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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 3.5 – Prologue

This is the part before the final part of the seduction of my best friend’s wife. This is about the night when it all began.

Thank you for all your feedback. Please read the previous parts for continuity.

Please share your feedback with Women in Chennai or Bangalore and couples who want to have fun can reach out to me. Please do not ask for a swapping or group sex as she is not my wife.

Continuing from Part 3

But she was not moving away or trying to roll her nighty down. So I thought of continuing the game of guessing and asked her

Me: And- (pulling her nipple harder and grinding my dick more on her ass )

Aaesha was breathing heavily, turned around, and were facing each other for the first time. Our lips were almost touching. I could feel her breath on my lips. And her breast was pressing on my chest, and it was amazing.

Aaesha: And I’ll take this huge cock inside me till you fill my pussy with your cum.

I slowly held my dick and started rubbing it in on her pussy, and she let out a gasp.

Aaesha: Aah! (and kissed me wildly)

Me: You like it?

Aaesha (held my ass and pulled me closer to her): I love your big cock. It doesn’t feel like your cock at all, Ali.

I was glad she is still thinking of me as her husband doing some naughty stuff. I was happy I could continue for some more time. In the morning I won’t be in any trouble with my friend or should feel bad to face her.

Me: Really? Then whose cock it is?

Aaesha: Raj. I know it’s you.

I couldn’t understand how she found out.

Me: (I was trying to manage what just happened ) Oh hey, Aaesha. I’m sorry I was half-sleep. I thought you to be my girlfriend and did something.

Aaesha: Don’t lie, Raj, you were sleeping near my husband, and now you’re next to me.

All this conversation was happening with her holding my cock near her pussy entrance and our lips touching now and then.

Me: I’m sorry. I like you so much, and I couldn’t stay away

Aaesha: I understand, but I’m married, and my kid and husband, your friend, are lying next to us. Isn’t this wrong?

Me: Then why are you still holding my dick?

Aaesha: She realized it and tried to take her handoff. But I pulled her by holding her ass, and now my dick went in her wet pussy a little

She moaned a bit, and I had to suppress it by kissing her.

Aaesha: Ah, Raj, it feels so good

Me: What feels so good?

Aaesha: Your big hard thick cock. It’s just an inch inside, but I can feel it expanding me down there.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me aggressively.

I rolled over her and stood immediately and lifted her, and silently tip-toed towards the bedroom. She giggled like a newlywed girl doing naughty stuff with her husband and controlling her sound when we moved.

Meanwhile, my dick entered her pussy, and she gasped hard and moaned. I felt crazy and stopped just outside the bedroom door. I turned around, found no movements on my friend, and looked at her.

Aaesha: Why did you stop? Go in.

I didn’t say a word just moved my dick inside her wet pussy

Aaesha: Raj, what are you doing? Let’s get inside and do this

Me: Do what exactly? Thrusting my dick slowly inside her pussy

Aaesha: Ah, God.

Me: Am I hurting you?

Aaesha: Your cock feels even bigger inside my pussy. Please let’s go inside.

Me: Why not here?

Aaesha: Are you crazy? My husband and my baby are sleeping right here, and you want me to fuck me here. What if he wakes up?

Me: Yes, I’m crazy about you, baby. But he is not waking up for at least another 8 hours (pushing half my dick inside)

Aaesha: Raj. What are you saying?

Me: I added a sleeping pill on his milk to make sure I enjoy your hot sexy, and gorgeous body.

I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her. She wrapped her legs and arms around me hard and started kissing me wildly

Aaesha: Raj, this is wrong.

Me: I know, but it’s worth it. (I pushed the final few inches of my 7 inch dick inside her pussy.)

Aaesha: Yea baby, and removed her nighty over her head and threw it away

Me: Wow, that’s a sight to see.

Aaesha: You’re the first man to see this other than my husband.

Me: I hope I’m so lucky and kissed her while pushing my cock in and out of her tight pussy

Aaesha: Yes, so lucky that you’re fucking me in the same room where my husband is sleeping

Me: Yes, I’m, and I love it, baby.

She removed my T-shirt and threw it, and started chewing my lips. I increased my pace, and she started taking my dick fully inside. She was completely wet, and my dick was sliding in and out completely. Still felt her pussy was right.

Aaesha: Fuck me fuck me, it’s going deeper, Raj.

I started sucking her boobs and drinking her milk.

Aaesha: Faster, faster.

Me: Not so loud, baby, and kissed her, so she doesn’t make much noise.

Aaesha: I’m going to cum again.

Me: Cum hard for me, baby.

Aaesha grunting so hard and pressed her nails so hard on my back I could feel it. She released a huge load of cum on my dick and hugged me tight we were standing like that and breathing hard. But I was yet to cum

I let her down and made her get in the doggy style and got behind her and started to rub my dick on her pussy. Her face was above Ali’s face when she opened her eyes and realized that. I turned around.

Aaesha: (in a husky voice) Raj, I can’t do this, not by looking at my husband’s face like this. Please

I smirked and started rubbing my dick on her already pussy.

Aaesha: Ah, baby, please, I beg you.

She closed her mouth with her hand and was balancing her body with only one hand. I started rubbing my dick around her pussy. I even put my tip and pressed it upwards and downwards to tease her.

Aaesha: Aah Raj, what is that? (husky tone)

Raj: This is the actual cooking with passion baby, you like it?

Aaesha: Yes, baby, please fuck me, enough teasing.

She took her hand below her body and started to caress my balls and made me go crazy

Raj: Aah, baby stop playing with my balls like that. I don’t want to cum yet.

Aaesha: Then fuck me, baby, fuck my brains out.

I started to fuck her slowly with a single thrust each time, taking out my dick slowly and ram it at full speed. She was unable to control her moans as she was inches away from her sleeping husband.

I was fucking her and increased the pace for around 10minutes. She was closing her legs and gripped my dick so tight. It felt like I was fucking a virgin ass. I could feel she was about to cum. She closed her legs so close that it felt my dick was in an oven, and she came harder.

I immediately took my dick out and started to eat her pussy juice. She could not control her moaning now. She bent down even more and bit the pillow on which her husband was sleeping.

Even with that, she was pressing my head on her ass. I tasted both the lovely ass and her wet pussy, twirled my tongue in both holes for a few minutes. She patted my head after that. I could see that she was completely drained but not done. She asked me silently to stand up.

I did it. She swiftly kneeled and held my dick, and started stroking.

Me: Wow, are you going to do what I’m thinking?

Aaesha: Yes, I’m and gave a kiss to my dick.

Me: No, I want to see the lust in your eyes when you suck my cock. Please, I’ve been dreaming about this.

Aaesha: I’m not letting you switch on the lights here.

Me: Ok, fine, let’s go inside.

Aaesha: Wait, wait.

She went near Ali, used my t-shirt to wipe off the sweat on Ali’s face. She giggled and came running towards me and jumped on me. I lifted her, and we started kissing for a few minutes while checking on my friend.

It was a major turn-on that I’m fucking his beautiful wife like my wife in front of him. My dick couldn’t hold any longer, so I took her inside, landed her on her feet, switched on the lights, and sat on the bed.

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