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My Naked Mother And Me – Pt 3 (Open Talk)

I came down in my boxers. The heat was killing me. The night before, trying some open talk with mom had given me a boner the whole night. So is the morning with my morning wood, making a tent in my boxer.

I started to get more comfortable with my mom. By now, I didn’t even care If I had a hard-on anymore. She has seen me cum in front of her after all.

I went into the kitchen. My mom was there reading the news while sipping her morning tea. She was wearing shorts this morning, with a tight black singlet top. She never wears such light clothes around the house.

This must be the first time since last night’s underwear. She saw me standing there with my hard dick in my boxer.

She smiled and said:

Mom: I see that you are having a lively morning.

Me: You mean this?

I grabbed my dick over my boxer.

Me: Haha, yeah, my dick has been hard the whole night. I think the movie made me too horny.

My mom started to like this open talk.

Mom: I think you might as well jerk it off before it bursts, haha.

I put my hand inside my boxer and took hold of it while saying.

Me: Yeah, I think I should, but maybe not on the sofa this time, haha.

I took a pause.

Me: I see that you are wearing light clothes now. Are you getting comfortable around me now, mom?

She understood that I meant ‘about time.’

Mom: Yeah, yesterday made me loosen up a bit. We should do it more often!

Me: Yeah, we should! By the way, it’s still too hot, you should drop some more of your clothes, you know!

I replied while dragging my dick skin back

She blushed a bit and said.

Mom: Maybe I will. But I think I can manage with this till now, it’s not that hot like last night! But I’m not stopping you, mister. You are free to go fully nude if you want. Must be aching under there with your tent.

I saw her watching my hands in my boxer, and she was waiting to have a look at it again. But I wanted to tease her some more and said.

Me: You don’t mind, mom? You are amazing, you know that? I love you so much! But I think I’m going jerk off in the shower first before making a mess like before.

She bit her under lips.

Mom: I love you too, son. I don’t mind your mess. Long as you clean yourself after, it should be fine. I believe it’s good for your body as well.

I was glad to hear those words, especially coming from mom’s mouth! I wanted to be more open with her.

Me: I don’t mind either, you know.

Mom: What don’t you mind?

Me: Doing the same thing I’m doing, of course. I love the openness we are having now! I want it to continue! I don’t think we should put limits on ourselves anymore. That’s why I’m saying that I don’t mind that you walk around naked or even masturbate if you want.

Hearing these words coming out from her son’s mouth gave her body a shock. She really loved the openness between the duo of mom and son.

Mom: You know what, I agree with you. I really like the openness we are having! Reminds me of your father. I really missed that!

Me: I miss Dad! If he were here with us, we could be this open together!

I went to mom and gave her a big hug

Me: Let me take a shower first. We should repeat our last night with some pizza today as well. Are you down?

She didn’t hesitate to agree with me.

I went into the shower, jerked myself off, took a cold shower, and went out naked. I saw mom cooking breakfast. I went to her naked and asked if she needed anything. The first thing she saw was my dick.

Mom: Maybe you should keep your dick away from the stove before you burn it.

And gave a laugh, so did I. I went to the dining table and found myself a coffee while watching my mom frying some eggs. Her ass movement reminded me of last night, and my dick sprang up again. She saw my hard dick when she turned around to arrange the table.

She chuckled.

Mom: Are you hard again? Maybe you should take care of it before you eat?

While saying that, she felt really hot after cooking. So she took off her top, leaving her upper body with the bra. A bra that was barely holding her boobs together.

Seeing that my hand found my dick and I started to stroke it right there, right in front of her. While doing so, I started to ask more open questions.

Me: Did you ever suck Dad’s dick?

She was shocked to hear this but got excited seeing my jerking off in front of her.

Mom: Look at you talk like your father! Haha, yeah, I did suck him. He used to love it

I was so thrilled.

Me: Did he ever cum in your mouth?

She was more shocked by the fact that I’m asking her so dirty a question. But even so, she answered:

Mom: Yeah, sometimes, he couldn’t control himself and let it go in my mouth.

I started to stroke my dick even faster.

Me: Must be tasty, I guess? Did he ever lick your pussy then?

