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Passionate fuck with a newly wed bride in the UK

My Name is Vaatsayana (name changed). I am 40 years old now. But this incident happened in 2012. I am an average Telugu guy, living in the UK, having a 5’10” height, 70 kg weight, perfect V-shaped body and 6-inches long tool.

This is my next story on ISS. I hope you enjoyed my previous stories.

After a short trip to USA and sex adventures with my best friend’s wife Sameera, I got a bit addicted to abroad life and party culture. So I decided to move to the UK in 2011. Due to my technical skill set, I got a very good job in Reading (A place in the UK where many Asian people live).

I moved to this place from London. I checked into a rented single-bedroom apartment on the ground floor. It was a G+2 apartment complex with a commonly shared garden.

I used to work from home most of the time as the client was from Europe. I used to spend most of my time in the garden. After a few days, a young Indian couple shifted into the opposite apartment on the same floor. They introduced themselves as Pallavi(Name Changed) and Naveen(Naveen).

I was sitting at the Garden table and working. After looking at them, I felt like they are college students. Up on enquiring, they mentioned that they recently got married. Pallavi is on an educational Visa, and Naveen came to the UK as a dependent.

They are from Pharmaceutical backgrounds. Naveen is working hard to manage the expenses while Pallavi is doing her 2-year MS at a nearby University. Pallavi is a tall girl, about 5′ 8″ and a very slim build 34-24-36. She always used to wear pyjamas with a t-shirt and was decently dressed.

After a few days, I observed that Naveen started doing a night shift job at a nearby store to cope with the expenses. The poor guy was working 16 hours a day. Pallavi needed to attend college regularly to ensure her VISA was valid. But she used to work part-time at the weekends.

After coming from college, she used to sit in the garden talking to her parents and Naveen’s parents. I used to give company to her in the garden. We were the only Asians in the apartment complex.

As time passed, Pallavi became a bit close to me and used to give curries when she cooked. In return, I used to sponsor shopping sometime. Soon I could sense a bit of impatience and anger in her. Couldn’t resist but to ask her. She told her story. They were college mates and lovers.

Soon after college, her family learned about their relationship. They got married after a big fight. Before marriage, as you can imagine, Naveen spent a lot of time with Pallavi. But after their life started in the UK, he hardly spent time with her. He is also getting short-tempered at times due to tiredness.

After a month, one fine day, I heard some shouting and quarrels from their flat. Later that afternoon, Pallavi was sitting in the garden, crying alone. I was in the garden working and observing her. She cried for a long time, and I went to her, put a tissue box in front of her, and consoled her.

She put her head on my shoulder and started crying even more. I put my hand on her head and tried to console her. After some time, I asked what had happened. She told me that Naveen doesn’t love her anymore as he is mad after money. I told her that he was working hard to keep her happy.

She got a bit angry that I was supporting Naveen. In an angry tone, she told me that money couldn’t make people happy. People need to make people happy! After saying this, she stood up and ran into the apartment. I followed her, thinking she might do something wrong to herself in anger.

As I entered their apartment, I saw that Naveen was fast asleep. She told me that she has one week’s holiday and Naveen refuses to spend time with her. She told me it had been 4 months since Naveen spent 2 hours in private with her. She was crying the whole time.

I consoled her again and told her I would give her company in the evenings after my office work was done. She felt a little happy. From that day, after my office work was done, we used to walk into the town centre. We would roam around shopping complexes, food courts and cinemas.

She became a good friend of mine in no time. There was a big quarrel between Pallavi and Naveen. I came out of my flat and stood near the front door of their apartment. I understood that Pallavi was not asking for time but sex! I got a bit excited about that. She was asking him to fuck her at least once a week.

He called Pallavi a bitch, and I heard Pallavi walking toward the door. Immediately I returned to my flat. I started imagining how will it be when I fuck her like a bitch! I got a solid erection. I masturbated in the toilet, thinking of a hot and steamy sex session with her.

My cock exploded with a fountain of cum in the sink. After getting relaxed, I looked from my bedroom window towards the garden. Pallavi sat on the garden chair and cried as usual. Naveen slept like a log, I assumed. I went near her and put my hand on her shoulder.

She suddenly hugged me in a sitting position from the side, and her breast got pressed on my thigh. Despite my best effort, I got a strong erection evident from such close distance to her face. I got a bit embarrassed but continued consoling her.

After some time I asked her to come to my flat for a coffee so that she could get relaxed. She agreed and came to my room. I keep my room very clean all the time. She admired my cleanliness but was staring at the bulge in my lower body!

She came into the kitchen to help me. But as it was a bit small for the two of us, we crossed each other in a corner, and her breast rubbed against my forearm. Current shock for both of us. I put my hand in the way and stopped her. She started breathing heavily, and I kissed her on her lips in an unexpected turn.

She tried to resist. But after a tight hug, she stopped resisting and started enjoying the kiss. She was so excited that she started kissing me madly. As if she has been hungry for this male touch for months. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and she did the same.

