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Riddhi and Vansh

After a long chat with her boyfriend, while Riddhi stayed awake, Vansh was fast asleep. It was past 11 pm, and the usually-always-sleepy Riddhi could barely shut her eyes. Although the long-distance relationship had been very difficult, she was tingling with excitement about tomorrow.

After almost a year, they were finally meeting. Vansh had planned something special for her but had kept it a secret.

Was it a romantic lunch? Or a long drive? Or sex in a secluded public place? Riddhi’s mind pictured different scenarios. When she thought about sex with Vansh, it turned her on crazily. Her ass cheeks relaxed, her pussy shivered, her nipples got hard, and she got goosebumps.

She let her hands wander to her pussy and rubbed it from over her pyjamas. The thought of Vansh’s thick, smooth hair brushing against her face as he lay over her. Putting his weight on her and rubbing his hard dick over her crotch made Riddhi’s vagina wet with juices.

She looked around the room once to check if her parents were asleep. She lived in a small flat with her parents. She then wandered back to the thought of getting fucked by her boyfriend in a semi-public place.

She always felt extra horny when she imagined being watched by a crowd as Vansh fucked her mercilessly like a slut. Riddhi started imagining people crowding around the car as Vansh’s dick rammed her virgin ass. She slowly drifted off to sleep.

Riddhi and Vansh had engaged in foreplay a few times in their 3 years long relationship. But they never had intercourse because Riddhi wished to keep her pussy virgin till marriage. Although she was more than happy to get fucked in the ass.

The next morning she woke up a little after 7 am. She took her phone to wish her boyfriend good morning as a routine. As soon as she opened the chat, Riddhi almost dropped the phone out of her hand. Vansh, who woke up early in the morning, had sent pictures of his morning hard-on to his baby.

Riddhi’s pussy became wet again as she wished him morning and begged him to fuck her ass today. Coincidentally, Vansh had just showered. He video called her with his wet hair and naked body. Seeing that, Riddhi again started rubbing her pussy and biting her lower lips. She had to stop because of her family.

She was going crazy and couldn’t bear to wait for Vansh’s touch. She hastily got ready and just waited for her dad to leave for the office. It was finally 10 am, and Riddhi set out to meet Vansh. Every inch of her sexy, voluptuous body ached for his touch and lick.

Riddhi was dressed in a black top and blue jeans. She carried a sexy red one-piece in her bag as she could not wear it in front of her mom while leaving. Riddhi went to the nearby CCD to use their washroom to change. She had to buy something if she wanted to use the washroom.

So she bought a cold coffee-to-go and quickly changed her dress. She removed her bra and panty in the washroom. She wore the one-piece without them to please Vansh, who loved her slutty side.

As soon as she stepped out of the washroom, every guy at CCD was staring at her sexy body. Anyone nearer her can make out her sexy nipples inside the bra-less red one-piece, which ended inches above her knees. It made her both horny and uncomfortable.

She wished Vansh was with her then. She took the coffee and left the place. Almost every guy there had a hard-on looking at her swaying ass. Riddhi called Vansh after sitting in the Uber. She still didn’t know what he had planned for the day. She told him how horny she had been since yesterday night.

Riddhi prayed that the surprise was a hotel room as she was way too horny. While in the cab, at times, Riddhi placed the cold coffee glass between her thighs as the chilled glass cooled down her overheated vaginal area.

Finally, Riddhi reached Malad (their meeting point) and ran from the cab into her darling’s arms. She felt his big strong arms envelope her body. She already had goosebumps even though Vansh had not touched any private part of her body yet.

She felt her eyes getting moist as she wouldn’t let go of her boyfriend’s arms and chest. Vansh kissed her forehead and shoulders and exclaimed how gorgeous she looked! Riddhi blushed.

Vansh already had an auto waiting for them. As soon as they were in the auto, Riddhi leaned on Vansh’s shoulders. Vansh adjusted Riddhi’s bag in front of her on her lap. Vansh put an arm around Riddhi, grabbed her boobs from over her top, and started squeezing and fondling them.

