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Old Man with Hot Young Maid

” I am the new maid, sir. Someone called me yesterday.”


“No, sir. Nandini.”

“Yes. Come in – (cough, cough) – sorry”

“I will take care of you from now on, sir. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, darling. Can I call you darling?”

“You can call me whatever name you want, sir.”

“Don’t call me sir. Think of this as your own house.”

“Ok, sir. (laughs) Sorry!”

Sundaram can’t believe his eyes this is happening. Before leaving for abroad, his son told him he would hire a maid to look after him. So he thought the maid would be 30 or 40 something-year-old. But the one who came was a hot and petite young girl.

She was in chudidar, but he could see she had almost close to a perfect body. She is at the right amount being skinny and voluptuous at the same time. And her face, oh my god, such a beautiful face, he thought.

Sundaram is a 70-year-old retired teacher, and his wife died a few months ago. He is lonely and has no relatives nearby to look after. So his only son planned on getting a maid to look after his father. Before he left for abroad, he requested his friend to send a maid to his home, paying him monthly after that.

Even though Sundaram could do his day-to-day tasks by himself, a maid would come in handy for cooking and cleaning tasks. His son thought Sundaram was so skinny and weak, so the maid would be so helpful for him to get around the house.

As for Sundaram, even though he loved his dear wife, their love life was a boring one. Even before her wife reached 40, they barely had sex once a month. Most of the time, his wife was not interested or gave him a reason why she was not active anymore.

This made Sundaram desperate for sex. So he slowly turned online. He started spending a lot of time watching porn and reading sex stories to control his desperation. But it only made it worse. As time flew by, he started getting into a particular fetish involving old men and young girls.

There were a lot of websites that produced content involving ugly old men getting the life of their time with young girls. The men were usually around 70 to 80 years old and girls around 19 to 23. This made it so hot for some reason.

The thought of some young fertile, beautiful girls willingly allowing these grumpy fucks to enjoy their bodies was ultimate taboo for him. Usually, when men get older, their libido seems to decline. But for Sundaram, it seems to be the opposite.

Once his wife died, he immersed himself in this porn to satisfy his needs. He never thought of finding someone in real life to satisfy his needs. He was either too shy or weak to make a move. He doesn’t want someone to label him as a pervert because of his urges at this old age.

But seeing Nandini for the first time rekindled his lust. It seemed he wouldn’t get an opportunity more perfect than this to experience being with a young girl before dying, he thought. To get near her more often, he has to act like he is more disabled than he is.

He can move around the house to a certain extent. But acting like he couldn’t, he made sure she helped him by holding him. It was a wonderful opportunity to make moves, he thought.

“Nandini. Can you come here?”

“Yeah, sir.”

“I need to go to the bathroom. Can you help”

“Yeah, come. Hold me here. Uff. Sorry, sir. Just lean on me.”

“Sorry. My legs were shaking”

“Don’t worry, sir. It’s my job.”

But worrying was the last thing in Sundaram’s mind. When she held her hand to support him, he used his other hand on her hip to support himself. As she was very close, the smell of her hair was making him dizzy. The smell was both arousing and calming vibe to it.

He acted like it was painful for every step, so he gripped her hips tighter. Nandini has no idea that this old grumpy fuck is using her to satisfy his urges. Since her other hand was around his shoulder, her face was so near him.

He could see her soft lips and perfect cheeks budding with the young charm. Once he did his deed in the bathroom, she carefully carried him back to his bed. She slowly laid him on his back. When she turned away to go to the kitchen, she felt his hand suddenly grabbing hers.

“Don’t leave me, please!” Sundaram was moaning in a low pitch with his eyes closed as if he was so tired.

“It’s ok, sir. I am here. Don’t worry.”

“I know, darling,” he raised her hands to his face and planted a kiss. Nandini felt weird, but she thought he was just lonely to herself. In Sundaram’s mind, he fantasized about what it would feel like to kiss her on the lips.

She removed herself from his hold and went to the kitchen to make lunch for him. Sundaram was already rock hard from all the smooches and touched with his new maid and was barely in the mood to sleep.

He thought of going to the kitchen and touching her again in the pretext of helping. But he thought it would be too suspicious to move on his own suddenly. So he waited in his bed for the next move. After the lunch was made, she brought the food to the bed and served it on the plate.

Sundaram said his hands were trembling, so it was so hard to eat by himself. So Nandini fed lunch with her own hands and didn’t think too much about it. She was used to feeding her grandpa in the same manner. She thought this was nothing new to her.

But Sundaram was savoring every moment her finger went into his mouth and was already leaking in his underwear from the feeding. After feeding was over, she asked him to rest while doing house chores. But Sundaram has other plans.

“Can you press my head, please? It’s hard to sleep with headaches these days.”

“Uhmm. Ok, let me move near your head. Come on, rest on my lap.”

Sundaram happily obliged and moved his head to rest on her lap. He could see the outline of her boobs on the churidar. He was very close to her chest. With the slight movement to the left, he can almost smother her boobs. She started pressing his head slowly and caressed along the sides to help him to sleep.

The slight movements of her fingers running through his hair made Sundaram crazy. His boner was getting rock hard, and his breath was getting heavier. He slowly tried to move his head near her boobs as if he was falling asleep. But every time he tried to move, she corrected his head with her hands.

But after a few minutes, she was getting tired, so she let him lean his head over her boobs. His mouth was so close to where her nipple almost was. Sundaram was gasping heavily and enjoying every moment of this new feeling thanking his son in his mind.

When she thought he was asleep, she took his head, laid back on the bed, and moved on to do the rest of the chores.

As the day flew by and grew darker, Nandini thought of going home since her house was far away from here. She finished the rest of her work and went to Sundaram to ask if he needed any help before leaving. Sundaram asked her to feed the tablets from his bed as he was too tired.

She took the tablet to his bed and sat beside him to give it to him. But Sundaram insisted he would put his tablet by himself. He grabbed the tablet and the glass of water from her hand and tried to swallow by himself. Sundaram thought this was where he would make his next move.

So he acted like he choked on the tablet and started coughing frantically. Nandini started panicking and moving closer to him to help him stabilize. Sundaram started moving sideways near her so he could lean on her. And to his luck, she positioned herself so he could lean directly over her chest.

Sundaram was literally in heaven and with his eyes closed, savoring every moment of closeness with this young beauty. She wiped the wetness around his mouth with her cloth. She fed him water by her hand to comfort him.

This time, he managed to move his hand over her hips. He was completely pushing his weight over her, acting like he had no energy to support himself. Nandini didn’t care too much. She thought old people would always be tired no matter what.

She let him rest over her boobs to calm him. It seemed to work because Sundaram was dozing off to sleep. Only did Sundaram know he had a raging hard inside his dhoti from all the smooching by laying over her boobs.

“Man, these boobs, oh man. What would I give to stay like this forever?” he thought to himself. After some time, Nandini relived from his grip and laid him back on the bed.

“Ok, sir. It’s already time. I will come tomorrow.”

“Hmm. Darling. Ok”

“Take care, sir,” and Nandini closed the door.

Sundaram was on cloud nine. For the first day, he managed to get himself to rest his head over her boobs. “Man, what else I could do in the coming days,” he thought.

He began jerking off violently thinking about today’s events and reached an orgasm that he hadn’t felt in a long time. He finally dozed off to sleep, dreaming about with his lovely maid the next day.

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