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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 10)

Thank you for all your feedback, please read the previous parts for continuity. This part will also be a full narration from Aaesha, so please bear with the details and the length.

Story continues..

The Bull: I take the measurements of your shoulder slowly standing behind you closely. Now I am moving my hands below your arms and lifting them and measuring your boobs from behind you. Then I move closer to you and rub my dick on your ass to see the measurement from above.

Aaesha: Hmm ji, why can’t you come in front of me and take the measurement?

The Bull: Seeing the measurement and fit in front of the mirror like this, only I can take proper measurement, bhabhi.

Aaesha: But, something is hitting me on my back.

The Bull: Sorry bhabhi, that will happen to all the men in the market if they see you, and stand close to you like this.

Aaesha: Don’t lie, ji.

The Bull: I’m so glad that my wife was not here today. And slowly put the tape around your tummy and kneeled in front of you.

Aaesha: What are you doing, ji? Why do you’ve to measure that for a blouse?

The Bull: OMG bhabhi, it’s more beautiful when I look closer and breathe on your tummy

Aaesha: Ahhhhh ji, it’s tickling me and you’re so naughty ji.

The Bull: My bad luck my wife can’t handle my naughtiness, bhabhi.

Aaesha: That’s too bad, ji. I’m looking at your bulge. I don’t think anybody can handle your naughtiness ji and laugh.

The Bull: I come closer to you and held your hips and slowly press my nose against your navel and give a small kiss.

Aaesha: I’m trying to stop you, but I couldn’t so am holding your hair and pushing you closer.

The Bull: I immediately get up and kiss you on your lips and started to press your boobs.

Aaesha: Ahhh ji, what are you doing?

The Bull: Bhabhi, my wife can’t handle me and your husband is not handling you. Why don’t we help each other?

Aaesha: I’m breathing heavily. What if someone comes?

The Bull: I’ve closed the shutter fully ji and kiss you again. We both remove our dresses fully and become naked and I push you on the sofa. Then start to suck your boobs and press them.

Aaesha: Ahhh, please be gentle, ji.

The Bull: No man can ever be gentle with your body, bhabhi. And started to lick your navel and go between your legs and start to suck your pussy.

Aaesha: I push you and get up and tie my hair and I start to lick your dick and suck it fully. I’ll suck your balls and lick your thighs.

The Bull: Ahhhhh bhabhi, your husband is such an idiot to miss this.

Aaesha: So, is your wife to miss this cock? And am sucking you again and I sit on you and rub your dick on my pussy.

The Bull: I suck your boobs and press your ass and lift you and start fucking you.

Aaesha: Ahhh, yes baby.

The Bull: Bhabhi, I’m fucking you continuously.

Aaesha: Aahh.. ji.

The Bull: How does my cock feel, bhabhi?

Aaesha: Ahhh, it’s awesome, ji.

The Bull: Is it better than your husband?

Aaesha: It’s much better than my husband ji and I get down and kneel in front of you and start sucking and drink all your cum and lick your dick again. I’m laying down on the sofa and pull you and you lay on me too, we’re both naked.

The Bull: You’re the best slut I’ve fucked, bhabhi.

(In real-time) I was fingering my pussy so bad and was about to cum and this word made me cum harder. But I felt annoyed as he just called me ‘slut’. Then I disconnected the call and switched off the data and went.

I didn’t open Facebook for 2-3 days. On the 4th day, I was bored and opened it. He apologized for calling me a ‘slut’, but he felt that women like to be rough and dirty in bed.

Then we continued talking normally for some time. We shared all our fantasies and fetishes except for the fact that I was married. We started to go on video call. I wore a hijab with my face fully covered and nothing underneath. I even removed my mangalsutra and kept it aside while I was doing a video call.

After he begged for some time, I unbuttoned and showed him my cleavage, pressed my boobs and showed him my shape. He used to always shag in the video. The size of his cock and the cum he released all over his tummy made me crazy that I wanted to suck his cock and lick all his cum.

Later, it progressed to showing my thighs and my ass and then one day, I went bottomless. We then had a video call and started masturbating, talking about how we would meet up in a park or a theatre and at least kiss for some time and play with each other’s bodies.

One day it got late and in a hurry to join the video call, I forgot to remove the mangalsutra. I was opening my hijab slowly in a seductive way and I was completely naked. We were seeing each other naked and started talking all dirty and masturbated and we both came.

The Bull: Ahhh baby, I cum a lot when I see your body.

Aaesha: So do I!

The Bull: Am I making you cum more than your husband?

Aaesha: What?

The Bull: I saw your mangalsutra, baby.

Aaesha: Oh, shit!

And I tried to cut the call.

The Bull: Hey-hey listen, I am not here to judge. I have a girlfriend too. She can’t fulfill me in the bed and so this online thing is nothing to be ashamed of.

Aaesha: I know but having a girlfriend is a lot different than having a husband.

We talked about it for some more time and we started, Savita bhabhi’s “The Bra Salesman Episode” and came together.

Day by day we almost tried all the episodes and new stories as well. Gradually. he started calling me ‘slut’, ‘bitch’ whenever I started to finger as it was too late to stop. But that made me decide not to meet him real, but only have fun with him online.

So, I used a hijab to cover my face so that he couldn’t take a screenshot and threaten me later. After a month or two, it became his fetish to fuck me in that and I started to be called ‘slut’.

One day, my mother-in-law was there. But I wanted to see his dick. I told him that I couldn’t show or talk. He asked me to wear a headset and see him shagging for me. And I started getting wet and started texting him what all I would do to his dick when we meet. And he was talking over the video and shagged. That was the kinkiest thing I’ve ever tried after college.

(Narration ended.)

Raj: Wow, that’s a lot of revelations in a few days.

