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Quickie With A Hot Stranger In AC Coach – Part 2

Hi to all the Antennae and Ports out there. I hope your hands are connected to them. I am Mr. horny_anonymous and I am here with the next part of my story.

In the previous part, you’ve read that I met a girl name Archana on a train. Then we started talking and soon our talk took an interesting turn. Let’s move to the second part.

Me: Why did you wear tracks and that too, a tight one? Even old men will get a hard-on by looking at you.

Archana: These are my night journey’s partner. If the crowd is more, I’ll be quiet. If it’s less, I don’t even dare to get nude on the train.

Me: What the fuck! Getting nude in train?

Archana: It was my biggest fantasy. At least I should try once in a lifetime. Leave that, seems your dick is hard-on from the start of the journey. Why don’t you release some pressure on it?

Me: It is already done and your assets aren’t allowing you to release the pressure.

Archana: Oh, is it?

Then she turned her back toward me and dropped down her tight tracks. And to my shock, there wasn’t a thong there. She was showing her pink pussy and asshole to me. Damn! I got stuck after watching that. Then I kissed those two lovely holes and she wore her tracks back and sat on her seat.

Archana: How’s it?

Me: Lovely….. (I was still enjoying the kiss).

Archana: Do you wanna know where my thong went?

Me: Hell, yeah!

Archana: See your bag.

I was stunned because her yellow color thong was inside my bag.

Me: Are you a magician?

Archana: I am hotty. I notice who will look where and when I came you were noticing me instead of your office work. When you went on call and started masturbating, I too fingered myself and removed my thong and kept it in your bag.

Me: You sexy fucking bitch. You are more notorious than I thought.

Archana: Yes! Fucking asshole.

The language got changed between us and we both were hornier. Now any time my dick would enter her pussy, but who will initiate?

Archana: Your dick is troubling. Show me your dick. Let’s see your antenna’s strength.

Me: It’s here. You can take it if you want?

Then Archana came to my seat and opened my zip. Then she kissed my dick on the boxers. High-end boxers will have a hole in the middle for easy pee. Then my genie popped out of the boxers and it was fully erected and ready to fuck.

As soon as it popped, Archana hit my dick very hard. I thought that I died. The pain was so extreme, but she immediately put my dick inside her mouth and started giving blowjob.

(Guys, while fucking, try this. Believe me, it gives immense pleasure!)

Me: Uh.. Umm.. umm.. yeah suck baby! Ah.. mmm..

Archana was muted guys because my dick was in her mouth.

Me: Come on, baby!

I was pushing her bead into my dick and she was enjoying my dick. Then she played with my cum opening hole for about 5 minutes with her tongue. I was in heaven when she did that. After 20 minutes of immense blowjob, I cummed and she drank all the cum and some was on her spaghetti blacktop.

The combo of black spaghetti and thick white cum, damn! It was my dream and Archana had done it for me.

Now we switched our positions. Archana was ready to enjoy and I was ready to give her pleasure of sex. Then I went for removing her top, but she denied it as this was the train.

Then I stretched her top lower and got two melons under my control. I left my hands to enjoy them for a couple of minutes and switched on to mouth. In the meantime, she was moaning and enjoying. Her hand was on my head, indicating to suck more and more.

Archana: Come on baby, suck these melons, they are all yours. It’s meant for you ah.. umm.. fuckkk… Keep on moving. Oh yeahhhh! Ahhh…

Hearing this, my sucking speed got increased and she was pressing my head like anything. My hands went on inside her tracks. Without thong, my hand went easily into the love hole. I kept on sucking and teasing her pussy with my fingers. She was on a high moan.

After enough sucking, she came back to normal position adjusting the spaghetti top to normal and I took off my hand from her pussy. Now Archana indicated me to play with her love hole. Her erotic look made me even more horny.

Then I removed her tracks slowly so that I could get a clear view of her asshole and pussy. It was round, round and round. Then I went to take my dick, but Archana told me to continue the foreplay. I followed her. Literally, I became her slave.

Archana then took a blanket from her collection and told me to get inside it. She went on delivery position and I went near her pussy and started my action. I spread the pussy clearly so that I can find her g-spot clearly.

I licked her pussy slowly like anything. While sucking, I noticed that her pussy was neatly shaved recently.

Archana moaned: Wow!

I’ve fucked many, but I haven’t heard these kinds of moans before.

Archana: Oh.. yeah.. faster… you motherfucker, lick me like a whore. I am your slut. Fuck me like there is no tomorrow Ah.. umm…. mmm.. ohhhhh.. yesss…

I kept licking and fingering for 30 minutes guys. She cummed twice in that action and I got a taste of female cum. Believe me, it was tastier than male cum.

I widened her cunt to drink each drop of cum and made her taste her own cum. Ah, it was a great and memorable one, since Archana was playing the master role. She had to order me to go further. Finally, she ordered me to tear her pussy that day. A hungry horny tiger couldn’t have asked for more and I began to obey Archana baby’s order!

We went in missionary position first. She guided my dick into her pussy gateway. Once it was done, I didn’t hear any of her words and pushed with 100% thrust. She was like, “Aaah..”

She screamed like anything. I thought my dick came in her mouth. It was that kind of scream!

I lip locked her to about 5 minutes to slow down her scream and gradually, it turned to be a sweet moan. I was stroking my dick to and fro and there was no limit to her moaning.

Archana: Common dear, fuck me.. harder… ahhhh.. Ohhh… Yessss… Deep into it Ahhhh.. yeahhh… Uffff…. tear my pussy today. I can’t live without your dick ah.. yeahhh..

Me: Archana yeah.. umm.. what a sweet pussy. This is made for my dick ahh… hottie pussy.

All the sealed windows and curtains of the coach would have heard our extreme moanings.

Archana: Let’s change to doggy.

Me: Yes, my favourite one, ummm..

Then I inserted my dick with full of thrust again. But this time, she didn’t scream, rather she enjoyed herself. We tried different positions and after about 30-35 minutes of immense stroking, I said –

Me: Baby, I am about to cum!

Archana: Load it inside me, baby. If you’ll waste a single droplet, I will cut your dick ahhhh.. yesss.. ahhhh… umm.. fuckkkkk…

Me: Ah….

Then I cummed and loaded everything inside her hot burner.

Archana: Fuck…. (feeling the hotness of the cum).

To my surprise, she lifted her legs, not letting cum come out which usually married women’s do to get pregnant. I was relaxing and so didn’t focus much on it. After 15 minutes of relaxation, the conversation went on like this (we both were nude).

Me: Why did you let me cum inside?

Archana: I never let anyone cum inside, but you..damn, you were so good. I couldn’t control myself.

Me: But….

Archana: I planned this before, dear. Did you notice my clean shaved pussy?

Me: Yes I did, I was about to ask you (diverted from cum conversation).

Archana: When I saw you masturbating, I went to the washroom and shaved my pussy cleanly so that sex gives more pleasure.

Me: You are a genius, baby.

And I kissed her pussy again. Then she gave me her blue shorts which were slightly lower than her panty and told me to wear them to her. It was also damn tight man. It took me 5 minutes to wear into her because of her tight ass and the tightness of the shorts.

Then she told me not to wear boxers and we threw our inners. We were about to step out without our inners. I couldn’t believe this but we did it. Her boobs were hanging without a bra. Her ass was bouncy in that tight jean shorts.

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