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Orgasmic Massage To Sister’s Hot Friend On Bachelorette

Hey readers, welcome! This is my true experience with Manu on her Bachelorette that was planned by my sister and her friends. I am from Karnataka and I work in Delhi. I own a flat in Greater Noida and I live alone there, as sometimes my parents accompany me for a few months or my friends on weekends.

My sister and her friends had planned a bachelorette for Manu in June as in July she was getting married. So they planned to visit Manali in June first week. My sister asked me to arrange everything as I have been to Manali quite a few times.

It was 7 days trip including traveling. So I booked a flight and hotel for them and even I was excited to meet my sister after a long time. So, the day arrived and I went to the airport to receive them in my car. All my sister’s friends were beautiful, I have met them all before also, but this time when I saw Manu, I started imagining stuff.

My sister’s friend Manu was a gorgeous girl with a whitish complexion and average height with good curves.

So, after meeting me, they boarded their flight to Chandigarh and enjoyed their bachelorette party at Manali and nearby places. As per the plan, they will be going to Shimla Manali Kulu Chandigarh for the first 4 days and their 5th, 6th, and half of the 7th day, I will be the guide, taking them around Delhi, Agra, Mathura.

So then came the day when they flew back to Delhi. I went to the airport and received them. We first went to my flat and I asked them to get freshen up as we will be leaving for the city tour soon.

They all were ready and looking ek se badhkar ek. But my eyes were only on Manu. As they say, we value things only when they are someone else’s. She was in her red one-piece and her whitish shining legs were pulling all my attention. I was staring at my sister’s friend and trying to capture as much of her body before she leaves.

We finished day 1 in Delhi and I took them to HRC Saket for dinner. But the girls didn’t like the ambiance as they were in the party mood and wanted to dance. So I said that let’s carry drinks home and dance there. I wasn’t allowed to their party as I was a boy. I didn’t even worry to attend their blah blah party.

My flat was a 3 bhk with a big hall. We all first cleared the stuff from the hall and then arranged a dance floor for them with music. I took my beer case and went to my room. I straight up went to take a shower and jerked off imagining Manu on my bed.

After the shower, I went to my bed to sleep. Then I heard a knock on my door. It was my sister’s friend. She wanted me also to accompany them.

I was purposefully only on shorts and wasn’t wearing anything to cover my well-built upper body. She rushed back to others and said, “Omg, he has such a sexy body.”

Hearing this, they all rushed and started pulling my legs. I rushed and grabbed my sleeveless and I asked them to sleep soon as it was late and we had to leave early morning to Agra.

They all were heavily drunk and all of them were dozing. I assisted everyone to their room, 3 in each room. As time passed, it was 1 am. I couldn’t sleep thinking of my sister’s friend Manu. I grabbed the beer, lit a cigarette and went to the balcony. To my surprise or maybe god listened to my prayers, Manu also came.

I tried to hide the cigarette, but she jumped on me and snatched the cigarette and said, “I want to try everything before I get married.”

I never smoked with any girl and here she was holding the cigarette and smoking like a perfectionist. While my sister’s hot friend was smoking, I was checking out her body. Those shorts were too short. She saw me checking her out as well. So, to change the topic, I said, “Yaar, you smoke like a smoker.”

She said that she loves smoking and she used to smoke to relieve her IT work stress.

We gulped a few more beers and smoked more cigarettes. We sat close to each other and I was having a boner which she noticed as I was walking here and there to fetch the beers. Even I noticed that my sister’s friend’s nipples were erect and were popping out of her black slip, maybe because of the cold.

And we both wanted to fuck each other but one had to start. So I thought I will take responsibility. I started talking double meaning shit. She understood and said that she was too tired and her back was aching because of the continuous travel.

I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and said, “Come, I will give you a massage.”

She agreed and said, “Oh god, you know how to massage?”

I said, “Yes, I know. I can give all types of massages.”

She asked, “What all kind of massage do you give?”

I said, “If you want a simple massage, I can give you that now. If you want an orgasmic massage, I can give you that inside.”

She said, “Then why are you wasting time, let’s try this.”

I got an instant boner thinking of this and in excitement, I gulped the whole beer at once. My sister’s friend went and latched both the doors of the other two bedrooms so that no one can come out. We went to my room.

She said that she will use my washroom and I used this time to arrange the bed and mood of the room. I sprayed the room freshener and turned the AC to lower than the room temperature – neither too cold nor ineffective. Sab set tha.

I bought almond oil as I had only that. I played soft music and lit a few colored lights around the room corners.

Then there she came. The beauty queen I had been imagining to fuck. My sister’s friend removed everything in my bathroom, wrapped a towel and came to me. She planted a kiss on my lips and said, “Make sure I orgasm.”

And when I heard that, I was like in heaven. I said, “Make yourself comfortable, princess.”

She smiled and lied down on her tummy. I rubbed my arms, applied oil and started massaging her upper back first. I did massage her neck, shoulders, and upper back for 10 minutes. She was like, “Ahh.. This neck and shoulder massage relieved half the stress.”

