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Satisfying The Cheating Wife Jyoti Bhabhi!

Hey everyone. This is an introduction to Jyoti Bhabhi, and I’ve lined up 2 more sex stories with her. Fucking Jyoti as Madhavi Bhabhi from TMKOC and Jyoti’s Birthday Bang. This story will give you a brief introduction to Jyoti Bhabhi. Also, it will help you with upcoming stories with her.

I have a big turn-on around bras and saree, and my stories build up around this. You will find all my stories revolving around bras and sarees, which is a big turn-on for any Indian.

Talking about Jyoti Bhabhi, she is a typical village type Bhabhi. Along with her village accent, her dressing sense is a big turn-on for me.

Let’s start the story now.

It was the time when I went to meet Jyoti. I fucked her so hard that she was very satisfied and never asked her husband again for sex.

She is a typical village lady in her mid-30s. Not very attractive, but I found her stunning. She would always give me a boner. I would imagine her hopping on my cock and smiling with satisfaction.

I wanted to fuck her, but I never thought I would ever fuck her. That’s when the day came when I went to meet her. She opened up in all possible ways, and we had a great time. She was happy getting my big cock for her thirsty pussy. I was happy that I fucked the lady who got me a boner always since day 1.

So here it starts. We were very close like best friends, and we planned to have lunch one day. She invited me to her house and told me she called me to have lunch as it was a holiday. She sent her location on WhatsApp, and I reached her house.

Describing her attire, she wore a blue saree with a pink blouse. Beautifully dressed and raising my cock. I was surprised at why she wore a saree as it wasn’t such an occasion. I asked her, and she replied that she loves wearing sarees. “Now, as a guest was coming, I wore it.”

We had lunch, which was extremely tasty. We were sitting on the sofa just talking about personal stuff. She went to the kitchen to get something. While returning, she tripped and fell, which in turn dropped her saree pallu, exposing her boobs covered in that sexy pink blouse.

I got an immediate boner. I was staring and fondling her boobs with my eyes. I was covering my boner so that she didn’t see it. Additionally, she covered her boobs with the pallu to save me from embarrassment.

We shared naughty smirks. It was so naughty that she even bit her lips, and I was so happy seeing it. She came and sat beside me, and we started talking again.

She told me, “We are close, and I know I can trust you with this. So I wanted a suggestion. Could you help me without any hesitation?” I said, “Of course.” She went to her bedroom and got 3 bras of her and, mind you, extremely sexy ones.

She showed them to me. Jyoti Bhabhi asked me, “Which one would make Dushyant fuck me?” Dushyant was her husband.

I said, “Bhabhi, you are married. How are you showing all this to me? How do you expect me to react?” She told me to chill and be cool, and she knows what she is doing. She won’t tell anyone, and it will be between us no matter what.

I then asked her, “Dushyant doesn’t fuck you even after being a newly married couple?”

Jyoti Bhabhi said, “He never does and is always busy with his work. He doesn’t even find me attractive to have sex. He just did it 2 times, once during the honeymoon and the second after I forced him to. The truth is that he is never interested in me or to satisfy me.”

I told Jyoti that if she was okay with it and felt comfortable being close, I could fuck and satisfy her. Immediately I saw her face glow. She was so happy that she hugged me and whispered ‘yes’ in my ear in a low voice.

I told her, “Jyoti, you were my dream lady to fuck. You attracted me so much. I wanted to fuck you always. You always gave me a boner bigger than anyone else could.”

She then grabbed my cock on top of my pant and said, “How huge are you? I’ll go mad taking you inside me.” She was extremely happy feeling my cock. We both stood up. I picked her up by her ass, took her to the bedroom, and threw her on the bed.

I immediately stripped off her blue saree, and she stripped off my t-shirt and pant. She saw the huge cock peeking through and stripped my underwear too. She told me, “You can check me out later. First, let me suck your monster dry.”

She got crazy seeing my cock and started blowing it hard. She was a typical village-like girl. But seeing porn and satisfying herself made her an expert in every way possible.

Jyoti was blowing so hard, and I was about to cum. I told her the same, and she permitted me to cum in her mouth. Within seconds after she gave permission, I shot my cum deep inside her and some on the roof of her mouth. She tasted and swallowed all my thick cum and was very happy.

It was my turn to satisfy her now. She said, “I’m all yours now, do anything you want to satisfy me.” I started kissing her, and her response was amazing, just like an expert. She tasted so amazing. I started caressing her body, especially her blouse, navel, and small cleavage.

I smelled her underarms, and that turned me on to the full. She smelled so amazing, and her sweat smelled like the sweat of an angel. I stripped her blouse, and it amazed me to see her in a padded black bra just as I always imagined. I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her fat milky thighs and navel.

Later, moving towards her bra and boobs. I turned her around, kissed, and licked all over her back, making her extra horny. I touched her bra hook from behind and immediately unhooked her bra. I told Jyoti Bhabhi that I’d take her bra for myself as a memory of this day and stripped off her bra.

Jyoti Bhabhi’s boobs were small but firm. I was ready to make it big. I fondled her boobs, licking them and especially her tight nipples and areolas and biting them. She was like, “Aah.” She was enjoying the treatment I was giving to her boobs.

She was happy that she was getting the attention she always deserved and was craving. Jyoti Bhabhi told me that her pussy is completely wet now. She has already squirted many times.

I didn’t waste any time and stripped off her lehenga and her panty. I planted a kiss on her clean pussy and started drinking her juice. My cock was fully erect to satisfy her. I started inserting my cock into her hot pussy. All I could hear was Jyoti’s moans.

She was so satisfied by my cock entering her tight pussy. I started thrusting and pumping hard, and she was enjoying it. The walls of the pussy had clenched onto the cock and provided me a good grip over her pussy.

I told her, “Jyoti, I never imagined that I would make you so much crazy and would fuck you.” She told me, “If I ever knew that you had such a great cock, I would have fallen a long time ago.”

I laid down then, and she sat over me, inserting my cock for cowgirl position. Jyoti started hopping wildly on my cock. I could see her boobs bouncing and her satisfaction levels bouncing up too. She was so satisfied, and I was too.

Jyoti Bhabhi was so perfect with whatever she was doing. I was about to cum, so I told her. But she kept hopping, which made me release all the cum inside her. After 10 minutes, we started round 2. She was in a cowgirl position.

This time, when it was time to cum, I pushed her aside and told her to blow me. As soon as I was about to cum, she stopped blowing. She pointed the cock towards her boobs and sprayed all the cum on her boobs.

We were satisfied and tired. We lasted for almost 2.5 hours. Later we slept for a while. We got up after a few hours and fucked her again. She was completely drained off now. Dushyant was going to come anytime, so I dressed up. I took her black sweaty bra as a memory.

I told her bye, smooched and caressed her boobs and licked her pussy for a while, and left. Later she wore her normal clothes and sent a picture saying everything was fine and the day ended.

After that day, we have sex at least once every month. I keep her satisfied always. She treats me with her saree, blouse, bra, boobs, and amazing pussy. 2 more stories with horny Jyoti Bhabhi, the cheating wife, will be uploaded soon.

Thank you, Jyoti Bhabhi.

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