The bag on Riddhi’s lap prevented the auto driver or anyone else from seeing what was happening behind the bag. Riddhi leaned back and closed her eyes as Vansh’s big strong hands grabbed her boobs. He simultaneously caressed her thighs.

She worried that her pussy juices would spoil her new dress as she wasn’t wearing a panty. Vansh quickly slipped a napkin under her dress, between her pussy and the dress. Vansh reached behind her and grabbed her ass.

Riddhi stood up for a second and sat down again to let his hands go inside her dress over her ass. Vansh rubbed her asshole and pinched her nipples. Riddhi was going crazy. She wanted to be fucked by Vansh right there in the middle of the road.

Suddenly Vansh withdrew his hands from her body. Riddhi got excited as she thought they were about to reach their destination. Vansh kissed her forehead and strangely covered her eyes with a handkerchief to keep the place a secret until the very last minute. She got more and more excited.

After 2 minutes, the auto came to a halt. They got out, and Riddhi stood next to Vansh, unable to see anything. She couldn’t understand why they were standing in the middle of the road. She asked him a few times, but he didn’t answer. Instead, he spanked her ass from over her dress and asked her to be quiet.

Riddhi loved it when Vansh dominated her in the bedroom. Finally, after 5 odd minutes, they started walking again. She suddenly felt cool AC air and guessed that they had entered some resto or someplace. After 5 odd minutes there, Vansh took her hand, guided her, and entered what she thought was an elevator.

Riddhi was now almost sure they were in a hotel and going to the room. The elevator came to a halt. Riddhi couldn’t hear much as it was very quiet. Then Vansh took her hand, and they walked a few steps further. He then asked her to stand there and not do anything.

After 2 minutes, Vansh asked her to remove her blindfold. As soon as Riddhi opened her eyes, she jumped around in excitement. They were in a hotel room. Vansh was fully naked, on the bed, with a rose in his teeth. Cheesy but effective. Riddhi jumped onto the bed and hugged him.

Vansh took her in his arms and held her face close to his. He kissed her forehead, eyes and cheeks. He teased her by coming close to her lips but not kissing her. Riddhi grabbed Vansh’s face and kissed him hard on his lips. They spit, bit, sucked each other’s lips.

As soon as Vansh tried to break the kiss, Riddhi would grab his face again and wouldn’t let him go. Vansh loved it. While kissing, Riddhi let her hands wander over her boyfriend’s body. She finally grabbed his dick which was starting to get erect. She pushed Vansh on the bed and climbed on top of him.

In an instant, she pulled the top over her head and threw it on a chair. The couple was now fully naked. Riddhi could see the love and lust in Vansh’s eyes as he stared at the 2 most perfect, beautiful things in the world- Riddhi’s boobs.

Vansh was crazy for Riddhi’s D cup breasts with the perfect brown areole and tinny nipples. Vansh grabbed his baby’s boobs and sucked them. With one of his hands, he grabbed Riddhi’s ass and spanked it. Riddhi was in heaven. Apart from all this, she felt the touch of hugs hard dick against her super wet pussy.

She looked down to ensure he had no precum on his dick. Suddenly Vansh grabbed Riddhi and turned her over. She was now on the bed while he was on top of her. Vansh kissed every inch of his baby’s body from head to toe. He got off Riddhi and stood by the bed.

He picked up his baby roughly and threw her against the glass window overlooking the highway. Riddhi guessed they were on the 5th/6th floor. He pinned her to the window, her boobs getting crushed on the glass.

Vansh then put his body over his girlfriend’s and dry humped her ass. He pulled her hair and kissed the back of her neck while also spanking his baby’s ass. Riddhi couldn’t help but moan as they acted out one of her fantasies.

Vansh then turned his baby around and started kissing her lips, pressing her ass against the glass window. He picked up Riddhi in his arms and walked around the room. He kissed her lips and boobs. Riddhi wrapped her legs around his hips.

Vansh held her ass with one hand and inserted 2 fingers in his baby’s flowing wet pussy. Riddhi tightened her grip around her boyfriend and started moving her hips, grinding on Vansh’s erect dick. It was getting more difficult for her not to allow Vansh to fuck her pussy as she needed his cum inside her.

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