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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 2

Thank you for all your feedback. Please read the first part of this story about my friend’s sexy wife to understand the situation better.

I’ll try to post the following parts as soon as possible. Also, the following parts would be a little more elaborate. This is neither a fictional story nor is she a roadside slut to just plunge my dick into her pussy. It took a lot of time for us to overcome everything and express our love for one another.

She was standing exactly opposite me, leaning on the balcony railing, while I was sitting on a sofa. The moonlight made her a perfect silhouette. Her structure and her hip curve were making me crazy.

Aaesha: What were you trying to do?

I lifted my head and answered her I wasn’t exactly doing anything. I was just looking, and I winked

Aaesha: And would you have stopped by just looking if I hadn’t moved from there?

Me: Maybe.

Aaesha: May I ask why are you interested in my navel?

Me: For me, the navel is the center of attraction for women, and I’d say yours is the best navel I’ve seen.

Aaesha: But I’m your friend’s wife. Is it right to see my navel like that?

Me: If you didn’t want me to see that, why did you change into that saree?

Aaesha: (kept quiet for some time) Ali spilled water on me, so I had to change.

Me: So you wear the sexiest saree now? When you’re going to sleep? You could’ve worn a nightdress.

Aaesha: I thought so too. But you asked why I didn’t wear that saree, so I wore it for you

Me: If that’s the case. Can I see your navel again?

Aaesha: Every chance you get, you want to see it?

Me: Every chance I get, I’d eat it. (and looked in her eyes)

Aaesha: Don’t get greedy, Mr.

Me: Is it a yes or a no?

She was staring silently into my eyes. I pulled her holding her hips and made her stand close so that her legs were between my legs.

Aaesha: What are you doing?

I was silent, moved her saree slightly, and was staring at her navel. I pointed my finger at her navel.

Aaesha: (she understood what was going to happen) No, Raja, stop it, don’t do it.

I slowly moved my finger, touched her belly, moved my finger, and started circling her navel.

Aaesha: (she let out a small moan and closed her mouth with her hand and stopped me) It’s enough, leave me now.

She sat next to me. She was silent and looking right in my eyes. I could see the lust building in her, but I wanted her to open up. She was sitting on my right. I started to smoke a cigarette and started drinking a Coke

Aaesha: Are you still hungry?

Me: What?

Aaesha: You’re drinking coke, so I thought you’re still hungry.

Me: (I wanted to try my luck) My stomach is full, but I’m still hungry.

Aaesha: (she got my hint) Oh, what is that hunger?

Me: Something I can’t say to you

Aaesha: (she moved close to me on the sofa and whispered) Oh, then tell me where you feel hungry?

I was getting an instant hard-on. I looked at her eyes and then my dick. She noticed my boner and opened her mouth and said, “Wow, it looks like you’re very hungry down there,” and patted on my shoulder. She leaned with one hand on the headrest facing me.

I was so happy that this double meaning conversation is still going on, making me hard. I can clearly see her midriff and her navel as her pallu has moved. I could feel the tension rising between us.

Me: So, are you gonna help my hunger?

Aaesha: I don’t think I can feed your hunger.

Me: Why? (with a sad face)

Aaesha: I don’t think I can cook that much to fulfill your hunger.

Me: I believe you can.

Aaesha: I don’t have your cooking experience, and my cook is not as experienced as you. (winked)

Me: It’s ok, I’ll teach you, maybe we can cook together if you’re hungry. (turned towards her now our thighs were touching)

Aaesha: (she was biting her lower lips) What are you going to teach me new?

Me: It’s not about teaching new but teaching how to cook with passion.

Aaesha: Oh, really?

Me: Yeah, with proper passion, you can cook for hours and hours. (kept my hand on her thighs)

Aaesha: And how is that?

Me: When you normally cook, either one is left hungry. But with proper passion, the hunger of both the cooks will be satisfied, and you can’t wait to cook again.

I slowly kept my right hand on her bare hip. She held my hand and looked into my eyes

Aaesha: What are you doing? (in a sexy tone)

Me: Class one (and moved closer to her now her thighs were over mine)

I slowly caressed her hip and touch her back under the saree. She was breathing heavily. I could see her 38 size boobs going up and down and came a little bit closer. I slowly took my left hand on her cheeks and held her neck and brought her closer to me

We both looked at each other’s eyes and were breathing heavily, and in a second, our lips met. We were kissing passionately, and she was sitting in my lap. I was running my hand all over her back and her ass over the saree. We were kissing for 10 minutes now.

