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Quickie With A Hot Stranger In AC Coach – Part 1

Hi to all the Antennae and Ports out there. I hope your hands are connected to them. I am Mr. horny_anonymous coming with an erotic story. This is a true incident and not a fiction. So, without wasting much time, let’s get into the action.

In the story, I’ll be Rahul instead of Mr.horny_anonymous. I am Mr. Rahul from Bangalore. I am working in an IT firm (MNC) with a stats height of 5.7 feet and with dick of 6.7 inches. These are true ones and I am not faking the stats like others(hahaha).

The heroine in this story is Archana (obviously name changed) with amazing stats 36D-24-38, height 5.5 feet and weight 53 (she said it after the action).

It was Friday evening (7 pm). As IT companies have their week off Saturday and Sunday, I decided to travel to Hubli which is an 8-hour journey by train. I booked an AC coach because of overcrowding in the general coach and boarded the train.

Then comes the hottest babe Archana with the above stats. Her outfit was a black spaghetti top and light blue tracks and both were damn tight. It was a kind of wear that a slight stretch would have been visible in her inners (imagine the outfit my dear antennae and ports).

Let me describe my outfit too. I was in a white t-shirt with blue jeans with slight tightness near my dick (seriously guys, it was a manufacturer idea, not mine) with spectacles and well-organized hair. She came in search of her seat and sat in front of me.

You know guys these train journeys are amazing. Because within some time, we get connected with people. Then I opened my laptop as there were a few pending emails to be sent. I was observing her boobs and eyes along with my mail window.

I was a bit hesitant because she might notice and create a scene in the public transport. After an observation of 10 minutes, she started to notice me and my laptop. As soon as I saw her noticing, I kept off my eyes off her and concentrated on my mail work.

The next stop had passed and I confirmed that no one will board the train as the next stop. There was no one on the seat, so I decided to stretch down my legs a bit and did so. She was busy with her mobile (might be the boyfriend. But too early judging is injurious to her health).

Then she stood up to plug her charging adaptor into the socket. God damn! As she was in her light blue tracks, I got a clear view of her panty line near her pussy. And when she half side to plug in, her ass got clearly visible to me along with her panty line.

It was very thin at the back (I came to the insane conclusion that it was thong). The socket to which she tried to plugin wasn’t working and I knew it before, as I tried to charge my phone before her arrival. Then I broke the silence and here our first conversation started.

The conversation happened in Kannada (language of Karnataka). And for the reader’s convenience, I am translating it to English.

Me: That socket is not working.

Archana: Oh is it? Thank you.

That was the sweet voice of her and I became an instant fan of it. I didn’t want to end the conversation and hence I continued with it.

Me: Are you a singer?

Archana: No, why?

Me: Your voice is like a singer.

She started laughing.

Me: Ok… control. I am Rahul.

And I gave her a hand for handshake. Archana hesitated to give her hand and I thought I might over flirted with her.

Archana: Is your hand sanitized?

Again laughing.

Archana: I am Archana.

And she gave her hand.

Then Archana and I both introduced each other and that was all about the workplace, family, and other stuff. Still, that tightness bothered me and my dick. While speaking with her, my colleague Ramya had called me several times. But I wasn’t concentrating because my eyes were on those two firm boobs which were inside her black spaghetti.

Then my colleague Whatsapped me –

Ramya: It is urgent. Please call me back.

Then I interrupted the talk and said to Archana about the call. I went to the other seat and called Ramya. I sorted out the issue and yes, it was a bit personal one. Then I masturbated thinking of Archana and yes, it was my first masturbation in train. After that, I came back and sat in my seat.

Now Archana excused and went somewhere (probably to the washroom). When she came back, I was stunned, because she had removed her bra and was holding it in her hand. Then she came back to her seat. All of a sudden, two thoughts in my mind started speaking up.

My mind 1: How can she do these in front of a stranger? There must be something.

My mind 2: She might be bold enough. Don’t think erotically, you stupid.

Archana held her cup sized yellow color sexy bra and sat in front of me. Then the conversation started again.

Archana: Seems you are not okay? Is the issue solved?

Me: Yeah, I am okay. Released and feeling relaxed (said about masturbation).

Archana: May I know what was it?

Me: Yeah, but you shouldn’t feel awkward after hearing it.

Archana: You are the awkward one after seeing my bra (again laughing).

Me: Hell, yeah. Okay I’ll tell you. She is my colleague named Ramya. She is in a relationship with my friend (another colleague). And they both are willing to get married.

Archana: What the fuck awkward is there in this?

Me: Wait for the climax. Due to their true relationship, they both had sex in the office multiple times. And one day, I saw them both in a fucking position.

Archana: What! Did you see them fucking?

Me: Yes Archana, I did. For that only she called me not to say anyone and I spoke with her boyfriend too. Then I assured them I’ll not say it to anyone. You know, taking care of problems is most important.

Archana: Yes, taking care is most important (her eyes pointed towards my pullover).

Then I looked at my pullover and while after cumming a few droplets was on my pullover. She already knew that I masturbated and there was nothing to hide.

Me: Oops! What’s this, I am sorry

Then Archana gave me a tissue and I wiped my cum with tissue. Slowly, a conversation with a stranger turned out to be bold talk and I was sure it may go into dirty talk.

Me: The stuff in your hand is outside for too long.

Archana: Yeah, that’s mine (displayed it fully like a showcase in the bazar). I don’t wear a bra while sleeping. That too, these push-up ones. Phew, I am the topmost hater!

Me (shy): You are such a bold girl speaking openly about everything.

Archana: You did speak about your colleague having sex. Isn’t it a bold one?

Me: Ok, baba! We both are bold, no more arguments.

Me: Can I know the price of that, looks very stylish though?

Archana: 800 for a set of lingerie.

Me: Seems like your thong is costlier than your bra?

Archana: How do you know that I wore a thong, motherfucker?

Me: When you plugged in the charger, I scanned your body, hehe.

Archana: I think that leftover cum is the effect of my sexy assets.

Me: Absolutely yes!

Then we both spoke whatever we wanted. What happened next stay tuned for the next part. We had a great adventure after this.

Signing off Rahul (Mr Horny_anonymous)

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