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My Thirst Quenched By Society Watchman – Part 1

Hello guys and girls, I am Yogita 26 from Pune. I am married two years back with no child. I am fair looking girl with stats of 32D-25-35. Lot of men used to stare me using their lusty eyes when I am outside. This is my first story to ISS, so please pardon for any mistakes.

Now let’s move to story. This is completely true story happened with me 1 year back. I am happily married to a software engineer and was housewife when this happened. I and my hubby had a great sex life and I was satisfied with him. But unfortunately after six month he went to US for 1 year for his company job. Due to visa problem I had to stay back with my in laws. Few days went good but after month boredom started killing me, I started searching job but even I wasn’t getting the same. I also started missing my wonderful sex life.

We used to do chatting and Skype calls, I used fingers to satisfy myself. But he got more busy there so our chat and calls frequency reduced a lot. My urge was increasing day by day. I never felt to cheat my husband as I loved him a lot. One late night around 3am I was talking with my hubby on phone while standing in gallery, our call got finished. I waited there to enjoy cool breeze of air. I was casually looking around suddenly I saw society watchman was peeing in bushes near our building. I was shocked to see his tool more than 6” in flaccid state.

He didn’t notice me as I was on 1st floor with no light in balcony. He peed n went he didn’t bother to look around as it was pretty late and he was sure nobody will look him. Unknowingly I felt wet down. I felt ashamed of myself to get attracted to such low class man. (He was dark in complexion, age around 40 with medium built). I went inside my bed, I tried lot to ignore the scene but his cock wasn’t going out of my mind, finally masturbated to calm down.

Next day was quite normal at night I went out for walk after dinner with my friend I saw the watchman again, suddenly I look down to his crotch, I remembered yesterday’s scene. At night I went to balcony but he didn’t come. I felt guilty as I was actually wanted to see his cock again to masturbate. Oh god what is happening to me.

After few days my in laws went to some relatives and were supposed back at night. Fan in our bed stopped working; I was pissed off as afternoon heat was unbearable. I went to my neighbor for electrician’s contact, she called the electrician but he was out of town. She said let’s ask watchman if he knows someone. We called him; he said that if work in small he can check. So he came with us. Mean time my neighbor’s kid came from school so she went to her flat.

Finally I and watchman were in my flat. I took him to bed and showed him fan as it was little high so we put stool on bed. He asked to support stool as it don’t hard ground. I was holding stool such that my face was near to his crotch area. It was hard for me resist looking his cock. Unknowingly my eyes were going there. Accidentally his cock brushed my face. I got wet down there.

He checked something and told me that it is minor problem, some wire is cut and he shall replace it. He fixed the wires and was fitting final bolts as I saw that he was staring my cleavage as my top was loose and he was getting good show. I ignored it, but his dick started rising. Oh my god it was looking big inside his trouser. My pussy was started dripping. He intentionally brushed his cock to my lips. He caught me staring his erection. I felt too ashamed. In process my grip on stool loosens and he fell down on bed. I tool with sudden force fell on him. I put my hand on his chest while trying to get up but lost balance and again felt on him. Our faces were very close we could feel each other breath. He suddenly kissed me on lips. I was in dilemma what to do as I was horny as hell inside.

Seeing no response he hugged me n kissed on lips. I showed weak protest to his moves but he understood that I was in. so he keeps on kissing me. After 5 min I too started responding him. He then moved his hands slowly to my boobs and started pressing them. I slowly started to moan. While kissing he turned me down and came on top of me. He then inserted hand in my top n slowly proceed toward my boobs, he was enjoying my smooth skin underneath. He then cupped my boobs on bra and started pressing them; he took my nipple over bra in his fingers and pinched it. I moaned load with that. I was getting mad with his moves, months sex starvation now taking on my mind. I inserted my tongue in his mouth.

Then got up removed my top and bra. I was too shy in front of him to be topless, so I closed my eyes n moved my face to sideways. He came near to my face n started licking my face, his rough tongue was turning me on.

He licked my neck, n moved to boobs he licked it entirely and took it in mouth and started sucking it. Oh my god that was great, I was having my boobs sucked after months. I was moaning aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

He was teasing my nipple with his tongue. He kept sucking and pressing boobs alternately. He slowly shifted his attention from my boobs to stomach; he went down kissing and licking the soft flesh of mine. He inserted his tongue in my navel…….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I left the moan it was too good, I was enjoying a lot.

He then moved down and removed my night pant and panty in one stroke, he found my hairy pussy. (As I shaved it month back) He put his tongue on my love hole n started licking it. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumm is only thing came out of my mouth. He inserted his tongue in it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh he was having great sex skills. He was mounding my boobs while licking pussy. I came on his face he licked it happily.

He then got up and removed his all cloths, I saw his cock OMG it was atleast 9” long and 3.5” thick. I was too horny for that. He put tip of his cock on my pussy slowly entered. I was feeling like it is going to tear my pussy. Please slowly I exclaimed. He inserted full dick and I was in pain I started shouting to take that out. He leaned on me n kissing on lips to close my mouth. He keeps pounding fast. After some time I started enjoying and keep responding his strokes from down. He was sucking my boobs while fucking me. I came twice in this.

He turned me round and started humping me from back. He was pressing my boobs from back. Suddenly he increased his pace lot and pressed my boobs so hard. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I shouted, he came in my pussy.

He kissed my back turned my around and kissed my lips and said “thank you madam”. I smiled sheepishly to him and lied down. He turned the switch and fan started running. He wore his dress and came to me last time and said I am leaving. I went with him to door, he again kissed me there n pressed my boobs n left. I locked the door. Came back to bed I slept naked as saw tired by fucking and also satisfied after long time.

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