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Rich lady fucks to save her son

Sudha Hans was the wife of Kolkata’s booming ornament stores. She was in her early forties, and her son Riyan was 18. She usually dressed up in nice and elegant clothes, which hid the assets she carried.

Her fleshy boobs with fading brown-pinkish nipples were tightly packed behind an ideal c-cup bra. Also, her clean-shaven pussy hid behind the satin thongs. She was a slutty student back in college when she wouldn’t hesitate to get in bed with the famous boys.

But then she married Mr Hans and left behind those wild times. But often, she wore a G-string or a thong and filmed herself naked so that Mr Hans wouldn’t miss much during the business trips.

Sudha had a friend’s marriage celebration at Raipur in late December. Given the festive time, most of their workers were on leave. The most important ones were busy with Hans’s business needs. Sudha decided to take Riyan with her.

Riyan had ridden their car before and was indeed a good driver. So Sudha decided that for the long roads, Riyan would take over, and for the main city, she would take control. With this plan in mind, they took off from Kolkata.

Sudha rode till the end of the city, and then Riyan took over. However, it was getting dark, and Riyan started to drive fast. Sudha had fallen a bit asleep too. Sudha’s nap ended with a big sound just a few kilometres after riding through. Riyan had crashed their car into a bike in front. The airbags had exploded.

Riyan came out of the car to check if the bikers were okay. Just as he moved out, another guy caught him from behind. It was a planned robbery. Sudha was still in the car, so she quickly removed her necklace and bracelet. She put them all in her purse and hid them away.

Within this time, one of the robbers reached her with a knife, signalling her to come out. At first, she tried to lock the door. But when they took the knife near Riyan’s throat, she went out. At first, they tied both their hands with zip ties.

“Search that bitch, too,” Raja, leader of the three goons, shouted as he went through the contents of Riyan’s pockets. They found a pack of cigarettes and around 5k in his purse. But Sudha didn’t have her purse, so the goons began getting furious with her.

At first, they took off her wedding rings and earrings. “Tell us where you hid your things, or I will kill this boy,” the leader shouted again. Sudha didn’t say anything. Raja now approached Sudha. He was instantly drawn to her assets. Having her hands tied exposed her 36” boobs.

“What are you hiding, you whore?” he said as he pulled her pallu down. Her milky white skin was visible in the little light. Raja now turned her and started searching her. He went from her neck, running his rough hands on her skin, then to her breasts.

He grabbed them hard and slid his fingers into her blouse. The bra hook came off as he caught her boobs, giving him extra space to rub and squeeze the nipples. A scared Sudha silently breathed.

He then moved his palms across her waist until he reached her petticoat. He tried to reach as deep as he could. Stopped at her silky underwear and then took out his hands, loosening the saree in the process.

Raja took his knife near her blouse and said, “If you don’t give us the money, I will fuck you and your son now. Do you want that?”

“You took all the money. Let us go,” Sudha replied.

“Fuck, you lying whore,” Raja said as his aide punched Riyan.

“Don’t hurt him. I said you take whatever you see and let us go,” Sudha said again.

“Okay then,” Raja moved his knife onto Sudha’s back. He placed the metal on her spine and pulled at her blouse, ripping it off. The bra was already undone, so her massive boobs fell freely. Raja started to undress her saree.

As he pulled it, Sudha had tears now. “Look like this whore needs a good fucking” Raja smiled as he threw her saree into the car. ” Giving you a final warning, tell us where the money is?”

Sudha remained silent. Raja undid her petticoat, and it dropped to the ground. Sudha stood almost naked in front of three goons. Her thighs felt the cold air. And her silky G-string was visible. Raja touched the metal to her groin as she closed her eyes.

Meanwhile, his aide had stripped Riyan’s pants. Raja pulled Riyan in front of Sudha and put some spit on his ass. ” Don’t do that, fuck me if you are a man,” Sudha shouted back at Raja.

“Wait a bit, you desperate whore,” he said, taking the knife’s handle and pushing it into Riyan’s asshole. “Fuck me, as much as you want, spare my son,” Sudha said.

Raja glanced back at Sudha now. “Okay then,” He quickly pulled her panties down, exposing her ass and pussy. All three of them unzipped their pants now and started taking turns at her.

After a few sessions, Raja said, “Well, Mother India, it looks like you have a special love for your son’s virginity.” In the meanwhile, Riyan had secretly reached for his phone.

Sudha quickly grabbed Raja’s dick in her mouth to distract him while his aides kept ramming at her rear holes. She had an experience of triple penetration in her college days. Now she started to move, taking the dick deeper.

Seeing her in such action distracted Raja and his aides from Riyan. Sudha kept going up and down, gaping all their dicks. Since they had cum before, it took a while as they had sex with this rich lady.

But after a vigorous session, Raja finally came into her mouth. She relaxed now, with semen dripping from every end. But just then, they heard a siren. Raja panicked and sat on the bike, two of his aides behind him.

Riyan quickly broke his cuffs and helped free Sudha too. He hugged Sudha, who rested his head on her lap, with the boobs resting on his crying face.

“Don’t tell anyone, just suckle on my nipples and relax,” she sighed as the police van crossed them, chasing the goons.

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