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Neha, slutty modern housewife

Hello ISS readers. I am a 23-year-old from Bangalore. My dick is 7”. I would like to be a sex slave of women and couples.

Coming to the story, I met this couple on some social networking sites. I sent them a message stating that I was interested in meeting them. We exchanged a lot of messages. Later after some days, I received a reply from them, stating that let’s have a casual meeting at some social place.

After meeting regularly over weekends, I cannot forget that day when she bowled me away. Let’s cut these talks and continue to the story.

Sneha is a 31-year-old desperate milf housewife with a figure to die for. Guys, the figure is 36-34-38 and a cuckold husband, Vikas. She is turning on to more of the defined slut. She gained confidence over rich short intervals that cannot be captured in words.

It was the day of cold, windy December with a breezy chilling climate. I just got a call from Vikas to have a meeting. It’s been quite some time we haven’t met. We decided to get together for dinner at the nearby pub.

I reached the decided venue as per the time set. I just entered the pub and was looking for Sneha and Vikas around. I couldn’t find them across. I just called Vikas to check. He told me that due to some urgent work back office, he cannot go and will reach in some time.

However, he informed me that Sneha had already left, and we both could carry on till he was back. In a few minutes, my phone rang, and it was Sneha on the other side. She said that she is just reached downstairs. I immediately went down to the lobby near the lift to receive her.

There she comes. Oh man, she was looking gorgeous hot sexy. Her glamorous looks and outfit were amazing. She was in her favourite black short skirt just a few inches below her hips. She was wearing black high boots and an overcoat tied across her waist.

Hairs open soft, and her perky lips with that shiny lipstick made fer look nasty hot seducing babe around. I could see loads of guys turning around and staring at her again and again like greedy, lusty guys. Normally we can always find them at such places.

We just hugged each other and headed inside, and took a corner table. The music was wild, so was the atmosphere, and we just ordered drinks. After a few drinks, Sneha just wished to dance as we moved on the floor. It was damn crowded.

The high music was making the floor boom. We started slow, and in a few minutes, we were caressing and feeling each other in that dark, kissing each other. I was moving my hands all across her back and enjoying that sexy craving figure of Sneha.

Sneha was getting high and was holding me tightly, enjoying and breathing hard for now. I could feel the tempo being built. Then she just said she would be back from the restroom. After some time, she returned, and I could see a kinky smile on her face.

We moved back to our table and sat there enjoying our drinks and food chatting. To my surprise, I could feel Sneha rolling her hand over my cock and giving that lusty look and seductive smile. She took my hand and put on her things, and moved it upper.

Oh man, I noticed that she was not wearing and panty and could feel her pussy wet and dripping. Slowly she opened her overcoat knot. I could see that her perky nips were all hard erect and almost popping out of her thin dress. I moved my other hand over her boobs.

I was amazed to see that she was not wearing a bra. We just started kissing and playing with each other softly. At some time, she just got all high and could not control more. Her sweet pussy was all wet with her cum. She just asked me to move out.

I could sense that now she needed the meat. We just got down somehow to the basement parking lot. As it was already 2 am, no one was seen around. Luckily, my car was parked in one corner away from the lift and a bit quieter. As we moved away from the lift in the silent area, she jumped on me.

She kissed like a horny babe and started searching for my hard cock over my jeans. By the time we could reach my car, she was all mad and fully aroused. We both were on fire and couldn’t wait for any more. We were not even bothered in the flow if anyone would be around or watching us.

I just pulled her skirt up and put my fingers on her pussy, and started fingering her. My other hand was on her soft boobs pressing and pinching her hard nips. She was now moaning in pleasure. Her eyes were closed, her legs a bit spread, kissing me.

Her hands were under my pants, feeling my hard cock. I just made her lie on my car bonnet and spread her legs, and started licking her deep. She moaned so loudly, yelling to keep doing hard, deep and deep. I just took her boobs out slid her shoulder strap.

I kept playing with them licking her pussy and her tiny ass hole. She was dripping. Her pussy juice was flowing through her thighs. Finally, she gave that scream and cum flow which I dried up, licking all the way. Now she got on her knees, took my cock out, and started giving a blowjob.

No doubt, over these days, she has become the best sucker. The way she plays with cock from top to bottom and at times licking the balls was, oh gosh, amazing. She kept doing that for a while. Then I just turned her back spread her legs. I put my cock from the back and pushed it deep.

She screamed as if that’s what she wanted for a long time. I started moving slowly, pumping her wet swollen pussy. She started making noise and just asked me to fuck her hard. She was screaming, yelling.

“Oh, baby fuck me, fuck me hard. I am your bitch. I am your slut. Use me hard. Please fuck me deep and tear my pussy. Oh, fuck, fuck.”

After about 5 minutes of hard fuck, I lay on the floor between 2 cars and started pounding her hard. With every stroke, she shouted like a real slut asking me to be more hard and deep. This was making me crazy as hell, and I was fucking her with all force as deep as I could.

She raised both legs in the air and spread her legs wide open for more deep access. I was enjoying the best fuck of my life. We continued for some time, and I was about to come. So she just got up, and she started sucking back with full motion.

She almost took my 6 plus inches, all deep-throating and gagging. I started stroking our mouths slowly. Now, it was fast and fast with the rhythm until I exploded.

I just came all in her mouth. I could see her just behaving like a real porn star mobbing my cum in her mouth full and then spiting it over her boobs. We just relaxed and got dressed and got in the car before anyone could see her and dove back home to drop her off.

But this was not the end of the day, I guess, as she seems to be wanting more. It was just a few minutes we were on the road. I could see her hands again rolling back on my cock.She was looking at me like a hungry slut with that cunning smile.

I understood that the night was going to be more happening. I was driving but really couldn’t concentrate. She was playing with my cock now pulled out of my pants and in her palms. She was stroking me with one hand and was playing her pussy wide open with the other.

She was making such sexy noise. I wish I could somehow reach her home. In a few minutes, I drove further, and we reached her place. We just walked out the normal way and moved in the lift. We were just crazy smooching each other in the lift, reaching her floor, and just getting in the room.

In all this, we didn’t even bother to check about Vikas, who was supposed to join us at the pub. Suddenly, when we entered her room, we could see Vikas sitting on the sofa staring at us.

He said, “So guys, where were you? Did you both ever check your phones? How many times did I call you? Is this what I am getting after trusting you both so much and giving all liberty?”

And listening to this, we both were speechless, looking at each other as we didn’t have an answer to his say. Well, Vikas was not looking in the mood, and he already had a few pegs.

Well, what exactly happened? I will let you know in the next post. Thank you for reading my story.

This was my first attempt to write a story. Please give your feedback. This will help me to improve my skills.

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