! Number 11, that’s the one, you can order it while I dry myself.

She snapped out of it and smiled at me.

Mom: Oh, I should have known, I will order it. Did you find a good movie, by the way?

I turned around while walking upstairs.

Me: I know the one you are going to love!

I went up, dried myself, jerked off again, thinking back to the scenario I was in. Imagining my mom just inches away from my cock, and cummed all over the floor. It felt like I cummed all over her face. This is too good! I have been missing out on this pleasure for such a long time!

My body wanted more of it! I put on some clothes, and I heard the doorbell ring. I went downstairs. I saw my mom by the doorway paying for the pizza. We went to the living room together. We sat right beside each other. She arranged the pizza while I was going through the movies.

She asked what kind of movies this was.

Me: It is a story of a gangster don falling in love with a girl. He kidnaps her to his palace and asks her to spend 365 days with him. If she wants to leave after these days, she was free to go!

Mom: Oh, so thrilling, I knew you would find a good movie! I’m excited.

Me too, I thought to myself. This movie has so many sex scenes and nude body. I’m excited to see how my mom reacts to it. The first sex scenes start on a plane. The main actor has sex in a plane while the main actress fingers herself a parallel action.

My mom gasped a little bit and adjusted the way she was sitting. I could see her getting a bit hot. I could see her upper lips were wet and wet stains under her armpit.

Me: It’s sweltering in here. You should have fixed the AC a long time ago!

Mom: If you are that hot, you should take off your shirt at least.

Me: You know what? I was actually thinking of it.

I took off my t-shirt and my shorts as well and sat there with only my boxer shorts.

Me: Much better!

She laughed.

Mom: You should have done it from the start, you poor thing.

We continued watching. After 45 minutes into the movie, they started to take a shower naked. It reminded me how great it was nude, and I told my mom.

Me: You know, taking a cold shower in this hot weather is the best thing ever?

Mom: I’m sure it is!

Me: Not just that, walking naked out from the shower is even better, I feel so free, and my body is so chilled out. Not like this with my sweaty boxers!

Mom: You poor thing! If it is so hot and uncomfortable, you can take off your boxers as well? I have already seen you naked so many times now. It doesn’t bother me at all.

There was the green card I have been waiting for. Chilling with my mom, naked, drove my mind crazy! I just had to confirm once more before I rip my boxers off.

Me: Are you sure? It’s okay for you?

Mom: Yes, dear, I should have fixed this AC a long time ago. This heat is killing me as well. So, I understand!

That’s all I needed. I took my boxers off while sitting on the sofa. My hard cock just sprang off and fell on my stomach. She noticed my hard cock but didn’t say anything. I think she connected it with the movie scene where they now have started to shower together naked.

About 55 minutes into the movie, the main actor was standing in front of the actress naked while chained to the bed. I could see my mom is getting hot. Her sweat is making her cloth stick to her body. She started to blow air under her top to stop sweating. That’s when I asked her:

Me: Jesus, mom, you are sweating so much! Why don’t you just take off some clothes as well?

She jumped a bit by my question. She looked at my naked body right beside her. My cock was still hard.

Mom: What?! No, no, I can’t do that in front of you!

Me: How Is that different from me sitting her naked in front of you? If I can do it, so can you?

Mom: No, it is different, dear! I’m your mother, and you are my son…

Me: Look, mom, I’m not forcing you or anything. But I don’t want you to be uncomfortable while watching a movie with me. We are supposed to have fun but look at you sweating so much!

Mom: But…

Me: I don’t mean you to get naked or something. Just let your underwear be, and remove your sticky wet clothes.

She paused for a bit and was hesitating.

Mom: Well, why not! This heat is killing me, stupid me who should have fixed this AC, it is backfiring now.

And by that, she started to take off her top. Her boobs were pulling her top back from taking it off, but she forced her way through and pulled it off. Her boobs were bouncing up and down. I can’t believe my eyes.

Her boobs were bigger than I have imagined. The red bra she was wearing was so damn sexy. My cock was about to burst. She unbuttoned her tight jeans and started to pull them down. Her big round butt made it harder to pull it off, so she stood up to take them off.

I went to help her by grabbing her jeans by her ass. My hands touched her ass cheek. It was so smooth and soft. I was so fucking horny right now. I don’t know what I would do when I saw her whole body with only her underwear. The thought drove me crazy, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I used my full strength to pull them down! I pulled so hard that she lost her balance and took hold of my shoulder. But it wasn’t good enough. I fell on the sofa, and she fell right on my lap. Her bare skin touching my naked body felt so fucking amazing.

I grabbed around her. My fully erected cock found its way between her thigh. Her thigh was pulling my cock downward, dragging it so that dickhead was fully visible for her to adore. My cock was grinding against her thong. She moaned!

Mom: Ahh!

I sat still in a bit of a shock and was about to cum all over my mom. My mom felt my cock grinding her pussy, and felt pleasure in it. I could feel her wetness underneath. I don’t know if she really is horny or if it was her sweat, but it made me fucking horny.

There was loud music in the movie, and we both snapped out of it. She pulled herself up.

Mom: Sorry, I missed my balance.

Me: It’s okay, mom. I’m glad you are okay.