She started to get shy now.

Mom: What?! No, no, he never did.

I was shocked! And said disappointed.

Me: What? He never did? That’s bad. If I were there, I would have made him lick your pussy! How could he resist?

She thought of the scenario where her son tells his father to lick his mom. It made her burst out in laughter.

Mom: Yeah, it is a shame that I never got to experience it.

Before she was complete with her sentence, I asked.

Me: What about anal? Did he ever fuck you in your ass?

Now she started to get really horny, and her breath started to increase, and she told

Mom: No, he never did. Though I asked him once to try out, he refused. So I never asked him again.

Me: What a shame, mom. You have such a beautiful ass. How come he never wanted to?

She was starting to get wet now, and her shorts are starting to show some wet spots. That’s when she said.

Mom: It is a shame, but that’s my bad luck. It’s really hot in here. I think I’m taking off my shorts as well, dear.

And by saying that, she took off the short really fast to hide her wet spot. And was only in her underwear now, giving her son a full sexy view! At that time, I couldn’t hold it any longer and started to cum really hard. And I started to shout, “Amma!”

Her mother instinct went right to help me out. She grabbed her shorts and started wiping me out. In the end, she wiped my dick as well with her shorts. My god, that felt even better than cumming.

After cleaning, she sat by the dining table and started to serve herself and me.

Her sexy body and her curves gave me once again a hard-on right away under the table.

While eating:

Me: You know what’s the best thing is?

Mom: What?

Me: To be naked wherever you want.

Right before she replied.

Me: But not just that, to masturbate wherever you want as well!

She is really wet by now but wanted to eat before she did anything and control herself a little bit.

Mom: It sounds fun. It’s good that you are enjoying it.

Me: So will you, mom!

We both finished our food. I helped her wash the dishes. While doing so, my dick bumped on her several times. Her pussy started to leak down her legs. She couldn’t control it any longer. And she said, “Maybe I should try out being nude once, don’t you think?”

I was so glad to hear that and agreed with a big smile and a yes! By hearing that, she grabbed behind her back and unhooked her bra. The bra fell right away and gave me a big hot sexy view of her milky boobs. Her nipples were dark and rock hard, sticking out, ready to be sucked.

I grabbed my hard cock in my hands and was enjoying the view. Then she grabbed around her waist and pulled down her thong. While pulling down, you could see the wetness between her thong and her pussy.

Oh my god! My head was spinning! My hand was stroking my dick slowly! Her pussy was shaved and looked like a virgin pussy after not being fucked for over 16 years. I was dizzy by the horniness I felt right there.

“That felt good,” she said and clapped herself on the shoulder. “Now then! Let’s get finished.”

She started to place the dishes in the cabinets one by one. At last, the frying pan was supposed to lay on top of the cabinets. She usually uses a chair to help her up. This time she tried first but failed and was about to grab the chair. That’s where I stepped in and said.

Me: Let me help you with that!

I took the frying pan from behind her and tried to place it right over her. She was standing right in front of me. So it was also hard for me to place it at the top. While doing so, my dick was rubbing all over her butt. She didn’t say anything.

She rather started to move her ass a bit, and suddenly my dick was between her ass crack. I started to go up and down, trying to reach the top, and so did my dick up and down her ass crack. She never stopped me. Her movement with her ass also went up and down opposite me.

My dick had some great friction between her ass cheeks. During the act, my dick got stuck in her ass crack. I realized that it was stuck right on her asshole. She was dry down there, so it never went in. Mom released a moan right away.

I started to press my dick further and further up against her. She was pressing her ass down on me, but I never got inside. I finally reached the top shelf and placed the pan. We both stopped for a while.

She broke the silence.

Mom: You have a pointy thing right there!

I laughed and replied, “Yea, I think I got stuck behind you for a bit there.”

She laughed back, “ I’m glad you could help. Let’s go and watch some TV. I have never done it in the nude. I’m so excited!”

I backed off for a bit and took my cock out of her ass crack.

Me: Yeah, mom, let’s chill out. You will love it!

While going to our living room, I asked my mom.

Me: When was the last time you fingered yourself?

I could see her whole body react to that question with shyness. She paused for a bit.

