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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 1

Hello guys, I am a regular fan of Indian sex stories website and had started reading it from my college days. I always found interesting stories and I hope mine would also be interesting to you all.

This is an actual story that really happened and in reality it took a long time to seduce a friend’s wife to cheat on her spouse. Due to the length of the story, this is narrated in several parts.

This story is about my childhood friend and his wife and how I seduced her gradually to cheat on her husband. (All the names are changed for privacy).

I am Raj, and my friend’s name is Ali. Both our families were neighbours and we were very close friends from childhood almost like cousins. We used to buy tokens for play station and had our first cigarette and our first drink together.

We even watched our first porno together and shared a lot of fantasies. During college, we both even fucked my lecturer together, which was a big secret and we never spoke about it after he got married.

My friend’s wife is the heroine of this story. Her name is Aaesha. She closely resembles actress Hanshika Motwani. Her height, structure and complexion even the mole over her upper lips are like the actress.

My friend’s wife was a bombshell with round firm boobs and tight ass and a perfect navel. Any man would go crazy over her. We studied in different colleges. This was where Ali met Aaesha and they fell in love and soon got married to each other.

I never knew why Ali hid this one thing from me, till he informed his parents about this. And that was after college when I was sent to the US for my work and couldn’t attend the wedding. Later that year, I got him a job in my company itself, at their office in Bangalore and before I could come back to India, he had a baby boy and settled in a 1 BHK flat.

After my Onsite job was completed, I came back to Bangalore. I was the Senior Manager of Ali’s team and he was the team leader there. For the first month, the company gave me accommodation in a four star hotel.The very next day Ali took me to his house to introduce me to his wife.

As soon as the door was opened, I just lost my senses. His wife was so damn hot, sexy and beautiful. This was the first time I was seeing her and I lost it then and there.

My friend’s wife opened the door and I was standing behind Ali, which she did not notice. At that moment when I saw her, she looked so gorgeous and beautiful that for a second, I froze and was standing numb behind him.

Apparently, it was their third wedding anniversary and she was planning this to surprise her husband. But my friend took me to his house without expecting this. She was wearing a black transparent saree with loose hair and low hip and her blouse was a low necked and backless and I could actually see her navel and her cleavage.

My friend shook me and asked what happened?

Me: “Nothing macha”. (‘Macha’ is a term used endearingly for a brother).

She was also shocked to see me and ran into the kitchen. Ali followed her inside the kitchen and ask her what happened?

Ali: “He is the friend I always talk about. Come out and meet him”.

Aaesha: “What? Like this? I can’t meet him like this. Please go out with him for sometime I’ll change.”

Ali: “It’s ok, honey. I asked you to dress good so that I can show him my beautiful wife but you kind of over did it, but no problem honey come out” and he brought her outside.

She tried to put her pallu as a veil over her head and at that time I noticed her butter smooth armpit and her hips on the side.

Ali: “It’s ok honey, he is like family.”

And she stopped there and wished me.

Me: “I’ve seen you in pictures but to be honest the pictures didn’t do justice to your beauty.”

Ali: (laughed hard). “Honey, this is my best friend, Raj. I’ve always talked about we’re more like family. And I’m warning you he is really naughty” and went inside to freshen up.”

And then he suddenly came back and said, “Macha, don’t under-estimate her by her innocent face, she is much naughtier than you.”

Aaesha: “Shut up and go freshen up and come”. Ali went inside.

Raj: “Now I feel bad that I went to another college leaving Ali alone.”

Aaesha: “Why?”

Raj: “If I had joined the same college, I’d have met you sooner.”

Aaesha: “Ali always talks about you and what all you guys did.”

Raj: “And what else did he tell you?”

Aaesha: “He told me, how good a playboy you’re and how you even seduced your college lecturer.”

Raj: “But I’m still single and he is married to one of the two most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

Aaesha: “Oh really? And who is that other woman?”

Raj: “That lecturer.”(laughing)

Aaesha: “Not wasting any time flirting with your friend’s wife in the first meet itself.”

Me: “Look in the mirror how you look and then you’ll say it’s not my fault.”

Aaesha laughed as Ali came out. Then she went inside to bring us coffee and snacks as me and Ali were talking. As soon as she went inside, I took Ali aside and asked him, “How the hell did you marry her, you lucky asshole?”

Ali: “I ask myself that almost every day. It all started normally macha, general hanging out with friends and then I didn’t know when we got close. Since we were from the same religion, it was easy to convince our family and here we are.

Then she bought coffee and snacks and introduced her kid also. We were discussing how we used to do all the stuff together from childhood and everything.

I took them out to dinner to Toit Restaurant at Indira Nagar. We had a good meal and then I left to return to my hotel, but I was not able to forget her. I even shagged thinking of her that night.

I started planning how to go to his place more often. As we meet in office daily, I do not have reasons to meet his wife. I was very much held up in work so once in two weeks, we used to meet for dinner or weekend lunch outside, where she dresses very normally.

Later we shared our mobile numbers and sometimes we texted with a normal good morning and good night and started sharing forward messages. Sometimes, to try my luck, I’d send her double meaning forwards which she simply replied with a emoji and I didn’t tell my friend about it and she didn’t either.

We planned to have Booze over the weekend as he had a habit of drinking only when he is with me as we started drinking together. But since it was a sin in his religion, he never drank at home.

My buddy convinced his wife about that and since she knew him very well, she agreed to allow us both to drink in their house itself.

Jack Daniels had always been our favourite, so I bought it and went to his home. She opened the door for me but to my disappointment, she was dressed in a normal saree and Ali was in the shower.

