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Pervy Doctor Gets Simraan’s Big Ass Worshipping Treatment!

Hey guys, this is Simraan with another hot experience to share with you all. Do you realize the sort of secret affairs you could discover if you are well-hidden? Well, I am sharing one such thrilling affair for you to consider whether to jerk off multiple times or do the act instead…

Last month, I visited a local hospital to check the well-being of my friend. I met my friend who was recovering from an illness. We talked about our past experiences with social things. Since I had visited the hospital, I decided to take a full-body test to see if I was as fit as a horse.

I asked a matron who informed me about the doctor in charge of such medical procedures. The matron made a note of my request and told me to wait at the desk. I was looking around the hospital environment when I felt a palm delicately grabbing my ass cheek.

Me (turning around swiftly): Hey, watch what you’re doing!

A doctor: Oh, I am so sorry madam. I thought I was grabbing a sponge that I had asked the matron.

That doctor looked quite confident even though he knew that I knew that he was lying. I didn’t say anything but looked around and waited for the matron. A few minutes later, the matron told me to sit outside Dr Girish’s cabin (she told me where it was).

I went there and sat for about 10 minutes. I thought of going inside the cabin since I had come for a test. The cabin was not occupied by anyone. While turning back, I felt my bra had unbuttoned inside my dress and the end of the string was poking roughly on my skin!

There was a doctor’s bed with a curtain for privacy which I took the liberty of using. I had removed my top and was adjusting my bra. That was when I heard the door open, and people walk inside. From the thin slit of the curtain, I saw the perverted doctor sitting at the desk. There was another girl standing in front of him slightly to the right-hand side.

Doctor Girish: No, Anisha, I can’t allow your request at this moment. There’s another doctor whom I had promised that assignment earlier.

Student Anisha: Sir, please! I need that assignment.

Doctor Girish: Alright, let’s see. That ward has male patients. And you will have to provide medical service to every patient’s unique problem. So, using my body as an example, identify all the parts of a male reproductive organ.

The female student gave a shy impression and joined her hands touching her vaginal area. The perverted doctor then placed his hand on her ass cheek and began to press it. The female student moved her right hand towards his groin area. She unzipped his trousers and pushed her palm inside.

The perverted doctor was ecstatic with pleasure and gave a teasing look to the female student. She pulled out his semi-hard cock and held his balls with her other hand. As the girl was naming the organs, the doctor’s erection became harder.

Doctor Girish: Good girl, now stimulate it orally. And while you are doing that, let me carefully analyze your ass. I find its tightness quite fascinating.

The female medical student sat in a 69 position as the doctor slept on the desk. She began to suck his hard cock while the doctor pulled her jeans. Her ass was fair and tight with a shape curvy. No wonder the perverted doctor began to kiss and sniff it the moment his lusty eyes fell on it.

Student Anisha: Girish (said teasingly), I hope you don’t check my ass with your tongue.

Doctor Girish (spanking her ass cheek): Naughty girl, I like that…Now, control your moans and keep them as low as possible.

The doctor was tongue fucking the girl’s asshole while the girl was intensely sucking and slurping on his dick. She gave a sharp moan every time the doctor stretched her ass cheeks or spanked it.

A few minutes later, they climbed down from the desk. The girl lifted her leg and leaned on the desk. The doctor applied saliva to her wet pussy and stuck his hard cock inside. He grabbed her by the ass cheek and began to slowly fuck her pussy.

The female medico pressed her round petite tits as she enjoyed getting fucked by her supervisor. He would finger the girl’s asshole to make her moan loudly.

Doctor Girish: Your ass is nothing in comparison with that bitch I just met outside. I wouldn’t have fucked you, but I need to release my daily quota somewhere.

The girl turned around in a surprising insult. But he held her neck and continued pounding her pussy harder. She had to cover her mouth to soften the voice of her moans during that betrayed sex.

I decided to teach the perverted doctor a lesson. He wanted my big ass and I needed his submission to me. I sneakily walked outside and pushed him tightly onto the girl. His cock was stuck inside the pussy. The female student was scared and tried to cover her face.

