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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 5 (Revelation Of Her Slutty Side)

Thank you for all your feedback. Please read the previous parts for continuity. This part has many revelations about the innocent Muslim wife I know and what a slut she is.

Please share your feedback at Also, women in Chennai and couples who want to have fun can reach out to me. Please do not ask for a swapping or group sex as she is not my wife.

Continued from Part 4.

She took me inside the bedroom, holding my limp dick in her hand.

Raj: Where are you taking me?

Aaesha: To cook breakfast. (her nighty was open halfway and was clinging on her hip)

As soon as we entered the bedroom, I pushed her to the wall. I started to bite and kiss her back and neck while pressing her boobs from behind hard. I removed and threw her nighty away. She was arching her head back and was reaching for my dick

I pushed her hard against the wall and licked her back, and moved down to her ass. I was kneeling behind her and started to bite her ass. I made her bend down a little and started to lick her ass and her pussy. I started to move my finger slowly in and out of her pussy.

She couldn’t hold her moans. She pushed me down, and I had to sit down. She immediately sat on my lap and hugged me tightly. She started giving wet kisses from her cheeks to her neck then started biting her ear. While groping her boobs, she was moaning slightly and started to play with my dick.

She turned my face and started eating my lips with all her lust, and suddenly her mobile started ringing. She ran outside to pick it soon so it wouldn’t wake her kid up. She came inside running and shushed me, showing the phone to me. It was Ali.

She sat on the bed next to me and started talking to him on the loudspeaker.

Aaesha: Hello!

Ali: Hey, hello. What are you doing?

Aaesha: Just done with the dishes and watching TV.

I started to kiss her neck and press her boobs. She pushed my hand in fake anger, put her finger on her lips, and asked me to keep quiet. I held her hand and started to lick her neck, and started to pinch her nipples slowly. She started to breathe faster.

Ali: Where is Raj? He is not picking up my call.

Aaesha: (catching her breath) He is still sleeping. He didn’t even wake for breakfast.

I’ve fucked my friend’s wife right in front of him and in his bedroom. But The thought of being naked when he talked to her turned me on, and I was rock hard. I got kinky and stood up in front of her. She gave a shocking reaction seeing my full hard dick, and gave me a smirk.

Ali: Still? It’s almost 12. Why can’t you wake him up for breakfast?

Aaesha: Hello? I’m not his wife to wake him up with coffee and give him breakfast.

I took her hand and put it on my dick, and I was caressing her cheeks.

Ali: Oh! Every day when you send food to the office, you used to ask me did he eat? What did he say? Now you’re acting up.

I was surprised to hear that. And she was embarrassed and got all shy. Her face turned red, and she put her head down with my dick in her hand.

Aaesha: That was because he was your best friend. I wanted to test my cooking with someone outside. (winked at me)

She was slowly moving her hand up and down. I moved closer to her, bent towards her, and shook her head not to come closer. But I held her cheeks and gave a kiss on her lips, and started sucking her lips.

Ali: Ok, cool, and hey forgot to tell you. Knock before you go in. He might be sleeping naked and laughed.

She pushed me and asked.

Aaesha: What?

I put my one leg on the bed and loved my hip closer to her face, and she started to tap my dick on her cheeks and her lips slowly. She was trying to catch my dick with her mouth.

Ali: He always had a separate room and used to sleep like that most of the time.

I was waving my dick, not giving it in her mouth, and suddenly she held my balls and winked at me

Aaesha: You’re saying this now! (with a fake angry tone while caressing my balls slowly and rubbing her lips on my foreskin)

Ali: Hey, I am just kidding. It was during college. I don’t think he’d do that now. Especially now you’re here.

Aaesha: He better not be naked, or I’ll cut his cock.

She gave a small bite in my dick. I had to control making any noise from pain. She then licked that place to subdue the pain and started licking around my cock with her tongue without any noise. Ali started laughing and said bye to her, and disconnected the call.

