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Punjabi Roomate Girl Submitting Herself On First Day In USA

It’s been a really long since I contributed to this community and I got just the right true story to tell you all. Please enjoy and let me know your feedback in the comments.


It all started in January of 2021 when she knocked on the apartment door. She had just landed from India and was starting her master in my university.

I graduated 6 months back and was working remotely due to Covid and hadn’t moved out of my student accommodation. The winter in New Jersey is pretty bad and January is the peak of it. It was snowing every alternate day and was very cold.

Tanya was 21 and recently graduated with her bachelors from Punjab University. Before reaching here, she had found my contact on Facebook and asked me for a room in my apartment. Luckily, the Nigerian girl who was in our apartment moved back to her country and the room was vacant.

Tanya paid the deposit and a month’s rent in advance to book the room as there was a lot of demand due to the recent incoming Indian students.

Tanya knocked on the door around 11 am, quite earlier than she said she would reach. I was in the kitchen cooking brunch while working and opened the door thinking it was an Amazon delivery and there she stood.

Tanya was all red and flushed from the cold. And the cab at the front porch was waiting for her to take her luggage out of the trunk. Then I went out to help her with her luggage. She hugged me and said, “Thank you” when I kept her last piece of luggage in her room.

Then I set the thermostat to 25 degrees to warm the room and asked her if she needed any help.

She: I’m good for now. Thank you so much for helping me.

Then I smiled and left to continue cooking my brunch. After some time, I knocked at my new Punjabi roommate girl’s door to offer some food. She was in a bathrobe, water dripping from her hair and just out of the shower.

I gave her the sandwich. She welcomed me inside her room and I took my laptop with me and sat on the study table while looking at her taking a small bite. She looked so cute and helpless. I was shocked looking at how a 5’2″ tall, 32C” size, 26″ waist and 28″ hip look this sexy and be this good to an average looking guy like me? Maybe because I helped her with her luggage and cooked her some breakfast, I could be rewarded.

Then my sexy roommate girl sat on her bed, completely focused on the food in front of her. She forgot her bathrobe was loose and her beautiful bare breasts were partially visible! And the Punjabi girl’s milky white thighs were flashing in front of me. I was slowly getting turned on by the sight of her and couldn’t stop staring at her.

Then the Punjabi girl finally finished the food and looked at me. I came to my senses and offered her more food.

She: I am good, thanks for the delicious breakfast.

Then we started talking about random stuff and how to adjust to the winter here. I had to attend a meeting, so I left her room in a hurry.

Finally, it was evening. I came out of my room for a smoke break before I head to the gym. Her room light was on, so I knocked on her door to check on her. She came out and I told her –

Me: I am going to smoke and after that, I am heading to the gym.

Then the Punjabi beauty asked me if she could join me for a smoke. We smoked our first cigarette together and went back to her room. She was in cute bum shorts and a red cotton t-shirt. Then she asked –

She: What’s the best whiskey to buy here?

And I had some in my apartment, I offered her. Then she said –

She: It’s my birthday tomorrow and I am feeling homesick.

So I bought two glasses and a whiskey bottle for her room. It was around 7 when we started drinking. I played a horror movie on my laptop. We were sitting close to each other and was getting colder. Then she offered me to share her blanket if I want.

We were in the same blanket now and our legs were touching each other. Her hands were next to mine. Halfway through the movie and bottle, my new roommate girl had to go to the restroom. She lifted the blanket and found a boner on me! Then she smiled and silently left.

The Punjabi girl got back from the bathroom after 2 minutes with her nipples poking through her red t-shirt. Her bra was missing! What a sight it was and her Indian ass was clearly visible through her shorts. This time, she sat closer to me and her hands were on my thighs.

I was getting a little tipsy and horny at the same time. I poured more whiskey in both our glasses without moving and she gulped it in a shot, so did I. This time, we were getting high and her nipples were getting harder, which I could see because of the light from the laptop screen.

Tanya made the first move by placing her hand close to my crotch area and moving closer to my hard dick! I turned and looked at her. Then my roommate came close to me and started kissing me. We were suddenly kissing passionately for about 5 minutes.

My hand was holding her hand and my other hand was on her waist. I pulled her closer and my hand was inside her t-shirt cupping her breast.

I broke the kiss and started kissing her neck and ear region. Then she lay on the bed and I got on her. I was kissing her, trying to push her t-shirt on top to have a glimpse of the Punjabi girl’s heavenly breasts. She removed her t-shirt and threw it down the bed.

My hard dick inside my shorts was on top of her pussy in her shorts and was dry humping. I removed my t-shirt as well. We were now half-naked and I could not believe my sight. Her breasts were milky white with brownish-pink nipples which were pointy and inviting. I held them both in my hands and started sucking one after the other.

Tanya started moaning and her moans grew louder by the second. I was in heaven hearing her moan, her nipple in my mouth and my dick rubbing her pussy from top. I wanted this moment to never end.

We suddenly stopped and she looked at me. Then she said –

She: Your shorts must be really tight. Why don’t you free yourself of it and I will also get free?

I got up, removed my shorts and boxers in one go, to free my 7″ tool in front of her. My Indian roommate girl’s eyes popped looking at the size and girth of my dick. The cute Punjabi girl gasped as I moved close to her. She slowly removed her shorts by lifting her legs while lying on the bed without getting up.