Aaesha: “What happened? You don’t look with the energy I met you on the first day? Bored of me already?”

Me: “Ha..Ha funny no, but you’re also different than how you looked that day.”

Aaesha: “I’m just the same. How have I changed?”

Me: “How you were dressed the first time and how you are dressing now?”

Aaesha was shocked and her eyes opened wide.

Aaesha: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Go check in the mirror” and he winked. My friend’s wife went inside and came out after 10 minutes.

Me: “So?”

Aaesha: “I’m fully covered this time like before when we all go out.”

Me: “Yeah, meeting outside is fine, but I’ve come to your house, so I thought I’ll get lucky like the first time.”

Aaesha: “You’re unbelievably naughty, you know that?”

Me: “And you’re unbelievably hot.”

My friend’s wife was shocked to hear that and gave a pat on my thighs. Then she went inside the kitchen. I was looking at her sexy ass moving. Suddenly, she stopped. When I lifted my head to see her, she was directly looking at me and her eyes indicated, “up here Mister” with a naughty smile and left.

I was happy that I was making progress.

Ali came out and we started drinking. Aaesha made some snacks and joined us. Her kid was already sleeping. I asked Ali to help me find a place to stay as my accommodation was ending in three days. He asked me to come stay with them.

Me: “Hey, you’re already in a 1 BHK, how can I crowd you guys?”

Ali: “Macha, we three anyways sleep in the hall and the bedroom is only used for..” (and he winked at me)

I laughed. Aaesha: “Shut up Ali”. We all laughed.

Me: “So if I come in, where will you go for that? The bathroom?”

Aaesha: “Shut up guys. You’re both unbelievable”. She stood up and said something outrageous, “The bathroom is very small for that “ and winked at me and went to the kitchen. We all laughed again.

Ali got into his 5th round of drinks and was getting high and since he was drinking after a long time he was sloshed.

Ali: “No macha, we’ve not done it for a long time now. A lot of arguments and fights between us because of our families and we both are laughing this much only after you came.”

My friend took his 6th drink and continued.

Ali: “You stay here for some time, till you find a new place close by and then you can move out.”

I was also so happy to hear it. My friend’s wife came back from the kitchen but Ali has already passed out.

Me: “Your husband wants me to stay here. Is that okay with you?”

Aaesha: “Of course. Why will I have any problem with an admirer like you staying here?”

Me: “I’ll be admiring you all the time then.”

Aaesha: “I can’t stop a man’s roving eye,” and she gave a naughty smile.

Me: “A man can’t stop his eyes from admiring you as well.”

Aaesha: “Like you were admiring me when I walked into the kitchen?”

I got the courage to speak up since she is also being naughty.

Me: “Yeah, like that and the first time when you wore a low neck sleeveless and backless blouse with a full transparent low hip saree” and laughed.

Aaesha: “Oh my god..?! Within a fraction of second, you’ve noticed so much? Like Ali said you’re naughty.”

Me: “Ohh and yeah I forgot to mention that dark red lipstick you wore which was adding more beauty to that mole over your lip” and I placed my finger on her mole.

Aaesha: “Is that all?”(with a smirk).

Me: “Oh did I miss something?”

Aaesha: “I believe you’ve not missed anything”.

She asked me to have dinner but I said I’ll leave.

Aaesha: “Excuse me, you’re drunk so you better stay here and first have your dinner.”

Me: “Alright, come first let’s get Ali to bed and then we can eat.”

While we lifted Ali, a glass of water that was lying on the table got accidentally pushed and all the water spilled on Aaesha’s saree! We got him to the bed and at that time my hands gently felt her hip and I could feel her shiver from my touch.

We made him lie down in the bed. She said that she was sweating from all the cooking and your friend spilled water on her so she’ll take a bath and come.I came back to the balcony and was having a smoke.

After 15 minutes, she called me to come in. When I went inside, there was an unbelievable sight waiting for me. She was dressed in the same sexy transparent saree with the low cut backless sleeves blouse. I was standing there with my mouth wide open.

Aaesha: “Enough drooling, come, eat..”

Me: “Eat what?”

Aaesha: “The food.”

Me: “Oh, I thought something else.”

We had our dinner and when she was serving I was enjoying all the glimpses of her sexy assets. She noticed me several times looking at her navel and her bare hip and she asked me directly,

Aaesha: “Why do you keep staring at my navel? I’ve noticed it from the very first day.”

Me: “To be honest, this is one of the best and sexiest navels that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

Aaesha: “Isn’t this wrong to talk to your friends wife like this?”

Me: “It is 100%.”

Aaesha: “And you’re still doing it, why?”

Me: “Because your naval is worth it and I’m so lucky to have seen it.”

Aaesha: “Oh really?”

Me: “Yes, and I wish I had some more luck as well.”

Aaesha: “For what?”

Me: “To just kiss you there once” and winked.

Aaesha: “What are you talking? I’m a married woman and your friend’s wife.”

I understood that she was just playing hard to get.

Me: “That makes it a thousand times sexier.”

Aaesha: “Is that all or do you have any other wishes?”

Me: “If I tell them, it won’t come true” and I winked at her.

I washed my hands after the meal and came back and sat with her. My friend’s wife got up to leave the table but I held her hand and pulled her near me.

Aaesha: “What are you doing?”

Her navel was right in front of my face and she started breathing heavily.

Me: “Nothing” and I moved her saree and was looking at her navel.

Aaesha: “Enough of looking at it” and she moved away from me.

I believe that something is going to happen, and then I came out to the balcony and she came out as well and we chatted for sometime before we went to sleep.

To be continued.

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