I pushed my entire cock in her mouth and almost gagged her. She cut the call and threw the phone nearby, and started taking it deep

Raj: Baby, you sucking my cock while talking to him made me so horny. See how hard I am.

Aaesha: I can feel that, baby. It was kinkier doing when he was talking to me than when he was sleeping. (started to suck my cock) I can’t have enough of your cock, baby. I love to keep it in my mouth all the time and started deep throating it.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I held her head and started to mouth fuck her. Since I was fucking her mouth, her hands became free. She started to press her boob with her hand and started to finger her pussy with another hand. I slowly removed her mangalsutra from her neck. She was watching what I was doing.

I put it around my cock and took it near her lips again. She gave me a naughty reaction and started to suck my cock till her mangalsutra was getting wet by her saliva. It was a sight to see. She started to finger fast. I could sense that she was cumming. I pushed her, and she held my cock and wasn’t leaving it

Aaesha: Baby, please don’t. I don’t want to be away from your cock even for a minute

I didn’t listen to her. I just pushed her on the bed and started to lick and eat her pussy wildly. She was waving her head and held the bedsheet. She started to moan heavily. I put my finger in her mouth to suck it. She shuddered again and came into my mouth.

Now she got up and tried to reach for my dick with the mangalsutra dangling. She pushed me on the bed and got on fours, and started sucking. I turned her around, and we went to 69 position. We started eating each other with all the love and lust we had for each other.

She got another call. She became so mad.

Aaesha: Why would everyone call me only when I’m sucking my honey’s cock?

She didn’t move her head was using her hand to search for it. It was near me, I took it and saw it, and it was a Facebook messenger call. the name said ‘The Bull.’ I was shocked as I remember that she didn’t have a Facebook account. I attended the call and put it on speaker.

The voice said: Hi, my sweet slut.

She was shocked, so was I. She got off my dick and tried to get the phone from my hand. I held her hands with one hand. She fell on me, and her face was all red in an instant.

Aaesha: I’m busy. I’ll call you later.

She yelled towards the phone.

The Bull: Baby, please, it’s been almost a week. My dick is dying for you.

She was all scared, and her face went pale. I asked her to talk while holding her hands. She was lying on me naked with my dick near her pussy and her boobs pressing on my chest.

Aaesha: What do you want?

The Bull: I want to eat my slut’s pussy and drink her cum.

Aaesha was ashamed and tried to get the phone, but my grip was strong. I asked her to continue.

The Bull: Are you there, my sweet little slut?

Aaesha: Haven’t I told you not to call me unless I call or text you?

The Bull: Yea, but it’s been a week, and we’ve never been this far without fucking each other over the call. I miss my sluts moan when she fingers her sweet pussy listening to what I tell I’d to her sexy body.

Aaesha put a pleading face to stop it, but I didn’t. I asked her to talk, and I released her hand and grabbed her boob. I started to suck it hard. She suddenly let a moan.

The Bull: Yeah, baby, just like that.

And I started to gobble her boobs, and she was moaning hard.

The Bull: My slut, you’re already in the full mood. But playing hard to get, bitch.

I was shocked to hear a guy talking to her like that. I took the boob out of my mouth and asked her to talk to him. I started biting her boobs again.

Aaesha: Yea, baby, I am always in the mood for you.

The Bull: That’s my cock-hungry slut. I’ve missed her. Now I want to fuck her in that mouth for not talking to me.

I kept the phone in the pillow above our heads. I started to bite her nipples and, with my other hand, started to rub my dick on her pussy.

Aaesha: Aah, baby. I love it.

She was responding to what I was doing, but the guy on the phone started to think she was talking to him.

The Bull: Yea, my cock-hungry slutty queen. Eat my dick like you always wanted.

It was a very quick turn of events for me. The girl who ran inside because she was wearing a sexy saree in front of me was already talking to a guy like this. He is calling her slut made me think, what has she done with him? How many times has she slept with him?

And more importantly, she once said I’m the only man other than her husband to see her naked. She started to shiver as I pressed my dick harder on her pussy, and she was moaning.