I started dragging her to the bedroom. Kissing her passionately on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, throat, earlobes and neck. It drove her mad. She was wearing a t-shirt and pyjamas, and I was wearing the same. I removed my shirt and jumped onto her. I started hugging her tightly while kissing her madly.

She was responding like a horny bitch in heat. I removed her t-shirt, and she was wearing a pink bra. I almost tore off the bra and saw her beautiful, firm 34-inch breasts with erect nipples asking me to suck their life out. I pretty much swallowed both her breasts alternatively and made both breasts soaking wet.

I went down and kissed her belly button. She gave a lusty moan. I went further down and kissed her pussy over her pyjamas. Her moans were increasing like alarm bells. I slowly pulled her pyjamas and panty together and saw her dripping wet, slightly hairy young pussy.

Looking at it, I felt it wasn’t fucked, considering they lived together for 4 years and married 6 months ago. I kissed her pussy, and her body shivered with excitement. I removed my pyjamas and underwear, and my loaded gun stood up, ready to fire.

I shifted to the 69 position, and she understood my intention. She obediently opened her mouth. I was in heaven, and so did she as I started licking her tight pussy. Both of us were behaving like animals trying to eat each other out. Her increasing speed of moans made me extra horny.

Within 5 minutes, she had a massive orgasm. At the same time, I shot my load like bullets out of a machine gun. Spurt after spurt after spurt fired directly at her throat. She choked a bit but swallowed my load obediently. There were tears of joy and happiness in her eyes.

She told me that it was the first orgasm of her life. Saying this, she started sucking my lips again as I slept beside her. Her nipples were poking on my bare chest. The whole room was getting warm without the heater being on. I started biting her lips hard.

Then I turned her around and started kissing her neck and the whole area on her back. I could see Goosebumps all over her body. I went down and bit her hard buts. She cried in ecstasy. I further went down to her toes and petted them gently. Her whole body jerked.

When I looked at her face again, my gun was loaded again. This time I started rubbing the tip of my gun on her target clitoris. I did it slowly while kissing her passionately on her lips. After a few minutes, her pussy got so excited she turned me over. I was on my back, and she climbed on me.

She inserted my gun in her cave and slowly lowered her body until my tip touched her womb. She waited in that position enjoying the fullness in her pussy, and slowly started humping on me. Her firm breasts attracted my hands like magnets.

I was crushing them and pulling her nipples roughly, causing her pain and pleasure. She started humping faster with her eyes closed as if she were in a trance, moaning like a wild bitch. My gun was touching the roof of her pussy. I slid my hands above my cock and started rubbing her clitoris.

She got into a nice rhythm. Her screams started increasing in volume, and suddenly she climaxed. This time she squirted! About 20 ml of slimy liquid drenched my pubic area into my ass crack. Her thighs started shivering with excitement, and she collapsed on me.

Without taking my dick out, I rolled her over. I dragged her to the corner of the bed. I started fucking her in a missionary position with her legs on my shoulders while standing. I ejaculated twice already, so it took me about 40 minutes to ejaculate again.

I fucked her like a stallion horse where the bed frame started shaking. She had another orgasm, and I shot my sperm in her pussy. I was shattered and fell on her. We slept for a couple of hours. When she woke up, she looked at the time. She hurriedly dressed up as it was time for Naveen wakes up generally.

She ran into her flat after giving me a parting kiss. She cooked food for Naveen and sent him off to the office. As I saw him going out, I went to her flat. Instead of taking her to the town centre, I again entered her ‘centre’. She anticipated it, and she didn’t wear any underwear.

Her hole was wet and welcoming. I fucked her for an hour this time, but towards the end, she complained of pain in her pussy. So we shifted to the 69 position again and licked and sucked each other until we both came. We dozed off for some time. Then we had dinner.

In the night, I asked her if she got fucked in the ass. She told me that she never got fucked in the ass. I told her to prepare for the first night. I want to take her anal virginity. She was really scared about that. I assured her I would be very gentle and that she won’t feel pain.

We planned it for 2 days later. I decorated my bed with flowers and sweets. I requested her to wear a saree. She came after Naveen left to office. She was really beautiful. I romanced her to the core and made her nude very slowly. I entered her pussy and fucked her until she squirted again.

Then I started playing with her ass hole. I applied lubricant and put one finger fully in it. I finger fucked her for 5 minutes, and she started getting excited. I put 2 fingers. 5 minutes finger fuck and then 3 fingers and 5 minutes finger fuck.

She started enjoying the sensation of her sensitive ass hole being gently massaged by my fingers. After that, I lubricated my rod and started inserting it slowly. After careful insertion, my rod got buried in her ass, balls deep. I started giving her slow deep strokes.

I was enjoying the tight grip of her virgin ass hole. I increased the speed, and she buried her face in the pillow, emitting muffled moans. I fucked her for 10 minutes, and she got an incredible orgasm. I shot my sperm in her ass. We slept until morning. When the alarm rang, she ran into her flat half-naked!

This was the start of our relationship. But it had countless adventures where I fucked her in open places, buses, and trains like a bitch. This went on for 2 years. They moved out of Reading after that. Pallavi still travels 3 hours by train to get fucked by me sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

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