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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 4

Thank you for all your feedback, please read the previous parts for continuity. I’ll try to post the following parts as soon as possible.

This is the final part of how we both ended up fucking. So it’ll be a long one. And after this, I’ll elaborately give you the sexual endeavors that we did and tried.

My Muslim friend’s wife Aaesha was about to suck my cock with her beautiful lips and I wanted to enjoy that, but not in the dark. But she did not allow me to turn on the lights in the living room.

I took her inside the bedroom, closed the door slowly, switched on the lights, and kissed her hard. It was the first time I was seeing her naked. Her boobs were perfect, round, and firm, nipples were so hard and pointing. She had a clean shaved pussy and an ass I’d die for.

She pushed me on the bed flat and came on all fours over me, wet kissing my thighs, and looked at me with a sexy smile

Aaesha: Is the lust in my eyes enough for you?

Me: Yea baby, they’re on fire.

Aaesha licked my dick from bottom to top and went down again. I was not able to reduce my sound this time. Man, she was good.

Me: Ahhhhhh god, that’s sooo good. Keep doing it.

She was licking my dick up and down like a pro and I was going crazy.

Me: Wow, I never thought you were so good at this.

Aaesha: Really? (and she took my dick in her mouth).

Me: Wow, it keeps getting better.

Aaesha: Do you like this?

My dick was going in her mouth completely, and out while she maintained eye contact.

Me: I love this. Ahhhhh, I never thought we would be doing this. All I thought was I’ll have to enjoy your body under the cover that I am your husband and be happy about it.

Aaesha: Me neither. But you turned me on so much that even after I found out that you’re not my husband I couldn’t stop it.

Me: Well, how exactly did you do that?

Aaesha: I had my doubts about the size, but I confirmed when I held it and you had a fore skin which my husband doesn’t, and hmmmmm.. your dick taste so good.

Me: And…

Aaesha: We’ve had our share of romance to know how your hands feel on me or your lips feel when they kiss me or on my boobs and your dick size

Me: Then, why didn’t you stop me?

Aaesha: At first I doubted, but what if I say Raj stop or ask Raj is that you and it’s Ali? What will I say then?! Also, from that time, I wanted you to touch and kiss me. I was half asleep so I thought I was just imagining it’s you.

Me: Mmmmmmm..ahhhh, what if it was Ali?

Aaesha: I’d have done the same with him thinking it’s you and take the whole dick in my mouth.

Me: You clever, sexy girl.

I pulled her up and started eating her lips.

Aaesha: I never imagined that what we did in the kitchen or the balcony will ever happen in my life, and after that, I wanted this day so badly.

Me: So did I. That’s why I made your husband sleep and came to you.

Aaesha: You know it’s been a long time since your friend treated me like that. All he does is wake me up in the middle of the night and fuck me and sleep again.

My friend’s wife was sitting on me. Our naked bodies were crushing each other.

Aaesha: He doesn’t even look if am done. He just cums and goes to sleep.

Me: That’s too bad, baby. I’ll treat you the way you deserve.

I made her lie down and I went between her thighs.

Aaesha: What? What are you doing?

Me: Treating you good baby, showing how you should be loved, Just enjoy.

I pushed her on the bed flat. She was looking directly in my eyes with the possible lust on her body and waiting for me to treat her well. I went from kissing her knees to her thighs. She started to moan and move her lower body towards me.

I wet-kissed her inner thighs slowly, and as a surprise, I just put my face on her pussy and started eating it wildly. She shuddered and left out a huge moan and started pulling my hair very hard.

Aaesha: Ahhhhhh baby, you’re amazing..Hmmmmmm.

I started licking her thighs and inserted two fingers in my friend’s wife’s pussy. As she had already taken my cock inside, they went in easily.

Aaesha: Ahhhhhhh, Raj..Uummmmmmmm, keep doing it.

I started finger-fucking my buddy’s wife vigorously while licking her thighs. She started shivering. I understood that she was going to cum, so I started sucking her pussy hard and got all the juice in my mouth. She grunted hard when she came and lay flat down thinking it was all over. But I placed myself between her thighs and started to rub my dick in her pussy.

Aaesha: Ahhhh, Raj so much pleasure in a single night. Ali has never done this to me ever.

I started fucking her slowly and gradually increased my speed. I had not cum yet so I wanted to cum and it was almost 4 in the morning, so I had to get this done.

She wrapped her legs and arms around me, accommodated me to the fullest, and started kissing me. We were breathing hard and I was fucking her even harder.

The room was filled with our body-hitting sounds “thup..thup” and her moans.

Aaesha: Ahhhhhhhh, Raj… you’re awesome… I love it, baby… I love you, baby…

Raj (It was not the right moment but still): I love you too baby (and I started eating her lips wildly).

I was about to cum and I tried to remove my dick.

Aaesha: Why are you moving? Cum inside me.

Me: I don’t want to risk it.

Aaesha: It’s ok. I can take a pill tomorrow, just cum inside. I want to feel it…Ahhhh (and she pulled me closer).

I came hard and I never had cum this much.

Aaesha: Lie on me for some time. Don’t move or the cum will come outside. I want it inside me fully.

Me: Ok, baby… (and I lay on her breast and was panting heavily).

Aaesha: This is the best sex I have ever had in my life.

Me: I can tell that this won’t be the last time we do it.