We were both now naked and horny. The whiskey was hitting both of us. I couldn’t stand straight and fell on the bed after losing balance. Tanya came next to me, sat up straight, and held my dick in her cute small hands, making my dick look bigger than it was.

Without hesitation, the sexy Indian girl took the tip of my dick in her mouth. Heaven was not the word for it. Her warm mouth was completely over my hard dick and she began blowing me slowly. Her beautiful breasts were hanging and her eyes locked with mine while she sucked me.

When I tried to push in a little deeper, her gag reflex hit and her saliva were dripping down my shaft and balls. My hot roommate girl took my dick out of her mouth and sniffed my balls as she licked her saliva clean. I was getting restless now.

I held her neck from behind, pulled her face close to mine and started kissing her deep. I was tasting her saliva mixed with my precum.

I made her lie down and started to return the favor. I did this by parting her legs and keeping them on my shoulder while I gently kissed the Punjabi girl’s clean shaved brown pussy which was sticky and wet from her cum. Then I licked her clit and she pushed my head deeper with her hand and buried me closer to her pussy.

Tanya was locking me in that position with her thighs. I started to lick her pussy lips by parting her pussy.

She moaned: AAHHHH….

I inserted my tongue into my roommate girl’s hole and kept tongue fucking her for the next two minutes. My right-hand thumb rubbed her clit and my left hand was pinching her left nipple. She was getting stiffer and stiffer, holding my head tighter with her thighs.

Then the Punjabi babe had a blast of orgasm and her cum was all over my mouth. I licked her and cleaned her.

Then I got up from that position after she freed me from her grip. I got up to her and kissed her again sharing her cum with her while I was on top of her. And my dick was harder than ever and near her warm pussy hole. Then she asked me if I had a condom?

I said: I never planned for this to happen. So I don’t have a condom with me.

Then I took my phone and saw the time. It was around 11:45 pm, almost midnight and the birthday girl was naked in front of me with her goddess body. Then I told her –

Me: I will pull out my tool and if anything goes wrong, will buy you a Plan B tablet the next morning.

Tanya was scared but we were too drunk and horny to do anything about it. I wanted to enter her pussy, but also wanted to start her birthday with my dick inside her pussy. Then I told her the plan. She got up to freshen up in the bathroom.

I wore my shorts, adjusted my hard dick and knocked on my other roommate’s door. He opened the door half asleep after 2 minutes and I asked him for a condom. He said that he had a few and gave me the whole pack unopened. Then I promised him that I will buy him new ones the next time and went back to Tanya’s room.

Her room was dim-lit as the laptop was turned off now and the bed lamp was on. She was looking so beautiful and my lost hard-on was back and this time even hungrier. Then she asked me where I went and I showed her the pack of condoms. She was so happy.

Then I jumped on the bed, took a condom out and slipped it on my now harder dick. I check the time and it was 11:55 pm. I went into her blanket as I removed my shorts and said, “Happy birthday” and kissed her. The kiss grew passionate and I was getting on top of her.

I was rubbing my dick over my roommate girl’s pussy and teasing her. She just grabbed my dick and shoved it into her hole and asked me to push which I did and I was inside her without much effort. Thanks to her horny wet pussy!

The phone chimed to midnight and I kissed her wishing, “Happy birthday,” while I filled her hole with my dick.

I was now completely inside her and her legs on my hips completely pinning me deep inside the Punjabi girl. I was fucking the Indian girl so hard. The room was filled with moans and our bodies were clapping with each other.

Then she said: Please don’t stop! It’s so good to be fucked by a drunk madarasi.

She was moaning and my hand was squeezing her breast and one more hand pushing the wall ahead of me, near the bed’s headboard.

I was grunting with pleasure and her hands scratching my back and her lips kissing my neck and licking it. Then her mouth cupped my neck, as she began giving me a love bite. It was one way to shut her up, as I was scared that she would wake the other roommates up with her moans.

Then I pulled my dick out to check the condom and turned her around. I spread her legs and entered from behind. Now I was holding her hair with one hand and spanking her with another, as I was getting deeper into her pussy. I was humping her faster and harder and she was completely lost in the moment.

Now I could feel her pussy muscles tense up around my dick, her mouth’s shivering and her white cum covering my protected dick. I slightly pulled out my dick, but she moved with my dick to not remove it from her hole. I continued fucking her until her cum was dripping on my balls and her ass was completely red from all the spanking.

Then I turned her over in the air and dropped her on the bed with my dick still inside her pussy and got onto missionary position and was fucking her deeper. She hugged me tightly and came on my dick, which turned me on even more. Now I was about to cum and I told her-

Me: I am about to cum.

Tanya then pulled my dick out and removed the condom and began jerking it near her face. I was about to cum. As she took my dick in her mouth, I shot a huge load in her cute small mouth. Now my cum was dripping from her mouth onto her chin and my cum was all over her face and breasts.

Then I licked it and kissed her to taste my cum mixed with her saliva.

It was 12:15 am. I had an early day tomorrow, so I ordered a birthday cake from my phone to be delivered in the morning. Then we both slept naked next to each other.

The whiskey bottle was just half done, so is my story. I will continue my other weekend adventures of how I fucked my sexy roommate girl in the dense forest of upstate New York on a trekking trip, in my next story.

Until then, I hope you all had fun reading this story. Don’t forget to correct my mistakes and drop your comments down below.

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