Aaesha: Yea, baby. Keep doing it.

The Bull: Yes, bitch, suck my balls now.

It was a huge turn-on for me as he talked all dirty to her, and she was actually in bed with me.

Aaesha: Rub your dick on my pussy, dear it’s waiting.

The Bull: Straight away? Don’t you want to lubricate it with your saliva, baby?

Aaesha: It’s already wet hearing your voice, baby. Please rub it.

The Bull: That’s my baby. I’m rubbing it. How does a real man’s cock feel in your pussy?

Aaesha: It’s amazing, baby. It is big, and my pussy is stretching.

The Bull: Bigger than your husband’s cock?

She was in full slut mode. Being naked with her husband’s friend, who is rubbing his cock in her pussy, and another guy is talking all dirty to her.

Aaesha: Yea, baby better than my husband’s dick.

I couldn’t see an ounce of shame in her voice. She was all fired up.

The Bull: Where is your husband, baby?

Aaesha: He went to work.

The Bull: Such a loser. Having a wife like you, I would never leave your side and keep licking and fucking you all day, baby.

Aaesha: I know, baby. I’d love that.

She lost all hesitation, and she is talking about my friend in such a manner to another guy. I’ve been with many women, and I was amazed that I could never see through this slutty side of hers.

The Bull: I’m putting my dick inside your pussy slowly and fucking you, baby.

It was like a guide to me. I started doing that.

Aaesha: Baby, my pussy is stretching.

The Bull: That’s how a real cock feels bitch. Take it.

He asked her to come in a video call.

Aaesha: No, I can’t do that.

She was losing her patience. The Bull turned on his video and started to show his dick. Her mobile camera was turned off so he couldn’t see her.

Aaesha: Baby. It’s hard. so hard.

The Bull: Yea, baby. Think of it in your mouth and your pussy, baby.

Aaesha: Yea, baby. I’m doing it.

She looked at the mobile screen and started to lick it in the air like she was licking it while I was fucking her. It was driving me crazy.

The Bull: Yes, baby. When I come to fuck you, I want you to be in only the hijab and nothing else inside.

Aaesha: Why the hijab, too, baby? I’ll open the door naked.

The Bull: What if someone else comes and knocks on the door before me?

Aaesha: He’ll get a free show then. (winked at me while I was slowly fucking her in a missionary position)

The Bull: I know you bitch you’ll start to suck his cock before I come to fuck you.

Aaesha: I might do that. That’s how hungry I am for big cocks.

The Bull: What if I come at the same time when the guy who came before me is fucking you?

Aaesha: I don’t know. You tell me, baby.

I wanted to fuck her hard and cum, but this was better. So I was fucking her slowly, but each thrust of my dick was hitting her inner walls. I made her jerk in pleasure

The Bull: I’d tell you slut. I’d fuck you in your mouth when he fucks your pussy.

Aaesha: I’ve never had two cocks at once, baby.

Since it was just a day before I fucked her, even I didn’t think of a threesome and all. But this got interesting.

The Bull: Trust me, baby, you can handle more than two cocks at the same time.

Aaesha: Really, baby? What if my husband comes and knocks on the door when you two are fucking me?

The Bull: Let that loser wait outside and hear you moan. Or let him come in and see how his slutty wife is getting fucked by two real men and shag his tiny dick.

Aaesha: It feels so good to imagine that baby. If he sees that, you can fuck me anytime you want and anywhere in the house, even when he is around.

The Bull: I can teach him how to fuck this slut and make her cum.

This reminded me of when she told me that Ali never sees whether she is finished.

Aaesha: Yea, baby. You can teach him a lot of things. (and pointed at me)

I smirked. This wasn’t the first time she had had this conversation with that guy fucking in front of her husband. I started to increase my speed.

The Bull: Yea, baby. I’ll cum in your pussy and ask him to lick and clean my cum. When you’re chewing my cock.

Aaesha: Ah, baby. You’re making me cum.