The doctor used all his strength to push me back and pull out his cock on time. Had he taken a few seconds more, he would have ejaculated inside the girl instead on the desk.

Doctor Girish: You dumb bitch! What the fuck are you doing here?!

Before I could answer, the female medical student was trying to escape. I caught her by the arm and assured her that I mean no trouble to her.

Me: Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m here to get you that assignment you want so badly. If you had met me before, I would have shown you ways of requesting this drooling pervert.

Doctor Girish: I would have had your ass on this desk if you had let me play with your ass.

I grabbed his cock as he was about to get up from the desk. The female student looked happy to see someone disciplining her pervert supervisor. I told her to rest her tight ass cheeks on the pervert doctor’s face. She hesitated for a moment and then followed my order.

Me: Now, worship your pupil’s hot ass and keep praising it. Remember, I have got you by your balls now.

The perverted doctor began to kiss softly his female student’s hot ass. She too enjoyed moving her ass cheeks on his lips and sometimes making him reach out for it.

Me: Enough sweetheart… Learn how to use your body to your advantage. Go outside and don’t worry about that assignment.

As soon as the female student left the cabin, I sat on the pervert doctor’s face. My big ass covered his facial features, and the pervert didn’t take much time to start kissing it!

Me: Kiss my ass, just like that. How come you haven’t got an erection yet?

I slapped his cock and balls a few times. Soon, his cock began to gain strength and achieved a semi-erection. The doctor showed pleasure in his moans as he started pushing my ass cheeks with his lips.

Me: Will you apologize for grabbing my butt or shall I make you do it?

The perverted doctor teasingly began to move his palms over my ass cheeks. This showed that he wanted me to make him do that. Of course, he was not aware of the way I was going to make him do that.

I pressed my ass cheeks hard on his nose and sat till he started to spank my ass. In an instant, his cock grew hard as he liked being suffocated under my big ass. A few seconds later, I got up to seek an answer. The perverted doctor was too adamant not to reply.

Me: Alright, let’s see how long you can last this time.

I once again sat on his face harder and started slapping his cock and balls. He tried to push me away from his face, but my big ass was too heavy for his face.

After a little while, he started making ‘thumbs up’ gestures at me. I then lifted my ass from his face which had turned red due to my little mischief.

Doctor Girish: I’m sorry, sorry for grabbing your ass, madam. But how could I have resisted your big ass? It’s too tempting not to touch it.

Me: So, you like my big ass, you drooling pervert? Keep worshipping it then…

I sat on his face again and moved forward to suck his hard cock. He intensely began to lick my asshole instead of kissing it like he was doing before. With my slurping movements, I made his cock firm and ready for penetration.

Me: I had come here to conduct a full-body test. So, let’s have a role reversal and start with it.

I inserted his hard penis inside my pussy and began to bounce my ass cheeks hard on his dick. He was about to grab my tits when I slapped his hand and began to slap his cheeks.

Me: How… do… you… treat… a… woman… like… me…?

Doctor Girish: With… respect… madam…

I leaned forward and began to slap his cheeks with my big wobbling tits. At that moment, his hands cupped my ass cheeks to gain momentum during the pussy fucking sex.

Me (spitting on his face): Take your fucking hands away from me and keep them up, you bloody pervert. All you need is a chance, isn’t it?

The perverted doctor began to slow his thrusting movements after an intense burst of energy. I got up and once again sat on his face. Then, I began to stroke this moist cock that was well lubricated by his pre-cum.

A few seconds later, he ejaculated a thick load, not as much as the first one though. When I got up from his face, I saw him breathing heavily and smiling over the session he had.

I got down from the desk and began to wear my top dress. The perverted doctor was still lying on the deck watching me dress up. At that time, the door opened and a medical compounder peeked inside the room. When he saw the situation, he realized that he had entered the wrong moment.

Me: Your full body report will soon be shared in the hospital, doctor! (winked).

That’s it, dear readers. I hope you liked me teaching the pervert doctor a lesson which he will never forget.

If reading this BDSM experience of mine aroused you, why not come have a nice (dirty) chat with me?! I am available online most of the times. Click here and get connected to me instantly!

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