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Sasurji Ka Gift Second Honeymoon

I am married since four years not having kid, my husband goes to city for job. its since a month he didn’t visited me. at home me and my father-in-law were staying. he goes to field for sometime in day and i take care of him. he is very jolly person.

Its been long since i got his body massage till inside of my body, my etching was not in control. one night i felt too hot in my body and went to take bath. in village we need to go to last room after kitchen to take bath. i cross my FIL’s room and reached bathroom. i didn’t remove my clothe, just put cold water on my burning body. i as going back to my room as no towel i as complete wet. my cloths were stuck to all and complete curves of my body. i was wearing sari but it got complete wet.

Suddenly my FIL came out of Kitchen with water bottle in his hand. it was very little space for me to cross him and go to my room. i didn’t stop and tried to cross her facing towards him. our body brushed each others. my breasts got bit pressed with his chest and his cloths got wet as we both touched each other.

Next day i couldn’t look him in eyes, neither could he. now i was preparing chapati and he was having lunch. he was looking to me , but i didn’t look at his face directly. i tried to lift my eyes and look in to his eyes. he was looking deep in to my eyes, i want to break eye contact but he was not letting me. suddenly my chapati burnt and we broke eye contact. now he was looking to my half naked legs, which was open because i was sitting at floor to prepare chapati. after lunch whenever he get time he look in to my face , body eyes.

Next day i was lying on my bed , he enter without making noise, he was looking my back body and enjoying my half naked legs, bare back as blows was not covering much of my back . he sat besides me, i got shocked, i was trying to get up but he kept his hand at back of my blouse and stopped it. i agreed as he was not leaving my back and started rubbing my body with his hand from neck to lower back.

FIL- bahu, i can’t see you like this

Bahu – sorry sasurji, you don’t feel bad

FIL – i understand how bad is this to live without husband after new marriage.

He kept his hand on my lower back and pressed my hips slightly, i died, can’t imagine, i was red with the shame. he kept a shopping bag near to my head and said.

FIL – dekho agar tum aaj ye pahan kar rahogi to mujhe bahoot khushi hogi.

Bahu – Ji pitaji

He left , i eagerly opened the packet. there was small choli and small ghagra without chunni, there was veni as well and small makeup kit. i was thinking what he got in his mind, but i was burning like hell and needed a nice intercourse.

I took 2 hours to think and decide on this. i removed all my cloths including bra. i wore that choli it was showing 4 inches of cleavage and was joint in between with very lower neck. it was having only two strings at back and was not having any cloth at backside.i tied choli very tight to give him my agreement to make him my husband tonight. then i wore ghagra, it was small and i tie it along with panty line so it will cover maximum of my thighs. i made tight Juda of my hairs and placed veni (flower garland) on it. i put sindur bindi on my head and slight makeup.

My waist was completely naked and showing sexy curves and lines. to surprise him i put on blanket on myself and hidden all treasures so he won’t get idea before dinner. i went out and asked him for dinner. he said he brought watermelon to have after dinner. he was looking towards me with confusion. he asked me “did you like clothes?”. i didn’t say anything and went to kitchen and started preparing dinner. i called him to have food. he sat opposite to me, as it was hot and i was having extra blanket on my body, i was sweating, he said bahu tum blanket utardo.

Bahu: ji mare haat gande hain, please app help kardo na

FIL: ok sure let me come there. he grab blanket and pulled in one shot.

he was amaz to see my half naked body with big cleavage and some part of thighs, his pajama got tent and i understood he is ready to give me relied form itching.

he said we will take diner together and went out. i called him for dinner again and this time he was only in pajama. he asked me to have food in one thali. we were sitting opposite to each other and having food. after one chapati, he asked me to feed him some Dal with rice by hand. i took some dal-rice in hand had took to his mouth, i was doing this first time and was very scared. he hold my hand and suck all dal from it. i was shocked and became rad by shame. after food he asked me to bring milk to his room and then looking deep in to my eyes he said “remove panty and come.i removed my panty, by then it was wet with his look into my eyes.

I went to his room after locking main door with glass of milk. he hold my hand and pulled me towards him. was wasn’t in position to speak. he took both of my elbows and kept on his shoulder. then pulled me towards him so no air can be pass between us. my breasts were coming out of choli. he started kissing my neck, i was breathing heavily, i felt juice dripping from my love hole.his hand was crushing my back. he then went to door and locked it. he sat on bed and asked me to sit on his lap by and make him drink milk by myself. i obeyed and went to him, while sitting he pulled my ghagra (small skirt) towards up and make me sit on his naked thighs with my naked lower body. he could feel juice dripping of my thighs. he then asked me to take sip of milk and feed him mouth to mouth.

I was buried with shame, he insisted. i took a sip and poured in to his mouth, he suddenly sucked my lips and started french kiss. he then turned me towards him and make me have both of my legs side by side on him. i was facing him and his face buried in to my Milky breasts. he was enjoying them. removed my choli and thrown me on bed. i was hiding both of my breasts but he jumped on me. he grabbed my both hands with one hand, i closed my eyes because of shyness. i was lying half naked below to my Father-in-law. he was wearing only an underwear with big bulge inside. with other hand he pour milk on my breast and started sucking all form my breast. he started crashing my breast very strongly, even my milk can out of my breast made him more excited.

I was shaking my pussy against him showing my readiness for him to enter his dick inside my love hole and fuck me rough. he understood and removed hi underwear. then he took mu love hole in to his mouth and sucked all juice coming out of it. he then guided his dick in to my pussy, he was so dry and made my pussy dry by sucking all juice. this make it more rough to enter. after 2-3 push, he was manage to put half dick inside me. i was in bit pain but enjoying his dick.

After a min he was complete inside me fucking in high speed. both of us were not in scenes and he was biting me all the places. aah sasurji,,, please fast ,, ,aaaah mmm..after 30 mins i was done but he was continuing fucking me. as it was many days i never had fuck i excited again and he made me cum 3 time while he came along with me 3rd time inside me. he pumped all his sons and daughters inside me. I was lying naked whole night under his body and next morning he washed my whole body followed by another fuck in bathroom. now whenever he comes in kitchen he lift my clothes and start making love. experiencing second honeymoon life with my FiL — he filling me all the time

Sasurji Ka Gift Second Honeymoon

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