She pulled me closer and started kissing me hard. All that dirty talk and the actual fuck riled her up. She came again, and I was still not done.

Aaesha: (gaining her senses as she just came) Please don’t talk like that about my husband, baby. He is such a good husband.

The Bull: Oh, really? If he was a good husband, why would his bitch wife want to sleep with two guys at the same time?

I started to suck her lips and put my tongue in her mouth. She started sucking my tongue like she sucked my cock.

The Bull: What are you doing, bitch?

Aaesha: (She released my tongue) I am sucking my finger thinking it’s your big cock baby, and started to suck my tongue again.

The Bull: Now tell me bitch, is he a good husband?

She released my tongue every time to answer him and started to suck again.

Aaesha: No, baby, he is not.

The Bull: whose cock do you want the most? Mine or your husbands?

Aaesha: Your cock, baby. Anytime I’d choose your cock.

She held my ass and pushed me closer, and my dick went deeper. He was still shagging in the video. His cock was big compared to Ali’s but smaller than mine. I was glad.

The Bull: now tell me slut. Whose bitch are you?

Aaesha: I’m your bitch, baby.

The Bull: Whose slut are you?

Aaesha: I am always your slut, baby.

The Bull: Whose cum do you want to drink every day?

Aaesha: Your cum, baby. I want to drink it every day.

He came all over himself in the video. She started to act like licking it up, and I started to hump her harder and faster.

Aaesha: Baby, I’m going to cum again.

She hugged me tighter. I was fucking her hard and came inside her with a huge load and lay down on her.

The Bull: How was it, baby? Did you cum?

Aaesha: (breathing heavily) I’ve never cum so much in my life, baby. (and kissed me deeply)

The Bull: Ok, my sweet slut, I’ve to go now. I’ll ping you, and you send me some sexy photos of that sexy boobs and that ass.

Aaesha: Ok, baby.

She made a kiss sound for him and disconnected the call. I got up from her and sat on the bed.

Raj: What the fuck is this? You’ve been cheating on Ali long before I came into the picture. Even then, for him to call you slut and bitch, what all have you done with him?

Aaesha: Trust me, Raj, I’ve never seen this man. I was horny and unsatisfied. I opened a Facebook account without Ali’s knowledge and used it for adult videos and chat groups.

Raj: Oh really?

Aaesha: Yes, I swear, he has never even seen my face. I’ve video called him only a handful of times, and that too with my face covered so that he never blackmails me to ruin my life.

Raj: So he has seen you naked?

Aaesha: Yea, but with my face covered.

Raj: But you said that I’m the only guy other than Ali to see you naked.

She started sobbing and continued

Aaesha: You have to understand my situation. I’ve been let down in bed for more than a year. I wanted a way out, but I swear I’ve never met this guy. He has seen only my assets. I can’t say that to you upfront that I’ve been showing my body to a guy online.

She closed her eyes. I felt all bad, but I cannot judge as I cheated on my friend by fucking his wife.

Raj: (I slowly hugged her) Everything is fine! I understand it. But why would you allow him to talk all nasty to you?

Aaesha: He was all gentleman when we started texting and started talking adults stuff. But for the first time I had a call with him, I started fingering, and then he started talking dirty. I was halfway there to stop now and not that interested in dumping him to find another guy. But gradually, I liked the way he talked.

I was still processing the whole event.

Aaesha: I’m so glad that he talked that way during my first phone call itself. Or else, due to my desperation, I’d have allowed him to meet me for a quick fuck and would have fallen into his trap and lost everything. I am so glad that I decided to fuck this gentleman whom I love with all my heart.

She hugged me tighter. When I woke up, I was still processing what had happened that week and that night. By afternoon, I had to process a lot more news.

Anyways even the little guilt I had from fucking her vanished after knowing that she was already a cock hungry slut. She was already cheating on my friend.

Now since I am quenching her thirst, my friend’s name is not ruined by his wife sleeping with random online creeps or getting into unwanted troubles. The bitch won’t need any bull for now.

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