I was motivated by then. I removed her towel, covered her bum and started massaging her lower back. By then, my undies were dipped in my precum.

I massaged her whitish back and made sure that I didn’t miss even an inch of her bare body untouched. While massaging her back, I purposely touched her boobs area and she was enjoying every move of my hands.

I then went down and started oiling my sister’s friend’s legs and calves. The moment I started massaging her calves, she started moaning. She said, “You don’t know how relieved I am feeling now.”

I said, “Wait babe, abhi toh start hua hai.” I spent half an hour on her thigh and legs. Then I moved my hands to her upper thigh area near her ass and pussy. I spread her legs and removed the towel that was covering her ass. And OMG, I had the most beautiful thing in front of me. I wanted to eat that but I controlled myself and acted professionally.

I started massaging Manu’s inner thigh and she was uncontrollable now. She was moaning and shivering and making seductive moves. Then I teased her but didn’t touch her pussy.

I spilled oil and my precum on my sister’s friend’s ass and started massaging them. This time, she moaned loudly and said, “Keep doing that, I am enjoying it.”

I knew the technique of how to hit the muscles and nerve points. I was doing it very well. Soon I finished her back and asked her to turn. She turned with her boobs and cunt covered with her hands.

I put a towel on Manu’s cunt and spilled oil on her boobs. And I started massing her upper breast area. I then grabbed her boobs from the under-boobs area and started making circles. Her nipples were rising high and her boobs got stiffer. I could see her nerves under the boobs area. She was so damn whitish and her brown nipples were like a cherry on the cake.

I gave her a nipple massage and this time, my sister’s friend held my thigh and bedsheet tightly. I moved down but she said, “Massage my boobs more.”

I agreed and continued there. I pressed, massaged, and caressed her boobs and moved down to her navel and pubic area. She had waxed a week before so there were very less hairs.

I removed the towel and started spilling oil. I teased her with my fingers around her pussy. I asked her to lift her legs and spread it for me. I oiled my hands well and touched my sister’s friend’s pussy. She gave a jerk and held my hand which was pressed to her pussy. I asked her to enjoy the moment and she left my hand.

I started making movements around her pussy. For 10 minutes, I just stopped and stared at her pussy. I wanted to capture this scene of her spreading legs for me. I oiled more, inserted my fingers, and started stroking up and down in search of the g-spot. I was not sure whether I hit her spot but she was moaning like hell.

I couldn’t control my dick and freed it by undressing. And I started stroking my sister’s horny friend with my fingers. My one hand was on her boobs. She released her juices and I wiped her pussy with the towel. Immediately, I kissed her pussy and started licking there. I thought she would resist but instead, she held my head tightly and asked to eat it completely.

I started licking and sucking my sister’s friend’s pussy as if there was no tomorrow. I was rubbing her clit sometimes and pressing her boobs sometimes. But I didn’t stop licking that juicy pussy.

I then started licking Manu’s asshole. She enjoyed that also. While I was licking her asshole, she fingered her and I was pressing her boobs. She gave a big moan and came off. I immediately sucked everything. I ate everything.

Then I went up to suck her boobs. I started sucking her nipples and was biting them. I raised her hands and started licking her underarms. That sweaty smell of her is still somewhere in my mind.

I became more horny after I smelled her. I started licking her underarms. Then I moved to her neck and earlobes. My sister’s friend couldn’t stop and asked to lick pussy as she was cumming again. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and was eating her like mad. She came again, shivering.

She lied down flat totally tired after she came 3-4 times. She closed her eyes and was moaning, “Aah fuck.. Feeling so awesome..aah ahh..”

I stood upon her and jerked onto her face. I jerked a good load on her. She opened her eyes and asked, “Did you jerk?” I said yes.

Se then kissed my dick and said, “Light a cigarette. And get ready for round two.”

We smoked again, we were naked and we were ready for round two. This time, she said, “Let’s take a shower and I will taste you now.”

In the shower, we cleaned each other and kissed and hugged. My sister’s friend took my dick in her mouth. Then we dried ourselves and jumped on the bed. She jumped on me and said, “Now you feel heaven and see my moves.”

She started kissing me everywhere, my underarms, my neck, my nipples. She went down and took my dick in her mouth. My sister’s friend started stroking my dick and I was all ready for the next round. But I was loving the view of a beautiful girl giving me a blowjob with her ass curve making me more erected.

I got up and wore a condom and asked her to lie down. She said, “Na, I love doggy.”

Then we fucked in doggy style. Manu was moaning like hell and I was all waiting to lick her pussy again as I wanted to eat her completely. She again came and asked me to stop as it was aching her now.

I said, “It’s fine, l will lick you.”

So I started licking her pussy. And she said that she will suck my dick. So we came in 69 and started eating each other. I licked her asshole and while I was licking her asshole, she was rubbing her pussy on my chin. And I jerked on her boobs.

I massaged my sister’s friend’s boobs till 4 am in morning. Then she changed and went to her friends’ room. I kept her light pink panty with me and she kept my precum-dipped boxer with her.

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