Aaesha: I know, but please don’t judge me, baby.

And hugged me.

Raj: Hey, am not here to judge you baby, but to fuck you.

And I rolled on her and started to kiss her. I rolled up her nighty and started to rub my dick over her pussy.

Aaesha: Ahhh baby, after all these talks your dick feels heavenly in my pussy, baby.

And she started to kiss me.

Raj: You never told me how you got interested in threesome role-play, baby.

Aaesha: What? Hmm (licking her lips.)

Raj: From the call yesterday, I could tell that this wasn’t the first time you’ve talked about it, baby. (Still, rubbing my dick on her wet pussy.)

Aaesha: You’re an awesome, baby. Yeah, we’ve talked about it before.

Raj: Now, finish that story as well while I keep rubbing my dick and once it’s done I’ll fuck you, baby.

Aaesha: Ahhh baby ok, hmmmmm.

She started narrating.

One day, we started role-playing late, and by the time I started to finger in a video call with The Bull, someone knocked on the door.

Aaesha: Fuck! Someone is knocking. Oh, shit! It must be my husband.

The Bull: Wait baby, finish that and go.

Aaesha: Are you kidding? He is standing outside the house!

The Bull: Just imagine if we’re actually fucking and your husband is standing outside knocking or if he walks in, baby.

And he turned the camera to his dick and waved. I wanted to cut the call, but so badly wanted to finish fingering and cum as Ali was not doing it for me.

Aaesha: Ahhhhhhh, what would I do if he asks what took me so long?

The Bull: Just finish and go tell him you were in the restroom. Simple.

That was a good idea, so I started to finger faster and started to moan.

The Bull: What if he has a threesome or cuckold fantasy and couldn’t reveal it to you? And you give that chance to him?

Aaesha: Then I’d open the door and run back to you and jump on your dick and start eating it, baby.

The Bull: Imagine that you’re sucking my dick and your husband removes his dress and comes behind you and starts to rub his dick in your pussy.

Aaesha: Aahh baby, that’d be awesome. And after that, I don’t have to hide anything. I can video call you all the time and fuck you all the time even if he is home.

The Bull: Will your husband’s dick feel the same as my dick my slut?

Aaesha: No baby, his dick is nothing compared to your dick.

Ali called my phone and since I was in messenger call, it wouldn’t show as call waiting. I was fingering my pussy seeing the Bull’s dick and Ali’s name was above his dick. That was so hot and made me cum real bad. I was cumming continuously and breathing heavily, “Ahhhhhh baby” (still rubbing my pussy).

The Bull: Then, we’ll order some food and you go get the door naked. You’ll pull him in and we both will fuck you when your husband comes in. So that he can see what this slut is capable of and how she needs to be treated.

And he started to shag faster. I wanted to cut the call but his dick didn’t leave me. He was shagging harder moaning my name.

The Bull: Ahhh my slutty baby, lick my balls and make me cum, baby.

Aaesha: Yeah baby, I’m sucking your balls and rubbing your ass.

The Bull: Ahhh, imagine your husband is watching you suck my dick. And the food delivery guy’s dick at the same time and shagging his small dick, baby.

That words when I was rubbing my pussy made me cum again in no time! Then I started to feel like the slut from the zoo, as Ali was waiting outside. He came so hard on his tummy.

I lifted my head scarf a little revealing my lips and showing my tongue that was licking his cum and dick.

The Bull: At last I saw my slut’s lips that’s going to suck my dick and lick my cum.

Aaesha: Ahhh, yes baby. Soon, you’ll see these lips wrapped around your dick.

We both were breathing hard and I kissed him on the camera. He bought his dick closer to the camera and said –

The Bull: Give one kiss here, my sweet slut.

I gave a kiss and went to the restroom and washed my face and changed to nighty. I came out and opened the door saying that I was in the restroom and I was having stomach upset.

After that, we role-played related to threesome and cuckolding Ali. I wanted to meet the Bull so badly and the following week you came to our house. And then I met the real Bull. And she pulled me and started kissing me.

I started to move my dick in and out slowly. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I lifted her. I stood and started to fuck her hard, till she came all over me. Then I dropped her and came all over her face. She licked it without wasting a drop as always.

We then went to the shower and fucked again and I left for the office.

We almost fucked for a year. We tried all kinky kinds of stuff, and we experimented with almost all the Savitha Bhabhi episodes in real life and most of the porn role-play fucks.

Also, we wanted to try a threesome me with two women and she with two guys. And she was much interested to try the bull so we planned and had a threesome with the bull as a farewell fuck.

Then she broke up with him. She brought another married Muslim wife of his husband’s office friend who she was good friends with.

We shopped together for all the kinds of sexy dresses she wanted to try and we fucked around it. And she used to roam around the house in them till I leave.

Most of the time, she opened the door for me with her boobs out of her nighty. And I used to suck them before I enter, or wake me up by sucking my cock after Ali leaves.

We’ve fucked in all the rooms, bedroom, living, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, and even on the terrace. We’ve gone out in the car to shop and have fucked on a deserted road, In a park, and a local theatre.

One time we all went to a resort and as Ali was tired, we made him sleep with his baby. Then I made Aaesha wear a bikini I bought for her and walked on the beach at night and fucked her in the sand and in the water too.

Based on the response the remaining stories will be in the second phase.

We did all we wanted and we ended it with a good fuck. We will cherish all those days and memories of our life. Maybe if we’re lucky we will meet again and will still feel the urge to suck each other off.

This is the final part and please stop asking all about Aaesha and how she was in bed and all. You can get that idea of how good she was in bed from these stories themselves.

Have fun shagging and fingering and be safe.

Please write your responses for my real sex stories to me and spread some love. Thank you all.

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