My friend’s wife kissed me so hard and said, “I’d love to do it with you daily.”

Me: So do I, baby, Mmmmm.. (sucking her lips).

Then she got up, went to the restroom, cleaned herself, and came out with a towel wrapped around her. I went to the restroom cleaned myself and came out. She went out and brought my t-shirt. She was in the same towel but had her nighty next to her and was sitting on the bed. I was still naked and came and sat next to her.

My dick was still semi-hard. I held her hands and made her look at me. She got up and sat on my lap and hugged me tightly. I could feel my dick on her soft thighs, and it was getting hard again.

Aaesha: Is your dick becoming hard again?

Me: Not my fault.

Aaesha: You just fucked me for 3 hours, and you still are not done?

Me: Due to the time constraints and the traffic here, I had to stop it in 3 hours, or else I’d have fucked you all night, baby.

My friend’s wife just grinded her ass on my dick and gave me a kiss.

Aaesha: Now, can I wear my nighty and go to sleep?

Me: If you’d really wanted to go sleep, you’d have changed by now. But, you didn’t.

She gave me a naughty smile.

Aaesha: You’re so good. (She gave me a deep kiss and continued). You’re right but I need to go.

She got up from my lap. I grabbed her ass and stood behind her and hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck.

Raj: You said you love me, is that true? (I started biting her neck).

Aaesha: Ahhhhhhhhh Raj.. Enough..

But her hand held my head and was pressing it on her neck.

Aaesha: Yes Raj, I love you, baby.

Me: Really?

Aaesha: Yes baby…. hmmmm, but it’s getting late.

My friend’s Muslim wife turned around and hugged me, putting her arms around my neck, and locked her lips in mine. I moved the towel a little bit and started pressing her ass and because of that, her pussy was exposed and my dick was pressing on it.

Aaesha: Please darling, enough for today. We will continue tomorrow.

Me: But it’s already tomorrow.

I showed her the clock and lifted her as she wrapped her legs around me.

Aaesha: If I had known you would be this good, I’d have let you fuck me that day in the balcony or the kitchen itself (and she kissed me wildly).

Me: It’s not late now. We can still go for another round.

Aaesha: No baby, save your energy. I want you in full force when you fuck me later today.

Me: Looking at your sexy body, I can fuck you anytime, and will have the same energy, baby.

Aaesha: Ahhhh, that’s so sweet.

My friend’s wife pulled her towel a little bit and made me suck her boobs. I was sucking on it and drinking her tasty breast milk.

Me: I love to drink milk early morning, but directly from here is awesome.

Aaesha: Ahhhhh baby. Your tongue is doing wonders (and she pressed my head on her boobs).

I started moving towards the bed.

Aaesha: No Raj, stop. It’s really late and too risky.

Raj: A couple of more minutes baby, please!

Aaesha: Please baby, understand the risks, my husband might wake up and so may my kid. I will do it again later (and she gave me a deep kiss and got down).

I was sitting on the bed. She asked me to turn around so that she can wear her nighty, but I didn’t. She took the nighty wore it, and then removed the towel and threw it on my face with a naughty smile. She came closer to me, held my dick, and gave me a kiss on my lips.

She said, “Good night dear, sleep well. We will continue tomorrow,” and went outside to sleep in her place.

I went out naked and saw my friend still sleeping. She lay next to her kid, where she was sleeping at night. She saw me and saw my dick and licked her lips with her tongue and gave me a flying kiss. I came inside the bedroom, wore my clothes, and went to sleep.

The next morning, my friend’s wife Aaesha woke me up at 11. She was sitting in the bed near to me. I slowly opened my eyes.

Aaesha: Good Morning, sleepyhead.

I pulled her and started to kiss her.

Aaesha pushed me saying, “What are you doing? Ali is still outside.”

I was scared and looked out but my friend wasn’t there and I saw the time. It was 11. Ali usually leaves for office by 10.

As soon as she saw me looking at the clock, she laughed. She tried to get away, but I didn’t let her. I pulled her on me in the bed and started kissing her. She started co-operating and kissed me holding my face. Her kid woke up and started to cry.

Aaesha: Get up. I’ll feed him to make him sleep. You go take a shower and come. We will have breakfast. You must be hungry (said with a naughty smile).

I went outside after some time and saw that she had night opened and her boobs as she had just finished feeding her kid. I couldn’t resist myself. I went and sat behind her and started to kiss her neck and press her uncovered boobs over the nighty.

Aaesha: Ahhhhh Raj, you have the whole day. Just let me finish some work and come back.

I didn’t listen. I just took her boob out and started sucking it.

Aaesha: Ahhhhhh..hmmmmm.

Aaesha reached for my morning wood and started pressing it. I was sucking her boob and biting her nipple sometimes and emptied it. Her breast milk was so tasty.

After that, I got up and removed my track, and took my dick near her face. She held my dick and was looking at me with pure lust.

My friend’s wife slowly licked it and started to take it fully and was sucking it very hard. I was struggling to stand, as she was expertly sucking my dick and holding my balls, and caressing it. I was grunting and I was about to cum, and told her that.

She started doing it faster and took all of it in her mouth and swallowed it without wasting a single drop.

Aaesha: My milk for your milk.

She was chewing my shrunken dick for some time. She then took me to the bedroom holding my dick.

Me: Where are you taking me?

Aaesha (with a naughty smile): To cook breakfast.

To be continued.

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