Mom: That! I won’t tell you! Naughty boy! That’s personal.

I was disappointed.

Me: Come on, mom, weren’t we supposed to be open? I even jerked off in front of you. You can at least tell me the last time you did it!

She looked a bit puzzled and wasn’t sure to tell me or not. I then spoke out.

Me: You know what? Let’s break this here, and now, you can tell me the last time you did it, or you can finger yourself right here right now. I will give you company right by you.

She was surprised and didn’t know how to respond. I took control, made her sit on the sofa, turned on the TV. I went straight to the internet and turned on the first porn movie I found.

Mom: What are you doing?

She asked, surprised.

Me: I’m doing things easier for you mom, let’s not have any secrets from each other!

I said with a smile on my face. On TV, they went straight to fucking, a black cock went in and out from a black pussy, really zoomed close up of it. The moaning was echoing in our living room.

She was fascinated! Her breath started to increase, and her pussy got wet. And then she saw me. I was there holding my cock in my hand. She took a deep breath.

Mom: The last time I fingered myself was this morning before I came down to make tea.

I was happy to hear that. I then asked.

Me: When was the last time you did before that?

She didn’t expect that. She was embarrassed. She knew I wasn’t going to stop, so she took a deep breath and said:

Mom: Last night, before I went to bed. There are you happy now?

I laughed a bit and asked her once again.

Me: What about before that again?

She kind of saw this one coming. She covered her face with shyness and said:

Mom: When I took a shower yesterday! Don’t ask me more, please, it is so embarrassing!

I knew it! The time she used in the bathroom were longer than usual. I was enjoying this and told her.

Me: You know what, mom? I find it really sexy that you gave your body some pleasure. I don’t find anything embarrassing with that! Why are you blushing? I think I am more open than you by now!

I chuckled a bit and said.

Me: Actually, I tried to find out if you did it in the shower. But I never knew you did it 2 times after that as well, naughty mom.

Hearing all this, she was embarrassed, and her face was hiding from her shyness. But it also calmed her a bit. She decided to not hold back anymore. She looked up straight at my face.

Mom: Sorry, my son, for still keeping a secret from you. From now on you can ask me anything. And it is true, it felt really good to finger myself! I even liked my finger after fingering it to taste it.

She felt a rush of guilt right after saying that. But she bit herself to take control of her body. She felt confidence building up in her, her body language changed, she was more relaxed now. Her body sat deep into the sofa. Her legs were spreading more.

The sudden change of my mom’s body language gave me a fine visual of her brown wet latte pussy! And the moaning in the background made me go wild.

Me: That’s good, mom! I like the way you are now, more relaxed and chilled out! That’s good, and I think it is healthy as well!

Me: Your pussy is really beautiful, I must say! I like that you have shaved down there!

She looked down at her pussy and saw how wet and shiny it was.

Mom: Thank you, my naughty son! You have a huge cock yourself! I’m getting really wet as well!

And spread her legs even more to give me a bigger picture of her pussy. Her pussy lips parted from each other. The pink hole started to get more visible. I was so horny right now and I wanted to fuck my sexy Milf mom so badly!

Me: I have seen so many porn movies, but this is the first time seeing a naked body in person!

Mom felt some proudness hearing that. Proud that she was his first woman and that her son wasn’t sleeping around with some other chicks.

Mom: Is that so? You never had a girlfriend?

Me: No, mom.

Me: You must be the first one.

We both laughed like I told a joke. The porn in the background had already stopped. We were too busy talking that we forgot even to watch the porn.

Me: I love talking to you, mom! This is much more fun than before, don’t you agree?

Mom: Yes, I do, baby! And by being nude, you were right, it feels really good!

Suddenly the phone rang. It was for mom from work. She had some work to do. She took the call and went to the dining table. I saw that the sofa spot she sat on was wet from her pussy juice. How horny was she actually?

Is this for real? I have never been this open to anyone before, even not with my closest friends. One day she was wearing cloth, and now she is totally naked talking with her workers on the phone.

Her boobs jumping up and down, long black hair right above her ass. Sexiest phone call I have ever seen! What a visual, god damn!

To be continued.

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