She stopped me and suddenly got up and said sorry and went inside. I did not want to waste this start. So I followed her and found her in the kitchen where she was standing, holding the countertop. I went behind her, hugged, and started kissing her neck. She began to moan and pushed her head back

I started licking her earlobes. My hand went inside her saree and was playing with her navel and her boobs over her blouse. She was moaning and breathing heavily, and she turned back and started kissing me. I made her sit on the countertop and started kissing her boobs. I started biting them over the dress.

She was pressing my head for me to suck her boobs more. I tried to remove her blouse, but she stopped me

Aaesha: This is so wrong, Raj, please stop.

Me: It’s not wrong, we both like it, and we’re enjoying it. Aren’t we?

Aaesha: Yes, I am, but this is wrong. I’m married, and my husband is sleeping in the room.

I got upset and remembered that her husband is my friend. I went out and sat on the balcony and started to smoke again. She came out silently and sat next to me on the sofa and held my hands and asked to turn towards her. I just turned and looked at her

Aaesha: Listen, Raj, I’ve never felt like this, and I really enjoyed what we did. But this isn’t right

Me: Yeah, you’re right. (turned my face)

Aaesha: Hey, look at me. (she came closer to me) I’m sorry that this has to stop Raj. But I can prepare one dish, and it’s your favorite dish.

Me: What?

She stood right in front of me and moved her saree and showed her beautiful round navel. I looked at her, and she pulled my head closer to her navel. I held her hips tight and started eating her navel. She started to moan and pressing my head

I licked her navel completely. It was glowing with my saliva and the moonlight on it. I was pressing her ass so hard. Then I tried to move my mouth to her pussy, and she stopped me, saying, “No, not there, please.” I was disappointed. But to use this opportunity to the fullest, I made her lie on the sofa.

Aaesha: Hey, what are you doing?

Me: You allowed me one dish, it’s my wish how to eat it.

I started eating her navel again. She was raising her ass up and down, and I could feel she was getting aroused to the maximum. I started pressing her boobs over her blouse and pulling her nipples. I was not able to hold a boob in one hand. It was too big to handle.

Aaesha: Aah, Raj enough. Don’t take this too far.

Me: So how far do you want to go?

Aaesha: This is far enough.

I looked at her eyes with all the lust. I moved towards her boobs slowly and asked, “Really?” And maintaining eye contact, I placed a kiss on her cleavage. She let out a gasp. I started to lick her cleavage and pressing her boobs.

She stopped me and lifted my head and started kissing me on my lips with so much passion and lust.

Me: You taste amazing, Aaesha.

Meanwhile, my hard dick was rubbing over her dress, and she raised her hip to feel my dick more. I started dry humping her and was kissing her. We were doing it for some time, and I could feel that she came. She let out a huge moan and hugged me tightly.

I was not done yet, but she laid still and then got up. I was a little disappointed and got up.

Aaesha: It’s late. Let’s go to sleep. (I pulled her closer to me and held her hip)

Me: We can sleep here. (and gave a peck on her lips)

Aaesha: I’d love to, but we’ll definitely get carried away, Raj.

Me: We might. But don’t you like it?

We both were holding each other tightly. My arms around her hip and her arms around my neck. My hard dick was over her dress covered pussy, and I gave her a kiss. She responded, and the smooch, tongue play lasted for a few minutes.

Aaesha: Yeah, I like it, but it’s wrong too. So please… (and stayed silent)

Me: It’s not about whether its right or wrong, whether you want it or not? (and kissed again)

Aaesha: (after breaking the kiss) Yes, I know, I like it. But I don’t want it as it’s so wrong, Raja.

Me: You don’t want it? (pressing my dick over her pussy and pressed her hip a little)

Aaesha: Raja (kissed me passionately) I love this so much.

She suddenly pushed me and ran inside. I couldn’t believe what just happened? How did we kiss? How we hugged and the love that was happening between us? I can tell this is not just lust but something very strong beyond that. But suddenly, I remembered my friend and how I was betraying him in so many ways.

I felt bad and slept on the balcony sofa itself. I left for my room early in the morning itself.

To be continued.

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