When she stood up again, was then I realized that she was wearing it! A red thong! It was only a string that went right in her ass crack. The view was so beautiful! And the same time, I never realized she wore a thong.

Me: You are looking good with a thong, mom!

I said without realizing it. It just jumped out. My mom felt shy and tried to cover her ass with her hands. I saw that.

Me: Why are you feeling shy, mom? It is really sexy on you. I like it!

My mom took a deep breath.

Mom: The only reason I’m wearing this is that it is really hot in here. It feels better with less. The outline is not so much visible with these kinds on my pants. I laughed hard and said.

Me: You don’t need to explain that, whatever you say, you look good with them, accept it!

She felt shy but a little proud as well.

Mom: Well, thank you, naughty boy, now let’s continue the movie.

She sat beside me, our skin was now touching, and I felt my mom getting a bit horny. Her legs started tide widen up little by little. Her breath was getting heavier by the time. And her hands kept moving downward, but she stops herself and takes them up again.

The movie finished, and I could see that her thong was soaked from her own juice and sweat. My mom stood up and stretched herself and was about to take a shower before bed. I thought I could be more open with her. Now that she was clearly a bit horny, and so was I. I asked her.

Me: What do you think of the movie?

Mom: It was good and romantic, a lot of sexy scenes! Too bad it was a sad ending.

Me: I know, but it was some scorching scenes there. Which one did you like the best?

She paused for a bit but enjoyed the conversation.

Mom: I think I liked the shower scene best, maybe because I’m so warm. Which one did you like the best?

Me: I think I liked the sex scene on the boat. Where he spits on her pussy, and then licks it, and the way he fucked her in the doggy style, my cock was so hard there.

My mom was so shocked by the way I talked, but little turned on by it. She couldn’t believe her son talked like that. But she liked how open he was with her. Something she missed after her husband passed away.

Mom: Yeah, that scene was really hot. He really gave it to her!

Me: Yeah, it was really hot. I was right about to stroke my dick at that scene. But I was sitting right beside you, so I controlled myself.

She pictured her son stroking his dick and started getting a bit wet in her thong. But she controlled herself.

Mom: If you want, you can rewatch that scene and do it. I can go and take a shower meanwhile.

My hands were already on my dick right after she told me.

Me: Is it okay if I do it here, mom?

She saw my hands on my dick and paused. She controlled her breath.

Mom: It’s okay, baby, just wipe your sperm after you are finished.

And so she turned around to control herself and went straight into the shower without saying any more. The words that came out of her mouth were more than enough to make me cum. Even the way her ass looked from behind while she walked to the bathroom made my cock burst in pain.

I could see her walking all the way to the hallway from the sofa. I controlled myself. I wanted my mom to see my cum. So I rewound the movie to the scene and paused it while she was taking her shower.

She took a longer time than usual. I could hear the shower stop, and she has started to dry herself. That’s when I hit play on the movie and started to stroke myself. I saw him giving her a doggy style once again. I was about to cum but still controlled myself for the right moment.

I heard mom walking past the hallway and into the kitchen area with a towel around her breast. That’s when I released it! My cum burst out of my dick. I shouted while my cum was flying straight up. I was shooting sperm wave after wave.

My thick white sperm was raining back on the floor, the sofa, the table on tv remote on myself. My last drop of sperm landed on my chest, but I didn’t stop stroking my cock. I wanted to let my mom see more of me. I was stroking it for 20seconds more.

Then my eye connected with my mom. She was heavy breathing, her eyes were wide open, and she didn’t say a single thing. I let my cock go.

Me: Oh, sorry, mom, I didn’t see you there!

I looked around.

Me: Oh jeez, look at this. I really made a mess. I’m really sorry, mom. I will clean this up.

She quickly went and found some washing cloth and washing spray to clean it.

Me: No, mom, I can do this myself. You don’t have to.

She then finally spoke.

Mom: I think you should let the professional do this job. I don’t want you to leave some spots.

By saying that, she started to wipe my thick cum from the sofa first and then sprayed on it and started to wash it. I was sitting right there watching her. Her movement made her towel loosen a bit. Her boobs were bulking and juggling all the way.

I was praying for the towel to fall off. But it never happened. She finished the sofa, pushed the table a bit away from the sofa. She started to wipe on the table.
My jaw dropped. Oh, my god, the way she was bending over, the towel went all over her bare ass.

It gave me a clear view of her big ass and her pussy lips from behind. I couldn’t believe my eyes what I was seeing. My hand reached my cock and started to stroke it again by itself. Nothing was under my control this time. And now she sprays the table and starts to wash it.

Her ass cheek started to move a bit with her body. I saw her ass crack widen the further she bent. He was now visible, a dark brown anus with a hole in the middle. Jesus, I wanted to stab my cock right into it! She continued work on the floor that’s when one of her boobs fell out of her towel.

And that’s when I lost it again and started to cum. This time I was so silent as possible. The only sound made was by my cum releasing my 7 inch cock and hitting my own body. She never noticed. She was busy pulling her boobs back in place.

Right when she finished, she turned around and saw me running towards the bathroom. I yelled, “I’m going to take a shower, mom. Thank you for your help!”

I heard her laugh a little and a comment.

Mom: Okay, baby, I’m going to hit the bed now. Enjoy your cold shower.

To be continued.

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