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Naughty Delhi Chick Gets Hot And Nasty Over Video Call

I had been over at a childhood friend’s house. A long time had passed since I’d seen her. She came bouncing down the stairs of her house and I couldn’t stop staring at her. Her tits bounced as she walked down the stairs. Her ass jiggled as she walked. She had really grown into a sexy piece of ass.

The whole day was tough for me. Every time she touched me, my mind would go blank and I couldn’t concentrate. I pretended to still be a sweet innocent kid as I caressed and touched her soft body.

She was so soft! Her fair skin was smooth to the touch and her scent was intoxicating. I decided to leave early so that I wouldn’t do something I’d regret.

Once I got home I wanted to masturbate so bad! However, nothing worked. I decided to go online, and that’s where I found a site called This site was amazing! I didn’t hesitate to slam down my card and purchase credits. They had a large library filled with gorgeous women. Too many to count.

After about 20 minutes of scrolling I found one girl who’s body and pics made me rock hard in an instant. Her name was Kajol. I clicked on her profile and chatted with her. I told her I wanted to roleplay scenarios where she was my childhood friend. She loved the idea!

We met on video call after a while, and she looked sexy as fuck. She sat there with a tight white T-shirt on. Her tits squeezed together nicely inside that top.

She wore dark red lipstick, and her hair fell over her shoulders. She was wearing a really short pair of black shorts, and she smiled dangerously into the camera. I looked her up and down as she smiled and sat back on her bed.

Me: Hey. Is everything alright?

Kajol: I’m SO glad you’re here…with me. You’re always there for me. I appreciate that SO MUCH…in you

Her eyes dropped in concern as she looked at me and smiled sadly. She played with her hair and eyed me up and down. I just looked at her with awe and smiled.

Me: Of course I’ll always be here for you.

Kajol: I’m a little worried…I sense stress in your eyes…and tension in your muscles. I’d LOVE…to take some of that anxiety. From your mind…and from your body

Me: My body?

Kajol: Can I take care of you? That’s ALL…I want to do

She sat up in her bed and looked into the camera earnestly. She rubbed her hands gently against her milky-white thighs and sighed. She continued to play with her hair as she sighed again.

Kajol: Put your head in my lap. So I can look into your eyes, and bend my head…to kiss you

Kajol licked her lips and ran her fingers across her plump lips. She blew me a kiss as she sighed heavily.

Kajol: I do want to reward you for always being there. With more than a kiss. Can I?

Me: More than a kiss?

Kajol: Yes. You deserve more than just a kiss.

Kajol opened her legs and moaned softly as she squeezed her tits together. She twirled her fingers over where her nipples should be and bit her lip gently. Kajol put both hands on her knees and ran them slowly up the inside of her thighs.

Kajol: Just thinking of your sturdy chest, those manly hands and that hard dick makes me more than mad. It makes me wanna- (she moaned)

Kajol had her hand in her tight black shorts. She leaned head back as she touched herself. She opened her legs wider and teased herself gently. Kajol slowly laid down and caressed her body as she rubbed herself. Her hair got messy as she pulled on it. Kajol’s legs lifted in the air as she moaned.

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Kajol: I wanna see those balls. Can you take your pants off for me?

I jumped out of my pants and sat back down as she continued to tease me in her tight outfit. Kajol turned towards the camera and opened her tempting legs. She smiled at me and pulled her shorts off.

Her fingers rested against her moist pussy. She moaned as she rubbed her clitoris. I could hear the slippery sounds of her finger sliding left and right on her wet clit.

Her pussy looked moist as her eyes closed. Kajol breathed really heavily as she opened her eyes and looked at my naked frame sitting on the other end.

Kajol: Bring that sweet cock closer. Let me look at it.

I brought my cock closer and she moaned as she rubbed herself harder. Kajol yelped loudly as her hips threw themselves upwards. Her eyes shut tight as the sounds of her rubbing herself got wetter and sloppier. She stopped suddenly, then sat up and looked into the camera.

Kajol: I can’t have all the fun, can I? I want those hungry eyes all over me baby!

She pulled the neck of her tight top down. It ripped slightly, but she managed to fit her juicy tits over it. She let out a sultry moan as she parted her black sports bra to the sides and showed me her tasty breasts. I stroked a bit faster as she dripped her honey-like saliva all over her hard nipples.

Kajol: Show me how you stroke that cock!

Me: Why don’t you turn around and lean over. I want to make that ass all red!

Kajol: You want my ass all red, baby? Why didn’t you just say so?

She turned around and smacked her ass hard a couple of times. Then she bent over her pillow and opened her juicy legs wide as she continued to rub her wet cunt. She moaned louder as she watched me stroke faster. Her red ass cheeks raised higher into the air as she moaned.

Kajol: Oh fuck! I love imagining that hard cock inside me. Look how wet you make me! Cum for me baby! I wanna see you explode.

Me: Bring that sweaty body closer and tease yourself. I’m almost there.

Kajol: Yes! Stroke yourself just like that! Just like that! Let me make you feel good! Because you make me feel so good!! Ah-

I brought my penis closer to the camera and she rubbed herself faster as I jizzed into the camera. My cum coated the lens of the camera as she moaned watching me.

Milky-white drops oozed out of her pussy as she fingered herself. She moaned louder as her eyes closed and I could tell she was at her limit.

Kajol’s body shook as she let her hands fall to the side. She lay there sweating as her body twitched and she breathed heavily as she slowly came back to her senses. I squeezed the last few drops of my cum out of my twitching cock and wiped off my camera.

Me: Damn! You look so good, all sweaty.

Kajol: Yea, baby? You wanna see my sweaty body?

She brought her sweaty body towards the camera and undressed completely. She rubbed her pussy and licked her fingers as she looked naughtily into the cam and winked at me. We both chuckled and said our goodbyes for the night.

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